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  1. Il Pirata

    Do you think we will stay up?

    Yep, he's nearly 30 and won't want to be back in the championship. If he gets the opportunity for a big pay day he's going to take it. The club will get more for him in January than as a relegated club in the summer. £12 million probably gets him, and that's a snip for a PL team, even if its just for 18-24 months worth of goals.
  2. Il Pirata

    Do you think we will stay up?

    You never know, and we're not cut adrift yet. However we've lost to so many relegation rivals too easily, and literally gifted them points. Watford, Southampton, Burnley, Brighton, Villa etc... is this trend suddenly going to change? Most alarming is that any team with decent organisation and game plan seem to turn us over. Of our three wins, two came against teams who were in disarray, Everton and Newcastle. Lets face it, we probably played them at the right time. My thoughts are that its time to play to our strengths, and go back to the key players who performed for us last season. Win or bust, its time to see Vrancic and Buendia back in the starting 11. More of Leitner in his preferred role too. These players are suited to the way Farke wants to play, he needs to get the best out of them. A big fear of mine is Pukki knocking on Webbers door in January....
  3. No, that's when you want to chase a game. We're looking to shut up shop.
  4. Its been embarrassingly easy for saints to suggest 'fine margins.'
  5. Another Burnley / Brighton / Palace type of away performance. Predictable and compliant, and ultimately now game over. It's a truly woeful performance. Players all over the place and utter chaos whenever Southampton get a set-piece. Horrible to watch.
  6. And I'm in the not too sure camp with regard to Cantwell....
  7. Todd Cantwell Norwich 253 per goal 1011 played 4 Goals scored 2 Assists Shots on target Total 60% 9 15 James Maddison Leicester 286 per goal 1144 played 4 Goals scored 2 Assists Shots on target Total 36% 9 25
  8. Il Pirata

    Ricardo's report v Arsenal

    Would have liked to have seen Vrancic come on for 15-20 mins. Especially whilst we were on top, but can't complain. A fantastic point.
  9. Il Pirata

    Ricardo's report v Arsenal

    Mclean has carried on from where he left off at Everton. I'm quite shocked at just how good he looks in that advanced role. Didn't see it coming at all, he looks a revelation.
  10. Il Pirata


    The situation in which the decision was made to open the gates, was unprecedented. The previous year did not follow the same chain of events. The amount of fans at the turnstiles so close to kick off led to the fateful decision. This was not the case the before.
  11. Il Pirata


    Firstly, today is awful news for the families of the 96 who have suffered unimaginable pain and grief for too long. After all the recent momentum, closure looked close. However, I agree with the outcome. I believe the tragedy was the result of a chain of events, that started before well before the actual day of the disaster. The FA, the local council, the body awarding Hillsborough's safety certificate, Sheffield Wednesday FC.... the list goes on. To prosecute one person for the failings of many just doesn't seem right, no matter how desperate the families of the victims are. How could anyone reasonably expect the Police Commander that day to make the right call in what was ultimately an unprecedented situation, that was escalating at an alarming rate? I believe he tried to do the right thing in a whirlwind of panic and chaos. Liverpool fans were not to blame. But they did contribute. However, the outcome is likely the same which ever clubs supporters were there that day.
  12. Il Pirata

    Ticket allocation for Leicester

    Really? After Everton and being so close to Christmas makes this even more attractive to me!
  13. Il Pirata

    Ticket allocation for Leicester

    Got mine after a 10 minute wait this morning. Appears to be tickets available still so looking like a general sale.
  14. Il Pirata

    Moritz Leitner

    Really hope Farke gives him a chance again in the deeper role. He was a class act against Newcastle.