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  1. Woke up this morning with a banging head!! 3 bottle of vino later passed out with exhaustion!,,! Had a very peculiar dream. Went something like this, we went 2 -0 up vrs Manchester City at home , playing with the reserves , looking outstanding! Oh then they pulled one back just before half time ... waiting for dream to turn into nightmare!!! But no Pukki party started - that’s when the wine must have started!! Can’t remember much of the dream after that ...... what time do we kick off vrs Man City anyway!!!!
  2. Given the simply ridiculous level of injuries we have, and that we don’t have or cannot afford the depth of squad, many think it’s a full gone conclusion we will be relegated. So if we are relegated already then let’s just enjoy the ride - nothing to lose because apparently we are already doomed!!! No pressure just pleasure!
  3. You mean Teemu’s right peg!!!
  4. Than —- there it goes again dyslexia is like a loaded gun it can go off in your hand anytime!!
  5. TF that was more by luck and judgement!!
  6. Get in there faded jaded !!!
  7. Dyslexic what can I tell you!! Spell nobbit okay!!
  8. As per - extreme views , black & white scenarios puncture through the board, Lake District purely expressed an opinion, as did I to start this thread, and I repeat “fair weather supporters - - winter is coming, pack your scarf’s , bobble hats and rattles and head to the land of make believe, some of you Binners , get off at scums Ville !!” by the way TF - your still a nobbit!!
  9. Rhino1

    Lack of defenders

    Alex Tettey stand forward - our new centre back sensation!!
  10. Christ JF you would be annoying at a dinner party (if you ever get invited to any!!) always needing the last word!! Says me needing the last word!!!
  11. JF do explore your non-cynical , soft side , you never know you may like it!!! Of course I am not being sanctimonious ( need a dictionary JF?) - of course we should debate good and bad performance, and have a view - but far too many of them could have featured in the doomsday book!!
  12. Bit close to the mark???? By the way winters coming ...... time for fair weather supporters to pack up their scarfs and sod off!!!
  13. And by the JF - I think you are binner!!!
  14. JF - don’t think the players don’t read these message boards!! Of course they do - !!! Negative , unrealistic expectations and constant whinging cannot help. We can’t do much apart from cheer, support in numbers and remain realistic - this year we need to give 100% on and off pitch and just see where it takes us. Don’t take “relegated by Christmas” as literal, just emphasis!! ( I personally don’t believe we will be relegated at all, but if we are so be it)