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  1. I’ve often disagreed with you in the past, but this comment is absolutely spot on. They almost seem intent on pissing everyone off, rather than focussing on the reasons we are there!
  2. We’re playing Wigan!!. Block H won’t be available for home fans for the bigger game. Block H is the designated singing area for the Birmingham cup game, not the whole season
  3. He may be right, but the website was definitely showing sold out last night!
  4. If that is the case, then it does make sense. Especially as we were told that ticketing does not all have to be prepaid as it was in the premier league. I worry that our ticket office tend to underestimate the enthusiasm of the fan base at times. On other matters it is becoming tiresome that almost every thread is hijacked by Essex moaning and then by people calling him out.
  5. The ticketing page is now saying sold out. I really hope this indicates a great turnout, despite the distance and the rail strike, and isn’t because the club have asked for a reduced allocation.
  6. This part of the message board is headed, Main discussion - Norwich City, so this thread is relevant because????
  7. Can you name any who have agreed with you?
  8. Why not look at the 2 clubs accounts? I also thought that we were in the Premier League last season, hence the higher prices. I like your suggestion of Boris- a totally self obsessed individual who believed that constantly reiterating his own point, whether it was true or not ,was the way forward. Does that remind you of anybody?
  9. That was the reason I made the comparison. I think you are the one who is failing to show any common sense.
  10. Preston. Once had the upper hand in Lancashire. I don’t see the Manchester clubs being worried by that. Cyclical events can take hundreds of years.
  11. Did nobody ever tell you that actions speak louder than words.
  12. That may be true, but it’s not just Webber and Dean Smith. Farke thought the same as well. I think it is interesting that you clearly know so much more than the managers and coaches. Surely you should be employed in a major role at a club.
  13. I have to disagree with this thread. Following what Reading do is a route to chaos. People on here might sneer at the ‘self funding model’, but Reading are a financial basket case. They have proved entirely unable to organise their finances. They’ve been through a selection of owners. Take your pick from Russian, Chinese, Malaysian and Thai. They’ve had them all. They had a points deduction last season, and have let many of their better players leave on frees, because they simply ran down their contracts. They can barely half fill a stadium built for them by their former owner, even with their cheap pricing model. Anybody who thinks people should follow Reading’s pricing and financial model is frankly living in fantasy land.
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