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  1. Many of the programme sellers around the ground have had card machines for a couple of years or more.
  2. **** of the year post against strong competition.
  3. I don’t. Please give us the benefit of your wisdom and the evidence to prove it.
  4. Self funding means they have to raise revenue. Are these prices greedy? How do they compare with other clubs? Most tickets will have been sold to season ticket holders anyway which are a bargain. People are constantly talking about strengthening the squad. This has to be paid for!!
  5. But it can’t be, because your decision affects everyone else. It’s like saying speeding in your car should be a personal choice!!
  6. Absolutely. So much respect for Stiepi. Explains his problems last season. I really hope he gets over this quickly.
  7. I note that the ticket office won’t reopen for in person transactions after successfully operating remotely during the pandemic. I thought that during the pandemic there were no tickets to sell, so how do they know?
  8. When did they used to be free? I have always had to pay.
  9. Not sure about this. Bury were appallingly run by a nutter. Certainly the fit and proper test should have stopped him taking them over, but why should better run or more successful clubs just bail them out, especially when there are other clubs lower down waiting to take their place.
  10. I was thinking the same. No they are not a massive club.
  11. Could you not eat in the ground at half time?
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