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  1. The are genetically identical monozygotic twins. However, from the zygote splitting they begin having different experiences. Positions in the womb, nutrients passed through etc. Then as foetuses it continues - different birth experiences. Then throughout childhood and at their loan clubs too. A factor yes, but not the defining moment for their football ability. The result is two genetically identical twins, but actually different unique individuals due to their life experiences.
  2. Agreed. I wonder if we have anything left over for January or maybe grab a few youngsters from the lower leagues?
  3. According to Percy at the Telegraph it is. Exciting times!
  4. Andy Carroll on a one year deal. Quality player in there somewhere.
  5. Yeah, I think that makes sense regarding defensive experience. Especially if a DM is partnered with Gilmour.
  6. Now that it’s looking near certain we won’t be getting Skipp back on loan, which of muted prem links can we use our final slot on? Young centre backs have been mentioned, but with our own in the building we’d need someone who can contribute in the starting line up - not someone in major need of development. Perhaps one of the Liverpool youngsters? Phillips… He’s not a new name but Harvey Elliot from Liverpool as well would fill Buendia’s departure fairly neatly. If Aarons goes we’ll have a new right back needed, sad to see Bryam missing 1-2 weeks at start of pre-season. Not seeing him up to speed leaves it more of a risk to rely upon him… go for Brandon Williams and try and guzump Southampton? How about Delap from Man City? Fighting with Pukki and Idah.
  7. Best player I’ve seen at city, it will prove a bargain.
  8. Cantwell is prem quality. McLean, Pukki, Hernandez can all make positive contributions in the prem. Would I be looking to upgrade? Yes absolutely, but they can make an impact. A new partner for Gibson, Skipp or Skipp-like player, someone to challenge Pukki (Idah Championship loan), replace Max or Emi if they go would be my aims.
  9. Josh Martin has talent, but not enough talent to get away with his defensive contributions. He needs a loan playing week in week out to get that bravery and commitment to make challenges with conviction. He will never be the biggest strongest player - but at the minute people breeze past him.
  10. I remember being very impressed by those few appearances he did make.
  11. I wanted us to replicate the Dortmund one - now we’re bettering it! Hopefully we will see players developing a little further than would have otherwise, and a great selling point for the club with potential transfer incomings.
  12. I managed to bypass paywall by googling Soccerbot Norwich, great article!
  13. The XG table doesn’t fancy Swansea at all. https://experimental361.com/2021/02/03/expected-goals-table-championship-2-3-feb-2021/
  14. I don't think Swansea are better than us. Brentford maybe. Second would be fine!
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