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  1. I'd have dropped Gibson last season, let alone this one. Needs to go and a replacement brought in in the next window.
  2. I miss the live reporting from outside the grounds......and the crazy things that often happen
  3. No.....it's bloody annoying. When I was a ST holder in the Barclay it ruined the game for me personally, can't speak for others.
  4. After the way Webber sacked him following the Brenford game I don't see any problem with him joining a Championship rival. His CV shows he's more than capable of getting a team promoted to the Premier League (a lot more than the joker Webber replaced him with!) and at the end of the day he's a manager looking for work. If a previous emplyer of yours fired you and you went and worked for thier competitor.....would you care if your old work colleagues complained about it? I think not. I say good luck to him and hope he does well in the future. Will be nice to say thank you when they play at FCR as we never got the chance before. The interesting thing will be if him joining Leeds has scuppered any chance of Webber going there if they have bad blood from before.
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