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  1. Chelm Canary

    Troy Deaney

    I'm not sure I'd care what I look like if I was on 60k + a week. I doubt he has a shortage of options in that department. Handled like a pro though.
  2. Chelm Canary

    Dominated the game ?

    We didn't even dominate when they went down to 10......well maybe got about 3 minutes.
  3. Chelm Canary

    Worst side in premier league history?

    Adam72 is probably wanted on the Brighton forum for war crimes. His therapist must be very disappointed to see he's turned up here.
  4. Chelm Canary

    Pantwetting continues

    Ridiculous thread.
  5. What will we do with the parachute payments if/when relegated? Parachute payments were brought in to help relagated teams stay solvent when forking out silly wages in the prem, that they can no longer afford to pay when relegated. Obviously we haven't spent much money or dished out any obsecene wages so will we see a little investment then? I didn't want to see huge amount of monies spent, but some investment was required to be competitive. Move or die. It's like a mate who agrees to go for a pint but declares he's skint when its his round.
  6. Chelm Canary

    Self inflicted defeat

    I don't see any of these players leaving in January. Based on this evenings performance, I don't see any prem club looking at Cantwell in January or after.
  7. Chelm Canary

    Self inflicted defeat

    Everyone criticises the defense but they aren't really given a chance with a midfield and attack that constantly gives the ball away and frequently in dangerous positions. For the last 5 or 6 games, every single time we've got ourselves in a promising position it's either been a stray pass or dithering on the ball until possession is lost. Never seen anything like it.
  8. Chelm Canary

    Worst side in premier league history?

    So it's Friday night and Adam72 has nothing better to do than post on a forum for a football club he doesn't support. If Chris Wilder turns up, we'll have a full house.
  9. Chelm Canary

    National Media Coverage

    If Chris Wilder was chief sports editor at the BBC, it would be all Norwich.
  10. Chelm Canary

    Zimbo back for Everton?

    I thought he was our player!!!!!
  11. Chelm Canary

    Patrick Roberts

    Played a full game a couple weeks ago. Did OK.
  12. Chelm Canary

    11 out of 27

    I've done the maths and I've worked out we need more points than 3 other teams in order to survive.
  13. Signing players isn't always about bringing in someone more technicaly gifted. It's about a fresh mentality and a new approach. We could bring in a decent player who could change the dressing room. Right now it's become stale and so has our football. We're sinking fast and it's clear something has to change.
  14. Chelm Canary


    some investment will be required in January. Move or die.
  15. Chelm Canary

    What’s the problem?

    I see what you're saying but we're getting comfortably roller over week after week. That isn't OK and shouldn't be OK. Maybe you should find a club that meet your exponentially low expectations. Then again..... Maybe you have.