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  1. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    Do you think we will stay up?

    Just cant see which 3 teams we'll finish above .. and even if we did show an improvement in the 2nd half of the season to put us in with a fighting chance....our run in on the fixture list will uktimately kill us...
  2. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    *****Official match thread v Saints*****

    I can accept a lack of quality... if we turn out to not be good enough, then fair enough and unsurprising given our outlay on transfers .....what I can't accept is the defending of set pieces the way that we are. That's one thing that can be drilled and our lack of organization in defending corners and free kicks is inexcusable, whoever is coaching them for these needs showing the door....
  3. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    FA Cup Draw.

    ...they might be saying the same!
  4. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    FA Cup Draw.

    'If' Preston are still toward the top end of the table when this comes round it might be 2 reserves against each other....will our 2nd XI be better than theres?!?
  5. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    Euro 2020 Draw

    Decent group for england....but a potential nightmare last 16 if we win the group...runners up ib group F....could be a very early exit at the hands of France??!
  6. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    Team for Arsenal?

    ...at last a chance to see Amadou i the position he was signed to play in.....just hope that is what happens and we dont revert McLean back to a holding role...
  7. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary


    ...err.....because thats where theyre from ? ...todays jury was presumably neutral with no pre conceived predjudice. It would be the same whichever set of football fans would have been involved, from whichever part of the country. You seem to be the one who wants to be turning it into a 'persectuting people from Liverpool' issue ...now stop trying to put words in peoples mouths
  8. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary


    ...youve made where theyre from an issue, not me, ... ...thats irrevelent , the point is that of course people want justice but maybe there's no one person or people that can be blamed ...and no, clearly the victims in this who were, as you say, at the front were the innocent people in this.
  9. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary


    They wanted a trial....they got one...and now surprise, they don't like the verdict. 9-1 in favour of not guilty. Funny how this is the outcome when it isn't a kanagaroo court exclusively peopled by scousers. ...of course they want to pin the blame on someone but the events of the day are more nuanced than that with many factors contriving to cause the event....and the truth that they will never want to hear is that their own fans were one of those factors.
  10. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    TWTD - “ we are a shocking football side “

    Sadly the standard of that league is so poor, they can afford to still be ordinary most weeks and still pick up points...I'm not sure I could point at 2 sides would would finish above them....let alone 6 to edge them out of the playoffs?
  11. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    *****Official match thread v Everton*****

    ...except Steiperman doesnt win any headers ...or havent you been paying attention you f#cking imbecilic moron?
  12. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    Should Srbeny start?

    The OP may (or may not) have been in jest....but a more pertinent,serious question is 'should Byram start'?....in the here and now he may very well be better than Aarons and Lewis?
  13. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    South American Football Live

    ...might be worth a watch...but ultimately its a pitch full of S.American players who arent good enough to have been signed by a european club... or those that have been in europe and returned at the back end of their career...
  14. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    They must hate red shirts even more now

    You have to wonder whether it was just coincidence that they chose to wear this for that particular away game?!?...
  15. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    *****Official match thread v Everton*****

    ...if McLean was playing in the holding midfield role 'again'..I would be the first to stick the boot in as we'll never win any premier league midfield battle with him there.....but i've said all along , he has something to offer further forward, has an eye for a goal, will have a shot and can slide a pass in...