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  1. Chelm Canary

    Norwich v Wolves

    Buendia has been sensational.
  2. Chelm Canary

    Leicester match day thread

    I couldn't help but think Maddison and co thought that was going to be easy.
  3. Chelm Canary

    Parma’s Tactics Masterclass 19

    I'm more a fan of this approach, I have to say. In all seriousness. Good read.
  4. Chelm Canary

    Anyone got a you know what?

    yeah a working one would be preferable if anyone can help?
  5. Chelm Canary

    Do you think we will stay up?

    Just make sure it isn't me that gets blocked as it looks like you're requesting that. I realize you aren't
  6. Chelm Canary

    Stefan Strandberg on trial?

    Honest to God I thought this was about some sort of court case when I saw the title.
  7. Chelm Canary

    Time to stop moaning

    Moaning that we should have won and were hard done by isn't the same as moaning at the team.
  8. Chelm Canary

    What Exactly Defines A Superfan ?

    One that still keeps you cool in plus 30 temperatures.
  9. Chelm Canary

    Team for Arsenal?

    Hernadez should cause Arsenal an issue or 5.
  10. Chelm Canary

    Ratings v Everton

    BBC sports had him as man of the match.
  11. Chelm Canary

    Should Srbeny start?

    I genuinely like him as a player. Can use both feet and shifts the ball quickly between them. Ever since he banged a quality goal in on his left peg in the cup last season, I paid a bit more attention to him. I don't understand the jest and jokes aimed in his direction.
  12. Chelm Canary

    *****Official match thread v Everton*****

    Is Ben Bray's dog alright?
  13. Chelm Canary

    *****Official match thread v Everton*****

    How did Byram miss that.
  14. Chelm Canary

    *****Official match thread v Everton*****

    Relieved to see us looking like a team today.