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  1. The vaccine certificates that you can’t wait for if used domestically will create a two tier society.Those that have and those that don’t. You’d be able to go to a cinema/Football for example because you will have the certificate. Someone who doesn’t won’t have those options. So yes that would mean excluded from society. Yes you could say people could just get the vaccine and then they would have those options but is that really a place we want to go with this? Surely a rapid test will suffice instead of insisting on a particular vaccine health certificate?
  2. Listen. Now I’ve calmed down after reading your original post I apologise for the line you said caused you offence and I’ve removed it. We as a society are going down a very dangerous path here if we have domestic vaccine passports/certificates. We cannot create a two tier society based on what health certificate we have. Where does that stop? I was going to take the vaccine but I’m not prepared to have it knowing that I already have very high levels of antibodies. What offended me was I’m no more risk to you than you are to me but if I’ve interpreted your post correctly you want me to be excluded to protect you?
  3. I ain’t taking a vaccine I don’t need to appease people like you who “can’t wait for vaccine certificates” I know I have a high level of antibodies as I’ve been requested to donate my plasma to Nhs studies. Maybe that won’t get me your desired level of paperwork for my rights and freedoms though
  4. Extreme reaction??? You’re advocating banning people from parts of daily life in this country because they don’t have the same health certificate that you have?? What the hell has gone on in people’s minds to even believe that this is anywhere near acceptable??? If you’ve had the vaccine it shouldn’t matter to you. I’ve had the virus but I’m not calling for people like yourself to be exposed to the virus to protect me. I’m done with this conversation, it’s utterly ridiculous to even contemplate what you want society to be. Where would you stop, if children aren’t vaccinated would you ban them from education?? Don’t even reply as I’m blocking you
  5. Astonishing attitude. You think it’s right to exclude people from society because they don’t share the same acquired immunity as yourself? Absolutely irrelevant to you that they themselves may have immunity acquired through prior infection? But they don’t have the same papers you have so they don’t have the same rights? Some people need to have a good look at themselves in the mirror
  6. Does the same apply to the yearly flu vaccine then? What you’re suggesting is ridiculous and will lead to a two tier society. I’ve had covid in February and for me it was nothing worse than a mild cold, I appreciate that isn’t the case for a very small percentage of people but those people have the vaccine. I’ve absolutely no intention of having a vaccine that has some seriously nasty side affects for a virus I’ve already had and have antibodies for. Latest research indicates that natural immunity may even last forever. I’ll wait it out on the studies of natural immunity before taking the jab
  7. They are currently working their way through the Just Eat menu of variants. We’ve had Chinese and Indian, Thai is next
  8. Branding people “Anti Vaxers” is wrong for a lot of the people who haven’t taken the jab. Most of those people will have had many vaccines throughout their lives but are unsure about the safety surrounding this vaccine. My wife was offered the Astra Zeneca jab and booked it. She had a horrendous reaction to the vaccine which was far, far worse than what she and I experienced with the virus when we had it in February. 5 days after she received it the advice was changed saying her age group can have an alternative vaccine. She now doesn’t know what she will do about the second dose after her experience with the first. What you have to understand is for many of these people in age groups that the virus hardly touches, the vaccine is far from a pleasant experience for them.
  9. These Leeds fans.... They spend one season in the PL in nearly two decades and suddenly they think they are an established side. Next season may be very different
  10. You wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of Boris
  11. Currently that would be the case, But If both were in this league and had the money coming into them that PL clubs have then both would easily attract quality players. These two in the PL would be a very competitive
  12. Apparently both were only informed of the plans on Thursday and told they are either in now or they are never in. Both had reservations but didn’t want to be left behind with other big clubs signing up
  13. It seems we may have all been wrong about this competition. The knockout stages have been hugely entertaining
  14. Having seen Dowdens speech in the commons and the universal support across all parties it looks as though these clubs have a hell of a fight on their hands. He’s says they will use all options including withdrawing support for these clubs by removing licences for matches and policing
  15. I think that the strength of outrage from all quarters over this is such that it would have overwhelming support. Incredibly harsh on the players involved but there has to be a stand against this.
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