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  1. littleyellowbirdie

    Not sexy eh?

    I think this may be the source of our woes: we need sexier fans in the stadium to distract the opposing players at key moments in play.
  2. littleyellowbirdie

    THAT's what I'm talking about!!

    That's nothing to do with luck. Ineacho broke a rule so the goal didn't count. No luck involved, just proper application of the rules. No question that there's a lot of work, but Leicester are a poor side?
  3. littleyellowbirdie

    Minimum Expectation

    Assuming we do go down, which seems a pretty safe bet to me (no complaints by the way: I respect the club's cautious fiscal approach given recent history with the likes of Naismith), my expectation is to go straight back up again and I'm very confident that will happen. I'm sure we'll lose some players in the Summer, but I don't think we'll lose anybody we can't do without and Farke and Webber have proved to me that they can pick good replacements. While the team has understandably lost its mojo somewhat after the battering it has taken this season, I don't think it will take much to get it back at Championship level. Once we're back up again, I think we'll be much better placed to invest to secure ourselves in the Premier League without the risk to the long term health of the club that we would have been taking this time around. Anyway, that's my opinion on it.
  4. littleyellowbirdie

    Time to stop moping about and just enjoy the ride

    There's one thing you can do to 'change things up' as it stands: get rid of the manager. In doing so you scrap any identity that has been built to get us to this standard on next to no investment for a vain hope that someone else can miraculously turn what is already a cohesive unit as evidenced by last year, into something that can miraculously grab 16th place this season. It would be a moronic move.
  5. littleyellowbirdie

    Klopp being a tw*t

    The problem is that the Premier League is a law unto itself separate from the rest of English football. The Premier League schedules according to its interests and ultimately will not do anything to accomodate the rest of football in England. If the FA and Premier League were working together then the Premier League would reschedule to allow the Winter break, but the Premier League is too important, so Liverpool has been caught in the middle.
  6. littleyellowbirdie

    A club without ambition

    I swear nobody who follows this club actually listens. We were told where we were before last season even finished: we were going to be doing this on a shoestring and if we could manage to survive then great, but if not then we'll go again a lot more financially stable. I'm getting really sick of people having hissy fits about 'no ambition' and so on. Really, if you want vicarious success every single week then just switch to supporting Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea or so on. There's no shame in not bothering with the fact that it's a local club linked to the community and just going for a feelgood glow from the success of something that has **** all to do with you. Better than that than making it a misery for the people who just want to see the club do the best it can within the resources it has.
  7. littleyellowbirdie

    I Told You So

    Everyone in the world has a long list of things they don't understand. The word for someone who doesn't realise they have a long list of things they don't understand is 'ignorant'.
  8. littleyellowbirdie

    Sky Sports Top Scorers List

    Not to worry. Pukki will take a clear lead soon enough.
  9. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I actually think tonight bodes pretty well: first night back in the Premier League against the European Champions and, after a drubbing in the first half, we keep them out all second half and claw a goal back. I really think we're going to do okay this season.
  10. littleyellowbirdie

    Joe Ferrari & Gemma Gifford leave NCFC.

    Yup. Almost makes me wonder whether it's going to be out-sourced.
  11. littleyellowbirdie

    Jordan Rhodes?

    Well it seems there was no option agreed and definitely no price agreed so I'm delighted to take back my earlier comments. Would still like Rhodes to come to us mind. Plenty of summer left for them to come to an agreement so you never know.
  12. littleyellowbirdie

    Jordan Rhodes?

    Perfectly appropriate word when you attempt to renegotiate (note the difference in meaning in contrast to 'negotiate', which you have used here) a previously agreed figure.
  13. littleyellowbirdie

    Jordan Rhodes?

    Not as sorry as I am about your poor communication skills.
  14. littleyellowbirdie

    Jordan Rhodes?

    You have to be the most obnoxious so and so on here, you know that?
  15. littleyellowbirdie

    Jordan Rhodes?

    I suppose he could, but why would he? To be honest, I think Norwich is in the wrong here. They entered into a loan deal with an agreed price of 7 million quid to buy at the end, and that was agreed when most people would have expected us to be starting next season in the Championship. Now we're saying we'd like him, but not at the price we'd already agreed to? I think it's shameful to be honest.