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  1. kingsway

    Stadium Expansion Latest.

    In them days 18,000 was a bumper crowd and Robert Chase probably didn't want the extra expense of 2-3000 more seats. In fact Boardroom arguments over the new stand in 1985 was why Arthur South quit. The stand does have the foundations for an upper tier. Ever since the Worthy era the League 2 sized City stand has looked out of place with its low capacity. I think the old City stand which burnt down in 1984 held about 4500-5500. Until the mid 60s this stand had a lower tier of standing that were first converted to bench seats then the whole stand was realigned with one tier of plastic seats.
  2. kingsway

    Stadium Expansion Latest.

    The City stand when finished in 1986 had a capacity of 3016. The 2 infills built in the early 90's held 600 each at the time. McNastys 2010 minor capacity increases (for those of the "little ole Norwich" tilt, just question how many clubs have increased capacity just after leaving the 3rd Division?) included another row at the front of the City stand and a reorganisation of aisles in the Snakepit. The increases in these areas added 2-300 extra seats I believe.
  3. kingsway


    My above formation for myself offers the best of both Worlds in terms of defensive solidity and attacking potential! Though I suspect I've more chance of getting 6 numbers than seeing Farke adopt this formation, just hoping I can plant the seed in his intricate mind!
  4. kingsway


    Got to be 3-4-1-2 for me! We need to attack the oppositions penalty box more with crosses, shots and a striker who can hold the ball up and is handy with his head - Drmic! We also need to tighten up at the back! Krul Zimmerman Hanley Godfrey Aarons Tetty Maclean Lewis Buendia Drmic Pukki
  5. kingsway

    Lets discuss Duda

    My sentiments 100%! The main reason Leitners out of the picture is cause hes a Larry Lightweight being one paced, not very mobile and doesn't tackle which means he gets bypassed and puts the team under pressure. Duda while maybe being more mobile is turning out the same and is totally unbalancing the team. Norwich have to put more pressure on the oppositions penalty box and defence by having a presence in there. Drmic has to start up front with Pukki and the team have to put the ball in the box and shoot more!
  6. A friend of mine has just had one of his tickets for tonights game become available after someone pulled out of going! Anyone whose interested in going tonight send me a PM in the next hour!! (Late notice I know!!)
  7. kingsway

    Rupp and Duda

    Trybull has not been as good as Tetty this season which is why Trybulls not in the team, - Not an opinion but fact! I agree that Vrancic should have featured more cause he can open up defences and can score!
  8. Simple answer to online abuse! - Don't go on it, the human race survived for thousands of years without it and I'd say the best part of 100% of abusers have probably never played professional football so another reason to ignore! Cantwell has improved beyond all expectations this season and its likely the club will receive interest from more established clubs in the summer although he is not the finished article.
  9. kingsway

    Rupp and Duda

    Rupp is technically good and generally steady but a bit one paced. He played yesterday cause he offered better protection for the full backs. That said he should have been subbed for Hernandez who offers real pace and Rupp should have done better in with one of the best chances of the game. Duda was quiet yesterday although this was mainly due to Norwich being defensive and just generally trying to hold their lines rather than attack. Tettys legs have gone but he still one of our best midfielders, hence his regular appearances. Like another poster says we have tried to replace him but no one has regularly stepped up to the plate. Tettys positional sense and the ability to keep pocession and passing simple are very under rated by many. His shot that hit the post shows what can happen if you have attempts at goal, cause Norwich are more often than not guilty of getting into good positions, over complicating things, thinking to much, not pulling the trigger and then the chance goes.
  10. kingsway

    Moritz Leitner

    Not unfair at all I think! I've no doubt that technically Leitners very good but the lack of pace, strength, tackling ability and a suspect attitude renders his undoubted ball skills obsolete. His career stats are indeed very unconvincing, a player with his technical ability should have played more games then what he has at his age and not moved around so much, - tell tale signs!
  11. kingsway

    Moritz Leitner

    100% although I can't say I enjoyed having him here because of his inefficiencies! I got p*ssed of with many fans who made Leitner out to be the new Martin Peters which was so far from the truth! Bottom line is we signed Leitner cause like many other of our Foriegners he was cheap, injury prone and had a very unconvincing career before coming to us!
  12. kingsway

    Been conned

    Only part of the ground at the Boxing day Aston Villa V Norwich City game with empty seats was in the away end! Manchester United tickets were available to fan without away memberships!
  13. kingsway

    Ground v Player Sacrifice

    I've had an inkling for a while that after the probable relegation at the end of the season we will sell 3 - 4 players bringing in £50M + in transfer fees which will likely go into finishing Colney off and a new City stand. - The parachute payment(s) (is it one year or two if we go down this season?) will still ensure we are one of the Championships richer clubs. Alan Bowkett said years ago that while its possible to put a top tier on the City Stand, he thought it would make more sense to knock down the now outdated mid 80's stand and start again with a complete brand new version. - A large single tier stand bigger than the South stand with a tunnel underneath which would enable Carrow road to be turned in to a service road similar to those seen at Old Trafford and Hillsboroughs main stand would be my bet?
  14. Wonderful servant who has proved a terrific signing! Still one of our best players even though his legs have gone! - In fact I'd make him a strong contender for PotS if he carries on as he has! Another player in the Gary Docherty/ Russell Martin category in that many fans will say hes rubbish till their blue in the face but in reality is one of our better players. Vastly under rated by many but people forget Hughton signed him in 2012 to strengthen a side who'd just came 12th in the Premiership! Great passer cause he keeps it simple, very good positional and reader of the game and strong physically. If he had super pace we'd of never seen him at Norwich! Absolutely deserves a new one year deal at the end of the season
  15. kingsway

    Roberts off?

    Not worth him staying if he isn't going to feature!