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  1. I do believe he wanted a new contract but he was told to prove himself first. We should have just tied it up.
  2. Bit random and i don't hate the bloke but does anyone remember a Pape Seydou Diop? Played a a couple of games for us in 99. One home game in particular, a section of QPR fans wound him for about 70 minutes until he lost it and spat into the away stand, got himself questioned by police after the game and took the next flight out to France never to be seen again.
  3. Andy Johnson and Keith O'neill well liked after they left weren't they?
  4. I keep seeing some individual play from Kenny that apparently nobody else is seeing. There's been the odd mistake but he's comfortable on the ball, calm and takes a few opposition players out of the game before shifting it well. I'm glad he's starting right now. He often keeps hold of the ball a bit longer than it looks like he should, but then opens up something else that wasn't immediately obvious. He see's the game a few steps ahead.
  5. Brentford Rejects. What a programme that was.
  6. Yes that was outrageous and a sign of ownership out of touch with the times. A strange offer.
  7. Placheta does some things well, but i can't say I'm overly fussed he isn't in the squad at the moment.
  8. Well it's kind of assuming that when someone has tee'd Toney up with an open goal or sitter that everyone else on the planet would miss it. It also suggests that without Toney the Brentford team would be passing to ghosts.
  9. Watched the first half. We can beat both these teams on our day. I'm surprised Brentford are troubling us. I really am.
  10. He's far removed from the cool headed and calm manager he was at Norwich. Emotional and unpredictable these days it seems. He didn't turn up for their press conference today i saw, and not for the first time. A little erratic.
  11. The Peterborough lot might be a bit offended by that.
  12. The fans seem to be warming up to him.
  13. If you elbow someone in the face you leave the pitch. Red for me. Ref had little choice. There is no need for his elbow to be at that height.
  14. He was hardly a fan to begin with. He said he's never even been to carrow road. Much like some on this forum
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