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  1. Technically very good player but his legs are going so he can't do 90 minutes so is a bit part player! That said I think hes worth keeping on a one year deal as an impact player.
  2. I well remember that game on December 31st 1994, one of the most one sided 2-1 wins I've ever seen! - Newcastle should have won that game 6-2 but Andy Marshall almost singlehandedly keep them at bay! Bardons certainly got potential!
  3. Trouble is with only 2000 tickets available the club knows that out of 20,000 + ST holders, members and even non members they will find enough people prepared to pay that! What will happen if in the spring full capacities will be permitted cause with these high prices combined with ST holders money being rolled out to next season, they probably won't sell out? - Prices reduced?
  4. He never had in the first place, something that in present times is looking more obvious by the game! Lamberts glorious three season spell at Norwich is one of of the most productive in our history, something I'll always respect him for but its more obvious than ever that the tactical nous of Ian Culverhouse played a major role in that! For a bloke (Lambert) who saw leaving Norwich as another step up the ladder in his quest to become the next Alex Ferguson, his pitiful existence now as a has been (debatable if he ever was!)) manager clinging onto what will likely be his last managerial role at a car crash underachieving League 1 club must be galling for him! - For the binmen who sussed Lambert out last season, it must be even more gutrenching to see their decaying club managed by such an incompetent blagger!
  5. A new bigger more modern City stand has been needed since the Worthy days. The average attendance figures back that up as a previous poster picked up on - in the 00's despite 4 low key/ downward spiral 2nd tier seasons the average never dropped under 24,000 and the 09/10 3rd Division campaign saw average crowds just under 25,000 which prompted the club to increase the capacity by 1000 in the summer of 2010. Talk to officials in the club and its reckoned that quite a few top flight games in the following seasons could of attracted 40,000 crowds had it been possible. The City stand has the foundations for a 2nd tier but the club has said it would probably be better to knock it down and replace with a new bigger and more up to date stand. If the Wensum and snake pit corner infills were left with just the original 1986 3200 City stand on the side knocked down and replaced it would mean the ground capacity would be reduced to about 24,000 during the construction period. If the new stand was a replica of the South stand then it would represent a capacity increase of about 5000 taking the overall figure to 32,000. - Further expansions like replacing those corner infills could be done at a later date and the plans could even allow for the design to enable it to continue to wrap around and replace the current Barclay and River end stands but obviously those would be a long time into the future. Trouble is all this costs money and could be detrimental to the on field activities but at sometime in the future they are needed. Theres no doubt a 32,000 capacity Carrow Road would be filled for most games in the top flight but wouldn't out it. The land strip purchases behind the City Stand and Barclay end indicate the club have their eye on increasing capacity. Could it be done in the next year or so using parachute payments, player sales, a Bond scheme, naming rights for the new stand and including non football income stream possibilities in the new stand design?
  6. The 3 seasons under Lambert - League 1 Champions to 2nd in the Championshsip then a comfortable mid table finish in the Premiership were 3 wonderful seasons for Norwich City. Lambert and Culverhouse were a great team, nothing that has happened since can change that. Lamberts idea when he left for Villa was to have a couple or 3 good seasons at Villa who are a bigger club than Norwich then get a job at Man U or Liverpool or Man C and become the modern version of Alex Ferguson. Obviously things haven't turned out like that and hes certainly gone done hill since parting company with Culverhouse who many said provided the tactical nous in the team as Lamberts strange tactics at the S **** are now proving. Now Lamberts just an old has been who knows he never going to achieve what he thought he was and is just blagging a wage while clubs are silly enough to employ him as a manager. The S **** job will almost certainly be his last managerial role and they'd of already got shot of him with his poor record there if they wern't so messed up. As for Culverhouse, with no disrespect intended to King's Lynn who are a great non League set up (and good luck to them next season in the 5th tier of English football!) but he should be employed at a much higher level than that!
  7. I'm sure the options will be - Full refund for the games that won't be played. The money to be used as credit when purchasing tickets/season tickets in the future. The club "begging bowl" option where they plead for fans not to claim the full refund because the club badly needs financial help.
  8. Quite simply rebates are a moral must cause season ticket holders have paid for a seasons worth of home games but will not see all of this seasons home games if they even get to be played. I'd be happy for the 5 remaining home games we won't be able to attend to be used as credit on future season ticket purchases but its understandable in these financially straining times if many fans will require a cash refund. Like I said when I purchased an away membership for next season before this current crisis began, in doing so I've already given my the club my charity donation cause its likely we won't be in the Championship and away tickets won't be in demand as they would be in the Premiership!
  9. In them days 18,000 was a bumper crowd and Robert Chase probably didn't want the extra expense of 2-3000 more seats. In fact Boardroom arguments over the new stand in 1985 was why Arthur South quit. The stand does have the foundations for an upper tier. Ever since the Worthy era the League 2 sized City stand has looked out of place with its low capacity. I think the old City stand which burnt down in 1984 held about 4500-5500. Until the mid 60s this stand had a lower tier of standing that were first converted to bench seats then the whole stand was realigned with one tier of plastic seats.
  10. The City stand when finished in 1986 had a capacity of 3016. The 2 infills built in the early 90's held 600 each at the time. McNastys 2010 minor capacity increases (for those of the "little ole Norwich" tilt, just question how many clubs have increased capacity just after leaving the 3rd Division?) included another row at the front of the City stand and a reorganisation of aisles in the Snakepit. The increases in these areas added 2-300 extra seats I believe.
  11. My above formation for myself offers the best of both Worlds in terms of defensive solidity and attacking potential! Though I suspect I've more chance of getting 6 numbers than seeing Farke adopt this formation, just hoping I can plant the seed in his intricate mind!
  12. Got to be 3-4-1-2 for me! We need to attack the oppositions penalty box more with crosses, shots and a striker who can hold the ball up and is handy with his head - Drmic! We also need to tighten up at the back! Krul Zimmerman Hanley Godfrey Aarons Tetty Maclean Lewis Buendia Drmic Pukki
  13. My sentiments 100%! The main reason Leitners out of the picture is cause hes a Larry Lightweight being one paced, not very mobile and doesn't tackle which means he gets bypassed and puts the team under pressure. Duda while maybe being more mobile is turning out the same and is totally unbalancing the team. Norwich have to put more pressure on the oppositions penalty box and defence by having a presence in there. Drmic has to start up front with Pukki and the team have to put the ball in the box and shoot more!
  14. A friend of mine has just had one of his tickets for tonights game become available after someone pulled out of going! Anyone whose interested in going tonight send me a PM in the next hour!! (Late notice I know!!)
  15. Trybull has not been as good as Tetty this season which is why Trybulls not in the team, - Not an opinion but fact! I agree that Vrancic should have featured more cause he can open up defences and can score!
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