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  1. Its how far away they are away from automatic which is what I suspect really counts. 1 win in the last 7 is nowhere near good enough for Watford and their strikeforce (even without Dennis) in this league. I dont think this is good news as I'd imagine Bilic will only make them stronger
  2. The first season that rotherham look like they might not be going straight back down and he's off! Big pressure to get Derby up at the first time if asking I'd imagine
  3. Found it a very cold funeral myself both at Westminster and moreso at Windsor , a more intimate setting. Yes lots of tributes to her service as Queen but no personal eulogies to her as a person, mother, grandmother etc. Thought a life of 96 years would have warranted that. I'm sure there was more to her than being Queen
  4. We should all remember throughout today ,that neither the queen or the rest of the royal family would p!ss on any of us if we were on fire ...thanks for the day off though
  5. WBA wont go up playing that way...if thats what suits them fair enough I can only remember one team setting out to play like that and it being rewarded with a top 2 finish in recent years which was the awful Cardiff side that went up The better sides 'usually' rise to the top who try to play , not spoil
  6. We needed players on the pitch to unlock such a defence. Its to Cantwell and Dowell's shame that they cant nail down a place in this side as they should be standout players at this level and contributing with plenty of assists and goals
  7. Well driving back from Hull a few weeks back furious that we'd somehow managed to lose and were sitting bottom, I said that nothing less than 2 wins from the following 2 games vs Huddersfield and Millwall would do or he could clear his desk...he won them to be fair and for those who wanted to give him 10 games , we''re in the promotion spots, there's not much more he could have done since that Hull game I'd argue in our 10 games we've probably only played well in about 4?...oddly one of them being Wigan (h). So from here 1 of 2 things can happen. We will start playing better and move up a gear or two and really take hold of this league...or results will start to match out performances and start to drop off. However even if it is the latter, the standard of team in general in this league is so ordinary that we could still pick up plenty of wins without playing well a lot of the time
  8. Not for one moment suggesting Hernandez would have made a difference to our chances of staying up but one thing's for sure is that when Smith was looking down his subs bench in the second half of the season he would have been a damned sight better option than Tzolis (when he was even on the bench), Placheta, Dowell or youngsters like Rowe and Springett
  9. By January he had already seen enough of Tzolis to know he wasnt ready..he could have recalled Hernandez in Jan to have a look at him and the loaned out at the end if the month if he wanted to. Instead his loan ended at Boro and he went straight to Birmingham at the start of Jan
  10. Smith still had the option to recall Hernandez in January...and didnt , at a time where Tzolis was deemed not good enough and Placheta was on the bench!
  11. He just will not close players down in midfield..stands off far too much Last night was a game that showed what it would have been like 2 seasons ago without Skipp. We would still have won a far few games but wouldnt have had the control of midfield as much or won the ball back as quickly
  12. Well we should have been given we were the only one to go into the season with the same manager and relatively less squad upheavel I'd say Watford will shortly be on manager no.2 for the season
  13. Clearly its an attitude thing that the club didnt like because for me he looked a better player than Springett or Rowe at the same age
  14. A misapprehension by all of these sheeple outside the gates of windsor castle or buckingham palace that the royal family gives any kind of a sh!t about the 'commoners'
  15. The PM and by association the MPs to which you refer are at least elected by the people of Great Britain The royal family however isnt and is purely there by chance of birth So I'm not sure why anything in this country should be conducted on the say so of the royals.
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