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  1. Cantwell is prem quality. McLean, Pukki, Hernandez can all make positive contributions in the prem. Would I be looking to upgrade? Yes absolutely, but they can make an impact. A new partner for Gibson, Skipp or Skipp-like player, someone to challenge Pukki (Idah Championship loan), replace Max or Emi if they go would be my aims.
  2. Josh Martin has talent, but not enough talent to get away with his defensive contributions. He needs a loan playing week in week out to get that bravery and commitment to make challenges with conviction. He will never be the biggest strongest player - but at the minute people breeze past him.
  3. I remember being very impressed by those few appearances he did make.
  4. I wanted us to replicate the Dortmund one - now we’re bettering it! Hopefully we will see players developing a little further than would have otherwise, and a great selling point for the club with potential transfer incomings.
  5. I managed to bypass paywall by googling Soccerbot Norwich, great article!
  6. The XG table doesn’t fancy Swansea at all. https://experimental361.com/2021/02/03/expected-goals-table-championship-2-3-feb-2021/
  7. I don't think Swansea are better than us. Brentford maybe. Second would be fine!
  8. Yea on a permanent I would take that - would rather keep Emi, but I would understand why the board accepted.
  9. I agree, definitely want someone permanent. A permanent deal we should be aiming to knock £5 million of asking price for Emi but getting our hands on a player valued at more like £10, otherwise we should just ask for it in cash. Any player coming to us needs to be in our favour.
  10. Wouldn’t be adverse to pinching some of Arsenal’s young talent as suggested in the Emi deal. Don’t know them well enough to give an informed opinion about who... Ideally we get someone who Arsenal think won’t make it with them and then goes onto prove them wrong - plenty of examples of younger players leaving big teams and coming back stronger - including Emi himself! Obviously I’d rather we kept him. Sell him this time next year, after another 6 months in Prem his price should be even higher. Can he be persuaded to wait?
  11. Yeah I am massive Mario fan but not sure about him in the 10. The time and space he gets by playing deeper helps him, less necessity for the athleticism required to find space in tight areas or counter attack.
  12. Yea I don't think he was brilliant last match, just going by the club's poll on that one. But he has a decent aerial presence (best of our CMs), work rate, can pick a pass and carry the ball (best of our CMs). Others are better than him in other areas. I'd like to see him dictate play and get on the ball more, on occassion matches pass him by. However, he's certainly good enough to contribute this year. Skipp and Rupp first choice partnership for me, but would be interested to see a Skipp Sorensen partnership too.
  13. Many saying he was past it end of last season - first half of this season, 11 goals. He isn't currently back at his best but in December when I posted that he was - certainly isn't a busted flush.
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