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  1. Rhino1

    Farke getting off lightly

    Get real look back and say who has been a better manager for us over the last 50 years? Be careful what you wish for and get a reality check!!!
  2. Life is full of perceptions - mine was very different to yours. Glass half empty vrs glass full I think.
  3. We were 4 - 0 down the reaction was good and very supportive, easy to be really positive and vocal when you get a point (Leicester) or a win (Everton) - today was a deeper kind of support, not driven by the performance or result
  4. It was good to see how well the city fans reacted today, despite disappointment they know the reality, and applauded positively for the effort. Unfortunately we were below par, almost as if a number of our players were in awe of the surroundings. ( which may well be the case given it would have been many of them first time playing there). But they kept trying without it coming off. The crowd were superb, we have a great club, all those armchair whingers, just go and support somebody else, there is a club not so far away who would suit you perfectly.
  5. Oh yes there has been a fair bit of poor luck on the way in the last few weeks - pukki’s goal - the mayor on the bar - Tettey shot - today’s VAR etc etc etc we certainly haven’t had the rub we deserve
  6. Rhino1

    Would love to blame VAR....

    You are a complete ****- - -d!!!!!!!!!
  7. - - - k it , - - - k it, F- - k it, F- -k it, and F - - k it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Farke must have slept with the mother in law to get this much bad luck!!!!!!!!!
  8. Rhino1

    I have had a premonition

    We did that change? Every away game Rhodes seems to still make an appearance? Is it just me?
  9. At 1am this morning it all came to me: Jonathan Rhodes returns in January, so that song we sing with him still in it makes some sense, but unfortunately Lietner leaves for German club, so the song unfortunately still makes no sense. Norwich fight valiantly for the rest of the season , but go down by 1 point based on a VAR offside decision We sell Max, Godfrey, Toddy all sold for £40 million plus We buy 3 unheard of Turkish league division 3 , German league 2 and Vauxhall Conference players for £28.60, who turn out to be world beaters . We win championship by record margin Top 6 premier league finish follows Followed by European cup win By Jove I think I have got it, happy new year city fans - here’s to positivity! Now back to bed
  10. Rhino1

    Shout for Tettey -

    Really captured it well Ron Obvious
  11. Having kicked the cat, punched the wall, sunk a bottle of wine, shouted at the Mrs, complained about the world being totally unjust I have eventually calmed down. Easy to walk past it but Tettey should be praised big time, not our most glamorous player, with a reputation for not being able to play more than one game in a week, he battled brilliantly on Boxing Day, and again today with very tired limbs he gave everything, hats off to him.
  12. Rhino1

    Where has Lady Luck gone ?

    Agree - last year we were great but rode it a little, this year at times we are great, but no horse to ride at all
  13. Three games in a row, everyone of them there were long periods of excellence, chance after chance, woodwork after woodwork, and zero points. Actually quite staggering, the ball is just not dropping for us, got to be proud how they played again. Tettey was everywhere for 60 minutes, I enjoyed our football, just wish occasionally we would get a little rub of the green, hits somebodies back side and fly in, perhaps we used it all up last year. Villa were second best, and yet we lost again - sad, but I don’t think you can knock the team, some wretched luck and the odd wrong choice, like Pukki not laying it off to Tettey in the first half. Run out of lucky under pants.
  14. Rhino1

    Martin Peters RIP

    A true gent, a lovely footballer - remember watching him from the river end as a kid on my crate, sad demise of a top man.