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  1. CanaryChris

    502 Bad Gateway

    I think it's all cantwells fault. We should have started ubuntu against reading and wigan and we would have had no bad gateways in either match.
  2. CanaryChris

    Song for Stiepermann?

    I will not take credit for this one as it is in another thread about this very thing. But my favourite one I saw on that thread went something like this: "The only shot that went right through me was a shot of a stiepermann." Props to whoever came up with that one and very apt after Friday's effort.
  3. CanaryChris

    Oxford goalkeeper sent off

    So defenders can catch the ball and only get a yellow card providing there is one of their colleagues around? Sorry not convinced. Was a red card all day long for me.
  4. CanaryChris

    502 Bad Gateway

    You only ever hear about the bad gateways. The good gateways get no press at all...
  5. CanaryChris

    Squad to share £10 Million if we go up...

    Probably most players on contracts for lower sums given their relatively low key reputations when they came here. Doubling would probably place them in the same category as most Villa or Derby players now. More than justified in my opinion. They have been stellar this season. Wonder if this would apply to players like Klose whose wages would be quite high already?
  6. CanaryChris

    Daniel Farke not happy

    Disappointed with Brucies comments really. The ref was poor for both teams but vrancic was fouled he made the most of it. But he was fouled.
  7. CanaryChris

    Dirty Word - Playoffs

    Playoffs can ****off
  8. CanaryChris

    Tim Krul under valued

    His save against forestieris second thunderbolt was top class. He's outstretched arm had to be iron bar otherwise that gets flapped into the corner of the net. His initial save against fletcher was excellent too. He has played a massive part in us securing these last to draws.
  9. CanaryChris

    Not..Ahem...Going Down...Well in Ipswich

    Well their 4-0 to Preston was extremely well timed. Not beat by more than 3 goals all season, but now no one will question when Leeds and sheff Utd pump them by 6 in their games. They will just point to this result and say "see we are that crap".
  10. CanaryChris

    Ridiculous and Unnecessary.........

    It was a worldie for sure. I just shrugged. What can you do against that? We will probably see a few of those fly into our net next season to be fair.
  11. CanaryChris


    Other than the goal, well taken as it was, he did not produce. Tried to take on too many men and often gave the ball away. However, I think is more to do with his having started 20 something matches in a row in a role that requires a lot of physicality. I am only suggesting he needs a rest not long term replacement.
  12. Has been the poorest I have seen this season by a distance. Linesman was pretty useless too. As well as punching the ball into the net Fletcher was offside in the first place. Still second half we were poor ourselves. Again Krul kept us in it with two brilliant saves (3 if you count the initial stop on Fletchers "goal")
  13. CanaryChris


    Steeps looks tanked. Reckon he needs a rest. Mario and Mo for Steeps, McLean. Emi in his usual role. But what do I know?
  14. CanaryChris


    Reckon there is a shedload of leather seats in baldys house. He keeps talking about squeaky bums. Could be terminal flatulence too I guess...