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  1. BigManInTheBarclay


    Would not like to take the bumps these men/women were!
  2. Seem to remember is doing quite well in previous final game at Man City
  3. BigManInTheBarclay

    Sky TV

    If you want to see EVERY Norwich game look into an NBC Sports account. They show all Prem games at 3pm on a Saturday. You'll need a VPN but that's all. As you will have a genuine account it's not illegal (I think)
  4. BigManInTheBarclay

    Official 2019/20 fixtures thread!

    looking at trains and hotels now.....good 1st game for the team!
  5. BigManInTheBarclay

    New membership scheme

    £50 on top of my season ticket and 3rd priority in queue? Thanks for rewarding loyalty!
  6. BigManInTheBarclay


    stewards were a bit too relaxed though in the South Stand.......had a few people continually smoking (not vaping) and they did nothing about it.
  7. BigManInTheBarclay


    4000 was mentioned
  8. BigManInTheBarclay


    Yeah.....was a good afternoon
  9. Was hoping he'd have broken into the 1st team by now...but injuries have held him back. Here's wishing him well on loan and hopefully he'll come back and challenge for the 1st team.
  10. BigManInTheBarclay


    great news!
  11. BigManInTheBarclay

    Kit nerds assemble

    I just want the club to release shirts it realistic sizes......this has been noted with the last few seasons, but nothing has been done about it yet. I buy 2XL t-shirts and there is no way a 2XL replica shirt will fit
  12. BigManInTheBarclay

    Pitch invasion Sat

    and this is why we can't have nice things!
  13. BigManInTheBarclay

    Rotherham Pre-Match Party

    great pub...used this for the last few times we've played them. Can't make it this weekend but hope you have a great time. enjoy!
  14. BigManInTheBarclay

    It shouldn't go unnoticed.

    "And we did it in the old stadium, so last night doesn’t count. " agreed!
  15. BigManInTheBarclay

    Cyrille Regis Tribute

    Disappointing that the PL/EFL haven''t arranged something.


    Here''s hoping we can have a minutes applause before the game tomorrow