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  1. 100%! First line of defence is attack. Norwich showed in the brief 2nd half moments when they got the ball in the oppositions half how this theory is oh so true!
  2. The South stand is named after former Chairman Sir Arthur South. The stand is actually the East side of the stadium with the River End being the South side of the ground! I think it may have been called the popular terrace?
  3. 100%! The Barclay lower tiers present capacity is more than enough when considering exits and the concourse. I'm firmly in favour of safe standing having 1:1 ratio with a seated area meaning that a spectator area will hold the same amount of people whether it is seats or safe standing. In my opinion any increase in capacity when converting to a safe standing area seriously compromises the safety.
  4. Common sense prevails at last! Its now 32 years since proper areas designed for standing in were converted to all seats back in 1992, yet still to this day many fans in the lower Barclay and the Snakepit choose to stand, even those not old enough to remember the days up to 1992! Safe standing means that every person in the area has a rail in front of them which means that surges like we saw in the old days can't happen. In fact safe standing will be safer than the current situation of fans standing in front of their seat which increases the danger of being pushed from behind into the seat in front of you which acts as a potential trip hazard. Another element of safe standing that does what it says on the can is the 1:1 ratio which means that a seated area will hold the same number of people if converted to safe standing. - Anyone thinking that the introduction of safe standing will result in an increase in capacity are wrong because legislation won't allow it and quite rightly so because an increase in capacity would also mean an increase in the danger. I see it mentioned that Norwich City FC needs to think about this. Well they have now for a long time and have waited to see how effective safe standing has been at other clubs who've already introduced it. - It has been a roaring success where it has been introduced. A complete no brainer, I congratulate the club for making this decision, one which will improve the safety of spectators at Carrow Road!
  5. Typical 1980's/90's spit and sawdust football pub! - Many great times in there!
  6. Norwich could and should have made it harder for Liverpool today! The fannying about in front of their goal in the first half was painful and Liverpools first two goals were soft. For the opener the Liverpool guy who headed the ball in was blatantly unmarked for hat seemed an eternity and the second one came from the poor playign out from the back. In the second half when Norwich got the ball forward quicker and upped their tempo they were better and caused Liverpool more problems. - Had they played the first lke this then the score would of been closer.
  7. Certainly if they sold it in the Lion and Castle you would! - Mind you that looks too edible to be considered for Delias rip of bar! Morisons, Greggs and B & M on Riverside are biggest winners where Norwich Citys over priced grub is concerned!
  8. Surely a drug dealers car would have been removed by now and sold at a police auction? Great football pub the Kingsway was, hence my username!!
  9. Coming of the bench to play against tiring opponents is where Hernandez is most effective! Frustrating lack of end product but hes been a good servant and given it his all!
  10. Lets look at the facts! - We won 2-0 against a team which will almost certainly be in the top 10 come the end of the season and likely closer to the top 6 than 10th place! WBA have beaten Ipswich (comfortably by all accounts) and Leeds in recent weeks! Very professional, spirited, organised performance and confidence is rising. We have become more defensively sound and as a result harder to beat! We have attacking players who can hurt the opposition! Forget about possession stats, most of our high possession stats of the last two seasons have been largely made up by the 4 defenders and goalkeeper playing low tempo, non penatrative, tippy tappy stuff in front of our penalty box. Not a perfect performance but then again I've seen 5 title winning seasons and numorous other decent seasons in that time and its rare to get a perfect performance. In fact both of Farkes title winning seasons and Lamberts two promotion seasons contained many games that we just about scraped through! - We all tend to look back at good seasons with rose tinted yellow and green specs on! In summary - It was alright!
  11. In fairness the team has been spirited most of the season a prime example of this is S **** away where despite obviously being the inferior team all 11 players put in a hard shift which got us the draw!
  12. Yes the announcer said 25000 AND 800 which was a tad bit confusing adding the AND!
  13. 100%! While the team obviously has their flaws on their day they are a match for anyone in this League!
  14. It wasn't a clean tackle by any means but the TV replays shows Gibson got enough of the ball and the WBA attacker went down too easily so for me it wasn't a penalty!
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