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  1. Webber certainly says what he thinks and if he doesn't have any interest in it then thats his choice! Lets be honest, most of us don't have any or little interest in the womens game, although naturally I want Norwich City women and the National womens team to do well! My stance on womens football is that its great that females have an organised football set up they can play in and are encouraged to play football and any sport for that matter (as anyone regardless of sex should be of course!) but I'm not going to pretend to follow it or pretend its at a similar level to mens football. We've had it rather rammed down our throats in recent times with all the media reporting and women being used as pundits. I think the popularity increase of womens football is one of the greatest marketing campaigns ever, cause like I hinted on in my previous sentence if you talk about something enough and put it out on media outlets extensively people will jump on the bandwagon especially when the equal rights issue is part of it! - Although in fairness you can't argue against a sport that can sell out Wembley! For the record I've seen England ladies play at Carrow Road against Spain and went to the Nest to watch Norwich ladies play Cambridge United. The England game was a decent standard, the players are coached well and are very fit but they were over coached to the point where they were afraid to shoot and were trying to pass the ball into the net - Sounds familiar with a certain Championship mens team that plays in yellow and green! - But in reality a good Eastern Counties men team would outmuscle an international womens team. The Norwich V Cambridge game was a much lower standard than the England game. Again the outfield players were well coached and had good levels of fitness but what I did notice was the low standard of the goalkeepers who I suspect you only had hit the ball hard at the goal to score a goal. - In the reality stakes again a good Sunday League mens team would outmuscle them. Back to Webber in saying what he thinks and being focused and driven, when he came to Norwich City he was a career enhancer who openly admitted he saw his Norwich job as a stepping stone to a job at a bigger club. After two seasons of poor results, poor signings and turgid play hes rather backtracked so the stepping stone mantra has gone and so has the career enhancing as hes now happy to tread water, picking up a decent wage at a club whos hierarchy seem to treat him as the gospel and his wife is part of the higher management! - Webbers past his sell by date at Carrow Road!
  2. I suppose at the time when in league 1 and with finances severely strained it wasn't cheap but when compared to quite a few less than value for money signings we've made that cost £3M + then it certainly was cheap! Interesting footprint on the Grant Holt signing - A friend rightly suggested that had we not been relegated the club wouldn't have even considered signing Holt who at the time was something of a lower league journeyman who didn't set the world alight when at "big" clubs in Forest and Wednesday! - Then again look at the success of Luton this season, a team of journeymen who I can only name Carlton Morris. - Shows what having the right mentality and team spirit can do!
  3. Agree with some points of the original post, certainly a change of personnel and mindset is required! Norwich City have for eternity been tagged with the "little ole Norwich" label which fans have been brainwashed into believing. I still maintain the club will never reach its full potential until Carrow Road holds 35-40,000 which would enable the club to get regular 30,000+ crowds somthing they'd do if in the top flight. This is why David Mcnally was good for the club cause he ignored this mindset. As it stands at present Delia Smith and Wynn Jones are too old for their ownership of the club, they haven't got the energy or funds to move the club on. They have been good servants but a major blackmark against them has been their closed door, not a chance in hell policy of batting away anyone interested in invested then making out no one will invest in Norwich City. Suffice to say they should should pass the batton over to more capable owners and be made Life presidents and keep their seats in the front of the Directors box. Stuart Webber has done good things for the club but has failed badly in the last two seasons with poor signings and managerial appointments so now has gone stale and needs a fresh challenge elsewhere. He came to the club as an ambitious career enhancer who openly admitted he saw his time at Norwich as a stepping stone to bigger and better clubs. Now after two poor seasons the stepping stone no longer exists so he is happy pick up his wage, readjust his ambitions while treading water in an organisation where his wife is a Board member and seemingly hes not challenged by any hierarchy and the supporters distain towards him is ignored. Likewise the club has for a long time had a thing about signing half hearted powderpuff players who aren't physical enough. Without pace, ability to tackle and a desire to "force the issue" suceeding will be hard at Premier and Championship level. And finally it has to be made clear that chucking money at something isn't always the answer as we've seen with Brentford, Brighton, Luton and Coventry this season and Norwich City have historically done better when they have signed cheap players who have produced - The likes of Pukki, Grant Holt, Russell Marton and Hoolahan spring to mind in modern times. Things have to alter cause at present the club are sleepwalking into a turgid relegation battle next season.
  4. Where did I say we'd performed well? Lutons style of play is more effective at getting wins than what ours is, fact not opinion! I found watching Luton refreshing the other night refreshing! - The desire, closing down, non stop press, energy, superb corners, attacking the oppositions goal etc and all from players you've haven't heard of other than Carlton Morris is a wonderful achievement! A tinpot club with a low budget outperforming Norwich says it all about the season we've had!
  5. So our slow tempo, giving the opposition loads of time and space, poor tackling, non existant crossing, c rap corners that don't beat the 1st defender, ridiculous playing out from the back when the ball doesn't leave our goal area which leaves the defender with the ball closed down and blocked into a corner, seemingly clueless when going over the half way line, giving a League 1 standard striker a 5 year deal and general lack of team spirit and understanding is better? In 1998 we had Neil (loads hate him but hes been a decent manager at Norwich sized clubs!) )Warnock up for a job interview after getting rid of MIke Walker. He was told by a Director " I don't think our fans would like your style of play" to which Colin replied - "whats that, winning?!" Norwich fans and the club itself have to get out of this mindset! I think Luton would have more of a go than we have in our last two pityful seasons in the Premier!
  6. Bryan Hamilton should have kept going, look at the fantastic corporate job he does at S **** home matches!
  7. Like Hucks says the LEAGUE 1 table doesn't lie but lets all hope they revert back to being Championship strugglers again next season!
  8. As always Hucks hits the nail firmly on the head with his views, which is unfortunate in this case! - Probably the reason he lost his job at the club a while back!!
  9. Your right, McLean is very functional which is why hes done a decent job for Norwich! Both hypothetical and serious! - Gilmour will almost certainly never play for us again while McLean probably will! Yes I'm serious, I look at the 2 players performances for Norwich then with Gilmour it was always going to be a case of him being less guarded at Norwich amongst lesser players. McLean for me falls into the Gary Doherty/ Trevor Putney/Neil Adams category of Norwich players who were criminally under rated but actually done a very good job for the team in most of their games for us!
  10. Playing Wolves yesterday was akin to playing against Norwich this season in the Championship most games - No energy, no press, no obvious plan, generally lightweight easy to roll over, players with no confidence underperforming. - I think McLean could of done something against them yesterday! I don't care if Gilmour turns into a Lionel Messi clone, I'd still rather have McLean. In fact in his time at Norwich McLean has been better than most other midfielders we've had in the same period!
  11. I've nowt against the Jimmy Krankie size equvalent so whether he comes good or not is irrelevant! 2nd sentence is completely spot on!
  12. I don't like Sunday football full stop and theres no need to move the Derby to Sunday lunctime, especially when the Old firm Derbies often played om a Saturday amongst other more volatile Derbies - Ulterior motive like police over time!
  13. You obviously don't understand the Norfolk/Suffolk, East Anglian divide if you think that Norwich V Ipswich isn't a local Derby! Yes we aren't across the park from one another or 2-3 miles apart like other Derbies but remember that Norfolk and Suffolk are very rural with a lot of farming areas so 40, in fact 42-43 miles in this area is similar to 5- 10 miles in a big urban area like London or Birmingham! - Go to Diss on the border to see if theres no local rivalry! Anyway what many don't realise is that a lot of Suffolk folks are Norwich rather than Ipswich while the S **** have traditionally drawn a lot of their support from North Essex which is a result of their 1970's/ early 80's glory years while poor old Col U have always found it hard to get a decent hardcore being inbetween the S **** and London! Agree though with your judgement on the current state of play with the two LOCAL rivals, we need to buck our ideas up and fast!
  14. The most annoying things about that rain off evening at Blackpool was that after calling the game of both teams went out for a training session on the pitch that was deemed unfir to play a game on then Club Cabbage decided to make a night of it by taking us round the illuminations which meant we got back later than what we would have done if the game had been played! I still went back the following Monday I think it was, for the rescheduled game. I'd say there was less than 300 Norwich fans present!
  15. Aarons has gone stale like the club itself. A move would revigorate him but we would be lucky to get £20M for him at the very most and he would only go to a bottom 6 Prem team at best!
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