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  1. BigManInTheBarclay

    Jamal to Spurs

    Can you have 3 transfer windows in 1 season? Like everything else this situation is unprecedented but updating teams by selling/buying players outside of the allowed 2 windows feels unfair to teams that may not have the funds to improve/adjust the team dynamic for the run ins. This is not related to just us but each of the 91 teams in the league.
  2. BigManInTheBarclay

    Corona Virus main thread

    I can see the rest of the season being written off.....quite how they'll handle that in terms of legal issues is another thing. Some people are requesting this season be null and void and start again next season....that could potentially cripple the EFL in terms of financial implications. Let's hope sensible heads prevail
  3. BigManInTheBarclay

    Decision not to spend will look very wise

    They'll play the remainder of the season using FIFA 20
  4. BigManInTheBarclay

    Lets discuss Duda

    Worst signing? RVW, Naismith, Heise...much, much worse
  5. BigManInTheBarclay


    Standard for the BBC and Lineker. Will be glad to be back on the EFL Show next season with genuine match analysis being shown.
  6. BigManInTheBarclay

    Match thread - Newcastle

    a point does f**k all for us!
  7. BigManInTheBarclay

    Match thread - Newcastle

    that last attack sums up our season....just not enough to get over the line in most games!
  8. BigManInTheBarclay

    Match thread - Newcastle

    Farke's late subs have no time to influence the game.....so annoying!
  9. BigManInTheBarclay

    *****Official match thread v Spurs*****

    Cantwell was pretty poor tonight...... constantly drifting into the middle and exposed the wing with Byram having to try and cover 2 positions. Seriously have no idea why he was kept on until the end. Also Hernandez should have been brought on way before the 2nd goal. Some very odd decisions from Farke tonight for sure.
  10. BigManInTheBarclay

    Season Ticket Online Renewal

    great...thanks. Just wanted to verify this was still the case as I got a load of paperwork through with a DD form etc today and thought they may have updated the process.
  11. Anyone having problems renewing online today? Takes me to an empty basket with no option to add my existing Home season ticket.
  12. BigManInTheBarclay

    Membership Scheme Revamped

    Not had an issue getting any away games this season so far...but the 'game pick' will likely mean a popular one could be an issue.
  13. BigManInTheBarclay

    Membership Scheme Revamped

    great, had 9 away games in 2018/19...now i'm in the 3rd group
  14. BigManInTheBarclay

    Been conned

    No issues getting any away tickets this season (have a home season ticket) Just log on when the site opens and buy without problem
  15. BigManInTheBarclay

    *****Official match thread v A. Villa*****

    Very little chance of staying up now.....board will buy a few players 'for the future' and not throw any cash at the 1st team. I can see teams trying to grab a few of our players in the window or at least turn their heads ready for the summer window.