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  1. Certainly for those who paid in full, the email from the club stated (if you didn't ask for a refund); "As you are a season ticket holder who has paid in full for your 2020-21 season ticket, this money will be held by the club and used to automatically renew your season ticket for the 2021-22 season." SB
  2. The 'rules' state there's both a percentage and a maximum. For a tier-1 area it's 50% of the stadium capacity or 4,000 whichever is lower. In a tier-2 area it's 50% of the stadium capacity or 2,000 fans, whichever is lower. They don't want more than 4000/2000 people to end up at the same event, which sort of makes sense I think.
  3. The club are running a ballot process for season ticket holders. Details on the official site. SB
  4. They probably didn't sell 27,000 tickets for ManU though as they pulled the sale [well] before the end of the window for season ticket holders to claim their seats. Like many others I was pretty sure it wasn't going to happen and didn't claim my seat. It therefore never made it to even home membership sale. Still, you're right that the ManU game alone is going to be quite an amount. SB
  5. BBC now saying 64mph, MetOffice in the 50s. It's going to be windy, just how windy!?! Forecasts are always a bit vague more than 24 hours out. I get the feeling we'll have more of an idea this time tomorrow. I'd hope (and assume) that the relevant folks in charge of this will be tracking things. Not only are there concerns with away fan travel, but quite a few home fans have a bit of a journey in, as well as all the folks doing the TV work. Let's be honest, train travel for instance is bad enough at the moment without storm force winds. If it is postponed, I hope it's done with good notice! SB
  6. Had a browser ready to go and waiting on the holding page before 9am. Immediately put into a 29 minute queue and by the time I got in all non-restricted view tickets had gone. Not a great experience so far!
  7. There's different things in each membership pack: Membership packs You get a "home" scarf with the home premier membership and an "away" scarf with the away premier membership.
  8. Got mine today as well. Looks a bit nicer in reality than in the pictures. Not so keen on the sleeve badge sponsorship thing though, but a minor detail. Also got one of the nice white training tops. They're really nice (and good for the gym). The wife said she thought that was the nicer shirt
  9. Exactly this. There's going to be some annoyed people (myself included) if they spend £50 on a "Premier" away membership only to find they can't get tickets to the games they want because thousands of others have done the same. Earlier today, the Premier away membership changed from Very Good to just Good, but then went back to Very Good later, so I'm not sure what this means, if anything.
  10. I see that Premier Away membership availability status has gone down from "Very good" to just "good", whereas standard membership is sill "very good". I guess this (re)prompts the question; is there a cap on the number of premier away memberships? Oh and it seems you do get something else for your £50; a scarf and a flag SB
  11. I think there are two things here; firstly there was the historic notion that home season ticket holders should have priority on away tickets. If you think about it, why is that the case?? That's the (only) thing I was agreeing with there. The second point is how they've gone about changing it, and I agree that it's slightly odd. You pay £50 even as a ST holder and you still might not get any away tickets if the premier level isn't capped. SB
  12. That's actually a good point. I think people will complain because "it's always been that way", but (as a ST holder) I think you're right. In the past, a season ticket was sometimes seen like a "super membership for proper fans", but I agree it's really just a discount on all home games. SB
  13. Hmm, I guess with capped ticket prices it isn't so bad, but a bit of a change for long term ST holders. I suppose the £50 cost just for the privilege of being able to apply for away tickets might put some people off, especially those who only had a game or two in mind. It will be interesting to see how many people purchase the away premier membership, and if the numbers are restricted. If not, it could mean that you're just one of many in window 1 and still unlikely to get tickets to the games you want, but £50 out of pocket. SB
  14. I might be being a bit slow this morning, but let me get this right; as a home ST holder I'm in window 3 for away tickets, but I can pay £50 for the season to get into window 1? You can be a home ST holder and an away premier member as well, right?
  15. I haven''t heard anything back from the club on this.  Perhaps some of us have an unusually large cranium? :-)I suspect more people will say something closer to the first day of the season when they''ve bought one and tried it on (and more importantly tried to take it off!)SB
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