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  1. I want to apologise to Mr Wagner for not having the chance to boo his substitutions against Watford. I missed that part of the game as I was busy masturbating while my girlfriend was out. She's on her period and I've been dying to crack one off so it seemed like a good chance to do so. I hope the whole Norwich City family can forgive me. OTBC
  2. When I worked at Choices Video on Mile Cross Lane, Paul Crichton returned a DVD once. Needless to say, he dropped it on his way to the counter... OTBC
  3. Bizarrely, I think we're going to get something from this game...and I haven't even been drinking (I never drink alcohol and take crack at the same time). 3-3. OTBC
  4. Unfortunately, I can't see it personally - unless we start to seriously flirt with relegation, he's not going any where this season. OTBC
  5. I know you've had your run-ins with a few on here (which we are all guilty of) but imo you are on the right side of the banter line 99% of the time for me. I've seen you apologise when you do get it wrong which most don't have the guts to do. I don't think you're the problem on here Midlands. Btw where are you taking Cambridgeshire on your date? Delia's? May I recommend the tossed salad? I've heard that Michael W-J can't get enough of it. OTBC
  6. I'd rather cut off my penis with a rusty bread knife. OTBC
  7. Agree with your sentiment 100%, but it won't change a thing. This forum is going the way of the dodo because no-one is the problem so no-one will change. It's only a matter of time now. All good things... OTBC
  8. Terrible idea imo. As long as supporters of other clubs who come on here and are respectful and abide by the rules of the forum, they should be welcome. I enjoy hearing different perspectives as it always adds to my own knowledge and outlook. The forum's doomed as too many of our own fans on here can't help but act like a bunch of egocentric nursery kids. This isn't a new problem - it's been getting progressively worse on here for the last 6-12 months. Surely you can't all be blind to that? Posters need to start owning their own behaviour or just accept this forum will close. OTBC
  9. and who else? I didn't know an elderly cook and the Prince Of Peace garnered those kind of supporters tbh. What next? Peppa Pig fans start ram-raiding local toy shops? OTBC
  10. Alas, I'm not a betting man Robert. Just had a feeling that both sides had the potential to score a few. Rode our luck but I think we deserved the point. OTBC
  11. Settle for that all day long. Weather the storm when they come out for the 2nd half and then nick a goal at the death... OTBC
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