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  1. JF

    Our summer business

    obviously the sporting director will be working within the restraints of the club. Differing budgets available will result in different targets. It makes far more sense though to use the money now to lay the foundations for the future. Premier league campaigns will come and go for clubs like us, Use the money wisely and have something to show for it. What have we to show for our last endeavours into this league?
  2. JF

    Casino Royale

    Can’t see the problem. England’s camp would have been aware of the reasons he’s pulled out and were obviously happy with it
  3. JF

    Could AD be our AC??

    You know the old saying “ what goes to the Edith Cavell, stays in the Edith Cavell”
  4. JF

    Ownership questions

    This thread looks more like a debate than factual answers to me...
  5. JF

    Could AD be our AC??

    Jeez it’s like Grindr on here...
  6. JF

    Could AD be our AC??

    Seems like an attempt to pick up blokes by the looks of it
  7. Nobody is seeing Tettey as the new messiah. Just a player that can sit in there and protect that defence far better than anyone else we have at our disposal at the moment
  8. JF


    There was nothing clever that couldn’t have been stopped for their first goal. Atrocious defending and there is no excuses for it. He even had time to bring the ball down between our two centre backs before finishing.
  9. For me EMI and Cantwell have been guilty too often of losing possession and we’ve been turned over from it. Buendia twice yesterday resulted in goals. Leitner has the highest pass completion of any player in the league outside the to 6 so I’d be tempted to leave one of emi/ Cantwell out put Tettey in and move Leitner forwards. We have to look after the ball better in those midfield areas than we have been IMO edit not top 6 but so called big 6
  10. JF

    Could AD be our AC??

    I stop taking posts seriously when the poster starts to compare football with “any other business”
  11. JF


    Difference was Mings. He’s starting to look a quality defender. Took control of every situation we had, threw himself in front of everything and orchestrated their defence. Had he been in our back four we’d have won that game edit. I’d have imagined Zimmerman would have been our equivalent if injuries hadn’t hit
  12. Probably but there is a case to replace any of the starting midfield from yesterday if numbers allowed
  13. Midfield is too lightweight and brushed off the ball far too easily at this level. If Tettey is back and I don’t know when he is then he needs to come in there, presumably we won’t have two centre backs to push armadou in there. Unlike many I’d keep Stiepermann where he is and only play one of Cantwell or Buendia if numbers available allow
  14. Yes it didn’t take any real time. There was a quick conversation through his earpiece and he then signalled for play to continue