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  1. Chelm Canary

    Oliveira goal

    Showed some true quality today with that goal for Reading. To have your faced stamped on and come back with a face mask and a retain that level of performance in such a short period of time. The injury was horrendous, but he's unfazed and delivers 2 weeks later. Very few men could be capable of this.
  2. Chelm Canary

    *****Official Match Thread v Preston*****

    O dear Passlack. Commentator poking fun at him.
  3. Chelm Canary

    *****Official Match Thread v Preston*****

    The ball just will not go through that crowd of Preston players. Everytime.
  4. Chelm Canary

    *****Official Match Thread v Preston*****

    I think that's how it's worked out though.
  5. Chelm Canary

    *****Official Match Thread v Preston*****

    At least we know we can afford to wait til the 90th minute and there's still as much chance of it ending 2-2.
  6. Chelm Canary

    *****Official Match Thread v Preston*****

    This is certainly a lot better.
  7. Chelm Canary

    *****Official Match Thread v Preston*****

    I very much think we need to see some half time changes.
  8. Chelm Canary

    *****Official Match Thread v Preston*****

    I'm not sure who hasn't missed at this point.
  9. Chelm Canary

    Ipswich going to complain

    I have to say, the Lambert of old had a lot more dignity and class about him. This is all rather cringe worthy, watching this play out.
  10. Chelm Canary

    The spat.

    Nobody entered their technical area and nobody ran 30 yards to get someone booked. He knows his behaviour was abhorrent, but he'd rather blatantly lie than admit fault. What has happened to that bloke?
  11. Tell you what was class - that cheeky wink of farke's... meanwhile....Lambert is being hassled and hurried by police and stewards. Brilliant.
  12. Chelm Canary

    Lambert feels he is underappreciated

    We're already giving the man too much air time. It's not 2012 anymore Paul and we've all moved on. So should you.
  13. Chelm Canary

    Don’t boo lambert...

    He clearly loves playing devil's advocate. Don't let him have it. He's not a threat and he's no longer relevant. Don't give him the pleasure of thinking he is. He'll spend many a midnight hour laying awake wondering why nobody cares enough to hate him anymore...and we shouldn't hate him.
  14. Chelm Canary

    Super Mario

    As soon we have a player out injured, another steps in and seems to do a ridiculously good job. We have several players now close to reaching their full potential. The football we played against Leeds was mouth watering. We're going up.
  15. Chelm Canary

    OT: Mings and Oliveira

    Oliveira's laid up in a hospital bed, having surgery on his face and this **** is posting **** on twitter and thinks that makes it okay. I'm not a professional footballer but there would be some issues if I was on the pitch. What a ****.