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  1. To be fair they did underestimate Costa Rica and put out their B team so did rather deserve to lose to them for disrespecting them and not taking them seriously
  2. I cant wait for the Hitlers downfall 'Hitler reacts to Germany finishing bottom' video thats no doubt gonna come out
  3. Sounds like England and Southgate.. (Now go on Southgate prove me wrong and win the world Cup please)
  4. 'Belguim are ranked as one of the strongest and best teams in all of the world! Hell, for a while they almost made it to number one on the international team rankings!' Meanwhile Belgium everytime there's a tournament
  5. Really hope Japan pull off a stunner tonight and sink Spain.. Not getting my hopes up but it would be nice to see
  6. Regardless of how far Poland get I will stand by what I said last time they played.. Szczesny is such a good and underrated keeper and I hope he gets remembered as such
  7. Think it also didnt help that they brought club rivalries with them to the England camp/team, most of them hated one another and they spent most of their nights snorting lines and downing pints
  8. If this lot won **** all then what chance do our teenagers under Southgateball have..?
  9. Rashford REALLY doing his best to prove me wrong... Still had a poor first half though
  10. Had anybody but Rashford been playing England would be winning 3-0 (Now watch rashford score in the second half to prove me wrong)
  11. Clearly the best thing to do if you're annoyed by my threads is to make threads asking me to post more threads
  12. Well I can't predict it wrong if I predict both outcomes
  13. Is now manager of Wigan. Why aren't we Wigan? Seriously though feel like this is one to keep an eye on as this is either going to be a success or an awful, awful failure.
  14. Of course all the interesting teams we could face and we get a championship side. Meh
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