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  1. Would love to see Brentford promoted to the PL. That league needs teams like us and them with the entertaining football we both play. However, we have seen the PL recently close up and it will be a struggle for both teams, them probably even more so than us.
  2. Agreed. Whilst I have not read all the reponse on TWTDs forum over the proposed takeover I would be extreemly worried if I were an ippo supporter. There is every chance of a new consortium sucessfully making a profit if buying the club, and therein is the problem. Take out the privately owned training ground and what have you left? An abundance of poor standard players, a failing acadamy, a leased plot of land to play on, a club in Division 3 and some stands that need a long and overdue, financial overhaul. What part of this spells sucess for the actual playing side, the team itself? The training ground is the nugget, owning that will return profit (short term) and that's it. Once aquired and resold/developed that club will be passed on again. If anyone thinks a new group as described, will be looking long term to get that club into the PL they are in for a shock I feel. The past two decades of decline will raise the desire for it down there no doubt, but surely those with a more objective view will see the warning signs. Two senarios only for now: 1; bimble along dissapointing most of their dwindling support with ME, possibly temporarily get back to the Champs. 2; be passed on to the assest strippers and see a permanent rot.
  3. Very good of you to inform us at this difficult time for you and the family. RIP Wooster Regards
  4. Hopefully not, points on the board and all that. Think we should go for the jugular and worry about Brentford aftewards.
  5. Bullying and harassment? Whilst I agree it's a bit pathetic he has had it very, very easy down there. Other than some ippo moaners on social media, a few posters being furtively put up near the ground and a couple of kids with a flag and a colourful flare at their training ground the other day he probably is not even aware they want him out, such is the impotent nature of their 'protests'. And whilst I thoroughly enjoyed his appointment here, plus was able to forget the way he left us, he took that job knowing full well the implications if it went wrong. That it has gone far, far worse than anyone could have envisaged is both shocking and amusing in equal measures. If I was the manager and one of the main responses to an unwanted 'situation' which arose as a result of my ineptitude, was for a few locals to brew a ale in my name, I'd be delighted. Rather that, than protests (pre covid of course) involving a few thousand at games. I believe their only planned protest (pre covid) attracted the three organisers, two old dears passing by on route to the shops and a lost child. He's had it very easy.
  6. I saw Mills play for us a number of times and always thought he was decent, often enjoyed his performances and thought we had lost a potentially superb full back when he did leave. A very combative full hearted player. However, he was the type of player who could fall out with others at any time it felt, especially on the pitch and as a result I suspect he took a lot of managing. That type of obstinate temperament at a young age is probably quite annoying for a manager struggling with relegation or promotion against better teams. He often lost his starting spot which at the time I thought strange. He was obviously ambitious and if you look at his career you cant' help but admire his determination to succeed with his caps and his PL moves. His biggest and most disappointing failure is his inability to shake off his 'treatment' as he saw it by the Norwich management team at the time (whilst failing to understand they were but only temporary guardians of the first team). He carries this 'perceived' (only by him) slight / disrespect against him as a mill stone and often refers to it with his access to the media. Why? God knows, but I suspect one of the reasons he feels he can belittle Norwich is that having played for 'big clubs' after us he feels safe in deriding us. He however, made a mistake is doing so. Although we are not an important player in football terms (to his mind) compared to other teams he played for, we have a very large vociferous and loyal following and are fiercely defensive of unwarranted character slurs by sulky spoilt ex players (as he has found out). It appears fashionable to some ex 'big time Charlies' to conveniently airbrush form history their time developing with us, but make snide remarks about NCFC when you have an audience, then expect the inevitable backlash. That said I personally do not 'hate' any of our ex players. There are a number of players out there who deliberately injure others who are worthy of hate.
  7. Can't believe what I just watched there. That is utterly and completely CRINGEWORTHY viewing. An absolute embarrassment. It reminded me of a type of Monty Python sketch. I am sure I heard someone walk over and tell the two kids off ? Someone will get £250 for that at some point, from Harry Hill
  8. With super entertaining delightful, thank god for football they're back where they belong Leeds, a close second?
  9. Certainly taller than 5'7", not that height hinders the naturally gifted players (there are so many examples). I will happily state that given his performances this season, Skipp will be a regular in a PL team next season! Lets hope its ours.
  10. Valentines day starting badly for you Jerry?
  11. Good team performance so far. Cantwell and the midfield running the show. Giannoulis has had a great half
  12. Good luck to the boy. I personally hope he does really well there and earns a move to a better club. People getting their knickers in a twist over a young lad and his career need to have a good look at themselves. My youngest is footy mad and a dedicated city fan, but would jump at the chance if another club came calling, even them, in a heart beat. I would support him all the way.
  13. To an extent I believe this is spot on. If we can stay where we are by the end of March and we start getting crowds back in, even a couple of thousand, we will really push on. Full houses at CR can not be underestimated. You will see city in gears 4, 5and 6 by mid to late March. Mark my words.
  14. Not quite sure if this is a wind up. However, just for the sake of joining in, can you honestly imagine the fall out at the club not least the supporters if we hade 'cashed in'? It's quite clear that those three are amongst the best we have and the message to the team would have been clear, damaging and would probably effect us for a few seasons hence. All three are going to go at some point, probably within the next two years, but now? Not a chance. Take a breath
  15. Beeding hell! Never realised Sunderland had dropped that low
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