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  1. This season has got me to wondering about the fact that our most successful promotion campaign ever seems to coincide with no fans being in the stadium. Are Norwich fans a liability?
  2. If I was interested in supporting the whims of a multi-billionaire, I'd just support Chelsea or something. Personally, I find Norwich's approach much more interesting and entertaining.
  3. Difficult to justify changing to French when the next contender as most widely spoken European language would be German.
  4. Service industries aren't covered, but that's not really a surprise. I have to say that the fact that goods are completely tariff free is a hell of a surprise though. As you say, it's a very complicated agreement. We were always going to be losing in our commerce with the EU in this. What remains to be seen is whether the gains we can make elsewhere exceed the losses here. Only time will answer that question.
  5. It absolutely can and should be. Skin colour and views on economics and social liberalism do not go hand in hand. All of the major political parties have ethnic minorities among their MPs, yet all will have experienced racism of some sort. Black Lives Matter has a heavily left of centre economic agenda hanging onto the coat-tails of the racial one. As such, it's inappropriate that one group like BLM should be allowed to hijack the whole issue.
  6. Massive respect to him for abstaining in this manner. The amount of pressure to toe the line over the Black Lives Mattermust be immense. I'm not a massive fan of Black Lives Matter. Too much of it is anti-capitalism dressed up as anti-racism. That's not to say I either love or detest capitalism, but racism is something that should be considered independently of other political questions, and Black Lives Matter falls well short on that score and definitely shouldn't be being embraced by sporting bodies in such a simpering fashion. In addition, race issues vary from country to country, yet we're literally following the US on this: a country where black people are literally being hung from lampposts this year and the perpetrators getting away Scot free. It's not glossing over our own problems to take exception to exclusively American problems driving our own domestic agendas.
  7. No complaints regarding iFollow on a technical front. When a game has been streamed, it has worked for me and I've cast it to my Chromecast to watch on the big screen. All great. The issue is that the number of games that we can actually see is going down and down as more and more get added to Sky, which I can't get. Equally, I don't have the time, money or inclination to hunt down the games on the French channels that may have possibly decided to air the game given that I've already paid for a service to watch games. It's clear that iFollow is basically the dregs that can't get TV coverage, and yet I've spent best part of 200 euros. That's actually a reasonable proportion of the cost of a season ticket for the sake of having a few cameras at a ground and some servers. Frankly, online streaming is a great way for the leagues to take control of the issue over being at the beck and call of broadcasters, but instead we've got a service that treats subscribers as second-class citizens and just isn't worth the money.
  8. I'm just wondering if there are any other followers from afar who feel they have been completely ripped off by this so-called 'service'? Utterly fed up, that having shelled out for a season pass, for the third match in a row I'm reduced to radio commentary. Illegal streams are better than this and they don't cost money.
  9. Why does a random game getting picked for international broadcast have to disrupt service to people specifically paying to see a game?
  10. I think this may be the source of our woes: we need sexier fans in the stadium to distract the opposing players at key moments in play.
  11. That's nothing to do with luck. Ineacho broke a rule so the goal didn't count. No luck involved, just proper application of the rules. No question that there's a lot of work, but Leicester are a poor side?
  12. Assuming we do go down, which seems a pretty safe bet to me (no complaints by the way: I respect the club's cautious fiscal approach given recent history with the likes of Naismith), my expectation is to go straight back up again and I'm very confident that will happen. I'm sure we'll lose some players in the Summer, but I don't think we'll lose anybody we can't do without and Farke and Webber have proved to me that they can pick good replacements. While the team has understandably lost its mojo somewhat after the battering it has taken this season, I don't think it will take much to get it back at Championship level. Once we're back up again, I think we'll be much better placed to invest to secure ourselves in the Premier League without the risk to the long term health of the club that we would have been taking this time around. Anyway, that's my opinion on it.
  13. There's one thing you can do to 'change things up' as it stands: get rid of the manager. In doing so you scrap any identity that has been built to get us to this standard on next to no investment for a vain hope that someone else can miraculously turn what is already a cohesive unit as evidenced by last year, into something that can miraculously grab 16th place this season. It would be a moronic move.
  14. The problem is that the Premier League is a law unto itself separate from the rest of English football. The Premier League schedules according to its interests and ultimately will not do anything to accomodate the rest of football in England. If the FA and Premier League were working together then the Premier League would reschedule to allow the Winter break, but the Premier League is too important, so Liverpool has been caught in the middle.
  15. I swear nobody who follows this club actually listens. We were told where we were before last season even finished: we were going to be doing this on a shoestring and if we could manage to survive then great, but if not then we'll go again a lot more financially stable. I'm getting really sick of people having hissy fits about 'no ambition' and so on. Really, if you want vicarious success every single week then just switch to supporting Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea or so on. There's no shame in not bothering with the fact that it's a local club linked to the community and just going for a feelgood glow from the success of something that has **** all to do with you. Better than that than making it a misery for the people who just want to see the club do the best it can within the resources it has.
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