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  1. O The one in the river end gents toilets that people have pi$$ed up?
  2. Do we know its Dafabet?...from memory they were only revealed ladt season on the day the kit was launched? If it is them or a different betting company , I cant wait for the ensuing faux outrage....
  3. If they keep Delofeu,Pereyra,Deeney,Sarr....backed up by the likes of Capoue,Dacoure,Dawson,Foster..they will stroll it. Their biggest enemies will be themselves and their board. Bournemouth have already lost Ake and look like losing Fraser,King,Wilson ,Brooks and maybe Ramsdale,whilst Harry Wilson's loan has finished....coupled with their dreadful managerial appointment and I can see them being nowhere near...they wont be able to cheat their way around FFP this time around like their last promotion.
  4. How ironic would that be?...dropping down to the 3rd tier of english football and immediately jumping ship?! I'd rather Oxborough on the bench
  5. I cant see how this could be good for Ipswich?...the are still one of the bigger clubs in that league (just)...and ,even though he hasn't for many a season , still have a wealthy owner who could put money into the squad. The fact that they cant pay their squad any more than the likes of Northampton or Accrington can only surely hamper them? In a league where they already had to finish above 5 of Hull Charlton Wigan Sunderland Portsmouth Peterborough to ensure automatic promotion , this can't help. How I'd love for them to become a permenant fixture at this level (or worse) for the next 6 seasons or so
  6. If this in anyway means Ipswich are in for an prolonged stint in division 3 , then excellent.
  7. Obvious replacement at LB is Byram unless we sell Aarons in which case he will be needed there...then McCallum will be presumably lined up. ...but what about Heise?...obviously not good enough for the premier league but he must have something about him to have been playing at the level he has in Germany for that time and to have been brought here in the first place??
  8. Lets not discount Vrancic in this equation...if fit ,must surely prominently feature in the championship....whilst a little further forward Steipermann may very well become a force at this level once again As for the likes of Sitti,Gilmour,Mumba even Adshead..they must be here for a reason. If theyre any good ,the Championship is the place to have a look?
  9. ...think you've gone a bit overboard with Wycombe!?
  10. Would still have had another season of parachute payments...and still have a very very rich owner Theyd have been stronger next season than I believe Brentford will
  11. ..said it before...but now Fulham are out if the way, its looks an ordinary league next season, not a lot of money about (other than parachute payments/ sales of players for £20m +) Clearly were Watford to keep their squad together with the likes of Delofeu, Pereyra, Deeney etc , they would be very strong but I dont think we could have asked for too much better?
  12. From our point of view I'd rather Fulham are out of the way next season...and if they are, on 'paper' it doesnt look the strongest league to me. Moreso if Derby go the same way as Sheff Wed and get docked -12
  13. Returning players of yesteryear....(excluding loans) Paddon, O'Neill, Fleck, Cureton, Russell, McVeigh, Dublin? ....seldom happens...not always successfully.
  14. Assuming Godfrey goes...going into a new season with 4 defenders of Zimmerman Hanley Klose Bennett..looks ok on paper but screams a lack of pace
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