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  1. Both Farke and Smth have the same answer to that '... Who?'
  2. Made Sargent the peg leg look like Sideshow Bob, showing him how it's done. Absoloutly bossed it
  3. To be fair I was worried about Adama Traore today and what did he do?
  4. If true that's pretty awful. If it's the same injury.. Last time it kept him out months. Let's hope he's alright and it's not as bad as it seems
  5. Wheres our residential brighton fan at?
  6. Just seen something that said it's the lowest number of shots we have restricted a prem team too in many years
  7. That's my biggest takeaway from it. This and the second half of the Southampton game we have looked like a decent Prem team... But most of all we have looked like we belong. Not just little old Norwich from the Championship. I was worried that we would not be able to keep up the standards of that second half against the Saints but thankfuly seems I was wrong. Here's hoping we play the same against Newcastle (who let's be honest are right now much worse than Wolves) and I feel we may stand a chance at 3 points..
  8. I have had many critisms of him in the past so I'm going to whisper it quietly He played very well
  9. Top 10 things nobody ever thought anyone would say Remarkable turnaround from him, well played to him done very well
  10. I mean.. Good point or two dropped? Should have won 3-0! Can't argue with a point against Wolves though, even more so given how fantastic they have been recently and of course they are 6th in the table.
  11. Now all we need to do is put the ball in the net more often and we might have a chance of staying up
  12. He tends to be ok when he plays in the midfield... Start worrying if he gets placed on the wing however
  13. Well that was overall pretty damn decent! ... Well other than Hanley let's not talk about that
  14. 2-0 Arsenal! Gabriel Martinelli gets a wonderful, beautiful chipped goal with his very first touch of the match!
  15. Emil Krafth and Jamaal Lascelles will be missing next match,you are right thakfuly
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