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  1. THe commentator on the BBC for the Chelsea v United match would pass out if he witnessed the goals we scored at the weekend, if his reaction to the bang average goal Utd just scored is anything to go by!
  2. Its ok as they will make it back when we cherry pick their best talent for our PL campaign next season. It would be rude to break traditions
  3. I might get my guitar out of the loft. Busking may be the only way to make money by the end of this **** storm....
  4. Hoffenheim to beat Hannover Bolton 1 Norwich 3
  5. JF

    Dear Mr Declan Rudd

    There was also a red card offence from Aaron’s if you want it played by the book. I’d say the referee handled it very sensibly. This being up in arms over his play acting by some of our fans is coming across as sour grapes, especially on the back of Stiepermann’s play acting in the Ipswich match 3 days earlier
  6. JF

    Dear Mr Declan Rudd

    No referee is ever sending a player off for those two incidents, especially when they have happened simultaneously
  7. JF

    Strong words from Farke...

    It’s a soft penalty and certainly not a stonewall one, sometimes they get given, sometimes they don’t. I’d have been screaming for it if it were for us though. Equally, players have been sent off for the challenge for our penalty, but for me it’s a yellow and the penalty is enough punishment.
  8. JF

    Dear Mr Declan Rudd

    Bizarre is the word but not about the referee! When has kicking or throwing the ball away ever been a red card? It’s a bookable offence, which is what he got.
  9. Have to agree that Rudd has made a tool of himself there. The same as Stiepermann did at the weekend. Pushed in the chest to the ground and he’s on the floor apparently knocked out for a couple of minutes. I suggest that after his football career is over he doesn’t follow in Mckenzie’s and Flintoff’s footsteps and try his hand at boxing...
  10. First half attitude seemed wrong. Far better tempo to the second half and had we started the match that way we’d probably be coming away with a point. Maybe it was tiredness or maybe we turned up expecting to win. Either way hopefully lessons have be learned from it
  11. If this insight was gospel the bookies wouldn’t exist for you to place the bets!
  12. An expected goals on career average doesn’t take in to account the player moving into the prime years of his career and his reading of the game maturing. Like all stats it’s useful but the game isn’t played on paper with stats.
  13. Because punters have seen the value in backing us at those odds
  14. It’s a hard game but I can’t see us losing this. There is certainly value to be had in backing us to win this one.
  15. Wouldn’t worry about him. Our paths will never cross with him again. His career is pretty much over.