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  1. They're hoping to get it flown over for the last game of the season so it’s on TV. i agree that people are welcome to show their displeasure of how they perceive the club is run. I'd have respect for them if they'd organise a proper campaign with stated aims and went about their business respectfully. Plenty of people are fond of Delia and her part in the club’s history but feel the majority shareholders should sell up now but they won’t want to be part of a hate campaign.
  2. It’s exactly that Purple, it’s not an organised campaign with a clear goal it’s a group of angry 'fans' united in hatred of Delia. Most of them make the usual claims that the majority shareholders are pocketing money and that the accounts are false. If you say anything positive about the club you’re a 'happy clapper'. Ironically they'll claim they're embarrassed by this season, but they won't see how tin-pot and unoriginal a banner is.
  3. I see it's pretty much the usual misogynistic crowd. They seem to miss the irony of posting 'bingo' to replies from the people they call 'happy clappers' when the same game could be played in response to their 6 or 7 stock answers. lf they offered a viable solution I could understand their campaign but they just want to force 'Delia out'. We'd be far more likely to end up with bad owners if the majority shareholders decide to sell due to a hate campaign.
  4. I live in Essex and my son is at Uni in Stoke, so a few easily achievable away days for me next season.
  5. As always, good analyses from Swiss Ramble. People will still only quote the headline promotion figure and demand to know where all the money has gone, much easier than actually using the data!!!
  6. Every season there's a scapegoat, this season it's been Hanley, until injury, last season it was Cantwell and before that Martin. There's also the saviour, that player that for some reason unknown to the expert fans, the deluded manger who only gets to see them every single day in training, just won't bow to the collective wisdom of the fans. In recent years we've had Luciano Becchio and Kyle Lafferty who would bang in the goals if only given the chance. It looks like we have a new unicorn this season, it's Adam Idha!
  7. Will there be pitch forks and flaming torches supplied?
  8. If he was really loyal he'd have moved his beautiful wife to the fine city and besides, a truly loyal fan's dream job would be any job working within the NR1 postcode so a daily pilgrimage can be taken to the sacred Carra Rud ?
  9. They must have known this when buying the membership though? All of the future ticket sale dates are online. That would be an issue even under a points system for popular fixtures.
  10. I was just about to suggest the same thing.
  11. Do you feel strongly about it because you think it's unfair or because under the old system you were higher up the pecking order for first dibs on a ticket? The new system is fairer, all be it with several significant quirks that need to be ironed out. I rarely went to an away game due to the lack of availability of tickets and because I couldn't get to more games I couldn't build up more points meaning I was permanently locked out of the system. At least under this system everyone who wishes to participate has an equal chance.
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