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  1. First points at home this season which has to be a positive. Definitely more competitive. Could have won it. We go again. OTBC
  2. Come on City; we can do this. Sneak it 1-0. Force me to watch MotD. OTBC
  3. We play like the ba5tard offspring of a cloning experiment using the DNA of the Ginger Pele and Rob Newman. OTBC
  4. An OK first half. Contained Brighton well enough and had a couple of decent chances. Not great to watch but needs must when you want points on the board. OTBC
  5. Sooooooo cutting! Stop behaving like an opposition fan and I'll stop calling you one. OTBC
  6. Surprised at the surprise about this formation and team; Farke was always going to stick with what got us a point at Burnley. Only possible change was going to be Cantwell in. I'm going for a sneaky 1-0 City win. OTBC
  7. YES! GET THE F*CK IN THERE. It's a point my yellow and green brothers and sisters...and we should be very happy with that. We needed something REALLY bad and the boys fought and got something. Come on now. Let's build on it. OTBC
  8. They don't look great do they? It's like a group of bouncers were out on a day trip and have somehow got thrown on a footy pitch and told, "Go play!" OTBC
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