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  1. While I'm not the 'expert' you're referring to, you peaked my interest enough to check on the actual facts regarding Josh's left peg. Of his 12 goals for us, only 2 have been scored with his left foot (against Coventry and Bournemouth) according to transfermarkt.co.uk. That said, I checked the replay for his second against Bournemouth and he actually fell on his ar5e, missing the ball with his left and then the ball clipped the back of his right and went in. So 1 in 12. ∴ he does have a left foot, can kick a ball with it but that's about it; you're never going to bet your house on him getting many with it. If you were inclined to describe his right as a wand, his left would probably fit the description of a brick. I've clearly got too much time on my hands today. OTBC
  2. 9 starts! Ouch! I knew it was low but not that low. IMO, they should have sent him out on loan 2 or 3 years ago. With us playing one up front and Pukki being the main man, he was never going to get much game time. If we truly believe he's got potential, then he needs a run of games to see if he can push on and really cut the mustard. OTBC
  3. When you employ someone as your sporting director who is clearly a d1ck, don't be surprised when the club starts to reflect his less-endearing characteristics. This in spades. On a more positive note, I thought the podcast was a most informative listen - thanks @Pyro Pete OTBC
  4. Can somebody please send a message to our players telling them we are allowed to pass to each other? OTBC
  5. Dull. Not stringing anything together so far. Pukki's touch seems off. Stoke have had more of the ball but not created much (and neither have we). OTBC
  6. We've gone back to 4-2-3-1; I'm not going to complain. Norwich really need a performance today. COYY! OTBC
  7. Norwich City Football Club - failing to recruit adequately since 1902... OTBC
  8. This is the most worrying comment on the thread. Hayden is a proven Premier League quality player that we are making look sh1te in the Championship. OTBC
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