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  1. Be interesting to see if Godfrey is involved in similar incidents at some point in the future. I wouldn't be surprised if he is after seeing that.
  2. That is just not true. He barely had the ball What on earth are you talking about.
  3. “You’re talking to two of the masters of trying to make it look accidental,” Neville explained. “We think he definitely means that. However I can see why VAR have said it’s accidental, you couldn’t prove it… but as a professional you know.” Neville has made a point here and some others have made a similar point on the forum. It was deliberate but disguised, as a professional would, as an accident. Obvious for me.
  4. I see your point but that's not for me. This is deliberate. I've shared the footage with a few friends who support other clubs. Some have pointed out that he turns away and stamps. His reaction after is telling. No remorse. No apology. No reaction. No concern at all. Reminds me of the stamp on Nelson's face which caused serious injury and I'm not sure if there was disfigurement. Godfrey is a player at top level in the premier League. He could have stopped himself doing that. It was absolutely horrific and deliberate.
  5. Definitely wrong. You're a good poster that I enjoy reading. On this occasion...you have it wrong.
  6. No sort of apology after or fear of what he has just done makes it clear It was intended. Anyone who thinks anything different is lying to themselves.
  7. For me that doesn't look good at all. No excuses. That's a stamp. If you're a professional footballer earning a ridiculous amount of money and control a ball in a tight angle then you can stop yourself doing that. Dreadful behaviour. Shameful. Don't like seeing players behave like this then palm it off as an accident. I'm glad he doesn't play for this club anymore.
  8. Use to play football with Liam Chilvers over the park near mine over the summer most weeks. He was a funny bloke. Not really that famous but he had an ok career. He broke his collar bone while playing football at school. Was on arsenal's books at the time in his youth career. some Arsenal representatives turned up at the school asking what happened.
  9. I think it's paid off before with players such as Buendia and Hernandez, but having a player who can charge around for 90 minutes clearly doesn't always make them a good investment.
  10. That was a brilliant overview before the game, mate. Spot on .
  11. We will see some performances now and already have under Dean Smith. I may have been a little spirited yesterday evening creating this thread, but it's going to be interesting There isn't going to be a repeat of last time around in this league I doubt. I ask for no more than being competitive like we are now but I do want more. We will see. Tomorrow is huge.
  12. For me we have a chance now. Some very talented footballers. Clever touches and some blistering and incisive phases of play going forward. The defense has improved. We are competitive again and I reckon there are a lot of clubs that won't see playing us a nailed on 3 points now and I don't care if they do. I don't think this team had been used properly in this league but now it has you can see the quality that exists. I think wolves thought we would roll over and there was some shell shock when they realised we can play. A lot to come to come. Otbc. We can do this now.
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