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    I really don't understand why Season Ticket holders feel they should be entitled to an automatic priority on away tickets. A season ticket gets you a guaranteed seat at all home games, at a discounted rate.
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    Big fan of the Drmic link being reported today. Would be perfect for the 2nd choice striker, something different to Pukki as Drmic is better in the air, but still a clinical finisher.
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    That's actually a good point. I think people will complain because "it's always been that way", but (as a ST holder) I think you're right. In the past, a season ticket was sometimes seen like a "super membership for proper fans", but I agree it's really just a discount on all home games. SB
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    The Football Club has to deal with huge swings of demand. The core away support will get their tickets , and the saving from what they would have paid should help. I do agree that these folks are the ones who maybe should have been given a free or subsidized priority based on their travel . (Except the Cabbagers that think they have reserved seats and moaned at my son - they can shove it) As for the rest of us, we all want to go to White Hart Lane and West Ham. These will sell out the away allocation easily. If the 750 can get theirs, which they will, how else can the Club monitor this for a whole season? Those of us that went to the last few away games (I'm not sure how anyone failed to get a ticket for Wigan that REALLY tried to get one) are the classic glory hunters that all Clubs have. I ended up with 1250 points somehow but only went to a few away games each year. I'm not expecting any favours. As a season ticket holder that renewed early I have a nice comfy seat for all 19 games for around £26 quid. Great value.
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    I am pleased with it. Based in London so no season ticket. I only did 3 away games last year, but I can hopefully secure tickets to a few more this year with membership. OTBC
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    But it's £50 they have to pay just to be on the same level as someone who hasn't sniffed Carrow Road in their lifetime. I get why that would **** people off, no matter if you'd make it back. Not if you are one of the 750. There had to be a line drawn somewhere. 750 loyal supporters that still have to pay £50 Who will get that back (compared to last season) over the course of a few away matches at £30.
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    We are northern-based Canaries and get to about 4 away games each year ..what with the cost. I think this new scheme might mean I may not be able to buy any! Unless I'm mistaken. It wouldn't be worth paying for membership for us all then the ticket costs. And if allocations are taken by members then will be far too far down the queue. The points system was bad for us last year too as I couldn't get Wigan or Rotherham tickets not having enough points. That's the trouble with success I suppose. TV is all I may have next year. But I think at least most games will be viewable. Not a good announcement for me. And don't talk about Carrow Rd attending. I've not managed to get a ticket in years ....season ticket holder numbers are very high. If they are on general sale it's late on and then you've less time for the pre planning / travel etc.
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    1. A remain decision would have prevented all this divide/hate etc 2. Greater influence over European and international matters 3. Access to the Single Market - easier (and cheaper) for us to trade with Europe 4. The provision of EU product standards increases the chances of better, and safer products both sold and bought - 5. (in my opinion) we were/are comfortable in the EU and a leave decision has so far offered little quantifiable advantages. Forecasts etc predict we will be in a worse off position 6. Without access to the Single Market, we will have to strike up trade deals with other countries/areas. They have us effectively 'over a barrel' as they know we need a deal. These deals could in fact be less advantageous than the ones we currently have with the EU. 7. This one is my own personal feeling. As a nation, population, and I guess a world, we are better off working together, being unified, than pulling away from the EU. I think there is an underlying arrogance that the UK is a superior nation and that we should be able to do what we want without co-operation with other nations. My points are all available to be argued, and I have less knowledge than some of you (that I am happy to admit).
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    Still think our Stadium is big enough?
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    We all seem to be well acquainted with the scenario we prefer for all of Aarons, Godfrey, Buendia and Lewis. Keep hold of them all for the entirety of the coming season. Rely upon them to fully contribute to a successful season ie. survival and maybe that little bit more. See their respective values surge, as they surely will. Then bow to the inevitable and, willingly or otherwise, cash in. That's the best we can hope for surely? We can only perform the Canute act for so long. In the meantime we tell ourselves that a season of further establishment in the comfort of Carrow Road is the best thing for all of them. Rather a regular first team season in the yellow than a bit of bench warming in a red tracksuit after all.This, of course, may or may not be the case, but it suits our bias to the full.Whether the player or his agent thinks the same is a matter for conjecture. For the next month or two then it's just a question of keeping our fingers crossed and relying upon Webber, Farke and the scouting team to continue to perform miracles whatever happens. (If we cannot avoid losing any of our youngsters in the coming month or so then a good price accompanied by healthy sell-on clauses is essential.)
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    We could be top of the League by around 2.20 🥳
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    Will write more on this later but I think these changes are disgusting, money grabbing of the worst kind. They’ve got this badly wrong and it reflects very poorly on our so called “community club.”
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    I find it amusing that the snowflakes get a bit teary about the lack of intelligence argument when we've got RTB, paul moy, Swindon and Jools in this thread. I mean, forgetting your Brexit bias, these four are objectively dumb. And I mean you worry how they tie their shoelaces dumb.
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    Very poor from the club. I hope they listen to the feedback and act quickly to reverse these changes - specifically with regards to the away allocation. Capping home ticket prices at £30 is a good and commendable thing BUT it does meant that relatively season tickets are worth less. Sure you're guaranteed your bum on a seat but with a membership and not being fussy where you sit you can pretty much get tickets for every match. The away scheme is just terrible. No reward for loyalty, and nothing to stop a Manure fan from Great Yarmouth picking up a membership and ticket ahead of a season ticket holder or someone who went to nine games last season. Utterly bonkers.
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    £50 on top of my season ticket and 3rd priority in queue? Thanks for rewarding loyalty!
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    Yes, I started moaning about my golf club when they started to change from a traditional format to a crazy golf format. You would complain too if your club became something else than what it was meant to be. So I told them I was leaving to build my own shiny, new, state-of-the-art golf club and members from all the other golf clubs will want to come and use it. So getting back to my original point, why would I continue to pay for your staff costs once I am no longer a member of your club?
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    The article does not say that the UK could not leave on WTO terms. The paragraph to which you refer merely says we may not be able to avoid tariffs: Brexit supporters say Article 24 of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade -- the precursor agreement to the WTO -- offers a way to avoid tariffs and border restrictions if the U.K. leaves the EU without a deal.
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    So if you're framing this in economic terms as you say, then we should put that half of brain to good use and see who actually does pay for things. Latest figures I can find in the Telegraph say that 43.8% (23 million) of working Britons pay no income tax at all, while the richest 1% (300k) pay 27.5% of income tax, so clearly it is the rich that shoulder the failings (not of the rich) but of government. I could argue that the failings of the poor (low education levels, having kids out of wedlock) contribute more to their own failings than anything the government does or doesn't do - and certainly not what the rich does. And by the way, a single person on a salary of £33,000 enters the top ten percentile of wage earners, so it's clear that the poor have a free ride, and making the right choices in their life would have far more benefit that anything the nanny state provides.
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    Which as you say is very little, which means your knowledge is very little. Which your comments demonstrate time and time again. Inverse to this, I have watched/written a lot about women’s football, so by your own measure I must know a lot more about it than you. Or are you claiming that despite not actually having much knowledge you are in a great position to comment on it? You have an agenda and you seem to be trying to push reality to fit that - when it clearly doesn’t. Women’s football is gaining in popularity, especially televised women’s football. The 6.1m people who watched the England game on Sunday is hard evidence of that. That is a larger TV audience than every televised Norwich game last season combined. Those people obviously wanted to watch the match, despite your derogatory comments about the quality. The professionals that play football will, by and large, say they don’t want it compared with men’s football as they know there are differences between the two and women’s football should be enjoyed in its own right. It sounds like it isn’t for you, fair enough, but your insistence that no one actually likes it and it is all some conspiracy that it is even allowed to happen is weird. I think you should stop worrying about feminism, it isn’t going to impact on your life. Greater gender equality/equity is actually likely to improve everyone’s quality of life through a stronger economy.
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    I do wonder if some premier league clubs are under the belief that our star players can be picked up on the relative cheap. I'd be very interested to see what offers (if they do) come in for Max Aarons. Palace obviously believe that they will be able to take Aarons off our hands, but at what price are they willing to go to?
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    No such thing for clubs of ours and Palace’s size. Were West Brom an established PL club? A move to Palace would be a pretty much sideways step
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    All good reasons not to sell them your best players. It makes no sense to sell players to clubs you will realistically be in competition with.
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    They haven't been this excited at an arrival at their club since they hired Paul Hurst.
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    I wasn't actually drawing any conclusions about expansion but merely stating the facts. I agree that we need to do it for the sake of the next generation but I can't see how we can make it happen unless I win Euromillions. If I do I'll gladly hand it over. I am strongly against huge borrowing. Just look what happened down the road. The one thing that would help a little is safe standing but in the current political climate that's unlikely to happen for years. We are fortunate at the moment to have people running the club who can be trusted to look to the future. They know they can sell 40,000 tickets for half the games in the Premier League but how long will we be there? It looked like Stoke had become an established Premier League club but all of a sudden they are now a very ordinary Championship club.