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  1. Ah, some welcome relief on here! We really have had some brilliant moments.. especially when you consider Ipswich have literally had nothing for 15 odd years! The amount of last minute goals which gained vital points is incredible... For me, in no particular order; 1. 2002 Play off semi-final - Norwich 3-1 Wolves. A turning point season which ended 7 depressing seasons of nothingness (imagine 15 of those) 2. Simeon Jackson - Last minute against Derby. Utter scenes! 3. 2015 Playoff semi-final - Norwich 3-1 Ipswich. Beating your bitter rivals to reach Wembley in the game dubbed the richest in the world.. it doesn't get better than that, surely? That's proper once in a lifetime stuff.
  2. Il Pirata

    Kenny Mclean

    Good point regarding Fox. I think a diamond with Vrancic at the base could be the way to go for the rest of the season. Something like; Vrancic Rupp Mclean Buendia Pukki Drmic Nothing to lose now.
  3. Il Pirata

    Lets discuss Duda

    No, but that's easy to say. On paper he's very much a Farke type of player, and has shown that in glimpses. Its just the whole dynamic of the team isn't quite right. Summer was a huge failure in terms of our transfer business.
  4. Il Pirata

    match thread

    We miss Hernandez too.
  5. Il Pirata

    Lets discuss Duda

    A bit like Pukki and Buendia and Drmic and Vrancic and Cantwell.....and basically our whole bloody squad!
  6. Il Pirata

    Lets discuss Duda

    I think he's very much a confidence player. When the teams on top he shines, and has the quality to execute a killer ball or produce a moment of magic. When the team isn't on top and has to fight and scrap, Duda isn't your man.
  7. Il Pirata

    match thread

    At least Farke changed things today and tried something different. I think for the remainder of the season we may see the diamond or 3-5-2 used. In a diamond, I think Rupp, Vrancic, Buendia and Mclean could work very well.
  8. Il Pirata

    match thread

    He's been superb since coming back into the side. Proved a lot of people wrong. Can still improve as well.
  9. I know I can avoid clicking the thread, but seriously, this obsession with Ipswich's demise is frankly embarrassing. Especially at the moment, and straight after our own side loses.
  10. Il Pirata

    match thread

    Another powder puff away performance. Weak, both physically and mentally. Too many of our players believe their own hype. Look at Sheff Utd today, Basham, Fleck, Sharp.. been there in League one. Don't take anything for granted, masking any flaws in their ability through relentless mental fortitude and work rate. So, so impressive. Only Corona can save us now....
  11. Il Pirata

    match thread

    Switched to a diamond. Decent decision from Farke I think. Not sure about Buendia right side though! Come on Yellows!!
  12. Il Pirata

    match thread

    No but he'd offer a threat in possession which may just result in getting the ball forward quicker! You'll also find that the opposition tend to give better ball players more space, for fear of the ball being knocked past them on the press. Playing defensive isn't working at all. So try something else, which for us is possession based attacking. We have the players for that.
  13. Il Pirata

    match thread

    Sheff Utd went to extra time too. It's nothing to do with that, the players out at the moment cannot deal with press, intensity, and directness. Cantwell is the biggest example. Really nice on the ball when the opposition gives him time, but when pressed he's like bambi on ice with the ball. He isn't quick enough in very tight situations. Neither is Tettey or Mclean. Buendia is, but is completely disconnected. As for Duda.. I don't know what to say.
  14. Il Pirata

    match thread

    This is why I can't see the point in playing Tettey and Mclean at CDM. We try to be defensive and solid, but still get bullied and dominated. Get Vrancic on to ping some accurate balls from deep. Push Kenny up to support Pukki and hold the ball up. Get Cantwell off for Rupp.
  15. Il Pirata

    Premier League coronavirus talks

    Yep, I see it that way too. Crazy really. The biggest dilemma is whether the season is postponed or cancelled. With a quarter of the season remaining, there is no way the EPL could cancel the season and enforce relegation by confirming final positions as currently stands. Postponement causes all sorts of scheduling problems, therefore cancellation of this season is probably preferable. My guess is the EPL are praying they can get as close as possible to the end of the season, making cancellation more acceptable, assuming things are a bit more clear cut. No issues with the champions, Liverpool, but relegation is shaping up to be a last day battle between quite a few teams. Big problem! Interesting and unprecedented times ahead.