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  1. Was just about to mention him. But, like Beetlejuice...
  2. Ironic last sentence given where Portman Road is situated...
  3. That was my go-to memory. Mike Walker was magic. Mike Walker 2.0 was somewhat embarrassing. Better than Gary Megson though...
  4. We don't know they need to be sold. We know that we are skint and losing parachute payments, but we also know that our wage bill is losing a few high earners this year because they're out of contract, so we don't know what costs will look like next year. We don't know what Attanasio is putting in the kitty, and we don't know what his plan for next year is. In short, we know loads about the past but **** all about the future.
  5. Right decision for all but I'm a bit sad. I liked him and I liked Farke. Compared to others, I never thought that Dean Smith was the right choice, and never thought Hughton was up to it either.
  6. To quote David Stern in A Knight's Tale, "with a stick, while he slept". Failing that, with our team I'd probably go all out on the offensive. Which is a not overly dissimilar suggestion.
  7. This one hits hard for me. I'm (publicly) autistic, and the stats there are devastating. 1% of the population, 11% of suicides. That's the main driver for why life expectancy for autistic individuals is so low, with some estimates at 16 years before the 'normal' existance. And it's more commonly a male problem, and a young male problem. So to completely rip a new backside in someone else's views, it's great to see football clubs acknowledging this issue and trying to raise awareness with their young male fanbase.
  8. Thank you for your contribution. Sorry, typo there. Didn't mean thank at all.
  9. I'm not sat here ****ting my pants for Thursday night. Leeds didn't look like a top 2 side, we didn't look like a 'scraped into 6th place' side. We're not out by any stretch. And Duffy didn't distinguish himself negatively for me. All in all I'm going away pretty happy. Could have been better, could have been worse.
  10. No different to us having to account for our preference shares as debt liabilities. It's a basic application of the accounting standards. If the company goes into administration the administrators won't mutually agree anything with the lender. And any action to crystallise the debt if there is a risk of going into administration is quite possibly an unlawful act on the part of the directors. So no, not creative accounting. A natural consequence of the terms of the debt instrument. Creative financing possibly, but not creative accounting. It's probably about cash extraction for a foreign investor in a way that doesn't compromise the ability to borrow from others externally.
  11. What sort of lightweight are you that takes 6 days to get over 8 pints?
  12. I'm delighted to see this. Mainly because it means he won't be coming here.
  13. Inattentiveness kills more than either of them. God knows you don't have to be drunk to be driving like a **** - it generally just impairs your ability to get out of the situations that your total lack of concentration gets you in to, and makes it harder for other drivers to predict your behaviour.
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