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  1. Should have snatched a point at the end but that woeful first half killed us. Wasted chance and we’ve gifted a rival 3 points there
  2. ****s sake should have scored
  3. Haven’t really got at them since the goal
  4. Need to up the pressure and urgency now. They will be nervous so gat at them
  5. Get over yourself. It’s not writing him off. We needed him out there in the second half and a big performance from him so we could make attacking subs.
  6. So Amadou isn’t the messiah we were waiting for to give us that in midfield then....
  7. Stieperman and tettey coming on
  8. Wow. Utterly deluded. That’s a shocking half of football edit: I realise I should have ignored your contrary nonsense
  9. Dog **** performance and no excuses. Just Haven’t turned up. Massive second half required to salvage a point. We’ve made them look a decent team whilst we look like tourists in this league
  10. And now it’s over. Absolutely **** performance in such an important match
  11. Awful isn’t it. Slow, predictable build up play. No urgency, no movement. McClean the only player that’s playing probing forward passes. Playing like it’s a meaningless pre season friendly