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  1. Thought not - fast forwarded the recording , the only bloody way we move the ball quickly, too many players thinking they are better than they are! Roaming around like prima donna’s !! Effort is all we ask!!
  2. Watched first 30 minutes of the game tonight, the total lack of effort, commitment is a disgrace, what do they do all week? Two corners in two minutes, both didn’t get beyond front man. I know this should be on match thread, but I cannot watch anymore, or see what’s happening live, going to the pub! Shocking - I hope I have to eat my words when I have had 5 pints and look at the score, but I thin’ not!!!
  3. Heard a lot this last couple of weeks about a poor atmosphere at Carrow Road, but today the fans travelled in their numbers, and even when it lashed it down sang for 20 minutes non stop in last part of the game. The players were visibly impressed, especially our happy Chilean. Must be something in the sea air, or the auger in the candy floss. Or simply Carrow road, has too many grumpy old men, like the ones who constantly whinge on radio Norfolk, even after 7 wins in 8! I for one thought the fans were top class today, even if 50% of them were shedded!,,
  4. You don’t give a toss about much - not sure you will have many at your funeral
  5. I thank many of you for proving the content of my original post accurate ! Self absorbed and lacking up top in abundance! Reality of course is there are no right answers , no right course of action - if the games had not been called off there would have been an equal amount of protesters. It’s not black and white, it’s all about balance - given the decisions been made just have some respect for others and live with it!!!! Give your trigger fingers a rest!!
  6. Tried to keep off this thing because it winds me up too much, but you lot have done it again your pushed my buttons. To all those on these threads that are judging people for their sadness, how they grieving, feeling down because of the loss of the Queen please keep your opinions to yourselves, grief is a very personal thing as is the expression of it. If you don’t get the significance of the last few days, that’s your look out but don’t undermine those that do. The cancelling of games shows, for once the hierarchy of football do get it! The self absorbed of you, the drum banging football should go regardless brigade, just reflect for one moment, is it truely that important or is it just because you are so insular and self orientated that you are losing the significance of recent events, or maybe you are just lacking up top! Only you would know.
  7. To all of those replying accusing me of the same playground antics than those I accuse of emotional immaturity ! TOSH. ! My observations are not knee jerk reactions, but considered over many months, they may have come out of increasing disillusion with an increasing number of shallow city fans, who show no understanding of context! Or an ability to rationalise - rather just knee jerk based on emotional, unrealistic dreams!!
  8. Plastered all over the various fan websites, social media accounts this weekend, have been idiotic calls for Smith to go, Delia to go etc etc. Quite frankly any city fan associated with such immature, knee jerk, playground name calling, are immature, brainless idiots. The same group that rounded on Farke, because of their lack of any intellect to see the real problem, a gamble on too many unknown, untried transfers, and the loss of key players that made us tick, Emi, Skipp and Cantwell ( who started to believe his own hype and has become a village player, who has blown a promising career because of a dreadful attitude). I have supported Norwich for over 50 years, through the ups and downs, but I can’t remember a period, where we had such a large proportion of shallow, good time Charlies in our supporter base, hyped and rabble roused by idiots such as the lads at TalkNorwichCity - so called Norwich fans. I just hope the true supporter, the silent majority - remain undeterred in their support of a club, that has given me many enjoyable moments in life. Letting the immature idiots move on to put their emotional energies into something else their brains can cope with, such as computer games! My only hope is that, at least some, of the brainless worms are IPs- - it fans on the wind up, because otherwise I am ashamed of this largest contingent of Norwich fans.!!!
  9. Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic, pathetic , pathetic, pathetic - what else is there to be said?
  10. Gilmour & McClean been dreadful all season, yet still make starting line up. Simply not up to this level!! Belief now gone, of course disappointed, angry that these two wasters continue to be selected, mythed with the teams attitude. Yet switch on the news just for 10 minutes, see the bravery and the Ukraines attitude, the dire situation for the public ; how can we moan about relegation, not even in same league. Anger for city, but Vauxhall conference anger, compared to that of anger towards that paranoid Pillac in the East! Perspective all !!!
  11. Not often you would say that when you have been beaten like that, but genuinely felt there was a lot to admire by the boys in yellow. Clearly outclassed, by a team in a very different league. But ONE of their players is worth the whole of our squad. Attitude was very good, didn’t let the heads drop, some good stuff , also a fair bit of luck. Rashica first half was excellent. We feel in a very different place, than when I left Stamford bridge. Encouraging for games to come. Don’t need ridiculous decisions like the penalty for the 4th, another sign that small sides like us do have to beat more than the 11 on the other side. Despite that lads did alright !!
  12. Completely pathetic, just as their political news coverage over last 2 years, the do not deserve any tv licence fee. Or the creation of the petrol crisis, sack the lot, especially that Walkers crisp sucking market man, Linaker!! Poor poor and extremely amateurish!
  13. Getting indigestion, last week I apologised to Mr Idah after I called him a waste of space earlier this year, now, for the second week running humble pie needs to be eaten. Josh, complete waste of money, couldn’t score in a brothel or hit a barn door from 5 yards Sargeant, has turned into a beautiful, football equivalent, butterfly soaring in the sky. Although one crack of thunder does not make storm, his effort of recent weeks, and his goals last night, at least warrant a full grovelling apology, judged too quickly, there is perhaps a wonderful footballer under that ginger mop! okay can I make it a hat trick, the “Mayor” to me is desperately overrated, gives ball away too much, moans too much. Hands in the air complaining that a pass from a colleague went astray, while the opposition walked passed him, wake up, stop whinging and roll up your sleeves McLean !! McLean hat trick vrs Palace here we come!!
  14. I hold up my hands and apologise to Mr Idah, I posted a few weeks ago saying I simply didn’t get it; I didn’t see what value he brought to a team, ran around but really delivered nothing. Yes I admit it I was wrong, I totally misjudged him. Against West Ham I saw a very different young man start to emerge, more aggressive, more confident, higher tempo and always showing for the ball all over the place. Yesterday he built on that performance and was a right royal pain in the ar-e to Everton; I think we have a player!! Not sure what the management team have done but I think we are going to like this version. It’s also a timely reminder, that we are quick to judge - let’s hope we a similar transition from the likes of Tzolis, Sargeant and others ! You never know we may win the championship again next year, that will pee off the Norwich slayers, the likes of talk shi-e!!!!
  15. Mayo’s Noun - watch the bloody game don’t rely on stats, they don’t tell you how many times he gave the ball away in dangerous positions or was easily run by in defence!!!
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