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  1. East Rider

    Todd Cantwell

    Different players, different teams. Hoollahan was someone who would move play forward for us and was often the most gifted in a number of ‘good’ city teams. TC is dynamic, young, hungry and naturally talented in a team which includes other superb talent. This is our best squad I can remember and TC has been given the floor, I’m delighted for him. However players such as Hoolahan had the ability to adapt and it would not be beyond the realms of probablity to believe he could push his way into this team, when at his best. Who would I rate higher? No idea!
  2. East Rider

    I can't cope...

    He probably explained what most of us felt. Looking back, we were possibly on a much more level playing field (financially wise) against Bayern M and their superstars than against a squad worth a reported near billion. It is utterly ludicrous to have this disparity in the PL, but it makes our victory even sweeter.
  3. East Rider

    Buendia's Transfer fee

    Spot on JC. In fact I feel we could probably replace every member of our team (not at the same time and poss not including Pukki) will little effect to our play, except EB such is his influence on the type of game we play. I enjoyed watching Madison in his first team season but this chap is on a whole new level. You could see a scenario that if we are still going well come January a major team here or abroad will come sniffing. Enjoy his game whilst he is still here I say.
  4. He is funny, quirky, oddly lovable and on his day extremely effective footballer. The type of player you love to watch as you have no idea what he may come up with. He looked back to his best, against the best. It's all about the timing!
  5. East Rider

    Loudest I've ever heard the riverend

    Ha ha, yes very true, though I do like those flags and banners. If people mane the effort with support, others will follow.
  6. East Rider

    Ratings v Man City

    Amadou was superb considering this was his first start. Buendia is back to his best and during the first half found his mojo and then he really turned it all on! Mark my words MOTD in the up coming weeks will highlight him more and more. Stepermann was something like we know he can be and a thorn in their side with his awkward style and play. He adds a dimension we need. He and EB for me are back to where we would like them to be performance wise, it could be a good season. Byram was that good I honestly thought Max Aarons had started. The rest of the team were just immense.
  7. East Rider

    TWTD of the day

    Who cares
  8. East Rider

    Alex Tettey

    When he is on song, Norwich do well. And today was one of his best performances. He was immense all match.
  9. East Rider

    Bring on MOTD. Can't wait......

    I hear this as well, he definitely said 'Wagner'. However, to be fair he was quite complimentary about us. The Man city fan who sounded like he was on his way home to Yarmouth was saying how unfair it was that they had a defender out and could only replace him with £50m Stones! Hard fu9%ing life isn't it?
  10. I think that was the loudest I've ever heard the Riverend. Infact at times I couldn't even hear the Barclay, it was that noisy,. Well done those who kept up the chanting and support, I even saw one lady with her hands over her ears! OTBC
  11. East Rider

    Handicap Match

    I'm not a betting man TL although I have had a flutter on this game, the Asian handicap table looks complicated to my inexperienced eye, but appreciate the knew knowledge just the same. I was thinking more 'agricultural type handicaps' than that. Such as delivering a dead leg to every Man City player before each half?
  12. East Rider

    Handicap Match

    If todays match had a horse racing style handicap applied to it, what would it look like? Reduced player numbers or smaller goal at one end for example?
  13. East Rider

    Feeling even more positive now

    I hear what you are saying MY, and you never know we may have a resolve that will last tomorrow. infact I have a small wager on us winning 1-0 with the player of the month scoring, plus another with us winning and one of a draw. I never usually bet so fingers crossed. However, we are against a world class team and will need every advantage.
  14. East Rider

    Raheem Sterling

    I hear what you are saying LDC and to be honest if it's not Norwich playing I can lose interest quickly. However, I can remember clearly watching Peter Beardsley when he came here and thinking 'what is all the fuss about,' and then suddenly he rips our defence to bits and smashes in a goal at the Barclay end where I was, stunning display. The same for Denis Berkamp and his wonder displays here. And others who have graced our ground. Sometimes you can not help it being mesmerised by certain extremely skilful players in live football and I believe it is a privilege to have seen them play live.
  15. Interesting piece on the front of the Pink un regarding ideas on match days. Particularly liked the suggestion of streamers coming for the upper tier of the Barclay however, unfortunately the club have dismissed that idea for now. Being an organiser myself I can appreciate that the organisation of this is impressive and well planned. looking forward to the upper tier being involved and possibly the River End. There's a thought.