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  1. Sorry I'm so late. For the sake of the stats I'll go with Sheff Utd to beat Ipswich.
  2. splutcho

    Has the title chance gone now?

    4 points or more = title Less = 2nd Would be very surprised if Sheffield United don't take 6 points. Ipswich are no hopers and Stoke were poor today, we threw 2 points away. At the end of the day, if they pip us to it, they deserve it and we don't.
  3. splutcho

    Starting XI v Stoke

    You don't think Emi will come back in?
  4. Gutted. The slightly riskier ones paid off and the banker let us down. Sorry folks.
  5. Sorry this happened to you and your mate. When anything like this happens, it's best to remember, we unfortunately all have fans like it. 99.9% of people are decent sorts.
  6. splutcho


    Wouldn't go that far. Definitely off the boil last night, but massively important for us in the first half of the season.
  7. splutcho

    Starting XI v Stoke

    I think Kenny could consider himself unlucky if he misses out, but then I'd be quite eager to start Vrancic. I'm glad I'm not the manager.
  8. splutcho

    Oxford goalkeeper sent off

    I think this was one of the few things he did get right. Like others have said, I think the presence of the defender means it's not a red.
  9. splutcho

    The Fans

    I got a lot of stick for criticising fans last week. Admittedly I wasn't there tonight but they sounded decent on the box.
  10. Ok I've got my six. This is not easy, but I think I've got the right mix of bankers and calculated risks. Cardiff - LIVERPOOL LAZIO - Chievo Huddersfield - WATFORD PAOK - Levadiakos JUVENTUS - Fiorentina Elgin - PETERHEAD
  11. Some great picks, keep them coming. Ill probably put my choices up just before the City game tonight.
  12. Is there any need to be so hostile? You wouldn't be such tools in person so why the billy big **** act online. They asked a pretty simple question. Letting them know it's unlikely probably would have sufficed.
  13. Thanks Nutty, my pick is Watford to beat Huddersfield. For Friday's game, Hernandez to score first. Can't find odds for Monday's yet.
  14. splutcho

    Hennessey that thick? Or a liar

    He's a liar.
  15. Just checked again it's actually 20/1 after our very minor hiccup. Still, £50 would net you £1000 of consolation prize. We're going up though so probably save your cash.