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  1. I think that pretty horrible video proves my point!
  2. I don’t think this is true at all. Go abroad and you will see people not from the UK wearing English shirts-particularly Chelsea of the clubs you mention, although increasingly Man City as well. I’ve never seen a Rangers or Celtic shirt being worn except by Scottish or Irish fans ( in the case of Celtic), or British fans in the case of Rangers.
  3. It always seemed strange when Alex Neil walked out on them for Stoke. Hated there now obviously!
  4. On the other hand , Luton who were referred to as ‘the worst premier league team ever’ are putting up a decent fight!
  5. Well don’t then-give the rest of us a break from your drivel!
  6. That would be true if we were taking the mickey, but the post is just a statement of fact. Beale is not very good and their fans dislike him.-maybe they could replace him with Dean Smith!
  7. Their problem is Tuchel as manager. Bin him for someone decent and the improvement will come.
  8. Nonsense. In no way is it a farmers league. Within Europe only the English and Spanish leagues are stronger. UEFA rankings have the German league on a par with Italy. Your terminology is a gross insult, but suggests you believe that the only way for leagues not to be ‘farmers’ is for clubs to be owned by multi billionaires or petro states.
  9. Not sure how you can possibly not have Mike Walker on that list!
  10. Is that why we are streets ahead at the top of the championship?
  11. Yet we keep being told that this is a weak year in the Championship-you now seem to be suggesting it’s stronger than last year. I’m not sure that even if you’re right the ‘system is utterly broken. ‘ It will happen sometimes-the year before none of the promoted clubs were relegated!
  12. I noted your absence earlier due to the result this weekend. Nice to see your nasty little imagination has found something to comment on!
  13. Surprisingly no posts from them tonight, nor from S-81, Norwich canary and the rest-what a refreshing change!
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