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  1. Interestingly I’ve been thinking not just about our atmosphere but also in the championship and EPL. I was recently in Germany and noticed how much the grounds were bouncing. Also at an ice hockey match over there which was better atmosphere than any football match I’ve ever been to. It didn’t have the spontaneity that we have in England but it got me thinking would this new rail seating help us ?
  2. Currently in Munich with work ….first time ever ( I was only at the home leg !) im soaking up the atmosphere pre Munich v koln and low and behold next to me are 3 Finns who are massive Norwich fans!!!! We are everywhere… yellows !!! What is your favourite memory of that run!!?
  3. I looked at the ‘city elite ‘ twitter and it seems a bit odd that their pinned post is from some hardcore firm in blue and white, marching like an orange boys procession in Ulster. At least make it obvious you’re Norwich fans lads …
  4. I was behind the goal when Polston bundled in against Villa … what a match that was! I think his son was born that day aswell …
  5. Remember when goss hit the bar that night with a long ranger … so close to another worldie Almost even worse was our alarmingly rapid decline into the endsleigh div 1 for a very long time
  6. Do you pronounce it Wagner or Wagner. I prefer Wagner but I understand others prefer Wagner
  7. Yes he actually says ‘ these are my nephews’
  8. Agree it was a real blot in his copy book. What a player and an all round talent …he shouldn’t have done that banner tho. Especially because he’d achieved so much for Real Madrid if he’d just been the bigger man … as my dear old mum says ‘less said, easier mended ‘
  9. I really like the look of Wagner … seems like a top bloke. I’m praying this works out… if we can start getting a few results quickly we will be ok. Team is going to need to be a lot fitter and sharper me thinks …
  10. I’ve noticed this aswell … it’s quite sad really interestingly the message board seems to have more content than the pinkun home page these days !!!
  11. Brilliant comment….! Hit the nail on the head !!! Im gonna steal this
  12. Very wise words Indeed my friend … let’s hope we get winning again soon and turn this whole thing around.
  13. I’ll step back in nutty The Paddy article I originally refer to at the start of the post was titled ‘the sad demise of dean smith ‘ or something similar. Paddy writes very eloquently about our current situation and finished the article with the paragraph at the top of this thread . I don’t think it’s was at all a remark regarding where delia lives or her loyalty but merely that many of us fans were here before Dean smith, before Webber and before the majority share holders. So my question still remains it is OUR club and always will be and we need to get it back. How ? It maybe as simple as being the right manager in and we’ll get winning and get FCR rocking again
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