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  1. Please God, no. He is no better than Krul, and he was the weak link in the Man City side for years, sheltered by a strong back 4. His England performances proved as much. Please, no, not worth the money. And it would be substantial.
  2. Next season will be more difficult. I don't know whether there will be a market for 'staying up' or whether it is just relegation, meaning that if I want to back Norwich to stay up, I have to 'lay' them to go down. In other words, I will become the bookie rather than the punter. So I could be risking rather a lot of money to make it worthwhile. Which isn't really in my playbook. Or, more accurately, isn't really in my wife's playbook, so doing that would result in my **** being removed and used as a skippy purse. Which isn't really in my playbook.
  3. It basically is. It's why I don't usually bet on individual games as I usually don't have the time (or inclination) to keep an eye on what the market is doing over a 2 hour period - the long game is much easier. Although to be fair I was keeping an eye on movements on Easter Monday to work out what I wanted to do in respect of my Sheffield United title bet. But I'm not going to make any more trades this season. I'm happy with my positions. And there you go, more hedge fund management talk.
  4. Think you're right on that. The Norwich standalone odds suggest that it is a promotion bet, not an outright winner bet.
  5. Good call. We can't afford the negative press of a pitch invasion, or some of the worse consequences. https://sports.vice.com/en_uk/article/pgndqm/pitch-invasions-footballs-forbidden-fruit "It isn't just individuals who are at risk of punishment. Every time a fan makes their way on to the pitch, the referee has to include it in his report. This goes to the FA, who'll get straight on the phone and ask said club to explain themselves. If too many of those calls are made, the FA can basically punish the club in whatever way they like. A fine is most likely, but in particularly egregious cases a points deduction is possible. They really, really do not want you running on their precious grass." Imagine if we lost promotion because of a points deduction for an organised pitch invasion. However unlikely, it is still possible. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-3185291/Blackpool-deducted-three-points-pitch-invasion-forced-clash-Huddersfield-abandoned-season.html
  6. I've had various bets on Betfair for a while now, but been trading out of my positions as I have gone along - guarantee the profit. I had us winning at 120:1 but sold out at the end of September for 44/46:1. Before the Wednesday game I bought into Leeds for a fiver (4.3:1) and Sheff United for £3 (25:1). I've sold out Sheff U a bit to guarantee a profit if we win (£6 profit on initial stake of £4), but stand to make £31 if the blades get it. To be fair, I don't want the Blades to get it, but I can see us having to get something out of Villa on the final day if we want the title. Which I am not hopeful of. Put £6 on us for top 6 at 5.3 mid august, and sold out at 1.26 at the beginning of December, taking home £17 in the process. Backed Pukki for top scorer, £5 at 16.5:1 at the end of September, and have progressively sold out of that to pick up £5 profit. Backed us for promotion, £5 at 7.8 at 30 September, and sold out at 2.18 at the beginning of December. to guarantee £12.5 profit. I fully expected the post Christmas slump but I sold out too quickly on us winning. If I'd have waited for the beginning of December, I would have got odds of 5:1 to sell out, and made £100 easily. My problem is that I've been a Norwich fan for too long. I've seen far too many strong starts and far too many post Christmas collapses. I bet to sell out of them when I've made enough profit to make it worthwhile, not to win the bet. Sadly, I sold out of the draw against Wednesday - £5@4.6:1, sold out @2.9:1, and placed at 8:1 for a Norwich win. Would have made £24 if we had won, or £18 if I'd have held to for the draw, so ended up basically flat on that bet. But never mind. No money lost. And no, I'm not a binner. I'm just not a gambler. I'm a trader. I pick bets that I think are more likely than the market believes, and trade out when the market catches up. Hence doing Betfair Exchange rather than a traditional bookies. It helps that my day job requires me to understand derivatives trading (which is essentially what Betfair Exchange is).
  7. Final Whistle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Brentford.
  8. As it goes, if things stay like this, we have to lose both our remaining games, Leeds have to win both, there has to be more than a 10 goal difference swing to Leeds, or, if they can only manage 10, they have to score 19 more goals than us in those 2 games. 1 minute to go...
  9. They really aren't playing as a team. They're being pretty selfish in the box.
  10. And are we sure that Jack Clarke is 18? I know I'm no spring chicken, but he doesn't even look old enough to grow a beard...
  11. Massively selfish play from Canos there - should have been 3 but he wanted the glory. But they are utterly ripping Leeds apart. The last couple of weeks have been somewhat less than glorious for us, but it has never been embarrassing. I would be truly embarrassed to be a Leeds fan watching this. Especially having lost to 10 man Wigan on Friday. To quote the Wigan fans from last week, Premier League, you're having a laugh...
  12. I live in the north west, so I have a load of away clubs nearby, and good links into London,bbut getting to carrow road is a right ****. Do we do an away season ticket? I think we used to but can't see it on the website. Thanks
  13. Why is everyone looking at average wages for ''normal'' people and then comparing that to the very top end for football? The wages you are talking about are for the very best 500-odd footballers in the country for the PL, and then a further 650 for the champs. If you want a proper comparison, look at the average salaries of the top 1000 earners outside of the sporting/entertainment fields. You cannot compare the wages earned by people with very specific skills in very short supply with the wages earned by everyone else with no specialist skills, or skills with a decent supply in the market. So, the correct comparison is the career total earnings for a top footballer compared to the career total earnings for a top lawyer or accountant or equity analyst in a bank. You have to be VERY high up the foodchain in football to do better than these top guys who have four times the average career length. The average championship wage of £325k, for instance, is towards the bottom of what you can expect to earn as a partner in a big London professional practice (accountants, lawyers etc) and there are probably in excess of 6,000 of them. Do you get the picture?
  14. I hear George Weah''s cousin might be available...
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