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  1. Definitely ticket office, they'll print you paper tickets for free. Have fun
  2. Does anyone know what time county hall opens for football parking? Thanks
  3. It'll be rather sad if we miss out on a genuine wonder kid wanted by big teams in Europe for the sake of a few extra million.
  4. If we lose Aarons and Cantwell we are already relegated possibly with less points than last time.
  5. Too much stock being placed on Billing because he's new and a signing for the sake of it. He is not great and he is not worth anywhere near 10m. Happy to die on this hill alone.
  6. If the window ended tomorrow it would be a total disaster. We've sold our best player and lost our best midfielder and not replaced them sufficinelty. We go into the first 4 games with this squad, we lose heavily every game. The window does not close tomorrow. It closes in 5 weeks. We aren't in a great position, but three transfers could happen in the next week and all of a sudden we're looking OK. The season is on a complete knife edge and we haven't kicked a ball. You're allowed to be seriously concerned while knowing it could all change in the space of a few days. You're also allowed to be fine with the process and optimistic the board do what they said they'll do, whilst being worried about the immediate lack of transfers. Both are perfectly reasonable positions to take.
  7. I thought the bumming went down particularly well actually.
  8. To sound off my bigotry? Jesus christ, talk about a perfect snapshot of the modern world. Because I didn't agree with you instantly I'm a bigot who hates gays? It couldn't be further from the truth, I'm almost pathetically of the left and campaigned for Labour in the last 2 GEs. I'm not complaining about the thread, I'm complaining about the 'Mighty I's' within. Have a good day, still.
  9. See my earlier post, badger boy. I'm very interested in it, I'm not interested in the people who think it's all about them.
  10. Because I was looking for a thoughtful discussion on something that is long overdue addressing in football. Every bloody thread on here turns into the same nonsense by the same people. It's the reason I came off twitter and its now ruining this place too. Have a great day shouting between yourselves.
  11. Christ alive, some people on this forum need to get over themselves. I come on here to read about football and the topics surrounding it, not your absolutely pointless s h itty echo chamber opinions.
  12. Intrigued to get a sense of opinion. Is it: The players deserve a bit of slack, give them the nights out and the mornings off and accept we won’t be at our best against a really good side. or Wrap the title up ASAP, work hard to achieve a big statement win - 100 points! No drinking until we’ve battered literally everybody. I have to say, our performances v the top 4 clubs have been absolutely ****. Doubled by the two premier league quality sides with performances that harked back to the last 10 games of last season does fill me with a sense of dread.
  13. What's the point in playing in competitions the best clubs in the country aren't interested in? It makes the whole pyramid pointless, there is not a single positive.
  14. Kenny McLean will be immense and establish himself as a thoroughly reliable Premier League midfielder.
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