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  1. capricorn1

    So sad

    A cracking article, thanks for sharing it and surely a warning that increasing capacity at any cost isn't wise.
  2. capricorn1

    New membership scheme

    I really don't understand why Season Ticket holders feel they should be entitled to an automatic priority on away tickets. A season ticket gets you a guaranteed seat at all home games, at a discounted rate.
  3. I really don't care about Jock football or rugby! Bring on the new Premier League season!!
  4. capricorn1

    The Fulham excuse

    I'd rather we spent next to nothing and went back down than gamble everything to stay up. Yes, the gamble may pay off but if it doesn't we'll still have those expensive players to pay and no money left! If we did go straight back down but kept to Farke's philosophy I could see us coming straight back up but stronger!
  5. capricorn1

    Bore off, Brady

    I seem to recall that this time last year many on this forum now in team Brady advocating we spend millions to try and survive the Premier League were saying that the only way we were heading was downwards and that it'd be decades before we'd grace the heady heights of the Premier League again!
  6. capricorn1

    They deserve the moment

  7. You've got to feel sorry for those posters who for weeks have been hoping we'd fall away from the top two so they could come and post how their prophesies of doom were right. Now they cant do that they're going through every interview looking for any comment or quote they can twist. In the words of the immortal Mr T, I pity the fools!
  8. capricorn1

    Funniest Leeds Tweets

  9. capricorn1

    Unexpected Bonus

    And to think, when this bond was launched there were posters on here saying people would never see their money back let alone the promotion bonus!
  10. capricorn1

    Ipswich banner

    And somewhat ironic given whose manager was restrained by the police during the match!
  11. capricorn1

    How cr&p must we be.....

    Leeds fans were getting very smug and ahead of themselves before last weeks match. I think we should focus on supporting our team rather than focus on the Binners current predicament as we could end up looking really stupid (like those Leeds fans). Let's get our team over the line first and then worry about mocking the Farm Hands at full time!
  12. capricorn1

    Taking a win against Ipswich for granted

    I've got to admit I'm worried about this one. I still think we're going up and the Scum are going down, but I suspect Lambert may manage to get them motivated, urging them to at least get this result for the fans. The fans love him as well so they won't be on the players backs or booing him like they did Mad-Mick if the game is going our way.
  13. capricorn1

    Leeds are pants

    Quite right, you have stayed in the same division for quite a while since your last promotion
  14. capricorn1

    Next Year's Checkatrade Trophy

    Just imagine though, an opportunity for them to get another star on the shirt! I know one Binner who'd even spin being able to participate in a new cup competition as an advantage of being in L1.