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  1. Il Pirata

    Tour de France 2019

    Yeah that's the one, and a couple of other instances with Cancellara too. A sudden turn of pace during a TT, and another in Paris Roubaix. Definitely motor doping the allegation here. I've seen that Vuelta footage, basically the cranks appear to spin on there own after a crash. I've read explanations rubbishing the motor theory though. I think all bikes are X-rayed now, so pretty much impossible for anyone to get away with this, at least in the GTs and major races such as the spring classics. Did you see the bizarre incident recently with Roglic and his missing bike during the Giro? A reasonable explanation in the end, but just goes to show how much teams and riders are scrutinised and constantly having to defend themselves. Good looking stage today.. into the Pyrenees. I'll be leaving for France tomorrow in preparation for the Etape on Sunday! Wonder if they'll have x-ray machines there....
  2. Il Pirata

    Huddersfield’s kit 😳

    Maybe. Lovely player to watch though, and it was disappointing not to see as much of him as we should. Still cant get my head around how little AN utilised him.
  3. Il Pirata

    Tour de France 2019

    You make a good argument, and given cycling's dark past I can't criticise you for being sceptical. But sometimes you have to believe what you see or you'll never be able to enjoy it? I did notice your praise for Cancellara. You do remember his 'inhuman' attack don't you?
  4. Il Pirata

    Huddersfield’s kit 😳

    I'd have Pritchard back.. Sorry, I know that's not the topic! Pritchard in, Cantwell out on loan? He'd fit in to Farke's system well. The kit is awful.
  5. Il Pirata

    Tour de France 2019

    Well Mr Walsh, you certainly are very cynical, and perhaps for good reason! Froome's rise was sudden, sure. But he was a late starter in Cycling and didn't turn pro until the age of 22. Therefore it is reasonable to expect a sudden upward curve in his mid twenties as he improved. Particularly under the stewardship of a better team. There are other examples of meteoric rises. Away from cycling, Gareth Bale went from average to world beater in a little more than 12 months. But of course there could be something more sinister at play. The Jiffy bag scandal and more recent Salbutamol case have put a big blotch on Wiggo, Froome and Team Sky (Ineos). Its frustrating that questions were left unanswered, but I'm reasonably convinced these were individual cases pushing the boundaries of the law, rather than full scale systematic illegal doping. But I don't blame anyone for thinking differently. I do disagree with the perception of available gains though. Any stimulate that can take concentration levels above what is seemingly normal, can give a massive advantage in any skill based sport too. So focusing on pure endurance is only half of it. As for a 6/10 boxer beating a 9/10... well it might not happen but what about the time it does and the 6/10 boxer becomes 10/10 and inflicts a life threatening injury or worse, due to the sustained power he/she is able to produce round after round? Doping in boxing is dangerous to others and not just the individual carrying out the offense.
  6. Il Pirata

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    I think the Tettey replacement is key. Hanley and Klose are good enough IMO, but will be under a lot of pressure without a Tettey upgrade in front of them.
  7. Il Pirata

    Tour de France 2019

    Your right to ask the question. The problem with the Lance Armstrong era is that not enough people asked the obvious questions. However, I believe Froome is a 'clean' athlete. Granted, the definition of clean is up for debate. I think boundaries are pushed, but ultimately he's stayed within the rules. Doping is a never ending debate, but certainly the regulations are the best they've ever been, particularly in Cycling. I do find the public perception (not aimed at yourself canarydan23) of doping in cycling very interesting. People are very quick to vilify cyclists who dope, or have doped. But other athletes in different sports are immune to it. Boxing gets a bit of attention, but the punishments are embarrassing and do nothing to discourage the fighter. The lack of punishment devalues the offence, making it less serious and more accepted by the masses. It's not an even playing field. Unless anti-doping is governed by a centralised power, and funded proportionately by all sports, it will never change. Too much vested interest.
  8. Il Pirata

    Tour de France 2019

    As shown yesterday! Another cracking stage.. GC could be done and dusted before we hit the mountains!
  9. Il Pirata

    Tour de France 2019

    True, but they've not needed to yet either. I expect things to change in the mountains. Kwiatkowski and Poels are effectively super domestiques who'd be team leaders in their own right at other teams. G certainly seems to find himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Both crashes we're not his fault, but we seem to be saying that at every Grand Tour. Bar the crash(s), he looks strong. Great on the Planche des Belles Filles, and just as impressive getting back on after his crash with Woods. I think G has shown enough that he is the one to beat. You look at the other GC contenders, and most have already lost a minute or two to G and Bernal (and far more in some cases) which is a sign Ineos are riding well. They just don't lose silly seconds here and there like the others do. Pinot's current lead is the direct result of G's crash on stage 8 which he took full 'advantage' of. More should have done the same.
  10. Il Pirata

    Tour de France 2019

    Christ, this is escalating! Anyway back to Le Tour. A few stages now for the breakaway as the race makes its way towards the Pyrenees. Any chance Steve Cummings can find some legs for one last hurrah? Unlikely.
  11. Il Pirata


    Good stuff. I think Mario is at the peak of his career, and I can't see why that shouldn't last for another season or two at least. Clever players like Vrancic can play on longer, just look at Wes.
  12. Il Pirata

    Tour de France 2019

    Please do, you speak a lot of nonsense. The key thing most non cyclists forget is that the majority of cyclists drive cars too, therefore have a good appreciation for both sides of the debate. You sit on one side and have absolutely zero experience of the other, making your views biased and lacking in credibility, IMO.
  13. Il Pirata

    Will Villa be the new Fulham?

    Sorry to be 'that guy' but this should be in the 'non-football' section.
  14. Il Pirata

    Peter Crouch retires

    A very likeable guy, and a model pro. But more importantly he was a quality footballer. It would've been great to have seen more of Crouch in a Norwich shirt. As for the podcasts.. they're a little bit 'samey' for me. The first few we're great but I've lost a bit of interest in them now. But clearly the potential is there for Crouch to be successful in the media world.
  15. Il Pirata

    Tour de France 2019

    Zzzzzzz.... whats your view on drug fuelled Boxers, or Footballers, or Tennis players, or Track and Field athletes.....etc, etc? I rode the Fred Whitton sportive in the Lake District last year. A fantastic event on closed roads which was unbelievably well supported by thousands of locals all around the route. You possibly may live in the wrong place to dislike cycling? Anyway this is a topic about the TDF. It was pretty obvious posters in this thread would like cycling. Your post was clearly an attempt to incite anger, which is quite frankly inappropriate and a little childish.