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  1. East Rider

    Remedy To Stop Panic Buying.

    It was obvious from day one selfish people were panic buying, and I feel the whole situation in regards to this continuing is due almost entirely down to the greed of the supermarkets themselves. Christmas is a time when they make a huge profit. Generally nothing is reduced as they are very aware the great British public oes into panic mode as the shops are shut for a whole 24hrs! It is therefore no surprise that when Christmas extra times five comes along that they allow unfettered access to stock on their shelves and continue to do so. They could have made an effort from the start to regulate the disgusting hording by many, but profit was their game and none of them took a stance UNTILL public pressure came into force. Even now only a few supermarkets are making a token gesture. What about the NHS staff, Police and other critical workers never mind the elderly? Supermarkets need to hold their collective heads in shame. And as far as relying on some sections of the great British public to be fair, responsible and community minded by thinking of others before hording? Not a chance!
  2. East Rider

    Wayne Rooney in the Sunday Times

    agreed, however, they are suspending youth football everywhere, unfortunately.
  3. East Rider

    6 goals in 15 away games...

    I'm not an advocate of the long ball game and enjoy our style, especially when we are on top. However, I think we miss the Zimmermann long diagonal pass at times and when not pressed we tend to hold the ball for long periods without any positive outcome. I've lost count of the times we are losing a game, win a free kick well within their area and just pass it across the back 4 eventually for our keeper to launch it long under pressure, only for us to lose it again in exactly the same place the free kick was taken. It is extremely frustrating. There has to be another tactic from those type of free kicks which involve getting it into the opposition's box for a chance on goal, especially when we are chasing the game. That certainly has to be better than playing it back to Timm to launch it forward again.
  4. East Rider

    Sheffield United

    Can't agree with this. They were by a considerable margin, one of the best teams to come to Carrow road last season and this season they played us off the park. Yes they are physical in some areas but lets be honest here, they are there on merit and we could do with a bit of what they have. Our team on its day is superb to watch and gives really good entertainment to us at CR. However, I for one would wish to be in the PL next season and they look like being able to sustain their PL status for quite a while. Am I just a little bit envious? Absolutely.
  5. East Rider

    It's back

    Been out all day so didn't realise till a while ago. Gremlins in the system somewhere is my bet.
  6. East Rider

    Premier League coronavirus talks

    Wouldn't surprise me if a panel is formed to decide the outcome on the un played PL matches. Imagine the scene: The FA would choose a 'neutral' select few to look at the remaining fixtures and award points on their experience and diligent squad analysis on what may have occurred. This would then decide the final league positions. That would be us ****ed then. Who would be on this panel?
  7. I thought that as well. The video shows how good he was there and I'm sure there was another famous Argentinian scoring a spectacular goal in the FA Cup a while ago. Lets hope he does a repeat in the final, with a goal
  8. East Rider

    The Sadness of Ipswich Town

    However, Portsmouth were overspending on everything and everyone. They have never recovered. Southampton caught the wave just right
  9. Yes thought that as well. I think he told him not to be nervous. That is Grant reassured the mascot, not the other way round
  10. East Rider

    The Sadness of Ipswich Town

    It has been said many times that until they start to deal with what they have now and stop comparing every current set up/team with their days in the sun 40 plus years ago, things will not change for them. I understand they are absolute garbage at the moment and have been poor for nigh on 20 years. However there have been times when they could have been a bit more progressive as a club if it were not for the old guard majority support down there constantly telling all and sundry how great a team from yesteryear were, in the days of black and white TV. Sad indeed.
  11. Saw this on WOTB not sure if it has been shared on here. Hope it links okay
  12. East Rider

    The Sadness of Ipswich Town

    I'm pretty sure we know what's 'round the bend' at portaloo road.
  13. East Rider

    Kenny Mclean

    Agree with this. I too like seeing Vrancic play and he certainly offers something other don't. However, it is clear Kenny McLean is a more solid type player, winning a number of duels and has an eye for goal. For the record I would like to see Vrancic on the pitch more, but you can not ignore the times he has been brushed aside in games and left us slightly vulnerable. I can only see Kenny McLean getting better and better, hopefully with us.
  14. East Rider

    bad feeling about this one

    The players will still be buzzing over that FA Cup win over the spuds. There is a very good chance we could get something from this game as a result and I'd take a point all day long today. However, Sheff Utd are the real deal at the moment and one of the impressive surprises this season, so expect an extremely difficult game. If the Norwich we know turn up, we may be fine. OTBC
  15. East Rider

    Upper Tier Muppet

    You were just a few rows behind us. We had a blonde haired male spurs fan on the segregation line continually gesticulating and getting angry. It was quite funny in the end. He was however constantly being wound up by a few city fans which was amusing. Further down on their side was a complete half wit adult wearing a bobble hat who before the game had even starting was shouting and gesticulating angrily towards our lot. He even had kids near him, what a prat. How we laughed when they missed their 4th penalty. Quiet bunch though.