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  1. Please do not comment on your posts.
  2. I’m well over the flaming dumpster fire that was his spell at NCFC, but I’d have been livid if I was his manager with some of the ambitious attacking passes he was attempting (unsuccessfully) when they were trying to see that game out last night.
  3. Yeah how daft, how anyone could be pessimistic at this time is beyond me.
  4. This does not stop with Wagner leaving. We need to drive this comfy, cosy bunch of egotists out of this club. Delia Smith is very quickly adding ‘yeah…but’ to the end of every sentence uttered about her previously impressive tenure. Many, many fans who wouldn’t hear a bad word said about our ownership have turned in the last couple of months.
  5. Seriously man, fvvvck Norwich City. They do not deserve us. I know it sounds pathetic and entirely a first world problem but it’s really making every day miserable right now. One of the main constants in my life is seriously letting me down.
  6. Seems to be some sort of embargo on reporting until 6am tomorrow.
  7. Absolute pair of helmets. Think the ginger one needs to realise he works for the BBC now and is effectively trolling the fan base during a very miserable time for the club.
  8. I note the local press are not permitted to provide live updates throughout, and David Wagner will not be present…
  9. When you look at that bin XI that is miles clear in the automatics it really makes you realise how crap this league is.
  10. Stop being so bloody precious. I don't think Essex is blaming anybody, he's pointing out that the drop in STH attendance would normally be uplifted by the casual uptake, of which there is very little at present.
  11. A 3% rise in season tickets is totally unjustified. If this is the case, I predict there will be a drop of two thousand sold. I think it will be the first time in many years that you’ll be able to call up and buy a season ticket.
  12. Again another tragic team selection. Wagner will be sacked after a Portman Road shellacking. We can all see it - hope the club higher ups surprise us all. What are you made of Ben?
  13. If we stick with Wagner it could be maybe 4 at best.
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