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  1. Il Pirata

    All 93...

    Some absolute belters in there. In terms of both quality and drama! Most enjoyable season for me, ever.
  2. Jon Snow = Bradley Johnson, or at least in our household he does!
  3. Il Pirata

    Mayor of norwich

    Kenny seemed to have a drink in hand at all times, top lad!
  4. Il Pirata

    Championship Shopping List

    Championship manager, 2015/16 season, 7 appearances at left wing back. Good point regarding Heise though, forgot about him. Still, I’d consider taking Jacob Murphy back if available. Competition for Krul.
  5. Il Pirata

    Championship Shopping List

    Attacking fullback. Jacob Murphy can and has fulfilled this role.
  6. Il Pirata

    Championship Shopping List

    Leitner and Vrancic could be like new signings though. Both more than suited to PL football IMO.
  7. Il Pirata

    Championship Shopping List

    Would quite like Kalvin Phillips from Leeds, assuming they don't go up! A proper Alex Tettey replacement, always impresses when I watch him. A few more realistic potentials, Jacob Murphy - Competition for Lewis. Alan Browne - Arguably Preston's best player. Said Benrahma - Quality player for Brentford. Grosicki - Competition for Hernandez. Harry Wilson (loan) - Competition for Buendia - Assuming Derby don't go up.
  8. Il Pirata

    Countdown to kick off

    Could’ve done without Storm Hannah rolling in today. Might dampen the pre-match atmosphere a little, and have a negative impact generally on the pitch.
  9. Leitner in for the injured Trybull, and Vrancic for the tired Steipermann. This should give us fresh impetuous for the remaining two games and hopefully see us wrap up promotion and the title. Mclean Leitner Hernandez Vrancic Buendia Pukki I think we can afford to be a bit lighter in middle, and go for high press, fast, fluid football. AKA Farke ball!
  10. Il Pirata

    Statue for Canos!

    Nice of him to recognise Norwich in his post match interview. 'Prematurely' congratulating Norwich and revealing he'd been in contact with some players from Norwich yesterday. Top man indeed.
  11. Il Pirata

    Today’s games 🐥

    If they draw tonight they are 5 pts behind. If the lose, the gap is 6 and the goal difference -9 minimum. Ridiculous we're even having to contemplate and discus this.
  12. Il Pirata

    Today’s games 🐥

    Depends how you look at it. If they win their game in hand, they'll have won more games than us. And football is about winning, right?
  13. Il Pirata

    Today’s games 🐥

    Not won in four. The pressure on this latest must win game is enormous. I wouldn't be putting any money on us beating an inform Blackburn at the minute.
  14. Il Pirata

    Today’s games 🐥

    We've lost our nerve. We have to rely on Leeds slipping up, because there's a very likely chance we'll not win either of our two remaining games. Sadly, I can't see it. This is going end in a momentous balls up. Too many fans complacent and expectant, and too bigger burden for so many young players. Vrancic and Leitner should have been unleashed for the run in.
  15. Il Pirata

    Dirty Word - Playoffs

    Since 6 games to play we've only needed 2 wins. Now with 3 games to play, we still need those 2 wins! Personally, I cant see how we're going to win another game! The gravity of the situation has really got to everyone, including Farke. That Reading goal ended the invincibility feeling.... we look a different team and far from our best. Some of the passing and decision making last night, particularly in the second half, from the likes of Leitner, Mclean and Steipermann was shocking and uncharacteristic! Even Pukki smashed a cross into row Z late on! The players are riddled with Nerves. How do we get over the line?! Thankfully I don't need to find the answer, because my nerves are more than shot! What a season, eh? Probably the best one I've witnessed. Just get over the line boys... please!