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  1. BigManInTheBarclay

    Season Ticket Online Renewal

    great...thanks. Just wanted to verify this was still the case as I got a load of paperwork through with a DD form etc today and thought they may have updated the process.
  2. Anyone having problems renewing online today? Takes me to an empty basket with no option to add my existing Home season ticket.
  3. BigManInTheBarclay

    Membership Scheme Revamped

    Not had an issue getting any away games this season so far...but the 'game pick' will likely mean a popular one could be an issue.
  4. BigManInTheBarclay

    Membership Scheme Revamped

    great, had 9 away games in 2018/19...now i'm in the 3rd group
  5. BigManInTheBarclay

    Been conned

    No issues getting any away tickets this season (have a home season ticket) Just log on when the site opens and buy without problem
  6. BigManInTheBarclay

    *****Official match thread v A. Villa*****

    Very little chance of staying up now.....board will buy a few players 'for the future' and not throw any cash at the 1st team. I can see teams trying to grab a few of our players in the window or at least turn their heads ready for the summer window.
  7. BigManInTheBarclay

    Onel reaction to the game 🏆

    Top man.....spoke with passion and honesty
  8. BigManInTheBarclay

    *****Official match thread v C. Palace*****

    just got back from game.....we were just not good enough. Lazy, short passes which Palace picked up easily, 2nd to almost every contested ball in the air. And as for why we started a keeper who wasn't 100% even in the warm-up it's crazy! Not sure what's going to happen next week with Villa but I feel we might have to start at least looking at the free market just in case someone is needed. Right now we have 1 match-fit Keeper (hoping that Krul is back next week)
  9. BigManInTheBarclay

    Northern Canaries - Consultation

    I have no issue with the cost of a casual home ticket being valued closely to my season ticket. A season ticket ensures your seat in a specific area whereas a casual could be anywhere (including restricted view)
  10. BigManInTheBarclay

    Travel last night to Crawley

    probably easier for you to get the train from Victoria....quick 36 or 185 bus trip
  11. BigManInTheBarclay

    Summer signings

    Heise was shocking, Roberts not far behind. I'd say nobody on the fringes of the 1st team made much of an effort in the Cup game to warrant even a place on the bench!
  12. BigManInTheBarclay

    Pub(s) for saturday?

    I'm off for Pie & Mash before the game! Plenty of pubs around Bethnal Green and only 2 stops from Stratford
  13. BigManInTheBarclay

    Travel last night to Crawley

    42mins on the train....no issues
  14. BigManInTheBarclay

    Carabao Cup

    indeed I have! lol
  15. BigManInTheBarclay

    Carabao Cup

    Nice.....easy game to get to for me