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  1. CanaryChris

    David Turnbull to Celtic

    Think he was one for the future if we signed him. Basically we were somewhat used to bump up his pay packet to Celtic for whom he will presumably start in the first team far more often than he would here. Don't see this one as a great loss really. We are well stocked in that part of the field anyway.
  2. CanaryChris

    Ricardo Remembers Part 1

    Thanks Ricardo. That was an amazing retelling of some of our club's history through the eyes of a supporter. Roll on part 2.
  3. CanaryChris

    Grant Hanley

    I honestly believe that any player movements by players considered in and around the first team last season will be player driven. There is a very delicate balance of the right people in that dressing room right now; a real sense of togetherness, and I am sure Farke and Webber will want to preserve that as much as possible. If Hanley wants to move for first team football, I am sure this will be accommodated, but I do not think the club will be seeking to offload anyone from our magnificent season. The fewer changes the better.
  4. CanaryChris

    Official 2019/20 fixtures thread!

    Our first 5 fixtures are...hard.
  5. CanaryChris

    Sky TV

    Liverpool at Anfield eh? Does it get any easier than that?
  6. CanaryChris

    Timm Klose on Ipswich

    Well said, Timm.
  7. CanaryChris

    'Baptism of Fire' v 'Eased in Gently'

    Didn't we tonk the gunners on their pumpkin patch in game 1 of that amazing 92.93 season? Bring em on!
  8. CanaryChris

    NCFC Memorabilia in Obscure Places

    Akin to Splendid here, given where I live (Adelaide, South Australia) I visited Martindale Hall about three or four years ago. This is an estate about 2 hours drive north of Adelaide, in practically the middle of nowhere. We parked up with about four or five other cars strewn across the car park I was wearing a Norwich top, and as I got out of the car someone yelled "On the Ball, City!" Couldn't believe it. Side note - I was holidaying in Hamilton Island (a chain of Islands off the coast of Queensland) in 2009. For our anniversary, my wife surprised me with the latest NCFC shirt, which I wore with pride (even though we were League 1 at the time). We stayed in one of several self contained villas. Turned out we were staying next to a couple of East Anglian lads, one a City supporter, the other Ip****e! So I guess I display the memorabilia in odd places?!
  9. CanaryChris

    The Suffolk Svengali

    Can Bog Vince go one post without mentioning the Norwich City board?
  10. CanaryChris

    Max Arrons will he or won’t he?

    Let Palace have Max Arrons for what ever that are prepared to pay. Never heard of him myself. Max Aarons on the other hand: they can bloody well sod off.
  11. CanaryChris

    8 March 1995

    Does seem a bit of a catch-22. Likely that if we are relegated, but many of our "starlets" perform, City may be decimated in the change room, while the bank struggles to hold the piles of cash being brought in - ripe situation financially that allows for an expansion. But, of course, we will be relegated, meaning that we would need to plan for life in the championship. This would make such moves to expand the stadium seem imprudent. So we save it and make our next charge up to the premier league. If we can establish ourselves in the prem, at what point do we decide this? Three seasons, four, five? I think we need to be looking at expansion much earlier than that, otherwise it seems a case of you can expand the stadium tomorrow; a day that never arrives.
  12. CanaryChris

    Buendia cost 5 Million then .

    Worth twice that and more. It is a bit of a strange one though. Must have been heavy clauses related to our promotion. When you consider that Wednesday want 7 million for Jordan Rhodes (no disrespect JR) that puts into light the bargain nature of Emi. He will do very well in the Premier League, just the way he harries opponents and creates space. Just as long as he is told to keep out of our penalty area...
  13. CanaryChris

    Dennis Srbeny

    First it was Jordan Roades and now poor Dennis has fallen victim to his name being spelt wrong...
  14. CanaryChris

    Tim Krul signs new 3 year contract

    I think the comparison between Krul and Gunn in terms of mistakes is somewhat unfair. I know Krul made more mistakes than Gunn but we have played a far more attacking brand this season compared to last season's more defensive approach. I admit to not knowing the shot count each faced or number of saves but just thinking about the games we played, more instances of end to end matches come to mind this season than last. Take out the first five games where not only was Tim rusty but the whole team was shaky and unsettled then I can only think of a few major errors that led to goals. Yes there were others that gave us all heart palpitations but nothing came of them this year and he has only gotten better as the year has progressed. If he continues this along with the rest of the team then I am very excited to see where we end up because I do not think it will end in relegation.
  15. CanaryChris

    José Antonio Reyes dead.

    Terrific player for the gunners. Very sad indeed.