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  1. I daren't imagine a scenario of us remaining in the league due to coronavirus for fear of disappointment. I am working under the assumption we will be relegated regardless of whether the season is finished or not. If they postpone the Euros we might see the season finished. The FA, clubs or players wouldn't want to write off next season in order to finish this. The financial implication of losing a season of football would be colossal. If the season cannot be finished over the summer some tough decisions will have to be made. Ultimately for football clubs, there will be some winners and losers. Will losers be compensated? Will decisions be immune from legal challenge?
  2. Here it is on Twitter. I hope he gets himself back into professional game, but doesn’t sound like he has the drive.
  3. Don’t know if it some Wikipedia editing shenanigans, but Millwall supporting colleague saying Marshall is playing for a pub team now and is overweight. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ben_Marshall
  4. Hold our nerve on Emi bids. Once he finds form his price will sky rocket and he’ll be looking for European football not mid-table.
  5. I saw them a fair while ago now, they have such a variety in their style over the years it is worth multiple attendance.
  6. https://www.premierleague.com/news/1258633 There is a little info here.
  7. Yes using the Fixture difficulty index they split the 39 points.
  8. Yes. Split the 39 points across the fixtures based on difficulty.
  9. We are exactly where we should be (points-wise) if we are aiming for 39 points. Remember we’ve had some tough fixtures to start with and despite terrible injury luck have kept pace.
  10. The presenter could've learnt how to pronounce Farke - he said 'Fark' and 'Farkey'. Also, who does he keep looking at off-camera?? Some nice bits and is meant for an audience unfamiliar with City but not exactly in-depth. They made the city look great in that opening montage though. Some footage from a matchday would've helped - something that gave more of an idea of what it's like to be in the crowd. The broadcast camera angles from normal coverage always feel quite sterile in comparison. Has anyone watched Take Us Home the Amazon Leeds documentary? Superbly put together.
  11. Bubble! Bubble! Bubble! Hammer hammer trouble.
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