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  1. You are not wrong - I could add at least 5 players that I missed if I did it again. The one thing it proves is that over the last 50 odd years we have had some great players to watch at Carrow Road!
  2. Leicester performance was almost depressing - given how we showed virtually no ambition at all. Time to reflect on the good times and think of the make up of the best city 11 players I have seen and supported, came up with this: Goalkeeper: Angus Gunn Defence: Culverhouse Bruce Watson Bowen Midfield: Wes Peters Crook Huckerby Attack: Pukki Sutton Subs: B.Gunn, Forbes, R.Fox, McDougall , D.Fox , Crouch, Buendia This team would probably get us comfortably in the premier league
  3. Have you crept from out of your stone? A good percentage of the fans were being **** at that point, as we didn’t have the players fit! This was just negative cowardice, with the players !
  4. I have defended the Norwich city management team for the whole of the season, but today it was simply unacceptable. Parking the bus was fundamentally the wrong approach!! Leicester were woefully short of confidence coming into the game. A defence with errors in it, and we decide to park the bus! Dreadful tactical error - it was only a matter of time, for them to score. A disgrace manager!
  5. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 That doesn’t make you a bad person virtual!!
  6. Boo boys 0 Wagner 2 getting over run in middle of park- Warner changed it and took control! Boo boys put your dummies back in and change your nappies!
  7. How thick can you be? Our boo boys demonstrate every week very!! Booing Sargeant substitution is utterly mind blowing my stupid!! He’s just back from long term injury, he’s clearly being managed yet our boo boys just don’t get it!! Thick thick thick! Really helps the team and confidence doesn’t it, to hear your own fans booing - idiots!!!
  8. That’s made my season !!! So must pleasure in ip**** misery! I can die happy!!!
  9. As much as it was great to see Norwich win yesterday, it was almost as pleasurable to see the boo boys eat humble pie! Sticking their immature, childish, grass is greener rants, in their pipes and smoking it. The hideously negative Jack Reeve of talknorwichcity, was desperately disappointed he couldn’t slag off the team again! Warner’s interview on Canary call, shows how much negative impact that idiots like Reeve & his boo boy army undermine the team!! But balance is clearly needed and we mustn’t go over the top and get carried away, there were spells of excellent football, but WBA had 5 or 6 clear cut chances, with men free in the box, with Gibson flapping around like a lost sole. We do seem to be easy to cut through at times, an Oliver Skipp figure is still desperately needed, if we are seriously going to make a charge!
  10. No hairy - for you I will on my very turd stirring broth!!
  11. How many games have you been to this year Pants? The boo boys don’t like it when it’s pushed back on them!! A big slice of reality check is needed for the “Delia Out” raving lout fraction!
  12. Just for reference I would happily invite genuine Norwich city fans around for tea, but the plastic, in the moment fans can do one! I wonder which camp you sit in? And I would provide the link, if I wasn’t inept with this type of stuff! Easily found on itube ( even I could find it!), just search hull vs Norwich or something!
  13. It comes to something when you get more passion and support for our club from the opposition, the utuber thehullboy, than our own negative, depressing immature turd that comes out of the likes of talknorwichcity. This lads worth a watch, down to earth, balanced and amusing. And somebody who recognises Norwich for what they are, a top club. Can we swap him for Jack Reeve, get rid of his negative immature drivel! And on it, you see another example of what a brilliant guy Johnny Rowe is!!
  14. Why because it happens to obviously disagree with your immature attitude?
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