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  1. Big city fan living in Harrogate, when not watching the city I go to watch harrogate from time to time! Really enjoyed it this year, bit more old fashioned tackling, excellent antidote for our dismal form, hard to believe if the cards turn in the wrong way, city could be playing harrogate, in 2021!! ( no chance!!)
  2. Don’t talk complete and utter boll- - -ks!!!!!
  3. I have been a massive fan of the likeable German manager of ours, but really some of the things he has done since lockdown is quite staggering! He must have been stuck in the “I don’t have a clue hotel” during lockdown! Nothing he has done since the return makes any sense!!
  4. I have supported Farke against the knockers until now, but I am turning!! How can this go on, pathetic management ! There must be something going In the background we know nothing about because his teams are senseless!!
  5. Are we still in lockdown ? Playing worse than Ipswich !!
  6. True !! Unfortunately Farke does not read the game well either, being battered for 30 mins first half but no change at half time, not good
  7. Tommy T is out of his depth at this level unfortunately!!
  8. What a load of cr-p , MP’s are paid 81k a year, a lot of premier league footballers exceed that a week, come on let’s get real!
  9. Thirsty Lizard - I then a bit of empathy is called for, I am no fan of Hancock, but he’s heavily involved in trying to manage the biggest health crisis this country has seen in over 100 years, under immense pressure. I think it’s quite understandable that he didn’t quite manage the perfect response to a question about an extremely privileged group of footballers who in the main have inflated ego’s , not really a priority is it?
  10. Snodgrass was a whinger on the wing In yellow and green and he continues to be the biggest whinger! Just like many spoilt footballers and mainly ex-footballer spokesman , slamming Hancock for picking on footballers to cut their salaries, they continue to lack perspective. First Hancock just responded to a direct press question, he did not raise it, the manipulative, increasingly imbecilic journalists did and then exploited his answer. I am no fan of Hancock but the guy deserves a break, he has rather a lot on his plate currently. All these current and more particular past footballers are acting in a childish, playground way, “ boo he called me a name” . Yes in normal circumstances he could have said footballers and other privileged people should dig deep, but I for one let him off this, get on with focusing on what is important, not worrying about inflated ego’s
  11. I am sick of hearing ex-footballers or managers saying we must finish the season regardless of when , because of the integrity of the game. What a load of complete bull, don’t think Football has held the integrity line so well this week. It really is not that important in the scheme of things, businesses and people have been put under huge strain because of this bloody virus, people are dying, football really is not that important. If we had to play Doncaster Rovers away next year on a cold and wet Tuesday night, I would take it, at least there would be a sign of normality ( probably for sure normality for us) . Pundits should stop being in denial !!!
  12. In other words bullied off the ball !! Semantics it’s the same thing, physical strength - clearly I am not critical of these teams , most will survive in the League, it’s an observation of why we are where we are.
  13. Generation47 - don’t disagree I don’t see any traditional bullies in this league, bully in this instance refers to a more robust style, adopting an aggressive press (United did this and made us look very inadequate) or just generally bigger and stronger (Burnley, Watford, Sheffield United). Hopefully second time around playing these teams we may have learnt, to perhaps throw in the odd long ball to turn the defence and force the press back!
  14. Quick, solid , good use of the ball - not seen him fly down the wing yet , but looks good. £30m sell on in three years.
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