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  1. I couldn't watch the game and hope he does come good but suggesting it's a certainty he's going to come good might be jumping the gun a bit. For the record I know Tzolis is a ball of raw talent, but is he coachable? Time will tell.
  2. He clearly has some talent but plays football like he's owed something. A Grant Holt attitude with his ability would work, but he would rather mope about is how it looks. I can't see it happening here. The English Leagues don't have time for that attitude. I don't think he's learning that.
  3. Does anyone think Tzolis is going to come good? The commentators yesterday mentioned how softly he gives the ball away, doesn't track back and seems to have his head down in a sulk when he losses it. He seems to be a tad precious. If he was more hardy and got stuck in then he might be a player. I just don't see that happening. So disappointing.
  4. It's going to end at some point, but you just know it's going to end with ecstatic celebrations and a carnival atmosphere in ip****. Personally I'd be a little coy about a first win in 14+ years.
  5. I'm not sure if he's saying that because they got a point against us and he's trying to big it up.
  6. @TeemuVanBasten you have an obvious logic that can't be argued with but people will. I can't fault it. In full agreement.
  7. On second thoughts, let's all share our political opinions with uncaring people on the internet.
  8. 17 pages and counting. There are a lot of excitable souls on here. Politics aside, there is a football match tomorrow if anyone is interested. Maybe move this topic to the non football forum area.
  9. I wonder if there's a political forum somewhere discussing Norwich city football club....
  10. Thank you for your well thought out response to a generally interesting debate. An absolutely fascinating insight into the issue.
  11. I reckon a few of these chaps were killed during the war. I definitely know that Bell and Macdonald were.
  12. I always find when I've missed the thread and and skip to the end to view the latest comments on the subject only to find people are now talking about something entirely different.
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