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  1. Wish his family well, obviously a tough time; would be hypocritical if I said anything positive about his time at city, there is anything positive to say. RIP
  2. Number 9 it appears you are an Scum infiltrator ! Or a disillusioned human being, certainly not a true Norwich fan. If you were you would appreciate that Farke will likely be viewed in the future as the best manager Norwich ever had and Webber the best at his role, if you had half a clue, or did not wear blue you would appreciate that!!
  3. Number 9 - your glass is very half empty!! apart from you being well, far too previous to conclude we will be promoted, see where we are in another 15 games before opening up this debate. But your conclusions that we are buying to championship level is quite frankly also ludicrous. Cantwell, Arrons and Buendia all older and wiser, Gibson and our new Greek are premier league transfers! Others are growing quickly including Sorensen. Plenty of time to worry about the Premier league, and way early to judge recruitment for it! Webber has rarely let us down anyway !
  4. Top post and very sensible position, I agree Max is a superstar and will play for one of the top teams, but you are right he looks knackered and could do with a break. Also very good shout with Sorensen at right back, accept I think he is also showing signs of weariness, hardly surprising for either of these two very young man. I like when people build rather than black and white destroy somebody’s observation. We all have different opinions and perspectives, a lack of intelligence of some leads to diagrammatically opposing rather than building or arguing the case logically.
  5. Where’s the attacking you cretin, everything that was said was said against the balance of him being outstanding for us!! It was a genuine concern that the window maybe distracting, or a question of whether it was just an off night - you s - - t for brains!!
  6. Max has been superbly consistent for us, but tonight he had a stinker ( he was more than due one, given he’s been outstanding) poor defending, poor going forward. Everything he tried went pear shaped, poor passing, poor crossing and dreadful defending for their goal. He even got in the way of Pukki near the end. I don’t doubt he is an excellent player, but tonight was most certainly not his night. Slow all too often in the build up, hopefully he is not pre occupied by a certain transfer window looming?
  7. Looking at the weather forecast for Saturday night during the match looks like being played through a right hoollie and monsoon! My initial reaction was that will play to Watford’s kick and rush style! However on reflection, as long as Todd can keep his hair out of his eyes (no issue for Teemu though), keeping the ball on the ground, as we do, maybe the only way. Interested in peoples thoughts on who such conditions would favour most? My gut feel ( and it’s a big one) it will lead to a bit of a scrappy nightmare of a game, and with the Watford team in disarray as result of their latest manager sacking, we will nick it with the winner coming off Teemu’s rear end in the 92nd minute!!
  8. Sorensen picked in championship team of the week, case closed!!
  9. Totally understand when rating a players performance in any match is down to perception and the eye of the beholder and all that, but I couldn’t let Mr Dave Freezer rate Sorensen yesterday at a mere 6, an average grade, without comment. Sorensen was superb at both ends, clearing off the line in defence and a real threat going forward. This young kid is showing he really has got it all, even playing out of position, rating as a 6 yesterday really was a misrepresentation of his performance, he was excellent !! Mr Freezer please watch the game rather than playing on your I-phone!!!
  10. Quite frankly I cannot believe some of the nonsense I have seen on this message board recently, posted by the whinging part of our fan base. “We start too slowly”, “ why do we pass around the back”, “no real intensity to our game”, “why doesn’t Farke use substitutes earlier” etc etc etc. Wake up whingers, this is shallow, emotionally driven drivel without substance. We are top of the league with a half fit squad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We destroyed teams in short bursts this season - Bristol city, stoke, Middlesbrough, we have several new players in the team, we haven’t had the premier league hangover most teams get! Quite frankly Farke needs a sodding medal pinned on his chest right now, regardless of what happens for the remainder of the season, so get real the whinging community in our fan base!!
  11. Jim you really are a numpty, that’s the beauty of the science of hindsight you can’t be wrong! Afraid old son the world is round and turns! **** happens , in your world of perfection it’s easy to criticise!!
  12. Lots said about Farkes use of substitutes last season, and I get that frustration, but he was learning as well, he had come from a much smaller role in Germany. But this is why he is so impressive he’s learned and taken on board and his use of subs this year is far improved. Lots of other things he has done, goes by without comment. Everybody shouts about how he brings the youngsters through. How many of us thought there was a real player in Rupp, he did and persisted, who would have gambled with Aaron’s vs the scum, who would have dropped his best two players Buendia and Cantwell when the easiest thing would be to play them. No convinced he’s the real deal!
  13. Our manager does not the credit he deserves, there are far too many fans are one bad performance from getting on his back. This is the best man manager we have had city for decades. His decision today was quite inspired and yes he maybe a touch fortunate it turned out so well, I was more impressed with his bravery for trying it. Willing to try something different. Yes like many last year I used to whinge and shout for subs earlier, but give him his dues he is a brave manager, and I for one hope he is city manager for many years to come!!
  14. Shows to me that Farke is a stronger leader Todd has been poor last two games and deserves to be dropped, think his head is not in the right place!
  15. You summed it up in your first word and you are talking it
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