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  1. I've been with my cancer-stricken grandfather-in-law for the last 27 hours in hospital waiting for him to die, and that time has come. I really am very sorry to anyone who I've argued with on here over the last few weeks (months), life is too short for this crap. I offer you all actual love xx
  2. Football wise, we are where we've been for most of our recent history. It's the off-field disconnect that cannot be allowed to continue; it's what keeps you going as a fan. We've always been told we're different to other clubs. At the minute we're a perfect example of a club Stuart Webber held in contempt when he came here.
  3. I'd rather Norwich win a throw in than England win the World Cup. I want Josh Sargent to score against us so bad.
  4. Rebuild the relationship with the local media. Have Stuart Webber or an exec outline how we're trying to achieve what we're trying to achieve - what's the next 5 year plan? Considering the last one is now over and we're back where we were at the start of it. I don't want a miracle, I just want a bit of openess and the realisation that things like yellow-washing the AGM are not acceptable at our club. I can't see how anyone can disagree with any of this?
  5. To change tact and admit decisions that have been made look wrong in hindsight might well do. Just an acknowledgement that they hear the fans and their concerns and they're concerned by the current mood has to be a first step?
  6. Why the insults? All I'm saying is, they can't be happy that fans are so disengaged - Delia is obsessed with fans and their experience and sat in the ACN lads front room. To go from that to utter disillusionment?
  7. So you think, as life-long fans on NCFC and custodians of our future, that they're on board with the last 12 months? I know they might be looking at taking a step back but we've rarely needed them more than now to have a say and use their position of authority.
  8. Great reply. I was caring for my cancer-striken grandfather-in-law.
  9. Where are you Delia Smith and Michael Wynn-Jones? The bastions of decency, the ones who make us different, the ones who have dedicated their latter lives to making sure NCFC are different and special. How do they feel about this current disconnect? This local media ban? These pathetic, insipid performances? These horrendous, self sabotaging decisions off the field? Are they aware that some of their senior employees have undone years of hard work and are currently alienating an entire generation of fans? Surely you want your Norwich back?
  10. Can anyone around in the 80s give me an idea of what hooliganism was like surrounding NCFC? I know a general picture in terms of British hooliganism but never have really heard many tales of it involving us.
  11. Remember when football fans didn't have a clue, nor give a fig, about any of this? Better times for the game.
  12. It's for the greater good I'm afraid.
  13. Grant Hanley is the most boring man I've ever seen
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