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  1. https://www.aol.co.uk/news/man-prepared-court-over-500-151440352.html A man who was fined £500 for putting rubbish bags next to his wheelie bin has said he would rather go to court than pay up. Ben Riley, 28, left four black bags next to his own bin on 3 January outside his back garden gate in Ipswich, Suffolk, after getting mixed up with the collection dates. The rubbish wasn't due to be collected for another six days and his blue bin was full. On 13 February, the father of one received a fixed penalty notice for putting the black bags next to his bin. He appealed the £500 fine but was told it had been rejected last Thursday, and while Ipswich Borough Council have now extended the early payment period and reduced the fine to £250, Riley says he would rather go to court than pay.
  2. I don't think he'd qualify for GBE requirements, and we used our four exemption slots in the summer signing players for the U23s.
  3. Forest have signed 42 players since securing promotion in May 2022, with owner Evangelos Marinakis sanctioning a transfer spend of around £250m to help the club establish themselves in the top flight. Forest believed they had worked within the regulations when it came to the allowable losses with a lot of the issue centring around Brennan Johnson’s sale to Tottenham Hotspur. The club’s argument — which they have made in conversations with the Premier League — was that they could have sold Johnson earlier in the window but doing so at that point would have meant accepting a markedly lower price. His sale did not go through until September 1, well after the financial year ended, for £47.5m.
  4. Matos (who left us in the summer) has gone on loan to Huddersfield for the rest of the season
  5. I believe CR is now part of Wayne Rooney's coaching staff.
  6. VAR have just admitted the Diaz goal was onside and they screwed up.
  7. Southampton 3-0 up and Leeds looking pretty toothless without the injured Gnonto.
  8. I'm thinking that the new added time changes in the premiership are a bit daft. Sheffield United were leading 1-0 only to have 15 minutes of added time, losing 2-1, and at Villa they added 16 minutes.
  9. Interestingly, the GBE rules were changed this summer, which appears to be how we acquired Reyes, Adegboyega, Montoia and brought Lima in on loan. Interesting we used our four slots on youth players. https://www.thefa.com/news/2023/jun/14/new-gbe-criteria-140623#:~:text=Home Office approves new GBE Criteria&text=A maximum of four players,of English players they play. The additional access will allow clubs playing in the English league the ability to sign a number of players who do not meet the current points requirements. A maximum of four players will be available to Premier League and Championship teams, and two for League One and League Two teams. The number of players a club will be able to sign will be proportional to the number of English players they play. While each club will get at least two places for players in the first season, they will receive between zero and four depending on the number of English players playing in future seasons. The Premier League and EFL have also committed to work with The FA on improving the pathway for talented English youngsters. This solution supports both England player development and clubs’ access to overseas talent. The outcomes of both the changes to the GBE system and improvements to the development pathway will be kept under review, which could mean increasing the number of places allowed per club should both be working successfully.
  10. Seems a bit harsh to me, we've got a lot of young players, but lacked experience and leadership on the pitch. If Barnes can improve Sargent and Idah on the pitch then he's worth it.
  11. Highlights are up https://www.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/football/competitions/championship/12934387/norwich-2-1-hull-championship-highlights
  12. Leeds seems to be in a weird situation, primarily because there appears to be a relegation clause in most of Orta's foreign signings that if another club funds their wages in full, they can go there on loan. So Leeds already have four players out on loan, with a fifth soon to join them.
  13. Sarr moving to Marseille from Watford according to the Athletic, which is good for us.
  14. I watched him a few times when Plymouth played on Sky last season. Defensively he was very suspect, and definitely not a full back even at League One level. Especially as he's 5 ft 6. I expect he'll have a decent lower Championship career as an attacking midfielder though. Has a good shot on him.
  15. It would depend on his employment contract, but especially after the Adrian Mutu affair, any decent lawyer would have a clause that would allow the club to terminate the contract if the player was unable to play due to off-field misconduct. The question is if the club would enforce it or not. Troy Deeney was convicted of affray whilst at Watford, and Ivan Toney was suspended for betting breaches, but neither were sacked. But both of them were key players, rather than a fringe squad member. Chelsea sacked Bosnich and Mutu for failing drugs tests, and then sued Mutu to reclaim his transfer fee.
  16. I thought this is what he was going for
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