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  1. BigManInTheBarclay

    Travel last night to Crawley

    probably easier for you to get the train from Victoria....quick 36 or 185 bus trip
  2. BigManInTheBarclay

    Summer signings

    Heise was shocking, Roberts not far behind. I'd say nobody on the fringes of the 1st team made much of an effort in the Cup game to warrant even a place on the bench!
  3. BigManInTheBarclay

    Pub(s) for saturday?

    I'm off for Pie & Mash before the game! Plenty of pubs around Bethnal Green and only 2 stops from Stratford
  4. BigManInTheBarclay

    Travel last night to Crawley

    42mins on the train....no issues
  5. BigManInTheBarclay

    Carabao Cup

    indeed I have! lol
  6. BigManInTheBarclay

    Carabao Cup

    Nice.....easy game to get to for me
  7. BigManInTheBarclay

    West Ham tickets

    All sorted
  8. BigManInTheBarclay

    Membership Scheme Last Night.

    They have done this in the past, i'm based in Kent and before I had a season ticket they checked I had a purchase history in the ticket office/club shop before I could be allocated a ticket. This does feel like a bit of a money grab by the club if opposition fans are being sold them. Now, if a fan happens to live in Liverpool then fine and they should be allowed to purchase a membership...but only after certain criteria are met first.
  9. BigManInTheBarclay

    Currently 16th In The Table.

    Quick...end the season! ....and they have Liverpool next in a cup!
  10. BigManInTheBarclay

    Are Norwich good enough

    Yes.....moving on
  11. BigManInTheBarclay

    Favourite Songs Sung at Carrow Road

    "When I was just a little boy"
  12. BigManInTheBarclay

    BT Sport forecasts

    BT = Bloody Tripe
  13. BigManInTheBarclay

    Bloaty McBloatface

    looks a few days (or possibly minutes) away from a heart attack!
  14. BigManInTheBarclay

    Liverpool tickets

    4 tickets purchased online...no issues
  15. BigManInTheBarclay

    ifollow is no more...

    Get an NBC Sports account and a VPN....then you can watch every City game live.