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  1. Icecream Snow

    Soton vs Cherries

    Angus Gunn won't want to see that third goal................ 1-3
  2. Icecream Snow

    Webber to sign new contract

    John Percy broke the Farke appointment story and is arguably the most accurate journalist.
  3. Icecream Snow

    Todd Cantwell

    Wasn't sure if he was auditioning for Undisputed Era
  4. Icecream Snow

    14th September should forever be known as...

    A broken watch is correct twice a day
  5. Icecream Snow

    Todd Cantwell

    I think people forget that he's only 21, and that young players take a while to bulk up, unless they have explosive pace to keep away from defenders. He's still developing. I don't think he got enough credit at the start of last season for deputizing for Hernandez (who'd been our best player until his hernia operation). Certainly he made a big impact in the Reading and Forest games before tailing off a bit and Hernandez getting his place back. At the back of last season, we missed Buendia and Todd struggled against teams parking the bus against us.
  6. Icecream Snow

    Now do you understand??

    I dislike both of them
  7. Icecream Snow

    Now do you understand??

    Honestly. We have a historic win, and only Lake District Contrary could turn this into a thread about him (the guy who was telling people off for celebrating when we needed 1 point from our last 2 games)
  8. Ruh - Roh https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/49486208 The company which was attempting to buy Bury Football Club, C&N Sporting Risk, says it is "unable to proceed" with its takeover of the League One club. Bury, who had been given until 17:00 BST on Tuesday to complete the deal, now face expulsion from the English Football League.
  9. Icecream Snow

    Match of The Day

    with Ian Wright talking about Tammy Abraham and Danny Murphy talking about Kovacic
  10. Icecream Snow

    Match of The Day

    Yeah, but last week we won 3-1, and had Murphy replaying the Pukki hat trick, and Shearer focusing on Almiron's lack of link up play for "balance" reasons, even though Newcastle weren't in the game.
  11. Yeah, but who? Adam Webster went from £3.5 million to £20 million in one season. Bristol City didn't finish in the playoffs, Webster didn't get in the Championship team of the year, and he's on the bench at Brighton!
  12. Icecream Snow


    I'd like it to be like in cricket, where unless it's an absolute howler, the decision remains with the officials decision. Neves scored a wondergoal against Man United and they were inching the frames back and forth to see if the guy who made the pass was offside.
  13. Icecream Snow

    Villa v Everton

    Everton look toothless. They've managed 1 goal in their first 3 games so far
  14. Icecream Snow


    Is the person would said we would qualify for Champions League football this season naive? I would say so
  15. Icecream Snow

    James Norwood - No words

    Norwood was on trial at Exeter in 2009 when hunger struck. He was sitting on the bench when he nipped to a nearby food stand, returning with a Diet Coke and a hot dog. "League One footballer!" Exeter manager Paul Tisdale is said to have screamed at him. "For me it was nothing out of the ordinary," Norwood said in a recent interview with The Times.
  16. Only Alan Shearer could fail to talk about Norwich in a 3-1 win. Extensive analysis on Almiron's lack of movement.
  17. Icecream Snow

    Tomorrow’s national papers!

    Just spoke to my dad who was at the game, and he said that's probably the best he's ever seen Norwich play.
  18. Icecream Snow

    Lawrenson and Nicholas

    The "expert" Mark Lawrenson “We know how well Teemu Pukki did in the Championship, but will he score enough in the Premier League? I don’t think so – I don’t think he will get 10 league goals this season. " Four down, he only needs another six
  19. Icecream Snow

    Would RVW score in the current squad?

    This article was written after his first match. I didn't realise he only managed seven passes in the whole game. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/1744071-why-ricky-van-wolfswinkel-will-be-a-premier-league-flop-with-norwich
  20. Icecream Snow

    Next four games

    ...and was the biggest Negative Nancy on the board for the final six games of last season. It's like we should rename you Lake District Contrary.
  21. Icecream Snow

    Spurs v Villa

    Shocking play from the Spurs defence.
  22. Icecream Snow

    Spurs v Villa

    For a team that's spent a supposed £134 million, I'd argue their Championship squad was stronger. Tuanzebe and Abraham would walk into this team,
  23. Yeah Matt Jarvis was in a similar position, but sensibly kept his head down and his mouth shut. Unlike Steven "I'd play for free" Naismith.
  24. Icecream Snow

    Trouble In Paradise

    Pretty bad if they're calling on the Under 3's. Surely that's illegal?