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  1. Some of these teams just behind us must be playing each other soon??
  2. I do wonder whether Vrancic used up his last chance tonight...ineffective again and this time subbed unusually early. He does seem to be more effective late in a game when coming off the bench to then to unlock a defence...and when he starts he's invariably taken off for these last minutes where he'd be at his most effective. Cantwell in the middle with Hernandez on the left deserves another outing but ultimately I think Farke would play Steipermann there if he were fit now...
  3. On paper, vs the bottom team would represent an ideal chance to do this, moreso when Brentford will have an extra days rest on us before the game next Wednesday My instincts and suspicion is that we won't and would be tempting fate if we did....but the temptation might be there??
  4. Not at this point...Farkes still got another 4 subs, he's got all the cards to play
  5. Is there?....we may not concede as many as others...but I'd say the amount of self inflicted ones we have , through f##king about like that would be more...as opposed to good attacking play from the opposition
  6. Can there be another team that concedes so many needless, self inflicted goals as us??
  7. Not worrying...he's not good enough to be in the matchday squad of 20....which makes it all the more mystifying that Farke chose him to replace Buendia for those 2 games where he was suspended a couple of weeks ago..
  8. Does Skipp look like he needs a rest?....he'a only 20 and playing better than ever....
  9. 10000 fans at wembley for the playoff final ...roughly 5000 for each team (less once officials etc have had theirs) Wonder how they'd choose whuch fans would get a ticket??
  10. There must be a genuine chance that Wembley will have its European Championship games taken away and moved to another country that might have more fans in by then??
  11. I'm almost at the point of calling for Vrancic to come out of the no.10 role as he is simply spurning too many chances coming his way that another in his position might take We're getting away with it at the moment but there could well be a game where we dont. Whether we drop Vrancic further back in the midfield is another question. As to who replaces him? I've a feeling Steipermann will be back fit and given the chance before Dowell is
  12. The disadvantage of home teams not having fans in the ground outweighs the advantage that away teams have of fans being there imo Youve only got to see that this is a record season for away wins across all leagues Look at how badly both Liverpool and Man United have performed at home this season..
  13. So , nobody elses fans get behind/lift their team? I dont believe empty stadiums make our team 'better'...but I do believe its a leveller at many away games in particular....as I said , take fans out of the equation ,it emphasis more the XI vs XI on the pitch , without other influences on the game. ...and when its XI vs XI our team will invariably is better. ...and our ability to see out the vast amount of one goal margin victories , without the oppositions home crowd shouting their team on/influencing a referee in the last few mins of a game , is too in my opinion a factor For what its worth..I think overall, even taking into account our better defensive record , the team of 2 seasons ago was better, by how clinical we were and the amount of goals we scored. We're not quite as good this season...but there ate factors which are helping us
  14. We're talking about this season ?? The fact that we only drew there this season but won there 2 yrs ago may in itself show that we were better 2 seasons ago. ...or that we were more prolific and could put teams away easier two season ago, compared to this ,where we are coming through tighter,closer games away from home without a home crowd behind their team.
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