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  1. Gotta get this in while I can then. Pearson should be rnamed Cunty McCuntyson
  2. You are falling victim to assessing fan's thoughts on Pukki based on primacy bias. He had a bad game. A lot of people will then make judgement of his ability to perform at a higher level based on this, yet will stay silent when he plays blinders because it's only championship level. It's a mugs game to engage with such people. Pukki is a fine striker, but an even better all round attacker for the reasons you just mentioned. He's fit, has an excellent attitude, is well liked by his peers and the majority of fans can see what he offers. Let's not kowtow to the vociferous minority who's opinions are like ar$holes.
  3. I know but plenty of faith in attack to compensate 🤣
  4. Honestly he's done his dash here. These last 8 games were his final chance to prove he may still be useful. It is unfortunate he has picked up this injury but really he has got to be moved on in the summer and at least two high grade cbs bought in for the PL. Yes we will be playing PL next season.
  5. To battle Clancy Brown in a duel to the death under the tutelage of Sean Connery until there be only..... Oh you meant Paul. Couldn't really give a toss then.
  6. The thread is a laugh, surely. History says we are going up, comfortably as champions, probably by double digits. There is no chance we do not get promoted. This is clear as we are currently 1/100 with most bookies. If you don't think that - then put a few quid on us not going up, you'll be swimming in it and get to tell folks like me "told you so". But in all likelihood you're doing your money in.
  7. Think this happened second half at reading. Looked excellent iirc.
  8. Blackburn's season started so well But their season has gone straight to hell It's an easy winner Against an old binner Mighty Canaries will win two-nil COYY
  9. The answer to a question that no one asked... What ever happened to Michael Theo?
  10. There were 11 young players for Luton And none of them are high falutin On ****housery they relied When they last beat our side This time well give em a right tootin' 4-1 city!
  11. The Pukki miss could be huge. Brentford will surely change it up second half. I am seeing an advantage to having vrancic on the park. Emis goal probably had a lot to do with Brentford fear of vrancics free kicks.
  12. If we go up one of Brentford Swansea or Watford are going with us for sure (possibly two). These need to be games where we win and stamp authority because Christ knows they are gonna be the easiest matches next season!
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