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  1. I wouldn't describe them as "headless chickens." But I understand your point to a degree. However, the shear presence of Hernandez and Buendia has defenders thinking well before they get on the ball. The directness of Hernadez actually aids our defensive performance. It's gives the opportunity to get the defence out, and if the ball is lost its usually well up the pitch, in the oppositions full back position, which is of little concern. Quite often it wins a throw in or corner kick. Compare that to Cantwell (two players vying for a starting spot), who often drops deeper, plays more centrally, and looks to play the quick ball rather than hold it up and run at defenders. If Cantwell's quick pass or flick doesn't come off, it more often than not puts the team back under pressure. Emi's similar, but given the choice he starts over Todd. He's the better player, and I just don't like seeing us play both. Have to disagree with your statement on Mo. I thought he looked uncomfortable higher up. He seems to prefer the deeper role with the play in front of him. On Saturday with Mo, Emi, and Todd, we lacked pace and our high press was a yard too slow. I think this was shown by the amount of work Pukki had to do, who was quite often seen between the lines and tracking back. Steipermann and Hernandez with Buendia for me.
  2. Il Pirata

    That's An Absolutely Superb Point

    I wouldn't agree on Cantwell currently, but the prospect of Pukki being deployed deeper with Drmic in front could be an interesting one, especially if the positions were fluid and interchangeable. Drmic Hernandez Pukki Buendia I do like the look of that.
  3. Firstly, the best 'restricted view' ticket I've ever purchased! Bar Chris Kamara cheesy grin in my peripheral vison, the view was unblemished! In all a thoroughly hard fought and well deserved point. We needed to stop the run of defeats and we did that. We could have won, and were in the ascendency for a good 20 minute spell in the second half. But chances were at a premium and in all honesty I'd have taken a draw if presented at any point during the game, even when on top. The positives; well for me, I thought we defended much better as a unit. Godfrey had Callum Wilson in his pocket up until his injury, at which point Tettey took over and impressively carried on where Godfrey left off. Amadou was very good too, and read the game very well. I also thought Trybull made a big difference when he came on and I'm delighted to see him back. With all the clamour for Leitner to play (myself included) I'm starting to think Trybull maybe the better all round player. But the biggest positive for me was the return of Hernandez. Boy have we missed him. As soon as he got on the pitch he was running at defenders and causing problems. Our game improved almost instantly, he just gives the opposition much more to think about which creates time and space for others. Chapeau Onel. A mention for Buendia too, he grew into the game and clearly enjoyed the extra bit of space afforded to him by Onel's arrival. As for the negatives, I'll keep it brief as to not overshadow an ultimately positive day. Todd Cantwell wasn't at the races. He gave the ball away too often, and didn't offer any threat going forward or protection defensively. For me, he's the one to make way for Hernandez. Leitner was disappointing too. It pains me to say, as really like him. But he looked lost in the more advanced role. Too slow to press, and just looked unsure of what he was being asked to do. He made very little impact on the game. I think his only position is CDM next to a Tettey or Amadou. I'm not sure he works next to Trybull as both tend to want to play similar balls and be the 'quarter back' player. Anyway just thought I'd add some further views on the game. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day out with a positive outcome to boot. Also a special mention for the Onel Hernandez song. I think its to the tune of Heartbeat? Yesterday was my first game this season and I can't recall hearing it before. Sounded fantastic though! OTBC.
  4. Il Pirata


    Interesting observation. I like Leitner, but sometimes quality technique and a touch of class can overshadow the players actual impact on a teams dynamic. This is an argument I've had with regard to Cantwell. Looks great, and clearly a talented footballer. But overall impact on the side and ultimate result, I feel can be questioned. Especially if you compare this against a player such as Hernandez. Not as pretty on the ball, but really direct and gives defenders problems. This creates a dynamic that improves other players games and the team as a whole. I think Vrancic is similar in this regard, and to some extent Steipermann. Of course this is a hard argument to have. Especially if said player scores a goal or two or has assist, like Cantwell. But I do understand your point and think there is something in it. Even if I'd be disappointed to see Leitner dropped.
  5. Yes true. But how long does it take to get these players up to fitness? Vrancic for example, seems to be taking an age - not helped by a further niggle, granted. But I don't think we'll see Hernandez before Christmas, and others possibly. By that time it could be too late, in terms of the winnable games that have passed. We'll see. Home games are vital, and we're getting points at the Carra so lets keep that up. Our style of play certainly suits being the home side.
  6. I want to disagree, but its hard. Having said that our injury list is terrible, so its hard to criticise anyone. I feel a fit Vrancic would be a big help right now.
  7. Its all depressingly predictable. The ironic thing is that three points today or last week at Burney, would have been of more value than beating Manchester City.
  8. Its all about balance. Away from home especially, we lack the right kind of players.
  9. Its not physical in the terms of brute force and toughness. It's the pace and power that we can't match.
  10. We are too naïve, despite Farke saying different. We're playing ok, but should be winning? I'm not sure. Seems to me Palace are comfortable and have us at arms length, ditto Burnley and West Ham. We lack raw speed and directness. Hernandez, essentially.
  11. Il Pirata

    Bournemouth Tickets

    Disappointment, yet again. If anyone has a spare ticket I'm prepared to pay more than face value. I'm in Southampton visiting family for the weekend so really wanted to go!
  12. True. I think its more born out of frustration though. Losing Klose and Hernandez to injuries has been a massive blow, with Zim too. I Think supporters feel we're not quite able to give a full account of ourselves currently. Pundits are already turning to criticise us, without appreciating the key early injuries we've sustained. That's incredibly irritating. Perhaps we need a reality check. We probably are a top end championship club, so perhaps treat this season as a free hit, enjoy it, and see where we end up? Lets continue our fantastic home support with all the flags and visual displays, and continue to draw plaudits that way. Ultimately, the future is still very bright. As long as Webber and Farke are committed long term then I think we'll reap more rewards in the next few seasons. We spent a lot of the last transfer window preparing for just that. OTBC.
  13. Il Pirata

    What's wrong with Super Mario

    Out of interest, maybe some one can answer this; Last season, did we win a game without either Vrancic or Hernandez in the team? If so, I bet it wasn't many.
  14. Il Pirata

    What's wrong with Super Mario

    Cantwell didn't cause Portsmouth too many problems in the cup either. Honestly, people need to move on and forget the Crawley game. Its irrelevant.
  15. Il Pirata

    What's wrong with Super Mario

    Cantwell doesn't track back well enough either. I agree, Emi needs to up his game. But on form, he's a level above Cantwell. And that's why I find it hard to argue for his exclusion. He's our only player capable of something outstanding and game changing, currently.