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  1. why all the concern over another team's manager's comments? we have enough issues here to worry about!
  2. Krul was the Sky Sports MotM (according to the match report on the website) https://www.skysports.com/football/norwich-vs-man-utd/report/424052
  3. Hoping Errea go out of business.......they've never attempted to get the sizings right since having the contract to supply shirts.
  4. Didn't the player post that he's joining multiple times before the club did? Kind of forced their hand in the decision to announce it. Maybe they weren't planning to until much later. O'Neil is very quick to point the finger seemingly to get some attention.
  5. Can you have 3 transfer windows in 1 season? Like everything else this situation is unprecedented but updating teams by selling/buying players outside of the allowed 2 windows feels unfair to teams that may not have the funds to improve/adjust the team dynamic for the run ins. This is not related to just us but each of the 91 teams in the league.
  6. I can see the rest of the season being written off.....quite how they'll handle that in terms of legal issues is another thing. Some people are requesting this season be null and void and start again next season....that could potentially cripple the EFL in terms of financial implications. Let's hope sensible heads prevail
  7. Worst signing? RVW, Naismith, Heise...much, much worse
  8. Standard for the BBC and Lineker. Will be glad to be back on the EFL Show next season with genuine match analysis being shown.
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