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  1. Oh dear this is beyond pathetic almost pitiful … poor little club, I feel sorry for them binny McKenna off soon to palace aswell
  2. It’s certainly not Boxing Day against forest with Hucks on the pitch essentially getting us to the prem …
  3. I was thinking exactly that … he really is a cut above
  4. Agreed … we got so much criticism I even phoned talks£&te and had a go at them two years ago ! im sure they won’t be subjected to the same harassment by them
  5. It’s awful to think our so called supporters did this … and even worse in light of what he and his family are going through. These players are human and never should we boo our own players when they come on… full stop. Supporters should realise this will do nothing to improve anything.
  6. Ha that comment is utterly ridiculous Bayern loosing to us having been one of the best teams in the land the year before is not the same as loosing to a team of semi pros in the 6th tier of English football ! Shows their twisted sense of self importance south of the border. Both Leeds and Southampton will catch them now.
  7. The wolf should’ve taken that pen things would be oh so different
  8. That’s surely about as routine / mundane as life gets !!!
  9. I saw flecky having a **** once at trowse back in the day when you could just go and watch training. I went into the dressing room autograph hunting and he pushed open the door and shouted something thinking it was one of his team mates !
  10. I would say we wouldn’t have been half as light weight in that period when he was injured couple of really good moments in the second half tonight … he really cares otbc
  11. I think it’ll be about 10 games before the end of the season make sure we are safe then act then Ridiculous they are praying we sneak into the playoffs which we all know is not happening! So essentially this season is written off now ( unless he goes next week, which ain’t happening!)
  12. Agreed… and at least Saunders and Ohara have a laugh at themselves Keown thinks he’s some genius speaking up for player welfare
  13. That story from the pinkun is quite pathetic click bait . As you rightly say @Indy there’s no chance he’s coming here IF we even want him anyway
  14. Amazing post warm welcome my dear chap. must reads tales of the city ( 3 volumes I think) iwan roberts book ( all I want for Christmas) bryan gunns book ( Biog) legend for us try and get a season highlights of 92/93 season ( first season of modern premier league, we finished 3rd) season highlights 93/94 we beat Bayern Munich in the UEFA cup with a famous Jeremy goss volley ( no English team had ever won away in their stadium) ps we might be a bit duff at the mo but I’m proud not to support a ‘plastic’ club
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