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  1. I'd imagine the feeling is fairly mutual from their side
  2. They'll do well to beat Stevenage. Just seen they are 2nd in league 2, 10 points above 7th place. Fingers crossed for them
  3. Would love to play them again. Miss the derbys. And no I seriously couldn't give a t055 if they beat us, though I'm sure they wouldn't
  4. Been a few times. Went as a youngster with friends when we were standing in the end behind their goal (north stand?) for a night game. Great laugh and it seemed our pen was absolutely packed with what can only be described as a very 'lively bunch' of city supporters.
  5. Exactly. I'd imagine he will want a better outcome for his investment. Could be an interesting few years coming up. He is use to overseeing success and we are not delivering
  6. So am I, which is a pity as I honestly thought he would be a good fit for us. We have won twice in ten games, this is not promotion form, we have a serious problem and I can't see these two getting us out of it.
  7. Spot on, doesn't explain our poor performances but, I wonder if everything is too lacksadaisical at Colney. However, fitness is lacking (imo) compared to the last regime and it is a significant issue. I am generally someone who doesn't do knee jerk changes but there must be some serious consideration going on to change the current coaching team
  8. I firmly believe the team are not as fit under DS as we were under DF and I feel this is part of our problems at the moment. When DF first arrived, there were a number of training ground injuries, and the general consensus was that it was due to trying to get players fitter and stronger. It looks like we fade in games and I'm not convinced DS is as strict on this. That and our inability to control games when ahead and on top. Frustrating as hell
  9. We could have probably afforded him prior to the campaign starting. However, like Ollie Skip before him, he will become more valuable the longer he stays and continues in the rich vein of form he is in.
  10. Good effort to them. If the more of the crowd were like minded, not only would it be far more encouraging for the team it would make CR a fortress. Who doesn't admire and enjoy a noisy partisan crowd? And well done TC More of this at CR and we could have a decent atmosphere back. Fed up trying to get behind the team whilst sitting amongst the miserable, arm folded, entitled city elite.
  11. I wonder if the pressure from the public and the recent poor results will force him to take Maddison? In any case, if he does take him, he will only bring him on when we are struggling and stepping into the last chance saloon. He should go, that's for sure, but we will probably end up with 4 left backs instead.
  12. Ha, ha probably so. My memory isn't great, but I think the Norwich turnstile was perhaps under 14s. I can definitely remember going through that, and being quite a few years older.
  13. Spot on, the start of what could have been an extended time, really competing.
  14. Allowing ourselves to be relegated when the Prem money was just about to come in. This was a massive mistake and I'm unsure if we have ever recovered from that?
  15. Or go in via the youth turnstiles (along with a hoard of others) towards the corner of the barclay/mainstand when approaching your 20s. Happy days
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