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  1. That doesn’t surprise me king canary!!!
  2. This analysis is as tedious as VAR & Jeremy Corbyn!!
  3. Thank you for your constructive insight as always King Canary!!!
  4. What with outrageous totally unbelievable politician rubbish day in day out! What with Pink un journalists getting slaughtered for sensationalising headlines! What with Norwich city fans leaping to the defence of our manager despite being bottom and heading for relegation!! (By the way totally agree with them, just pleasantly surprised how unified everybody is behind this support given our perilous position) You could be excused for thinking the the world is going ever slightly mad!!! Thank goodness for the quite wonderful Anna Trybull (on latest TNC podcast) she restores faith in human behaviour!!!
  5. Rhino1

    Duncan Forbes

    I have a 5 inch scar on my shin given to me by big Duncan, playing in a charity match at Dereham, my shin pads were poor defence from his flying studs. I grew up watching him and carry a mark for life from him. Rest in peace big man!
  6. Now now, if you read the pink un match day thread this was raised several times. Anyway king canary the fickle nature of the modern day fan gives me plenty of ammunition! (! Just for you) - but that’s not the real point here. Given where we are we have little option but to take risks. And it was good to see some cohesion on the pitch today, even if it is not always the case off it! ( again for you )
  7. A lot of comments questioning why play Godfrey after a hernia operation only two weeks ago, a case of excellent hindsighters again me thinks !!! Let me remind you we have no centre backs fit! Hernia’s these days are minor ops! It simply a case of needs be!! The same people were shouting for Farke to put Onel on earlier - a case of duplicity me thinks!! Great draw - good for confidence!!
  8. Looking at the latest city utube on today’s training session, Todd Cantwell looks like Messi - hopefully he bottles some of it for Saturday!! Good to see Krul, Vrancic and Tettey all in full training. What with Pukki scoring two, I feel the wind changing !!!!
  9. I feel a bit guilty about it, but what a relief to have a break this week, from the emotional rollercoaster. Having three bad defeats in as many weeks is bloody tiring !!! That’s when you know your football team is really important to you ( probably too important). Remember those championship days when the positive emotion of another victory saw you through Monday and Tuesday at work? What’s the old adage ? - you can change your wife but not your football team !! Regardless of what happens in the next 6 months, we will be back next year, as long as I am still alive & kicking!!
  10. TIL 1010 - don’t mind admitting it , the jury was out for me - I wasn’t a knocker unlike a lot of our moaner community, but I was unsure. He has grown on me more and more, and Saturday I realised I and we needed him more than could be imagined!!!
  11. Lappinitup - agree whole heartedly , think this and what Krul does behind the scenes is what Webber was referring to last season. Hugely influential for the youngsters on and off the pitch. Yes I am having a Tim Krul love in - - but I think Saturday shows what will happen without him!!!
  12. Barclay Wazza - don’t necessarily agree with all your points. But well put argument - and have to say although hindsight always adds strength to a view - your logic is convincing!
  13. Looking at the goals yesterday again (painful as it was) I realised a number of them may have been prevented if Krul was between the posts. Not because he would have necessarily saved them , but more that he would have nagged the two CB’s to pick up - only speculation of course, but we seemed to miss him as much for his experience and communication with a young CB in Godfrey and a makeshift CB in Amadou !!!
  14. Above was for you BarclayWazza - if we knew how it was going to turnout of course we should have bought more - but losing so many players was totally unpredictable.
  15. Did you feel the same after Manchester City? Did you feel the same at the start of the season? Or has your view rather developed as man after man has become cropped? I think you are a man of excellent hindsight !!! Perhaps Not one of foresight!!