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  1. So pleased we didn’t have to go through the play offs, always a strong chance that the one that missed out on the top two wouldn’t recover from it. Feel for any decent Leeds fans but their larger than normal collection of self entitled knuckle draggers get what they deserve. So now we have two teams that basically contributed very little to the season as a whole, never remotely challenged for the top two, playing for a place in the PL. whichever team goes up I would fancy us to finish above next season.
  2. Certainly no banker but I fancy Leicester to beat Arsenal Norwich 3 Blackburn 0
  3. JF

    Prem TV money next season ?

    I don’t know, I’m off to Florida for a few weeks tomorrow, Disneyland, Seaworld, Universal ain’t got nothing on Pleasurewood hills!
  4. JF

    Prem TV money next season ?

    Having done work directly for several of our players last time we were in the PL, I can say that a hell of a lot of money from their salaries is spent locally filtering through trades people and local businesses
  5. As for conceding goals from set pieces I’ve never understood why you wouldn’t go man to man marking, you have your player, stick with him. Never liked zonal marking myself
  6. We’ve seen before that when we try to protect the defence to stop the goals against we then lose a lot of our attacking threat. That will be the biggest challenge in the PL, getting the balance of protecting the back 4 whilst maintaining a threat going forwards. Interesting season to come
  7. As has already beed said they will need more protection. The big problem we will have is can we still be a threat going forwards if we sacrifice our attacking play to protect them
  8. No there isn’t a hope in hell we will play the same way. We need to strengthen with a defensive midfielder, right back cover, wide players and a forward. But regarding your original post of you couldn’t disagree more that the defence is sorted, with the budget we have available and the talent we have in that back four, I can’t see how it could possibly be strengthened.
  9. And to avoid any confusion this is the question that has yet to be answered?
  10. You’ve still dodged the question on who needs to be replaced by strengthening to stop the avalanche of goals that’s coming our way?
  11. I’d agree with that, but that’s not what’s been said
  12. None of us do as we’ve yet to see him. I trust Farke and Webber’s judgement on bringing him in though and I believe he has Bundesliga experience
  13. We have cover for Lewis in Heinz who we’ve yet to see play so it’s just cover for right back needed
  14. so again then, who from the back 4 needs to be replaced by strengthening? Zimmerman who has been absolutely immense this season? Or Godfrey, Lewis and Aaron’s all who are being scouted by some of Europe’s top clubs? Simple facts are that in today’s market there is pushing £100 million of potential talent there, the only way they will realise that talent is by being played at the top level.