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  1. Il Pirata

    Bristol City

    1350, that's pretty close to the same amount of away supporters we had at Bolton. So that doesn't really validate your last sentence!
  2. Just back from the game... Live in the north so a relatively easy journey, made easier by the lack of home traffic! First half we played some superb football. I can't remember ever seeing Norwich being so dominant, it really could have been 5 or 6 at half time. Kenny Mclean made a big difference, and he used the time afforded to him to set the tempo and pick passes out to Buendia and Hernandez who were unplayable. Pukki's finishing was incredible. He scored two with superb finishes, but every thing else he hit seem to be on target too. If we've had a better finisher at this club, then I don't remember him. Second half we took our foot off the pedal for the last half hour, but the game was won. We still had chances to score more, and every time we came forward we looked dangerous. Yes it was only Bolton, but you can only beat what's in front of you. And Norwich did that emphatically in every sense today. Even the Bolton fans started a round of ole's with Norwich in possession! MOM - Tom Trybull. This man was immense today, and a big reason Mclean was able to flourish. He literally won everything on the deck and in the air. Fantastic to see Leitner back, but the partnership of Mclean and Trybull really worked today, and they both deserve to keep their place. Anyway Tommy must be next in line to take a penalty........ Great win. OTBC.
  3. We were just getting a settled team again, but that's potentially four key players out in the last week! Hopefully Buendia and Steipermann are fit to play. Too many changes is rarely conducive to an immediate positive outcome.
  4. Il Pirata

    Strong words from Farke...

    Slight concern. Immediately after criticising lambert for a lack of class, complaining about officiating and decisions is probably not wise. I did expect a little bit of praise towards Alex Neil and Preston, who lets face it, got it spot on and deserved to win. I have every confidence that Farke will remain positive and maintain the feel good factor within the dressing room. Last nights result isn't hugely significant in the grand scheme of things. It may actually be blessing in disguise. What is important is mental recovery for the challenge on Saturday. No doubt, fatigue in this area was a contributing factor last night. And understandable too given the high profile games recently.
  5. Don't think that's how it works...
  6. Anyway, been a great season so far. Keep the faith! Come on you Yellows!
  7. Tonight looks a very tough ask now. There have been hints of a performance like this... Brentford and West Brom could easily have gone the same way, but we weathered the storm and avoided conceding the second goal. This will be a serious test of character for some young players. Very important we don't get hammered.
  8. I think we may aswell get Mclean and Rhodes on and go a little more direct. 4-4-2 with Buendia and Hernandez on the wings.. Mclean and Tettey central.
  9. Against? I can't remember him taking one.
  10. I wouldn't take too much notice of his performance against Portsmouth, it was against ten men after all. However, I'm pretty sure it'll be Tettey and Trybull for the next couple of games, especially as we're away from home. Trybull will need to be the one try and do the Vrancic / Leitner quarter back role. Which I think he's capable of.
  11. No, I wouldn't give him the air time. Its done, he's shown himself up and will take Ipswich to League One. We don't need to embroil ourselves in his petulant antics.
  12. Il Pirata

    In defence of Stiepermann

    Sorry, I was disappointed in his reaction and don't want to see our players act like that.
  13. Have to disagree. That behaviour today proves how arrogant and mercenary he is. As he pointed out, he inherited a Championship club in League One. I truly now believe the club did more for him, then he did for us.
  14. Absolutely no class whatsoever. Farke had his number today. And his post match interview was everything Lamberts wasn't. Intelligent, morale, respectful and full of CLASS. He represents this club brilliantly. Proud to be a yella..
  15. Il Pirata

    Derby Day

    We look a little nervous to me. Almost as if the early goal has been a bit detrimental to the performance? Something to lose... We need Buendia and Hernandez on the ball more and stretching Ipswich's back line.