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  1. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    NCFC to furlough staff

    Liverpool FC......European champions and one of the richest clubs in the world, now furloughing non playing staff. How's that for the morally outraged on this thread?
  2. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    NCFC to furlough staff

    If a Premier League footballer is earning 200k a week ...he's giving up 80k of that in taxes......where on earth do people think this pit of money to ensure the general public can keep food on the table and roofs over their heads is coming from? ....High earners ...such as footballers have and are paying into the system
  3. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    NCFC to furlough staff

    ...not really....the key here is that nobody doesnt get their full wage during this crisis or 'force majuere' Whatever your opinion is of professional footballers ,its not their fault that there is a global pandemic....just as it isnt any high earning exec in any other company ...basic fact of the matter is the 'furlough' system will cover non playing staffs wages (with the 20% club top up) ....it wont for the players...
  4. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    NCFC to furlough staff

    So you're the chancellor of the exchequer now are you...you know exactly how this is and will be funded??. ...nobody's losing their wage here...the players nor the other staff at the football club....and hopefully you, I and nobody else will due to this government scheme. ..the club are doing their staff a favour here in envkoing this. They are allowing them to stay away from a potentially dangerous envirenment where they might contract a killer virus...whilst ensuring that they will be payed in full at a time where they may otherwise have lost their job. The only 'issue' here seems to be , once again people who have a jealousy or bitterness that footballers posess a skill that allows them to earn more money than they do. ....and I'll repeat...for a third time...high bracket eaners...such as footballers , pay a higher rate of tax, which contributes to the pot which the government is currently using to keep the general public in a wage during in the next weeks/months to keep food on the table and a roof over our head whilst allowing us to not be exposed (unless you're a key worker) to this global plague.
  5. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    NCFC to furlough staff

    Why?.....the non playing staff are still getting all of their wages.....80% from the government...20% from the club, nobodys losing out? Why is it anybodys concern where that money is coming from?.....and why should it come out of someone elses wage??? ...as previously mentioned...the government are presumably able to be doing this at all because of taxes...of which high end earners, such as footballers pay more than most
  6. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    NCFC to furlough staff

    ...the furlough system only pays 80% of monthly wages up to £2500 month....that obviously doesnt cover the players wages ...but will the other staff if the club tops up the other 20%. The football club is a buisness just like any other taking advantage of this. Why would they pay 100% of wages to staff who arent doing anything/havent got anything to do?....when they can temporarily stand them down and have the government pay 80%??
  7. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    NCFC to furlough staff

    High earning footballers are in a higher tax bracket....therefore the large sums they pay in tax are then used to pay lower paid staff when a situation such as this comes around.....so yes, in a way , they are contributing. I'll say it again....the non-playing staff at Carrow Rd are employed by Norwich City Football Club.....not by the players.
  8. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    NCFC to furlough staff

    Furlough can only pay 80% of wages up to £2500 a month....that clearly doesnt cover players wages. .....all off field staff are employed by/paid by Norwich City FC not by the players. Theyre doing what many businesses...who have higher turnovers than Premier League football clubs with high earning executives...will be doing over the coming weeks. I dont see the the issue... and as previously stared the club will top up the other 20% ,so no staff will be out of pocket. There are people getting on their soapboxes about who should/shouldnt be claiming this and what future taxes might look like?!?...people just looking for a reason to complain....about something
  9. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    Are people expected to quit

    ....well if someone in that office contracts this virus and passes on to an elderly relative who then dies...hopefully the boss of that company is put up for a charge of manslaughter...
  10. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    The English Game

    It was good... but also outlines how amusing it is how the likes of Villa boast about how many times theyve won the FA Cup and other trophies when many of them included a period in history where games were played on a lawn with a piece of rope acting as the crossbar.
  11. Man City this season (if it turns out to be a season) must be up there? .....but its hard to imagine the circumstances for the milk cup semi final being bettered..
  12. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    Wayne Rooney in the Sunday Times

    ...meanwhile the rest of the world have to get on with it. Tomorrow morning i'll have to get up and go to work at a company with 1500 other people of all nationalities. ...I can guess what my manager's answer might be if I protest that I'm being treated as a guinea pig
  13. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    What on earth are we going to talk about?

    Just what do 'normal' folk do of a weekend?? I'm at a loss....been going to carrow rd ,every other week for 9 months a year for the last 40 yrs since before I started school.....and away games regularly for last last 30 Just dont know what else I would have done with life on a weekend...I'd probably be considerably richer. I usually pity non-footballing folk....but I envy them now...I'm totally unprepared for this.
  14. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    Man U details released

    ....pathetic display from LASK....how on earth did they get this far in the competition?....0-5 to Man United, ensuring that they will now just play a bunch of kids in the 2nd leg next week before we play them (global pandemic permitting)
  15. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    and so it begins - Man C v Arsenal off

    Beggars belief that man city v arsenal is postponed because olympiakos greek owner may have come into contact with Arsenal players a fortnight ago....but Wolves are being sent out there to play tonight?!?!