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  1. City fan called Coventry radio to complain about the commentators saying Sky Blue all the time
  2. Coventry (the Sky Blues if you haven't heard yet) commentators saying there are some reporters from Norfolk who are no being unbiased behind them. Are they hearing their own comments??? Not only are they spouting nonsense....they are hoping players like Hanley are sent off. I guess when you're desperate...
  3. Problem is we play one way...no other plan to fall back on. Farke needs to look at this but he won't. Far too many short balls by us in the game as well.
  4. Had nothing to do with Emi not playing...we were just bang average against a better team
  5. I test websites for a living. It's standard practice to test on all browsers and connection types/speeds for metrics and usability.
  6. Being free to use is no excuse for shoddy work
  7. does anybody test updates before pushing live? awful QA being done!
  8. The Millwall commentators do not like Ken...keep saying 'Ken's a W***e"!
  9. RIP Captain Tom, his service and actions put a lot of people's current behaviour to shame.
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