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  1. Oh Dear , Never Mind ...... I’ll get my coat !! It just makes you wonder why people bother with this boll*x .... Just because they can, I suppose....
  2. In my defence , guys, before I get Crucified.... I did say “supposed” leak .....and later mentioned the unreliability of Social Media News , and The Sun newspaper!!
  3. Sorry, Guys ... My mistake ...It was a bit early in the morning, and no glasses on !! Yup ...10th August not 30th !! I know you can’t believe half of what’s on-line, or in the Sun, but I saw it, and wondered if anybody else did...I have amended my original post....
  4. Tottenham Hotspur V NCFC Live on Sky TV 12.30 Sat 10th August ... Supposed leak uncovered by The Sun... Anybody else see this ??
  5. Testing......Hopefully Avatar is up..... Nope...... whoo hoo !! Think I’ve done it at last !!
  6. Ignore my last post ... My original user name has magically appeared !!
  7. At Bloomin’ Last !! After being blocked for too many attempts at moving my account over, I gave up and started a new one on my wife’s E Mail address...... Just got to get my avatar back now !!
  8. Ah...OK It’s just appeared Cover starts at 11 .55 Panic Over !!
  9. Morning Chaps....Am I being a serious thick o, or have I a hiccup with my Sky Sport.... I can’t see a bloomin’ Red Button.... Should it be on now, or does it appear on KO ?
  10. Went to a Norfolk Day function at Top of the Terrace last. Night....The pitch was being watered, and looks excellent
  11. Had to wait nearly a week..... I forgot what I wanted to say, by the time I was accepted!! No big deal, really, is it , but makes you wonder how these people with multiple accounts don''t get rumbled....
  12. Like being the new boy at school, Frank !! I was in the Pub Trade for 30 yrs, so I''m not easily offended!!
  13. As you can see, I ain''t too good at it , yet !!
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