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  1. Only way he should play again at Carrow Road is for a visiting team. Hugely overrated.
  2. I don't see Smith as the one to impove the team and how it performs. He's used to a big budget and he's never going to get that here. Preseason has shown he has no new ideas on how to improve the squad.
  3. Top player....good luck to him for the future.
  4. Knowing the board it will just turn out to be sponsorship for a stand and kits.
  5. Lol......that's decided it. So obvious.
  6. Gave mine up in the Upper Barclay due to financial issues. Quite looking forward to sitting in other seats after 6 years there.
  7. Bring on the Championship.....thank god that's over! Maybe we can play the young players now to give them some experience rather than Gilmour, Normann and Williams.
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