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  1. Bankrupting themselves for a manager who's only to going to get them relegated anyways. Those who own those pensions must be rather peeved..
  2. Yeah yeah back in your day a pint cost 3 pence and a house was 2 quid no need to brag ūüėČ
  3. He's shown he's happy and ready to leave their club in a split second for any club that so much as winks at him. Shown himself as having zero loyalty to them and clearly only views them as a tool to get what he wants and as way to further his career. All the talk about "the project" the binners have going on must mean nothing to him. If he were our manager I would be pretty angry at him to say the least.
  4. These the same binners who are convinced they can buy Nick Pope for 50 plus million I saw on Twitter the other day (ignoring that hes also an england player and is being paid somewhere between 70 and 80 grand a week at Newcastle..) just beacause he spent one year in their youth academy when he was young? Most deluded fanbase in England.
  5. I feel like Palace would be more of a good club for Rowe than Sara. Sara feels more like a West Ham kind of player, which if rumours are true both clubs are interested in him so hey maybe he will get to choose in the end..
  6. How much do you think we can get for him then? It's clear they want him and Adam does love the club. Worth squeezing them for evey penny we can get?
  7. Rather interesting statistics here.
  8. The funny part is if they do go down which is likely them now paying him as much money as the top six clubs pay their managers really is going to screw them over.. Nevermind that him flirting with every club under the sun and unsettling all the players and the fanbase has no doubt done them great harm and really damaged the feel good factor they all had with him. They all know that he want's to leave them and views them as a stepping stone and that he has zero loyalty or love for them.
  9. Over 100 apperences for Nordsjælland in a 7 year peroid with 10 goals in those 7 years. More of a fast wingback than full defender it would seem. Only club he's ever played for too (Outside of his youth career) which for a 26 year old.. Rather odd. He's also seemingly being released by them on a free so they don't see a future with him anymore. I would argue he would be a decent back up player but not really nailed on to be a starter just yet but given going into the new season we will have no left backs..
  10. "If you vote for me, I'll bring back spam and make it our national dish. I'll even bring back rationing to give us all that good old feeling of war time spirit and only allow you to eat half the tin a week" -Sunak, probably
  11. Feel a bit sad watching this knowing he's probably the most likely player next to Rowe to be sold. What a player he is.
  12. And next up on Sunaks "Make the OAP's happy" list Bringing back capital punishment Ban on all smart phones The return of teletext
  13. Of course, it is pretty funny. Lose lose for them and a win win for us
  14. It's a lose lose for them. He leaves the binners and they fall apart without him. He stays and they fall apart with him except they are now paying him one of the highest wages of any manager in the league which will bankrupt them when they finish rock bottom.
  15. Yes let's get a manager who just bottled promotion with the most expensive championship squads of all time back. A manager who got us relegated. A manager who caused endless drama behind the scenes with players including one who is now a manager and just beat him in a playoff final. And then while we are it we can resign Hoolahan, and maybe get Webber back..
  16. Would be the second youngester manager in the Championship at 35. Always interesting seeing managers that are still young enough to be playing managing a side.
  17. I long for the entire transfer window to be people asking if we are buying the entire Nordsjælland team
  18. The most expensive squad the championship has ever had. Yet "Well um they did not want to get promoted anyways haha"
  19. "Promotion was never the main aim this season either" Not sure about that one
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