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  1. Presumably because they're good footballers, as we saw before their unfortunate injuries. The problem is we don't have the depth of squad. We clearly bought in experience to pass on experience from older heads to younger heads to better equip the younger heads down the line to hopefully do better, but obviously that requires more time than we've had before so many important players have become injured. Sometimes things just happen. Really don't understand this perennial need to find someone to have a hissy fit at when the wheels come off when it's not really anybody's fault.
  2. What if there simply isn't a way with the players available? It's the players on the pitch, not the manager.
  3. Prior to this season, our squad was too young and inexperienced. Complementing that with older heads was clearly necessary as demonstrated by how we keep coming unstuck relying only on younger players. Never going to work is far too strong. This injury situation was never a given. As always, hindsight is 20/20.
  4. Injuries. It's not that hard to work out. Trouble is people are more energised about a chance to rant at bad results and find a scapegoat.
  5. A few hundred years ago, people would go to bed very early, wake about midnight and spend a couple of hours reading, praying, or maybe having sex, then go back to sleep. Apparently it's quite a healthy approach. https://www.sleepfoundation.org/how-sleep-works/biphasic-sleep
  6. Barnes doesn't have a record of injury elsewhere. Sargent hasn't been especially fragile.
  7. Never ceases to amaze me how quickly the toxic crusaders get going when things go awry. The problem's very clear: A good squad that got off to a great start has picked up an absurd number of injuries to key players ridiculously quickly. This is part of a pattern that spreads over many seasons and many managers. Why does this happen and what needs to change? Are the fitness levels demanded too high? Is there something profoundly wrong with the approach of our fitness and conditioning teams? These are all much more interesting questions than yet more tedious ranting calling on sacking off-pitch executives.
  8. 3000, or about 0.004% of the population. Looks like they had fun.
  9. HE'S STILL IN PRISON!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! HA! I'm now going to go and bathe in your tears.
  10. Stupid. Athletics is already infinitely more interesting than golf. What sort of idiot would be interested in watching golf while complaining about rugby and athletics? You would.
  11. That much is true. Nothing anyone can do about any of it, up to and including that we've left the EU. But it's very telling that this thread is full of hysterics about supposed international rule breaking by the UK only for shoulders to be shrugged where it happens in the EU.
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