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  1. And where does the OP say anything about Hanley being the kind of starter we need? He was expressing sympathy to Hanley sounding down and potentially having to retire early from football. Show some compassion and empathy!
  2. Loads of teams name two keepers on the bench now, Emery does it for about 80 percent of Villa fixtures, Poch does it as well. You simply get to name more subs now, 9, so what is the big issue with this? You still have 7 outfield players, and can bring on a max 5 of them?
  3. Was this post really necessary? The OP wasn't claiming Hanley is the Scottish Bobby Moore and the answer to our prayers, he was simply expressing some sympathy towards a player who is down on his luck - Hanley has been a decent servant and been a very useful player for us for periods, nobody is suggesting we build him a statue, but a little bit of respect being shown to a player who was injured while wearing the yellow and green wouldn't go amiss. It might be better if you go and support the regional club for wan kers and morons down the road?
  4. To be fair, Harry Kane barely got a kick here after being written off after a couple of appearances.
  5. I know there are people arguing that we should have kept Idah, and that one has been done to death. But do we think we'd have been any better off if we'd kept any of these three until the end of the season? I don't rate any of them and none of them have done anything of note since leaving, but you have to perhaps say that Placheta might have been useful to have around with Rowe and Onel out injured when you look at how little Wagner has been left to play with on the bench?
  6. Wagner has said that it was Idah who was desperate for the move, you seem to be missing the third party here.
  7. I suspect there isn't any money in the pot, and the options were: a). Flog a star player to generate a January transfer budget b). Don't flog a star player but don't expect to do any other business And that the majority of us would have chosen option A Any other possibility, for example further financing from Mark Attanasio, just isn't going to happen, because as he has made clear we will continue the 'self funding' model and Ben Knapper has been brought in because he will operate a player trading model. Self funding + player trading = flogging a player to fund other acquisitions. Which one would you have flogged in January then Cambridgeshire, Sargent, Sara or Rowe?
  8. Bit of a catch 22 with SvH, probably needs a start, goal and win for his confidence to be any use, but if we do start him and he looks unfit and unconfident it would cost us points. Might be one for him to get some minutes off the bench if the game is won, however it can be tough for a striker to impress when the game is sewn up as the creative players often aren't taking the risks to create the goalscoring opportunities. Probably would have been better keeping Idah and placating him with the promise of a season long loan in the summer, I do agree with @hogesar in that respect, with the caveat being that we don't know just how much of a **** Idah might be been being to force the move, maybe we'll hear more about that once he's moved permanently. Then you have to ask really, if the game is won and there is chance to give somebody minutes, would you in fact give them to Aboh who you are trying to persuade to sign a new deal?
  9. Fans of every team in the division gets to the end of the season believing that dodgy refereeing has cost them points. But in every instance there is also an opposing side that has benefitted, fans seem to have a selective memory and don't recall those times. I don't think we can say "oh we should have 5 more points so should be above West Brom", as West Brom fans will just say "well we should have 6 more points because of X or Y"
  10. To be honest I thought one of them went to court years ago charged with several sexual assaults in the Prince of Wales Road area, it was in the Evening News at the time. So whichever one of them that one was can't be called "absolutely harmless"
  11. On the other hand, blocking his move to Verona because the right to buy clause was only a few million and we wanted more also looks like a good decision, because his price has surely got to be £5m now.
  12. I tend to try and take people at their word and would rather believe that Adam Idah wanted to leave than to believe that David Wagner is a dishonest person, not least because if Wagner did lie about Idah wanting to leave then I strongly suspect that Adam Idah would have called him out on it! “We have to say after Adam made his point clear that he likes to go on loan, for me, what was clear, that when we can find an alternative, it makes no sense to keep someone who is desperate to go on loan. I totally respect Adam’s decision and his thoughts. “At the right moment I backed this because our aims and targets are too high and we have to have a group who’s committed 100 percent. The chance popped up quite late to get Sydney on loan, and then with an option to buy as well, so it was the perfect scenario. “I got Adam’s point. And this is why I backed this decision. Even if I would have been fine if he wanted to stay and fight for his spot.”
  13. Neither of us have any idea whether keeping hold of Idah would have been a good or bad thing, as we don't know what the impact of his unhappiness would have had on the dressing room, and whether it would or wouldn't have been fully negated by further goal contributions. He clearly didn't buy into Wagner or sufficiently believe in his team mates if he was desperate to leave.
  14. And even that 1 I'd argue is no more stronger on paper than say West Brom or Southampton, I wouldn't swap the Leicester squad for the Rangers squad. Idah has been used off the bench for the last 3 games. 15 minutes, 19 minutes, 21 minutes, so 55 minutes of football in 3 games. If his desperation to move was to get more starts rather than used off the bench once Sargent was back then that doesn't seem to be working out for him at Celtic and he might have to go and do a year at Preston or Millwall or something. Celtic fans don't seem to want to keep him unless he's cheap when you read their forum. If Idah was being stroppy and throwing his toys out of the pram at not getting a move then I don't see what else the club could have done other than let him move, would be an unwelcome distraction at a time when the rest of the squad seems to be really pulling together and determined to have a go at getting up via the play offs. I suspect that Idah is less desperate to get to the Premier League because he already knows he's nowhere near good enough for that level, whereas Sara, Sainz, Nunez and co will be desperate to test themselves there. Could easily see how a stroppy and unfocused Idah would be an irritation.
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