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  1. Going to be painful next season if we get promoted and have sold Emi and Aaron’s
  2. So someone on Twitter has wasted their time and taken all of Emi’s goals and assists away and worked out the table. We would be in 16th place on 35 points
  3. What a load of nonsense this table is. Some people must have far too much time on their hands. Let’s compile a table to see where we’d be if Emi was forced to play in two left boots and with his hands tied behind his back...
  4. Luckily his opinions are of zero relevance then. Things will return to normal as people will want to return to normal and the economy will demand a return to normal
  5. I’ve got the cough terribly but some of that is asthma as well. But yeah I certainly wasn’t ‘ill’ with it but very tired and as you say even now the smallest of tasks like taking the rubbish out leaves me knackered and in a cold sweat. Hopefully that doesn’t last too long as my job is very physical and I’m gonna struggle with it like this!
  6. Just finished my self isolating after catching this. Weird virus to be honest. I’m asthmatic so it’s hit that pretty hard but other than that I wouldn’t say I was what I’d call ill with it. Yet I’m now out of that self isolating period and I feel knackered even though I’ve done nothing! All very strange, I feel tired and rough without actually feeling ill is the only way I can describe it.
  7. Used to have some bitcoin but sold it about 2 years ago. Be very careful not to put money in that you can’t afford to lose. Bitcoin has some massive climbs in value but also huge crashes as well
  8. We just need to get back to the levels we were before the F..A cup game. Long way to go and we will take some stopping if we can rediscover the form that got us clear at the top
  9. Slow and pedestrian with next to no goal threat. Without Emi we are utterly average going forwards.
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