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  1. His left hand is washing it's hair while his right hand said that it feels they need to spend some time apart. Jerry was last seen giving his vacuum cleaner longing looks. OTBC
  2. Swansea have been very good in both our games with them this season. Much the better team over the 90. Need to give Argos a start next match. We miss his direct running and pace. OTBC
  3. Placheta just isn't on it. Can't seem to smash through the brick wall. OTBC
  4. We do seem so reliant on Emi; never quite the same without him. Lacking urgency and pace to our movement and passing. Hopeful that this is our poor period of the season and we can come through it without lasting damage. Still many, many games to play. OTBC
  5. Hello Sonyc, Hope all is well with you. 100% agree. Been a very even game so far. Got to up the tempo and get at them. OTBC
  6. I don't think it's fair having a go at people 'crying' when you yourself whine about other posters on here every match thread whether we win, lose or draw. You'll like a pound shop Jerrykerry at times. OTBC
  7. True; he's got vision that no one else seems quite capable of matching. OTBC
  8. Always thought he had quality but his injury record stopped him forfilling his true potential for us. Good to see the worst of his injury problems appear to be behind him. OTBC
  9. I don't think it's possible to overstate how lucky we are to have him. Great player. OTBC
  10. Fairly even start but some sloppy passes from the middle. OTBC
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