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  1. I'll probably get roasted for this but f*ck it. I'm a pretty large guy too. Maybe we can call him out for being a **** without having to resort to the weight jibes. Makes me wonder what people would say to me were we ever to meet.
  2. I also read that, but it also seemed to be the case that our lot went looking for it. No time for anyone involved in that nonsense on either side. Constantly dragging the rest of normal football fans through the mud.
  3. You know what, you could be right there. That's my bad.
  4. A word beginning with R that I try not to use myself. I agree with the sentiment mind.
  5. If people don't wish to be perceived as a racist, they should probably stop saying racist things. As we can't read minds we really have nothing more to go on than what they say. This was a flat out racist statement.
  6. He really does seem like a fundamentally stupid man that has accidentally tripped up and found success doesn't he?
  7. We probably wouldn't stay up, it gets harder every year and even spending everything we possibly could wouldn't get it done. Have to try though, what's the alternative?
  8. Red or not, this has been embarrassing. It is not normal for a team of supposed professionals to immediately crumble under the first sign of adversity. They're too happy making excuses. They've been at it all year since they started pushing the absolute lie that the form in Autumn was down to injuries.
  9. Great time for us, great time for him, but that's gone, it's in the past. Very, very few managers I'd have back. And this is from someone that wouldn't mind at all if DW left tomorrow.
  10. I think I speak for all when I say no apologies necessary. Can't account for any of that. Picking 6 is way, way harder than it seems.
  11. Wahey! I have to admit I'd completely forgotten about picking that one and was about to come on here cursing our luck. Excellent suggestion from a couple of you 👍
  12. Hi everyone, thanks for your suggestions, hopefully there's some winners amongst these. £1 BTTS in both halves £1 3-1 City, Sargent first scorer £1 Sargent with Header, Sainz from outside the box (love this) £1 Sainz first scorer £2 Norwich win, BTTS, Over 3 goals, Sara anytime £2 HT draw, FT City win £2 Norwich to win from behind
  13. I think for my pick this week I'll go with a Norwich win. Evens seems quite large given our home form and given Sunderland have their best player out. I know along come Norwich exists but we don't really believe in that do we? Would somebody be so kind as to remind me how much I have to stake on the City game because I'm having a complete mind blank!
  14. I think he had a really good cameo today. Certainly more than just popping up in the right place, he did an awful lot of work for his goal.
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