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  1. Hello WDFC, I wouldn't worry too much about what Bill posts - a lot of the Norwich supporters on here have him on 'ignore' themselves, including myself. The only reason I can even see his posts is because you've quoted them. He's the kind of person you would have crossed the road to avoid even prior to lockdown... All the best for next season - just make sure you finish below us! OTBC
  2. Hello Duncan, Having read this entire thread, I'm not certain where this has all come from. Who's devaluing our achievements? I don't think pointing out our defense wasn't the best in our promotion winning season is doing that - do you actually disagree with that? Fans are of course going to be on a bit of downer at the mo; that's hardly unexpected. It would be best to avoid the forum until the new season if it upsets you; it's really not worth getting down about. Again, I'm not sure who has indicated on this thread that our performances before lockdown were the same as after. They were bad before lockdown, terrible after. Either way, we were going down. C'est la vie! Worst Norwich side? In the Premier League, yes - the facts don't lie, however uncomfortable they may be to read. Worst ever ever ever? Who said that? You've got enough strawmen in that post to make a decent bonfire! Anyway, off for a walk in the North Yorkshire moors. Have a good rest of your day. Tally Ho! OTBC
  3. Last season: 35 league games, 11 goals, 6 assists. On a free, with acceptable wages, he'd be a great Pukki backup, assuming our lead vocalist leaves. At the very least, it doesn't appear he'd be injured every 5 minutes. OTBC
  4. I always remember E reg was 87 (we had a Cavalier Commander that was E reg) so G must have been 89. OTBC
  5. Even older photos. Where be the ground boy? I remember walking past the Bolton and Paul factory as a lad (although not this far back, obviously...). OTBC
  6. Same here Hoggy. Would have been interesting to see what was said. OTBC
  7. Very difficult to say atm. The Championship is a very difficult league and should never be taken lightly. Who stays, who goes, what new faces come are obviously key. Some key areas we need to review IF we are to challenge: Looking at why we had so many injures this year Working on both our defense and attack at set pieces Increasing the pace and physical power of the squad OTBC
  8. Hiya Indy, Thanks for your reply. I have no issue with Delia and Michael as such, as they have done so much for the club during their time. I do hope that we look for outside investment when they finally make the decision to leave rather than just hand the club down to their nephew. Someone on here said that we would start to resemble a family ornament being handed down through the generations...quite an unflattering comparison...but one that touched a nerve in me! I do agree that there are lots of positives about the club - I like Farke and Webber and our youth recruitment has been top draw of late. Farke and Webber have however made mistakes this year and will need to show they understand that and improve for next season and beyond. We forget that Farke is still a relatively inexperienced coach but one who I am sure can grow and adapt. I'm less certain about Webber if I'm honest - he comes across as a bit of a wheeler dealer Del Boy character to me at times. That might just come with the nature of his role I guess. OTBC
  9. Hello again Branston Pickle, I think fans do understand why the club did what they did...that doesn't mean they have to 100% agree with it. Very little in life gets 100% agreement between even a few people let alone several thousand. I get what they did and why. I just think that after all their fantastic efforts the previous year, to get out of the Championship again, it's such a shame to go out with such a whimper. Personally, I'm not angry at our relegation or lack of spending - it it what it is. Sad, disappointed, frustrated - of course, as a fan you want success for your club. The decisions made were done so with the best interests of the club at their core. Were they right? I guess only time will tell. It will be interesting to see how the next couple of seasons pan out - they will really show us what the 'plan' for Norwich is really all about. One things for certain - it's never dull being a city fan!!! OTBC
  10. Hello Indy, I'd imagine the reason we only loaned Amadou rather than bought him was...well....pretty obvious in the end. He wasn't really up to it! It's possible that other targets we would have liked to have bought didn't come off so we took a punt on him. Maybe a loan was all we wanted to do. Pure speculation on my part but I think doubts about his quality must have played a part in us only loaning him and not signing him permanently. Why wouldn't there be any reduction in wages clauses? I would like to think we had learned from that mistake. If they don't accept that, then you don't sign them. OTBC
  11. Hello Branston Pickle, I think a lot of fans on here wanted the club to spend more than they did last summer; there were plenty of comments about it at the time. Not Aston Villa levels of 'more' or even Sheffield Utd levels. We spent 13-14 million when Lambert took us up. OTBC
  12. Hello Dr Greenthumb, This season: 34 games on the left, 1 on the right. He can no doubt play on both wings but it's clear where his best and preferred position is. OTBC
  13. Hello TheGunnShow, I'd quite like to see us have two proper wingers tearing up the Championship. We have badly missed both pace and physical power this year so it's possible Farke will re-invent us to ensure these areas become strengths rather than weaknesses. OTBC
  14. They have both played on the left wing for the vast majority of their careers....and tbh I can't see Farke playing two dedicated wingers in a match day 11 anyway. Having two excellent left wingers pushing each other on to greater heights can only be a good thing though. Just need a right winger now so we can truly mix it up, when needed. OTBC
  15. The cheek! That sentence is written down your bloody spine! It's your life mantra! OTBC
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