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  1. How on earth did we win that let alone 3-1?! Well done Skippy on your first goal!
  2. Our players were not only ham fisted but pork shouldered bacon wristed and sausage elbowed. Awful
  3. Came in here looking for some insights on the Rotherham match and 50% is about the bloody dog in dam busters! Right funny though.
  4. We've had a lot of penalties this season. Think it shows skillful attacking players who are bamboozling lesser defenders.
  5. Was the Millwall game worth 20 points fora win and I somehow missed it? Otherwise, no. One result does not a season make.
  6. Relax. They are men not machines. All teams go through this. At the moment we are still picking up points, unlike Bournemouth. The onus is on Farke to find solutions. Shake up the team and get them playing well again. Which he has every other time we have hit a wall.
  7. Tottenham have literally binned parrott. Poor lad.
  8. Stroud couldn't have properly seen the challenge otherwise if he thought it was a second yellow he would have stopped play not given advantage as a player would be on the park affecting play that he otherwise shouldn't be. It makes the decision all the more baffling.
  9. That Aarons had a poor game on the right speaks volumes. Give the new guy an uninterrupted run of games before any judgement is passed.
  10. When we play Swansea next Saturday we will have played every team currently in the top 10 at their place. Both Swansea and Brentford have 5 such matches to contend with. We are where we are because of our consistency. We keep finding ways to pick up points. We'll be fine.
  11. So the Ipswich model of running a club then. I'm sure Evans and Lambert would love to see more of your musings, being such an informed supporter. They would take great comfort in knowing there is at least one dunderhead who agrees with what they are doing.
  12. Emi is easily frustrated. His tenacity turns when things aren't going his way. He was a targeted man by Boro and they executed Warnock's "tactic" to perfection. Really the fault is with Farke. He should've known how they game was panning out. Emi was on a yellow for what...nearly 30 mins of playing time? Farke should have made tactical and personnel changes well before that and given the tide of the game and Emi walking a tightrope he should have been replaced. That said the second yellow was harsh given the circumstances. Stroud couldn't have seen the collision otherwise he would have stopped play too send Emi off. So he must have relied on his assistant who really wasn't in the best position to see that in the middle of the park.
  13. Only one worthy of a 10 was Jackson. Solid effort from him for 80 mins. Holy was a 2. What was he thinking being competent in goal. All others an 8 from me.
  14. Sorenson, for the commitment and fine work he has put into a position he had never played deserves plaudits. But (yeah that was telegraphed), to say he has done brilliantly for a left back I am not so sure. He definitely has done brilliantly for a square peg, but Sarr showed how easily he can be beaten time and again against Watford. Reality is we need Quintilla back asap. Watford was probably too soon and in the last couple of games we had a 19 year old keeper, so probably not a great game to introduce him, and a question mark over Krul who had only just returned to fitness himself. I guess farke just didn't think these were suitable conditions to risk Xavi. As mentioned the cup tie will tell us more as will any transfer activity in the next few weeks.
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