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  1. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    Jack Rodwell

    If we hadnt submitted our full quota of non homegrown players (should we have listed Klose given the length of his injury??) ,you'd have to think that surely there must be someone on that list that could do a job? ....but as we're restricted to homegrown ,its fairly slim pickings. Someone on these boards mentioned that Djourou would count as one through his youth career at Arsenal?.....there's always Michael Turner further down the list !?!
  2. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    Suck it up, grow some b*lls and get over it.

    A midfield as lightweight as leitner and mclean wont dominate any game at this level....but with 3 centre halves and 3 central mids all out injured we have no alternative
  3. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    Stadium Expansion Latest.

    ....and the Barclay after the sale of Robert Fleck .....maybe best not to go into too much detail about how the funds were raised (or razed?!) for the City stand !?
  4. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    Stadium Expansion Latest.

    It may not be helpful....but the cost of footballers has outpaced the cost of construction over the last few years...and as a 'self funded' club would appear to be as likely a way to fund it as any.
  5. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    Press conf / injury update

    Well surely thats the risk you take when loaning a player....as I'm fairly sure it was how it used to be? ...Ownership should overule everything and players should be able to be recalled at anytime
  6. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    Press conf / injury update

    Whether we should have bought more defenders is another argument....but we started this season with 4 centre halves and 6 central mids (including Amadou). Those numbers are fine and I would doubt other clubs would carry higher numbers than that. Whats happened to us in terms of injuries is unprecedented and unforseen. I do however find it odd that we have 10 or so players out on loan but we're seemingly unable/ not allowed to recall any of them ,even in a crisis such as this when we can barely fill our bench?
  7. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    It’s not just injuries

    ...Farke still has the option to put Amadou in midfield albeit with Hanley at the back....and seemed to have favoured Cantwell ahead of Hernandez ar rhe start of this season
  8. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    It’s not just injuries

    Hernandez remains a big miss....he's still the only player we have who can run at the opposition with pace ...our team is set up for intricate approach play in and around the box....but if that doesnt work or when the opposition (inevitably) scout us and work us out, I'm not sure what else we have?
  9. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    *****Official match thread v C. Palace*****

    ...and how woukd it have changed the decision making/finishing of the front 4?!?
  10. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary


    ....I wonder if he should have brought Roberts on and moved either buendia or cantwell into the middle when steipermann came off?.......not sure if that role is suited to drmic if he's an out and out striker?
  11. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    *****Official match thread v C. Palace*****

    I've said that Hernandez would in my post....but to suggest that trybull being in todays team instead of mclean would make us anymore a goal threat or make any difference to the outcome is deluded. ....our front 4 wasnt good enough today ...just as it wasnt last week, regardless if who made up the rest of the team behind them. ...at this level , chances such as Cantwell's cleared off the line simply must be converted
  12. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    *****Official match thread v C. Palace*****

    ....like at west ham? Stop fooling yourself.
  13. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    *****Official match thread v C. Palace*****

    We had arguably 10 of our first choice 11 players starting today?.....and no, defensively we didnt do a lot wrong, we lacked guile and punch in the final third ...but worryingly we have very little personel, fit or unfit that would have changed that. ...you can kid yourself that a trybull or tettey instead if McLean would have made any difference today from an attacking sense....but we know it wouldnt
  14. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    *****Official match thread v C. Palace*****

    .....cant even blame injuries as to why we cant score goals. All of our injuries are keepers ,defenders and midfielders.....the only one missing who could have helped on that front is hernandez. ....sadly , a lot of nice approach play but no punch.
  15. GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary

    Bribery endangering health

    September is too early to be holding such an event in that part of the world. As for the world cup ...evening games in november/december i.e 7.00pm onwards it should be mid-late 20's , so they might just get away with it