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  1. East Rider

    Sheffield United

    I can see them surviving (with us). I liked what I saw of them last season and they were, in my opinion, probably the best team to come to Carrow Road. They have a noisy passionate crowd behind them and have recently popped up from L1 which will provide incentive. They had few players on loan and similar to us a number keen to show the footballing world what they can achieve. Wilder, whether you like him or not is clearly a motivator and with a good wind behind them they could push on. A proper team. However, I am really looking forward to seeing how our season unravels and secretly expect us to finish comfortably in mid table with some really eye catching displays. I honestly can not wait. Our style of football (which has been the hall mark of NCFC for years) will be lauded. Mark my words.
  2. East Rider

    Andy Hughes

    Neil was usually spotted patrolling majestically between the areas of 'deep lying sweeper and goal line technology placement point'
  3. East Rider

    Will Villa be the new Fulham?

    Well spotted indeed. A moment?
  4. East Rider

    RB cover needed

    Before one of his injuries a few years ago which kept him out for nearly two seasons, if I recall correctly, I saw him play a few times and on some occasions he literally looked like the best player on the field. Really like the player he could be but very, very unlucky with injuries, for us and particularly himself. If fit, he would probably have been in and around our first team I'm absolutely convinced. Difficult question to answer now of course.
  5. East Rider

    RB cover needed

    Indeed. And Gods help will be needed in safe guarding a good number of our main players from injury this season, if we are to survive.
  6. East Rider

    Will Villa be the new Fulham?

    For every Sunderland or Fulham, there's a Wovles or Watford. Perhaps it a alphabet thing?
  7. East Rider

    EFL Trophy

    Be fun if we made the final. Unlikely of course, but fun never the less.
  8. East Rider

    Peter Crouch retires

    He was part of that successful loan trio and I for one was bitterly disappointed we did not sign him up. Usual moronic comments at the time from those who never went to games stating he was only good in a long ball team when he was superb with the ball at his feet in the penalty area. I believe he was another who was snapped up by Southampton for a low price when we could have made a bit more effort to have him back. One we missed in my opinion.
  9. East Rider

    Phillips £30M !

    Be good business if they received £30m for him. Can't see it happening, unless they really hype him up!
  10. East Rider

    Andy Hughes

    I remember him well. After a rather unimpressive start he warmed to the crowd and in fact if I recall correctly he became a bit of a fans favourite. A player who tried hard and put the effort in when others appeared to take the easy option. His piece reads that he felt he was underappreciated here a smidgeon, but I'm not sure that was actually the case?
  11. East Rider

    New membership scheme

    I remembering it being free and busy, as my younger son and friend use to love playing their before a game. It is very disappointing that the price is now so much considering the weather, less home games and it not being open during cup games (I may be mistaken there) makes that opportunity much more limited. Very disappointing indeed.
  12. East Rider

    Timm Klose on Ipswich

    If this is a true statement by one of the deluded that follow them, then they have a shock coming their way. Look at our brief stop in that division. Had the Colchester result not been dealt with swiftly we could have suffered a very uncomfortable ride that year. Despite us having several 'championship standard players.' I suspect their season will depend a lot on their pre season team gelling, or not! Upsets galore to follow for them...….. Anyway in spite of my comments, who really cares about them anymore, apart from a cursory glance now and then. Is anyone really going to look at their result against Fleetwood/Rochdale hoping they have lost when we have just struggled a draw against Arsenal? Envious is not a word I would associate with ipswich right now! There are other words that would be more appropriate for them I'm sure...…...
  13. East Rider

    Grant Hanley

    I would be surprised as we need 4 CB and he is quite capable. Had he managed that tackle better against Portsmouth, we may have seen more of Grant Hanley last season. However, he is certainly 4th choice at the moment
  14. East Rider


    Has he rather cryptically uncovered you as a secret Train spotter Tilly. And you're just in denial, trying to throw him off the scent? Does the Trans Siberian Express pass through either of those stations?
  15. East Rider


    Spot on. When I started going many, many years ago, we could all go as a group and rock up and in we went, apart from the big games when we had to go in the away part of the Barclay and ask to be allowed through . Whilst I would not wish to see parts empty and do understand the supply and demand aspects here, our support is getting older (including me) and younger ones are needed. We should as a club look to do the modern equivalent of the kids of a quid with the expansion plans or target the extra season ticket holders whilst the going is good. I suspect in all honesty it will be a long wait.