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  1. luckily it was only £11 difference to update the hotel booking to the day before. Trains were same price,
  2. great...now have to sort out hotel and train bookings for Newcastle again!
  3. It's ok, he probably sold 2 of the contestants a house while on the show
  4. Lollard's Pit isn't bad. Plenty of tables inside and outside and no loud music. I recommend booking a table ahead of time as you have an OAP in your party and will need a seat. There are plenty of guest houses along Riverside as well.
  5. Krul today was pretty bad, yes he made a few good saves but his distribution is awful...how many times did he give the ball to an Arsenal player? I'd like to see Gunn given a chance to show what he can do outside of a cup game, I can see him in the number 1 spot by the end of the season if Krul continues to have bad games. Also we clearly can't play the ball up from the back like we did in the Championship....teams will high-press us and cause issues. Farke needs to adapt his plans to allow for this.
  6. looking at the site it's more Inept than Incrowd...the club should have got some work-experience in to do it on SquareSpace
  7. you can use your old password.....they don't check if it matches the old one and rejects it
  8. full of bugs, pages not loading etc...looks like nobody tested it before launch ....they had one job!
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