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  1. Thats the catch 22 situation we've had in midfield this season! I'll agree with his many detractors that McCleans not Premier standard (like the squad as a whole! obviously) but the reason hes been a regular is cause he offers physicality, mobility and an aerial presense that no other midfielder can! - Indeed if every TV Chelsea fans favourite Gilmour had those qualities he might be useful!
  2. McClean gets criticised alot by fans and while he isn't Premier standard at least he gets stuck in and is rarely out injured, so he is overall a better bet than Rupp! Rupp looks like he'd be a steady squad player in the Championship but his injury record makes him a waste of time, so get rid! Zimmerman has been a good servant but looks to be on the wane so he'd only be good as a 4th 5th choice cover, but then again he knows the club and the Championship.
  3. The new crest design is completely sh*te, nowhere near as good as our current one which has been in place since the early 70's and is iconic! Its been said its more appropriate with the digital age but we've been in the digital age for 20 years so why change it? The new crest is awful the only appropriate thing it represents is it is as equally shi*te as what our last two Premier League campaigns have been! Supporters should have been consulted about this abortion of a crest!
  4. I think Dowells too lightweight for the top flight but he done well today albeit against a team who will be with us in the Championship next season.
  5. Cruel but then you look at what he was getting paid then most of the sympathy goes away! But like I said in an earlier post, had Farke still been in charge during the Xmas period I think many fans would have loudly turned against him which would have been crueller?
  6. I'm looking forward to going out and meeting up with people but the actual game, no I'm not looking forward to it!
  7. I agree he should get of social media and do his talking on the pitch! I've supported him properly, but I also say it as it is and everything I've said is the truth!
  8. Yes we all know he was sacked immediately after leaving the field, the other facts is what I was alluding to!
  9. You sound like someone who hasn't watched many Norwich games this season? Surely if you have then you'd understand the downbeat nature of Norwich fans who have been to lots of games this season?
  10. Were the facts you describe above fact or urban myth?
  11. Remember our progressive Board wants to see progress so the big push to get 22 pts, one more than our last s hite Premier League season starts tomorrow!
  12. Cantwells steadily becoming a lost cause unfortunately! Had some good moments spread over his best two seasons but wasn't consistant and he developed an over inflated ego! Too slow which will only get worse with age, doesn't tackle, doesn't track back and hes nowhere near as good as he thinks he is! - All in all a bad recipe!
  13. Director - "Do you think our fans will like your style of football?" Neil Warnock - "What styles that, winning?" A conversation that took place in Norwich in 1998 after Mike Walker left and Neil Warnock was in the City for an interview for the vacant position! Many didn't like Colin W* nker but he was a decent manager and we'd of likely done better from 1998 till the Worthington era had the Director not p issed him off in the interview and he'd of taken the job!
  14. Brentford have made better decisions with their squad, have played with no fear and also didn't have the situation with two of their best players that we did with Skipp and Buendia, where we had next to no hope of keeping them! Fair play to them and its refreshing to be honest. Although I think they are obvious candidates to suffer the 2nd season syndrome we saw with Sheffield United and Huddersfield in recent seasons!
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