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  1. Bannana Boy

    New membership scheme

    Very poor from the club. I hope they listen to the feedback and act quickly to reverse these changes - specifically with regards to the away allocation. Capping home ticket prices at £30 is a good and commendable thing BUT it does meant that relatively season tickets are worth less. Sure you're guaranteed your bum on a seat but with a membership and not being fussy where you sit you can pretty much get tickets for every match. The away scheme is just terrible. No reward for loyalty, and nothing to stop a Manure fan from Great Yarmouth picking up a membership and ticket ahead of a season ticket holder or someone who went to nine games last season. Utterly bonkers.
  2. Bannana Boy

    Leeds and potential legal action

    Leeds/Bielsa have done this because it isn't against the rules (afaik) but it is, imo at least, bending the ethics of a sporting contest. Bielsa is using any legal measure he can to gain an advantage and personally I don't have too much of an issue with it. Having said that I totally understand NCFC and the other ten clubs seeking information regarding what happened. I think it's important that a marker is laid down - so as to have clarification of what marginal advantages are acceptable. I'd say the same thing if, in a hypothetical bout of extreme whataboutery, Leeds wrote to the league to ask about our away dressing room. It would be hilarious if Leeds got a point deduction though - just imagine their fans!
  3. Bannana Boy

    Felix Passlack

    Can his loan be cancelled? I though international loans are, essentially, one-season permament transfers.
  4. Bannana Boy

    Can we keep Timm?

    I''m not for a second claiming to be in the know, but I have heard that for Timm money isn''t the reason he plays football.
    Supposedly he comes from quite a wealthy background and plays the game for the love of it.  Of course, money talks, so he doesn''t work for free but what I''ve been told is that he really likes the area and the club and is enjoying it here.
  5. This is no reason why a confirmatory vote on the deal shouldn''t take place.


    1) "We had a vote, it is undemocratic to have another"

    No, sorry - we didn''t know what we were voting for. People may have understood the consequences of leaving (although I don''t think for a second most did) but we didn''t know what future arrangements would be like. Leave, contrary to what Farage et al will tell you, doesn''t just mean leave. It could mean EEA. It could also mean riots because of food shortages.

    2) "You lost, get over it"

    Grow up. This is the most important decision this country faces and will shape its future for generations. It is perfectly reasonable to take a look at that future and decide if we want it or not.

    3) "Will of the people"

    The people change, along with their "will." Even if no-one had changed their mind through demographic changes alone the population is now marginally remain.

    4) "Young people are brainwashed blah blah something about millennials"

    See 2) and grow up.

    I could go on.

    There is no doubt that a vote, if and when it happens, will be divisive but in most developed countries such a thing (or a super-majority requirement for constitutional change) is pretty normal.

    The only people vehemently opposed to another vote are the arch-leavers. Ask yourself - if Brexit is so awesome, and going to be so brilliant for everyone, why are they so scared of putting the deal to a vote?
  6. Bannana Boy

    It's a results driven business

    My view is that the results Farke will be judged on will be:
    • Steadying the ship
    • Getting the academy-to-first-team-to-sale conveyor going
    With these two aims achieved - perhaps by the end of this season, maybe by the end of next Farke will depart back to Germany with this reputation enhanced and a job at a 1. Bundesliga team.  NCFC will then look to recruit a head coach with the aim of pushing onwards and upwards. 
    I believe the short term aim of the board (including Webber) is to stabilize - with anything else a bonus.  Only once that production line of young talent is established and finances balanced will the aim shift again to promotion.  The tea-leaves also suggest that this will coincide with external investment.
    To clarify I''m not saying that as a club we lack ambition, or that we''re deliberately not trying - rather NCFC are taking a pragmatic, long-term approach.  It wouldn''t surprise me if Webber has a ten-year plan for his NCFC career which culminates with a move to (e.g.) Liverpool following successfully establishing Norwich City in the Premier League.
  7. Bannana Boy

    Webber's 'Brand of Football'

    "So now that we have a clear brand of football – slow, ponderous,

    possession based and so far not that successful, at what point will he

    You''ve obviously not watched any Norwich matches this season then.  We are moving the ball much faster, and are much happier to mix it up a little.  I know the old adage about statistics, but with the amount of shots and, importantly, shots from inside the six-yard box before long we''ll start seeing results go in the right direction.  I hope!
  8. Bannana Boy

    Pink dressing room

    Getting a bit O/T but yes and no! This isn''t subliminal as such (a la Derren Brown type things).  Opposition players aren''t being made to "feel" a certain way, or have certain impulses, by some message delivered without them realising.
    This is a hormonal response to specific neurons firing as a direct result of external stimuli.  In this case seeing a colour (the perception of which is another fascinating area of research).  I would suggest that this is more akin to feeling nauseous as a result of an inner-ear imbalance, than a "backroom geek" (aside; what is that exactly?) making you buy more pot-noodles.
    Anyway, fascinating stuff regardless and if it helps - brilliant.
  9. Bannana Boy

    Pink dressing room

    It isn''t psychology, its physiology - in particular the effects that colours can have on the body, and how an hormonal response can be triggered by varying colours and shades. 
    Fascinating area of research.
  10. I''m normally quite restrained but the amount of hair-pulling, teeth-gnashing and extreme overreactions after three(!)

    league matches really is something else.

    If all you can do is be a complete negative troll then FOR THE LOVE OF GOD BORE OFF AND SUPPORT SOMEONE ELSE.
  11. Bannana Boy

    safe standing

    If as per the proposal here - http://www.safestandingroadshow.co.uk/the-proposal/the-proposal-continued---the-sums - there are two rows of sanding between rails then a legitimate question would be on how this works re ticketing if/when seating is required.Do season ticket holders get the seat and a casual ticket is unavailable if the match is all-seater and, consequently, there is no drop in price for what would, most to the time, be a standing season-ticket? Or, would there be a "seat supplement" that would be applied for all-seater matches?I''m very much in favour of safe-standing btw.  It''s all about choice.
  12. Bannana Boy

    Why did we take him on?

    My understanding is that, as clubs, NCFC and Spurs have quite a good relationship. Can''t tell you how or why this came about, it''s just something I''ve heard.

    What does this current loan bring us - especially if Edwards doesn''t play? Well, it reinforces the relationship and crucially reinforces the idea that we''re a good place for Premier League clubs to send talented youngsters. Living in the financially constrained times that we are this is going to be an important way of strengthening the squad.
  13. Bannana Boy

    Yellows Closed.

    You can book tables here:https://tickets.canaries.co.uk/delia/PagesPublic/UserControlled/UserDefined.aspx?page=deliasNot sure why the "main" site doesn''t allow booking.If it is closing then I''m surprised that they are still taking bookings and selling gift vouchers etc.  Not suggesting you''re making stuff up Tilly, but maybe your information is a little off.  Maybe it isn''t closing as such, just having a rebrand or something?@Rouge Baboon - Delia''s has only ever been open on Friday and Saturdays.
  14. Bannana Boy

    2018/19 season tickets


    If you pop into the ticket office, or give them a call, then you''ll be allowed to pay up anything outstanding on this season''s ticket. I''ve done this before when I had an unexpected bonus from work.

  15. Bannana Boy

    Westminster Bridge


    When you post about football you make some interesting points. I found myself disagreeing with you sometimes, but that''s the whole point of a forum.

    It''s a shame that you''ve turned into a bit of a troll. Has your winkie stopped working or something? You know you can get pills and implants to help with that, right?