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  1. Icecream Snow

    I Am Told That....................

    Waits for someone to create a new thread with the title " Spurs v Norwich will be available next Wednesday on BBC Red Button "
  2. West Ham 2-1 up at Anfield !
  3. Icecream Snow

    'There is no bad blood or anything going on'

    At least he cared though. Along with Cameron Jerome, those Brighton and Sheff Wed interviews after heavy drubbings touch a raw nerve with me. "Changing the culture" being a polite way of saying "too many players who didn't give a @$!K"
  4. Icecream Snow

    O/T Liverpool vs West Ham

    Can see lots more goals in this game
  5. Icecream Snow

    O/T Liverpool vs West Ham

    We started the season playing five youngsters, and we looked a lot tighter against Liverpool when we only played two.
  6. Icecream Snow

    The Brexit Thread

    Due to budget cuts it's now a horse with an icecream cone stuck on
  7. Icecream Snow

    The Brexit Thread

    And wasted two extensions doing it. And had the gall to speak at the DUP conference in 2018 saying there wouldn't be a border in the Irish sea.
  8. Icecream Snow

    Pinkun having yet another meltdown.

    The white team are clearly offside - where's VAR when you need it?
  9. Icecream Snow

    All of our signings this season have been crap

    It's an aside, but since Tilson brought it up. Posted this from the 2017 AGM before, highlights Webber transitioning the squad from an average of £28k a week to a target of £10k a week. Hence shopping at Aldi we were bound to get a few duds (Husband, Franke, Watkins). Assuming we go down again, we should be making a surplus from the parachute payments.
  10. Icecream Snow

    TWTD Having Yet Another Meltdown.

    The binners don't seem to grasp that Evans, like Randy Lerner, doesn't want to put any more money into the club. It's damage mitigation now, and like at Villa, Lambert has a track record of getting on with it when his budgets been cut.
  11. Icecream Snow

    TWTD Having Yet Another Meltdown.

    Pretty big slide for Ipswich : 19 points from their last 18 games - I can't see them scraping 6th at this rate Rotherham : 36 points from their last 17 Coventry : 34 points from their last 15
  12. Icecream Snow

    Srbeny off?

    The score would have been 1-0 for Bayern, had it not been for a rare mistake from Manuel Neuer who missed the clearance after coming off his line. Dennis Srbeny took the rare chance that came his way and slotted the ball past the Bayern defenders into an open goal to level the score at 1-1.
  13. Icecream Snow

    The Brexit Thread

    Since we can still freely trade with the EU without any kind of paperwork or restriction, EU citizens can still come here to live as long as they arrive before the end of the year, and the EU citizens can stay as long as they want. Van Wink has a funny definition of "we've left"
  14. Icecream Snow

    The Brexit Thread

    Had an update today in the office today on the settlement scheme, which I hadn't been following that closely. Is it just me, or have they announced the aggressive points scheme to deflect from 3+ million EU citizens being able to stay as long as they like?
  15. Icecream Snow

    Zimmerman '95% out' for Wolves

    Yeah, he's at St Mirren
  16. Icecream Snow

    Webber interview

    Webber would probably argue that 21 year old Neal Maupay cost Brentford around £1.6m and after two seasons they sold him for £20m. Even taking transfer figures with a huge pinch of salt it makes a big argument for trying to recruit the right talent at an early age rather than waiting to see their value explode. Similarly Adam Webster more than doubled his value after one season not playing for Ipswich (insert own punchline here).
  17. Icecream Snow

    It's Not Right Say Aston Villa.

    Surely none of that is because Villa are one point above the relegation zone, and potentially back in the Championship next year? I'm sure he'd be saying exactly the same thing if Villa were comfortably midtable
  18. Icecream Snow

    Webber interview

    I think it was stuff like this that Aarons' camp are putting out. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/11903959/max-aarons-how-norwichs-in-demand-full-back-went-his-own-way "A couple of the big clubs were really into him in the summer, ringing him every day," says Isaksson-Hurst, who still does sessions with Aarons during the off-season. "A lot of players would have been turned by the attraction of a big club and big money, but he's got a very good head on his shoulders. "He knew that the most important thing was to play. He realised that a season playing as an established Premier League player would be priceless, and if he does go somewhere else, he would need to know that the plan was for him to be the main man in his position. The career of a footballer is so delicate. You've got to make the right decisions for your development."
  19. Don't know, if only because she'd have imprisoned the sorting hat in a bid "to bring power back to the people" before it could make its verdict, before burning it alive.
  20. Icecream Snow

    New Labour Leader

    You mean like a 70 year old leader who had been an MP since 1983, but still tried to desperately recreate "the longest suicide note in history", the manifesto of the very same year, 1983?
  21. Icecream Snow

    The Brexit Thread

    Deal by the end of the year? https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-51549662 The UK cannot have the same trade deal with the EU as Canada, according to the bloc's chief negotiator. Michel Barnier said the EU was ready to offer an "ambitious partnership" with the UK post-Brexit, but its "particular proximity" meant it would be different. It comes after the UK's chief negotiator, David Frost, made a speech in Brussels calling for a "Canada-Free Trade Agreement-type relationship"
  22. Icecream Snow

    The Brexit Thread

    It knew he was up a creek without a paddle?
  23. Icecream Snow

    The Brexit Thread

  24. Icecream Snow

    Forget how good some of our players are....

    Lake District Contrary
  25. Icecream Snow

    The Brexit Thread

    Looks like the only cake will be Marie Antoinette style https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-51526784 France has warned Britain to expect a bruising battle with the EU in post-Brexit trade negotiations. French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian predicted the two sides would "rip each other apart" as they strove for advantage in the negotiations. He also said it would be tough for the UK to achieve its aim of agreeing a free trade deal by the end of the year.