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  1. Sorry Kenny, and not wanting to cause an argument. I'm just a bit of a pedant... Internet: 1960s - it grew out of ARPANET (and the WWW, which is distinct from the Internet, was created by Blighty's own Sir Tim Berners-Lee ) Mobile/Cell Phones - much earlier. 1920s Germany and 1940s USA Machine Guns - the Gatling Gun is what you're thinking of, but there were earlier ones - they either weren't as good or they were overlook because reasons (crusty old generals not liking new things, for example). Submarines - French (if we're talking non-human powered), Greek if we're stretching the definition and allowing human power Sub-Sea Cable - UK (and US tbf - for the atlantic one) Model T Ford - Not the first car, but the first affordable car. If not Ford, then someone else would've had the same idea. First (Powered) Flight - 1850s France. Non-powered flight, probably China but if not 1780s France NYC - Is older than the US (New Amsterdam and all that) Apologies all for the tangent. I'll get back in my box now.
  2. Not going to pretend to be an expert on this, so this comment is an assumption. Could the thinking be that by focussing on some key stats the club belives, rightly or wrongly, that it can find players with important attributes all sorted (strength, speed, work-rate etc) and then improve the other attributes (eg being able to hit a cow's harris with a banjo) through training? Not saying this is the right approach, or the wrong approach, just wondering if this is the thinking.
  3. Hi @BHA Fan The city (not town, there's one of those about 40 miles to the south) has plenty of good pubs and restaurants. There's a Premier Inn right opposite the station, and that is about a ten minute walk to Carrow Road. As for pubs, I'll just list a few that have decent beer and/or make their own - if you pop them into your mapping application of choice you should be able to form a decent itinerary. As far as I'm aware those listed here are all ok with away fans too, so long as you're not too rowdy. The Adam and Eve The Coach and Horses (Thorpe Road) The Coach and Horses (Bethel Street) The Fat Cat The Brewery Tap The Fat Cat and Canary (not one for match day) The Ribs of Beef The Murderers (must show proof of covid vaccination status) The Wig and Pen The Rumsey Wells The White Lion The Garnet The Plough The Last Pub Standing There are plenty more though - especially slightly further out of the centre. Enjoy your visit to the Fine City (excluding the football, of course ) .
  4. I'll be back, and I can't wait. I've missed everything that the restrictions have taken away and it really has been wonderful to have a slice of semi-normality back. That being said I'll be masked up indoors and avoid the concourses before kick off and at half-time (as an aside I really don't know why that restriction is being dropped - evidence from Israel points to it being a reasonably daft thing to do). We've a long way to go before we get back to "normal normality" and I'm worried, personally, by the blasé attitude of some (not just the government). We know that long covid affects the young and with 100K+ cases there are many partially or unvaccinated who are going to get ill. It does feel a little like those under 40, who have sacrified a lot over the last 18 months or so, are being thrown to the wolves a bit.
  5. I’m sorry what? What “tax reasons” influence notice periods?A company is free to set its notice periods as it sees fit so long as they meet the statutory minimum (which iirc is a week during the first year of employment). Now senior people, or those in highly skilled/hard to recruit for roles, may very well be given long notice periods but that is because of their value to the business (and to make the role more attractive - everyone loves a spot of gardening leave).
  6. The fact that there are still people disagreeing with the stated facts is a) no surprise and b) as clear an example of all that is wrong with discourse at the moment as you’re likely to find. You have been given the facts by a reputable journalist with no motive to lie (and indeed a motive to ensure accuracy) but still some believe what they like. Either in outright contradiction to the facts, or by embellishing them to fit their own narrative.
  7. Firstly - something or someone is only blocking if they're in way of something, which leads me to your beliefs... There is zero evidence that there is anyone wanting to buy NCFC. None. The club is not an attractive proposition for "investment" (no debt, no worldwide fan-base, not a sleeping-giant, not in a metropolis etc etc) and it is not an attractive proposition as a billionaire's plaything. This may change in the future, of course, but in the here and now no-one is going to be buying NCFC. Far from being naive, those that disagree with you do actually have an understanding of how football as a business works and, importantly, live in the real, modern world and not some apocryphal by-gone age when a pipe smoking manager would tell a player that they're under contract, to knuckle down and be grateful for their two bob a week. Like it or not, Norwich City is a stepping-stone - its a USP that's been shaped by the current board (and yes, I'm including Delia and Michael in this). We're a club with a growing, and glowing, reputation for developing players and giving them opportunities - not just some cash to kick a ball around in a meaningless fixture in the second tier. Slowly but surely this improves the club - and this isn't about bank balances, it improves the club's league position and ability to compete for silverware. Better players equals better results. So we sell Emi. I'll be gutted. He's a magician, probably the best player I've seen play for Norwich City. But you know what - how does that sale make us look to other "hot prospects?" It makes us look fantastic. Come to Norwich City, play good football and get excellent development and, when the time is right, you get your big money move. You may even get a callup to your national side. When we were shopping for Emi we could afford Lidl. And we still found Emi. Sell Emi for £40m or whatever and we're not in Lidl anymore, we're shopping for Emi2 in Sainsburys. And when we sell Emi2? We're shopping for Emi3 in Waitrose. How good a player is Waitrose Emi going to be?! The model, plan, structure - whatever - aims to create a virtuous circle where each player developed through the academy or transfered in pays both pays for a sucessor and contributes to an upward trajectory on the football pitch.
  8. Never had a problem with Errea personally - although I know some fans did. My complete and utter guess is Samurai. Just a hunch. Think the club will try and use a local supplier, or as local as possible.
  9. If someone was serious about wanting to buy Norwich City we would know about it. Even if the majority shareholders didn’t take their calls they would either tap up other shareholders or make noises in the media. Also, as I said, there may be a duty to inform all shareholders if an offer is made. “A Top 26 club is buying into failure. Who wants failure?” Top 26 is not an absolute limit. It is possible, believe me, to hold two or more concepts in your head at any given time. In this instance the first concept is stabilising as a top 26 club. The second concept is that this is a stepping stone to loftier heights. Achieve the first target, move on to the second. ”It reminds of how football used to be, not what it has long since become”. Wrong - this is exactly what modern football is like. People invest in football clubs for a number of reasons such as: 1. The ability to turn a quick profit through asset stripping or buying debt very cheaply, then selling the club on 2. As part of a wider business plan and being able to get fingers into a community’s pies 3. Image laundering 4. Sleeping giant, the purchase of which will enable 2 and/or 3 Norwich City do not tick any of those boxes. The club is financially stable, there are no local business opportunities (like a big infrastructure project), it doesn’t have the international appeal to make image laundering worth while and it is very much not a sleeping giant. People can wish all they want for some rich person, or company, to come sailing up the Wensum but it is very, very unlikely to happen - at least while the club is in a decent position financially. Outside investment will come when either the Club is going to go into administration or when the club has been in the Premier League for a decent stretch of time (10+ years) and has built up a large enough global brand.
  10. It always strikes me when I read threads like this just how abjectly dim a proportion of our supporter base is. Yes this season has been a footballing catastrofcuk, and I cannot abide relegation - especially when we pass Leeds going the other way. But. * You don’t get a big wad of cash upon promotion. It is paid in instalments. See also parachute payments * No-one wants to “invest” in Norwich City. If the majority shareholders were rejecting takeover offers left, right and centre do you not think that maybe, just maybe, the press might get wind of this. There may also be a duty to inform shareholders of offers, someone who knows more about company rules could answer that. * “The board” could have mortgaged the club’s future for a better shot at staying up. The last time this was tried NCFC ended up back in the Championship and close to administration. Only selling James Maddison prevented this from happening. * Delia/the board/the tea lady aren’t “trousering the money.” The accounts are published and are there for all to see. Just look on the Companies House website. If you repeat claims that the owners are pocketing money then I submit that you are mostly bone from the neck up. * The general consensus at the start of the season, and certainly after we beat Man City, was that a good approach had been taken re transfers and spending. There’s a hell of a lot of revisionism going on here. * Setting a target of being a top-26 club doesn’t mean no ambition. It’s realistic. Would you rather Delia came out and said “we have the ambition to win the Premier League in five years?” Of course not as it would, rightly, be derided as bunkum. Being a top-26 club does not preclude further ambition. Having this target does not exclude having an improved target once this one has been reached. Norwich City is a mid-sized, provincial football club with a very strong local supporter base but little international support and marketing potential. Norwich itself is small provincial city with little in the way of opportunity for large international investors. There are no major infrastructure projects and poor connectivity to places with secondary interests potential new owners would look for. The club is also, now, financially stable, meaning investors can’t buy it on the cheap and turn a quick profit. The reality of the club’s position is that it must live within its means or stand the very real risk of going out of business. Would you really prefer a couple of mid-table Premier League finishes followed by relegation and then administration, over attempting to build something sustainably?
  11. Very poor from the club. I hope they listen to the feedback and act quickly to reverse these changes - specifically with regards to the away allocation. Capping home ticket prices at £30 is a good and commendable thing BUT it does meant that relatively season tickets are worth less. Sure you're guaranteed your bum on a seat but with a membership and not being fussy where you sit you can pretty much get tickets for every match. The away scheme is just terrible. No reward for loyalty, and nothing to stop a Manure fan from Great Yarmouth picking up a membership and ticket ahead of a season ticket holder or someone who went to nine games last season. Utterly bonkers.
  12. Leeds/Bielsa have done this because it isn't against the rules (afaik) but it is, imo at least, bending the ethics of a sporting contest. Bielsa is using any legal measure he can to gain an advantage and personally I don't have too much of an issue with it. Having said that I totally understand NCFC and the other ten clubs seeking information regarding what happened. I think it's important that a marker is laid down - so as to have clarification of what marginal advantages are acceptable. I'd say the same thing if, in a hypothetical bout of extreme whataboutery, Leeds wrote to the league to ask about our away dressing room. It would be hilarious if Leeds got a point deduction though - just imagine their fans!
  13. Can his loan be cancelled? I though international loans are, essentially, one-season permament transfers.
  14. I''m not for a second claiming to be in the know, but I have heard that for Timm money isn''t the reason he plays football.Supposedly he comes from quite a wealthy background and plays the game for the love of it.  Of course, money talks, so he doesn''t work for free but what I''ve been told is that he really likes the area and the club and is enjoying it here.
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