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  1. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    Norwich vs Bournemouth match thread

    I'm calling it now...McLean has compromising photos of Farke ..barring Klose, a fully fit squad....Trybull Vrancic Leitner Amadou and even Rupp available but somehow we're back to McLean in a holding midfield position?!?
  2. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    Press Conference

    Isnt that what we supposedly signed Anadou for??....a good month and half where we could have been playing him there abd haven't.....obviously Farke doesnt think he's good enough
  3. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    Membership Scheme Revamped

    The fact that its being based on last season whilst none of this seasons purchases are taken into account is the biggest climbdown,backtracking and admission theyve got it completely wrong this season that there could ever be. Once again..shame on you Kensall for this season's debacle. Lumping anyone in together ,whether they'd done 9 or zero games into a free for all, fastest on the button....or queing up outside the box office at midnight the night before....a bloody disgrace
  4. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    Team for Bournemouth

    Whilst solid defensively , its become noticable that a lack of left foot is hampering Bryram's distribution from the back and also going forward when crossing, regularly having to check inside onto his stronger foot. Will undoubetly be important to us next season in one shape or form , probably as first choice RB.....but for now I think its time to restore Lewis...certainly in a game like Bournemouth where we have to take it to them with attacking full backs
  5. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    Team for Bournemouth

    .........Krul...... Aarons..Zimm..Godfrey..Lewis ........Amadou...Vrancic.... Buendia.....Duda....Hernandez .............Pukki.......... biggest talking point here....can we actually play Amadou in the position we signed him to play in?...granted he was needed elsewhere early on but we now have a chance to play him in midfield and aren't doing it??
  6. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    Lukas Rupp

    Tettey Trybull Amadou Vrancic McLean Leitner Rupp Steipermann Duda....seems slightly overloaded??
  7. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    Bournemouth vs Watford, Villa vs Man City

    ...it would have been worse had Bournemouth had won...
  8. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    Bournemouth vs Watford, Villa vs Man City

    ...with the comparitive wealth of Villa's and our owners.....think its fair to say they'll still be some way better off than us come August?
  9. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    Bournemouth vs Watford, Villa vs Man City

    ...of course this Villa scoreline bares no relevance to us whatsover, or helps us in any way shape or form.. ...no point looking at the league table or even watching the game
  10. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    Farke getting off lightly

    Henderson?....he was their keeper all last season ..and they still dont own him Robinson bit part...Moussett and McBurnie alternate
  11. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    Farke getting off lightly

    Not sure they have?...spent wisely that is...their team is still largely the one that they were promoted with last season....most of their signings are warming the bench
  12. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    Bournemouth vs Watford, Villa vs Man City

    ..probably a good thing....however it should be pointed out that Southampton (a) aside in the 8 or so games prior to yesterday , we've played well in most/all of the games and theyve been quick to acknowledge that..
  13. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    Farke getting off lightly

    ...you can add John Bond to that...and probably even Ron Saunders
  14. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    Bournemouth vs Watford, Villa vs Man City

    Indeed..one trick pony, receive the ball 25 yds from goal , suddenly stop and wait for an opposing play to collide into the back of him and claim a free kick in a semi dangerous area. The equivilent of a car insurance fraudster who slams his brakes on in front of you in the hope of a smash and a payout.
  15. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    Bournemouth vs Watford, Villa vs Man City

    Certainly not sorry to see FFP cheats Bournemouth in the predicament they are....knew exactly what they were doing when promoted a few seasons back and then given a £7m slap on the wrist. ...spending £20m + on players when being allowed to play in the Premier League in a 12,000 seater stadium The premier league has a habit of catching up with these small clubs , who overspend and reliant on one individual rich benefactor, i.e Wigan, Fulham.....if they go down, might be a while before theyre seen at this level again #FairyTale