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  1. Undoubtedly supporters bump value. But he’s a home grown player that has international and now PL experience. 22 years old and the current PL and European champions deem him to have enough quality to add to their squad. I’d be disappointed to receive anything less than £17 million with add ons. That is the minimum going rate I would say
  2. So they offered £8 million plus £2 million in add ons it seems. No wonder the club are reported to be unhappy with Liverpool unsettling the player with a quote the club “derisory” offer. Pay the going rate or jog on
  3. The club won’t deny him the move. But the deal has to be right for all parties involved and that includes us getting the going rate for the player. There is absolutely no reason why the club, or any club for that matter would sell for less than the going rate. Would Liverpool accept less than Salah’s value if Barcelona were to come knocking just because it’s his dream move?
  4. If Liverpool want him then good luck to him, can’t refuse the chance for a move like that. Personally I don’t see him making much of an impact there but we’ll see. But Liverpool have to pay the going rate and that is £20 million plus or they can jog on. Why the hell should we sell a player to the Champions on the cheap?
  5. If only there were a way he could record his feelings on this to the backing tune of a disco beat. Maybe a euro dance version of the Clash should I stay or should I go...
  6. I’ve a feeling his next album will be a real tear jerker, proper break up album that will go down in history with Adele’s.
  7. Astonishing isn’t it that people are capable of having opinions on many different things all at the same time...
  8. Wasn’t having a go at you. I was just saying I’d posted the same comments on other threads
  9. Just posted on other threads. Highly likely that Bournemouth will now take legal action against the PL and hawk eye over this.
  10. Counting the hours until Bournemouth commence legal action against the PL and hawk eye
  11. So Villa stay up through a failed goal line technology system then. Wouldn’t be surprised to see legal action incoming
  12. Coincidentally or maybe not both Pukki and Buendía live on the same small development of about 5 houses and 2 of them are up for sale on right move. I don’t know if they are the ones they are living in or not that are up for sale
  13. Said it at the time, that’s one of the softest red cards you’ll ever see. Can’t get too wound up by it as it was a meaningless game for us but unfortunately that was likely to be Emi’s last action for us. Just another **** decision to add to the long list of **** decisions that VAR has ruined the game with this season.
  14. That Pogba yellow wasn’t too different to Drmic’s yesterday
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