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  1. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    New Kits - Why did you...?

    West ham would have been ok if it had white shorts ....as for us , we're obviously still hamstrung to work within the limits of errea....just hope we have something better than theyre last offering the last time we were in the premier league when they somehow contrived to make 3 terrible kits in the home,away and 3rd ..
  2. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    Possibly the dumbest article I've ever read on the Pinkun

    ....clearly when you play a team can have an effect on the outcome what might appear a tough run in at the start of a season may not be when yhe time comes depending on what the opposition has to play for? Remember huddersfield having man city and chelsea away at the end of the season a couple of years ago...but when the fixtures came round both were on the beach and Huddersfield got 4 points from those two and stayed up. ....and of course we won at man city last game of the season a few years back when we couldnt have gone there in better circumstances. ...Man City had just lost an FA Cup final to Wigan the week before and then Mancini announced he was leaving 2 days later in the week leading up to our game.....the Etihad was like a morgue and I suspect we wouldnt have won there at any other point of the season
  3. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    Possibly the dumbest article I've ever read on the Pinkun

    I need to ask again?.....where?...£60m??...I dont see a lot that was spent on this side? They only just avoided relegation the season before? ...cant inagine the wages of this lot were huge at the time either? Obviously the following season their contracts would have been improved snd they did spend quite a bit in trying to improve thd team i.e Slimani....but this team ws assembled on peanuts .....did somebody really compare this side to the expenditure made by Blackburn Rovers in 1995?!?....the only similarity maybe the actual transfer fee figures involved , if you dont take into account the 20 years of inflation between both title wins!!!
  4. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    Possibly the dumbest article I've ever read on the Pinkun

    Serious investment?? Schmeichel Simpson Fuchs Huth Morgan Kante Drinkwater Albrighton Mahrez Okazaki Vardy ......where exactly ??!?
  5. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    Possibly the dumbest article I've ever read on the Pinkun

    He'll have a point that it cant be right we are away both first and last? also the Premier league admitted a while ago that they never pair two possible title contenders on the last day (although they've slipped up this season !!!)
  6. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    The derby is back

    Dont think this is a guaranteed as it might seem, I'm not sure we'd be necessarily grouped with them..
  7. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    Our away support

    Can't see Spurs going to general sale , even if its midweek, the lure of a new stadium will attract people.....we took 9000 to Arsenal a couple of years ago, the first 5000 were sold in 2 hours
  8. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    New membership scheme

    Flawed yes....but at least somebody would still have had to pay £500+ to prove they were a norwich fan in buying a season ticket. this scheme seemingly allows anybody who supports any club, regardless of how many games they've been to, to pay £50 and if theyre quicker off the mark on the day of the ticket release , they'll get one...
  9. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    Official 2019/20 fixtures thread!

    Away first game, away last game, away boxing day..and the only 2 midweek fixtures of the season also away (Southampton and Spurs)...how can that be right??
  10. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    New membership scheme

    There was 23 away games plus 3 league cup last season....by all accounts anyone who attended 10 or more of these is guaranteed an away ticket next season. If you attended 8 , thats roughly a third of the games , 6 a quarter...is that classed as a regular away traveller?...I'm not sure?....but should probably be put in a higher priority bracket than someone who attended none....but just wants to see Spurs' new ground!?
  11. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    New membership scheme

    As far as I can see there is one key question that needs answering....is the number of away premier memberships capped??....if so , at 3000?....because if it is that would partially (Bournemouth away aside)..answer and appease most concerns..
  12. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    New membership scheme

    Just bought my £50 away membership....just fall short of the 10 away games last season, so next season it'll be a game of fastest finger on the button on the day away premier membership tickets become available for me!
  13. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    Like the look of that....ticks many a box Competition/cover for the main striker, but can also play just off the striker or wide left of a front 3......can also take a penalty!!
  14. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    Justin Edinburgh Dies Aged 49.

    Is that a statistical fact?.....yes there's the high profile issue of footballers heading heavy footballs back in the 60's leading to dementia but other than that is it really the case??
  15. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    Women's football show the men up!

    On balance VAR 'should' be a good thing for a club of our size in the premier league. Firstly we know that we're likely to be busy in keeping the ball out of our net in many games, so every goal being scrutinused cant hurt. ...secondly, we know that referees favour the bigger clubs in the premier league , so to have their decisions being accountable will be a good thing....moreso if theyre going to show VAR replays in big screens.....however it seems slightly ironic/convenient that the only two clubs in the whole of the league who's stadiums dont have screens are the two who get the most 'home' decisions that go their way in anfield and old trafford, where a replay of officials decisions are needed the most?