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  1. Good man. And wise words indeed.
  2. East Rider

    Exeter City 2-1 Binners

    Apparently from Sandringham, Norfolk as well. Along with much merriment and laughter...…..
  3. East Rider

    VAR Table

    It is not surprising we are so far down but the main reason we are struggling is injuries at the start of the campaign, a lack of good fortune which most teams have from time to time and failure to address particular areas of the squad.
  4. East Rider

    How good is Emi?

    How good is Emi Buendia? He has been the best player on the pitch over at least the last 3 home games. These matches were against 6th, 7th and 9th PL teams including last years Champions League finalists with world cup players in amongst each team. In fact against Spurs he was head and shoulders the best player on the pitch. He made the star that is Zaha, look like a novice at times and tore through Wolves as if they were not there. Unless we survive, I suspect there is not a hope in hell he will be with us next season and I believe that particular ship cast off its final mooring rope last evening and is slowly heading out from Norwich. However, miracles do happen and we may yet be in the PL next season. The final point is that we have a knack of unearthing talented players so there is every chance another EB is in the wings waiting his turn. All I can add is that if you have not seen him live in a Norwich shirt then try and do so, he is that special!
  5. East Rider

    Max Aarons 45mil

    I suspect when there is a real bid for one of our stars (especially homegrown and this window) the club will negotiate hard. There is not a chance we will just let someone go and whilst we are on the subject Maddison went for the right price at that moment in time. He was recovering from injury, we had just had a poor season, he had never played PL etc etc. The Murphys was an outstanding bit of business for us and we have generally sold well recently, due in part to Webber and McNasty. The only real last 'star' who left us cheaply was Keith O'Neil, who could have gone for 4 mil to Middlesbrough a season earlier. However due to fan demands (including myself) the club turned down the offer and received under a quarter of that price later. I'm hoping the club will turn down offers this window with a promise to such stars that if we are relegated, and the right offer comes in at the end of the campaign, they can go then..
  6. East Rider

    Daily reminder that Pukki was Onside

    And this is exactly the issue, which we understand as possible receivers of poor decisions compared to the average big team. You would think better teams, scoring more goals, would probably have an incrementally increased amount of VAR decisions against them. Appears not, in the main. Now a days, instead of handing a decision to the team with more clout as an on field ref (which would mean you have to ride the wave of anger from the stands), chummy can do it for you 100 miles away. Happy days.
  7. East Rider

    Norwich v Palace predictions

    Post of the day
  8. It would interesting if the club announced it was investigating the possibility of legal recourse on this decision. However, I suspect somewhere we have signed a waiver for these such situations. Start the VAR fighting fund raising now NCFC
  9. Good effort. The mention of VARs 'looking for the right angle' until they can publish the decision they want, is on the face of it a serious suggestion to make. However, you only need to watch sports for a certain period to realise that it is entirely probable and some sport are littered with 'official or player mistakes.'
  10. I think in your situation vos you can do no more than ask the stewards for assistance before the game (at least you will made them aware). However, 100 supporters standing occasionally is going to be difficult to manage in that area, and unlikely to stop unless its persistent. If I were you I would have a good look at areas near you where they do not stand so regularly and when the 'movers and shakers' part of the pre season is upon us you could ask for a move into that area. I can guarantee there will be availability to move then but you may have to wait. If relegated you will be able to have a choice of half that stand.
  11. East Rider


    I agree. In fact what ever division we are in next season I would be surprised to see him still here, which is a shame. As this seasons progressed he has become better and better. I said at the start of the campaign to a Chelsea supporting friend to look out for him but then his performances dipped which was a bit embarrassing, as I had bigged him up a bit. However, with our better performances of late he has also started to show what he can do and it is impressive stuff.
  12. East Rider

    Conspiracy theory #948483

    So did I. In fact I thought it would not only level it up but may actually assist us when away against certain teams. However, it appears the issue of establishment and status saving has not gone away. A VAR assistant is as likely to want to stay in his/her position as an on field referee is. Therefore comply with the old adage and you will be fine...…….. That is: do not p155 off the big hitters in this league!
  13. East Rider

    Percy Positive

    Sounds like you walked down to Carrow Road for the first time only a couple of years ahead of me. Unforgettable, immensely enjoyable and exciting time indeed. I can clearly see the futility some might apportion to this probability but there is something different about this team. We all saw it last year and yes, we should have strengthened in a couple of areas however, we are hitting consistency and if we get the rub of the green more often and produce a good result on new years day, you never know. I saw the odds against us staying up and had an inward smile. I'm not a betting man but I love it when we are written off. Someone out there could possibly make a packet this season on us.
  14. East Rider

    Another VAR question

    Good point. I'm fairly sure there free kick was not taken at the right angle also. It was moved to a more central position I thought at the time. May have been mistaken though.
  15. East Rider

    Percy Positive

    I think there is potential for it to turn quite nasty at West Ham unless results go for them immediately, which may cause them some issues. There very expensive signings have not performed too well and that is a club which has a crowd that can turn quickly.