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  1. There's a clear indication we expect several to leave.
  2. For different reasons I'd expect the following to leave: Buendia Cantwell Leitner Trybull Stiepermann Vrancic (maybe) I do think Hernandez will be important to us in the champs.
  3. You can romanticise about **** football players or you can take your wife out for dinner. Either way, no one truly cares.
  4. Thanks for your best efforts, Drmic. It didn't work out. Best of luck in the future. Done.
  5. Timm Klose swears by pornhub if things are lacking in that department.
  6. Is there not a reddit thread missing your insightful input? *slow clap*
  7. The bottom line is we didn't spend enough. Any counter argument is at best, bizarre and worst, completely deluded.
  8. Webber has said publicly that he made a mistake this season. Some say we should have invested 100 mill and some defend the fact we invested basically nothing. The point is the right amount of investment is the amount that would have kept us up, but we didn't stay up so we will never know. I wouldn't imagine we will repeat this mistake if we get promoted in the near future.
  9. An offer north of 4 million would be acceptable in my opinion.
  10. He's 24. When's he going to make the 1st team? At 28?
  11. Not only that but we decided he wasn't good enough to play for us. Are we also in a position to dictate who he plays for. Best of luck to him.
  12. Was it because of that bizarre own goal he scored in a friendly? Farke never gave him another chance after that.
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