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  1. 100% we will need others to drop off. However, this team is gaining traction and confidence at just the right time and towards the business end of the season. Just need supporters to stay onside
  2. Thought he was superb today, as was Kenny (again), Josh and Jack Stacey. Four MoM performances just there
  3. Probably why he put the ball up his shirt after scoring today then, I did wonder at the time
  4. Spot on, unfortunately. I'd imagine there are 10 plus PL teams looking at him with regards to a bid in the summer.
  5. Loved Earnshaw playing for us. Quality (in my opinion) Fassnacht is an intelligent player and will get better as the season progresses I feel. More to come from him (although I believe that was his 6th goal this season today)
  6. I think the tactic is that he and the other 'winger' squeezes in when we don't have the ball and wider when we do. I would like to see him tried just behind the main striker at some point. probably our most exciting player at the mo, worth the entrance money that's for sure
  7. Doubt you've ever been to Carrow Rd in your life. Portaloo Rd perhaps
  8. Utter bollox. You must have been cavorting with some binners one evening. Having been mid table or out of the PO spots for much of this season, I'm surprised people feel we think we should be beating teams 3-0 each match. Garbage !
  9. I'd start Nunez and move Sara further forward behind Barnes. Perhaps give SVH longer in the second half. And no I will not be booing the substitutions, as I didn't boo the obvious reason for change on Tuesday. OTBC
  10. Don't you have www.tw4ts.com/forum to pollute bin boy? Your silly comments fool no one, as you have been told may times.
  11. Unfortunately this is it in a nutshell. We, the support is causing damage which may take a while to overcome at this rate. I sit in the centre of the upper River end and there are fans there who NEVER support the team vocally, NO MATTER how or who we are playing. Yet last night they were the first to start booing the substitution of probably our most important player WHO IS BEING MANAGED BACK FROM INJURY. You couldn't make this stuff up. Petulance, petty and pathetic. Why would a player choose us over another team (money aside)? The players 100% react to the booing and luckily we came up with a result last night. I firmly believe we need a change in manager and importantly coaches, at the end of the season, but our support is more likely going to be destroying this one (season) first.
  12. He certainly does have every right to say what he wants, but should he have said it? I'm not so sure. It may have been better just to point out to the boo boys that they are not aways right, as in this case. Feel he has just made a bad situation a whole lot worse
  13. There was and it was embarrassing to hear it. Unfortunately we (NCFC) are in a right pickle. The manager was quite right in what he said regarding negativity but should he really have said it? I feel he would have been the better man if he didn't bring it up, but I understand why. The ones booing the Sargent substitution were in my opinion completely wrong, though again it's unfortunately a by product of supporters feeling uneasy with past decisions and not understanding that our main striker needs careful handling until fully fit . We won the game, the manager was right (this time), people are not happy and we as a fan base are backed into a corner. Strange times!
  14. Thought that was John Walk? Or are we talking about another game?
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