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  1. Exhibition / friendly game pace. Sideways, sideways, sideways, back, back, lump up, lose ball, escape a chance, rinse and repeat. What happened to our incisive passing game?
  2. No not in my opinion. We may have had that 4 on the books but they certainly were not on the pitch. Klose had a season long injury and the coaching team wanted to loan out Hanley. With the money we were expecting we should have gone out for another decent CB.
  3. Yes, the bit in bold is hindsight and also correct in every sense. We can not hide from the simple fact we started this campaign with one CB who they were trying to off load on loan (Hanley), one (probably at the time our best one) who quickly obtained a season long injury (Klose) and a teenager who was moved from CDM to CB, plus Zimmermann who was instrumental in the back 4 who let in an inordinary amount of goals last season. If that does not sound like an issue and loud warning on the eve of our return to the PL, I don't know what is! I'm not saying we should have gone into the season with 6 CBs, but we should have gone in with an upgrade of sorts to take us to 4, and the facts I feel back that assumption up.
  4. I never said we needed six 'OTHER' CBs. An Additional one or two was what I said, and yes decent would have been helpful. It's not hindsight though, is it? We started the campaign with a poor defensive record from the season before. One of the CBs was clearly not wanted and was available for sale/loan (Hanley) another was injured before the transfer window shut, one was a very young, inexperienced ex midfielder, and that left Zimmermann. No hindsight necessary there. Foresight perhaps yes that may have helped. Hindsight, certainly not. No idea how much we we would have had to pay for a CB, certainly less than the loss of relegation, not sure why you're asking me that question. In fact as has been proven this campaign, another CB or even two would not have spent all season not playing and would certainly have made the bench at the very least. Are you saying we had enough CB cover at the start of the PL campaign considering how the goals against column looked in the chumps?
  5. We were indeed very unlucky with defensive injuries. However, the failure to secure one or two more decent CBs BEFORE the season commenced is not luck in any sense and that particular area has been our undoing, full stop! the restart was never going to suit us. The team relies on the home crowd and momentum during matches. Without the crowd its 11 v 11 and our 11 need a good home support to get results. Hey ho, we're relegated for the umpteenth time in my supporting city life. However, I certainly do not follow the feeling that we will simply bounce back from the most competitive league in the world.
  6. The ref is an utter home banker (excuse my spelling mistake). His constant free kicks given to arsenal gives them momentum and yet most are 50/50. Other than that I would like to see someone taking a chance and running at them a bit instead of sideways and backwards.
  7. Looking at their run in they will be targeting us for three points to put them virtually safe. Unfortunately
  8. Seeing how Brighton are performing, if we don't beat them on Saturday we deserve relegation.
  9. I believe very few have suggested a change in manager. Change/upgrade/additions to the playing staff yes, but not necessarily a change in manager. Hopefully, if we go down, he will still have the drive to get us back up and wit a few additions and not too many losses it may be possible. His style of play is superbly entertaining and was it not for a few key injuries and had we strengthened a bit more we would be calling for him to be given a Paul lamberk style contract, such as the binners did. Ha ha ha ha ha ha aha aha aa aaha ahaaahhahahaha.
  10. Hopefully the work the club has already put in regarding replacements will pay off. Sinking ships and rats spring to mind when thinking about relegation. Don't blame them, short career and all that.
  11. The remark I always make when speaking to anyone in a football shirt which is not Norwich is, 'ran out of Norwich shirts did they?' You should try it next time, it will make you smile. And Pockthorpe. The next time that Norfolk scally decides to educate you on football matters just remark how 'feint' his scouse accent is now and what a shame he's lost it. If he's that much of a tw4t you can guarantee he will go all Shcteeve McClaren with it. You could back him right into a corner
  12. I agree, it's a form of assurance for some to 'support' a successful team so they do not have to suffer the embarrassment of losing / relegation. However life is not quite like that and I find it funny when you meet a mature leeds fan who's never been further than the Wash as they were successful at that time. Even more funny is knowing Norfolk born Spurs 'supporters' who have never been to the ground whilst I have. My youngest was leaning towards one of the big 4 a few years ago until I explained (in his language) not to be a glory hunter as firstly you will always be disappointed and secondly thought of as a tw4t. Took him to a few city games and he is now city through and through and a season ticket holder. Not a big 'fan' of the glory hunter. Plenty of them though
  13. ............after our first meaningful attack (about 10-15 mins in) we would have seriously got behind the team as you could start to see something was happening for us. It may have pushed us to victory (same with Everton, no chance with Soton) Hey ho
  14. It really is unforgivable looking at those stats. Playing two games at home against teams with nothing to play for and we looking like we were 12th spot with zero to worry about in either direction. We should have had plan A,B,C and frikin D ready to deploy, even if option D was getting Emi (random player picked) to dive in the box for a pen. I thought we had got rid of our soft under belly but perhaps not? Unbelievable stats.
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