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  1. It made me laugh that much that this is my first time posting in 8 years.
  2. Pretty sure if he moving somewhere he wouldn''t be tweeting that. I assume by the funny looks he means ''people were looking at me like thy were worried i''m leaving''?
  3. A massive club sells out their ground every week, not just for the big games.
  4. The only obnoxious supporter I have encountered recently is one that just blocked me on twitter for saying that we need some changes and we''re in a bit of trouble. Talk about delusional, you just sit there and clap our 1-0 defeat against Luton, nothings wrong *SMILES*
  5. Hopefully the meetings are about targets and negotiation progress.
  6. Someone just said to me that we don''t have a problem and there''s nothing to worry about! I''m not a radical NCFC basher like some seem to revel in being, but I can''t see how any sane fan thinks everything is good!
  7. Graham offers no more than what Holt does, would be silly business and it makes no sense. If we need reinforcements upfront we''re not gonna be getting rid of our only competent forward.
  8. At least one of them talks sense, thank you for your intelligent opinion.
  9. I was never doubting that Celtic are a bigger club than us, it''s just that some of their deluded fans seem to think they''re the best team in the world.
  10. **RANT** Sick of hearing that we''re too small to sign Hooper, he won''t leave the mighty Glasgow Celtic to come and play for a ''wee team like us.'' CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FOOTBALL!!! Yeah, well you fluked your way to the last 16 and you''re getting ruined by Juve and you know it. £5M isn''t enough? He''s playing in the equivalent of league one. I don''t know who they think they are but I can certainly see an Englishman prefering to play in his home league (which just happens to be the biggest and arguably best league in the world) and live in a better area for more £ a week. Who''d have thought it? *END OF RANT*
  11. It seems our clubs seems to rip the besh fushball supporters in the world off at every conceivable opportunity, utterly ridiculous.
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