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  1. What a poor night of results That 94th min winner for Hull at Huddersfield on Saturday was a blow because without that I doubt they then go on to win at Southampton tonight . 4 and 3 points off WBA and Hull with the same games played. We're back in territory where a slip could prove a gap too far. Must get our away forn sorted, started at Blackburn. Tonights the night where we really see the damage done by dropping 2 pts at a bottom 3 team in QPR.
  2. Put any top half championship player in the SPL and they will look a standout player. If McLean played in that league he'd immediately be one of the top 3 midfielders in the whole division
  3. Playing devils advocate here...but if there were to be a statue outside of carrow rd , of all the players who have played for this club, should it be Fashanu? 2 good seasons before his £1m to Forest. I know its not just about his on field achievements, but should it be?
  4. Bayern, twice in the last 25 years, Dortmund 27 years ago The Bundesliga is weak nowadays , the domestic players are of a reasonable standard however the foreign players it attarcts arent of the top drawer, Kane aside . The league will attract players from neighbouring/local countries such as Switzerland ,Austria , Czech, Poland,Hungary etc but theyre not top class. Their club's attitude to outside investment is all very noble but it results in a second rate 'farmers' league
  5. Kane only went to that farmers league because Levy wouldnt sell him to another English club. Once the novelty wears off, which if sounds like its beginning to, he'll soon be back in the Premier League
  6. If Idah was still here, he would start in that scenario, so if SVH doesnt , its a concern that we we've signed someone who we dont think is as good/ready/ can be trusted as much as Idah. We never seem to sign anyone 'game ready'...
  7. Agreed....but if he's going down the road of turning fans he'd better keep winning as it tends not to go down well. Thd fans were here before him and will be long after him
  8. Nothing for anyone to apologise for, the substitutions at QPR were still in peoples mind, which Wagner didnt get right and people could see the potential for the same thing to hapoen Its footbsll, people interact and react to what thet see in realtime, its not the theatre. Has Wagner 'apologised' for every tactical and substitution error he's made this season after a bad result?... unlikely
  9. Well who would you rather in goal on Tuesday , Gunn or Long?
  10. I mentioned Long because he played in goal at Wafford in the reverse fixture..and this dicussion thread is about the Watford game on Tuesday I think youre making more of it than there is
  11. Not really...Long had a nightmare at Watford, I was standing right behind him in the first half. I'm suggesting that we will have a better chance against them on Tuesday as we will have a better keeper in goal. I dont think there's any revelations here. I think its you that have the agenda against Gunn?
  12. ...well Long made x3 at Watford which lead to goals...plus countless others on the night
  13. Why not?....Long was at fault for all 3 at Watford and had a complete nightmare with his handling on several other occasions too Gunn made one misjudgement in the first half...and then having turned the game in our favour in the secind half, it wasnt then his fault we threw it away from there
  14. Are you comparing Gunn's 1 error yesterday for the first goal (and his first in weeks) to the horror show by Long at Watford? ...we'd have won yesterday having taken the lead in the secind half were it not for Wagner getting just about everything wrong from that point onwards
  15. Sargent Scorpian kick aside...an absolute bogey team for us for years, usually because of our inability to deal with Ismaila Sarr and still even threw away a 2-0 lead there this season However we will have Gunn this time and not Long If will be down to our team selection and use of substitutions both in timing and personnel. Lets hope Wagner gets it right, as he did vs Coventry as opposed to the disaster of yesterday
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