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  1. Why didnt Normann and Kabak play tonight?? Theyve only played 1 of the 3 games since they signed for us
  2. Instead of signing 4 players for 10 mil each.we should have signed 2 quality players for 20 mil each to primarily replace Buendia and Skipp
  3. Whoever the designated penalty taker should have been f*cking stronger then?...allowing a 19yr old lad to take the ball of them??
  4. We need to stop conceding goals...think Williams is a better defender...just
  5. I think this is as good as we currently have...it probably still wont be good enough but its our best chance of conceding the least number of goals together with incorporating a promising looking partnership between Pukki/Sargent. I dont know where else we go if it doesnt work.... Krul Aarons Kabak Hanley Gibson Williams Lees-Melou Normann Gilmour Sargent Pukki
  6. People of a certain vintage (me)...wouldnt dream of purchasing anything to do with this football club and having their name on anything in association with with ours. Second only to Ipswich in my book
  7. Tzolis may turn out to be a good signing for the future...but surely £10m couod havd been better spent elsewhere for thd here and now
  8. Either or....dont think Giannoulis is a particularly good defender. First and foremost we need to stop conceding goals
  9. Need to go 3 at the back at Everton Use this as a practice match... Krul Aarons Kabak Hanley Gibson Williams Gilmour Normann Lees-Melou Sargent Pukki
  10. I'd pretty much go with your team ..but Less-Melou for Rupp. Need to try something..anything..to stop conceding goals and stop the rot
  11. Youve said 'win the physical battle'...and then put Rupp in your side?...
  12. I want someone who can in anyway stop us conceding goals and have any kind of plan to grind out results in this league
  13. No...I'm saying he maybe unknown to me or you or fans in general in this country...but the people at the club who are in charge of hiring presumably will know of them?
  14. Could it be someone that we havent heard of before?...just as Farke was an unknown when appointed? Its not our job to identify a new manager and know all the finances involved...thats what the sporting director is there to do ..but what we can do as fans is identify when the current one isnt perhaps up to the job in hand
  15. Point still stands...if results are bad enough the manager is removed from their post..whatever the semantics
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