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  1. East Rider

    Another gem from Paul Lambert

    Nothing more than a cheap marketing ploy to attract a few thousand more gullible souls down there to part with some money. If it isn't the lure of expansive forward thinking football promised to them leveraging a few more season tickets out at rock bottom prices, its the polished turd of their team being used as a get rich quick scheme for others via a few dodgy betting companies. Any way they should be champions and nothing less next year. After all, 60 years ago they won the league. That should be enough to secure it surely?
  2. East Rider


    That was a horrific and deliberate stamp on their player (Andersson?). Early in the game so probably part of the tactics that evening. The penalty decision, looked about right. The offside was a disappointing decision but we have seen that many, many times. Leeds supporters who tend to get air time display zero respect for other teams and show no humility, until it is forced upon them by results. I was listening to one on the radio and felt embarrassed for him with the dribble he was spouting regarding their place back in the PL and how it would be more deserved than others.
  3. East Rider

    Nelson Oliveira

    I too liked Nelson Oliveria when he first arrives and it is clear he has talent to burn...…………...if he is interested. The risk of him having a strop in the Premier league when we need everyone pulling in the same direction is too great a risk. He does not get into the same positions as TP and is no where near his level. Srbeny, in my opinion allows us an option B if we need one. However what we do need is another striker to support/boost what we have.
  4. East Rider

    Tyrone Mings. Yes or No

    Not a chance.
  5. East Rider

    Tricky summer ahead

    Conceding from set pieces is a concern for us and something needs to be done in that area, whether it's another defensive midfielder or CB, or both. I would be disappointed if we came back in August and had 5-6 new players starting. So no large recruitment needed in my opinion just a ticking over in the right areas. Definitely need another striker, without TP we will be toast.
  6. East Rider

    What a Surprise - Not

    I think the opposite. They have literally swallowed the whole PL public relations exercise and having built an understrength Leeds in the final game it has boosted their STs to 11 -12,000 odd. Despite them being dirt cheap. However, they have no money to spend and it will be a summer of discontent down there as far as transfers go. They would be better off actually supporting their team during the first 10 games at least and not (when the going gets tough) start bringing out the icons of the 60s and 70s, as is their default down there. Lambert to be gone by the new year is my predicament. However, who really gives two fu4k5 about them? Probably the most underperforming, boring and predictable long ball team in the top 3 leagues!
  7. What's the chaps name then?
  8. East Rider

    Best season ever ???

    For the surprise of it all from where we were at the start, definitely one of the best I've witnessed. The 92/93 though was superb for different reasons. We were in the era when there was not the ludicrous money swishing about and our team could compete with the best. Great time (like now) to be a city fan.
  9. East Rider

    Super Mario

    He is one of a few that are going to be class next season for us
  10. East Rider

    Sheffield Utd congratulating us 👍

    Leeds were immense, but thought Sheff United were very good too. However, the best team I have seen at Carrow Road, without a doubt...……………...are the CHAMPIONS Well done Norwich Superb season
  11. East Rider

    Intriguing defensive stats

    A good, interesting point well made. We are vulnerable in defence but exhilarating in attack. A conundrum definitely.
  12. East Rider

    Sunday Sun

    I certainly have not got your sentiment wrong and agree 100%. Rio 'the obvious talent spotter' Ferdinand, can sod off and leer elsewhere.
  13. East Rider

    Sunday Sun

    Yes, must remember to thank him for the decent money on them, and the investment in the team it allowed afterwards. We must invite him to Colney for a specially arranged reserve game soon, see what gems he can unveil
  14. East Rider

    Bavarian Farkesody

    First time I have watched and it's brilliant. Well done to those involved. I'd imagine the management at CR have had a lot of fun watching this and the others put out there. Gifted individuals about.
  15. East Rider

    Villa boss confirms...

    Ha, ha, just seen that. However, despite the secret I've always liked Villa, I do hope we win and are presented with it at the end. What will be, will be I guess