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  1. dylanisabaddog

    Ron Saunders R.I.P

    Everything that has happened since is due to him. The most important person in Norwich City's history. And he created a Villa side that stopped our neighbours winning the League.
  2. dylanisabaddog

    Amazon buffering

    I have 60mbs and Amazon is buffering. What a joke
  3. dylanisabaddog

    Farke v Emi

    It's quite possible they don't get on. I've heard Farke refer to Emi's "South American" personality. Just occasionally you have to put up with an individual's weaknesses because of what they bring to the team. Hucks and Wes are good examples of that. At the moment though Emi isn't playing well enough for those weaknesses to be ignored. I've no idea what the guy is like but at a guess I'd suggest he needs telling how good he is 3 times a day.
  4. dylanisabaddog

    Amazon buffering

    Finally got it sorted. Improved in the second half. Sounds like it was an awful first half. What on earth were Amazon thinking off putting Matt Holland on the pitch!
  5. dylanisabaddog

    Godfrey to Spurs?

    £25m for Ben! If they open the window at White Hart Lane they should just about be able to hear the faint sound of laughter from Carrow Road. Manchester United and Liverpool have raised the bar for centre halfs. He is worth £40m as things stand. Personally I wouldn't swap him for Harry Maguire who is 5 years older and cost £80m.
  6. dylanisabaddog

    FA Cup Draw.

    I'm 60 so grew up with the dream of an FA Cup final. I've now reached the depressing conclusion that we can't afford to risk injuries in a 3rd round tie. I watched Preston play last night. They have a 'robust' approach to the game....
  7. dylanisabaddog

    Shouldn't be surprised I suppose....

    I've been amazed at the poor quality of the punditry on BBC for ages. Sky is little better but the BBC should be providing a balanced view of football, and everything else for that matter. It may just be that there is no one out there capable of doing the job properly. Those who are capable are coaches rather than pundits. The only person I've heard provide simple but effective analysis this season is Jose Mourinho. Not everyone's cup of tea but he does understand the game
  8. dylanisabaddog

    Ricardo's report v Arsenal

    Excellent report. Having watched many relegated Norwich teams in the past I have to say that on today's performance I'm not looking at one. I was concerned by Amadou in the first half but he grew into the game and performed well in the second half. If we can avoid any more injuries we may survive. Not that I really care but if I was an Arsenal fan I would be worried that our back 4 is better than theirs.
  9. dylanisabaddog

    Euro 2020 Draw

    How on earth can Germany, France and Portugal end up in the same group! The World Champions and European Champions together. Makes no sense at all.
  10. dylanisabaddog


    Timing is irrelevant. The policing was disgraceful and the extent of their incompetence was covered up at the time with many PC's agreeing to change their statements to follow the party line. That is totally unacceptable and it should be noted that the same police force were culpable during the miners strike. Thankfully policing at football matches is way better now than it was then. What is really upsetting is yesterday's coverage in The Sun. They seem to have forgotten their role altogether.
  11. dylanisabaddog

    Ricardo's report AGM 2019

    Perhaps I do look at the past with rose tinted glasses but the population of Norfolk was much lower in the 1970's than it is now. Someone mentioned borrowing and that terrifies me. At a previous AGM we were told that if we borrowed all the money to rebuild the City Stand we would have to sell 90% of the seats for 20 years to pay it back. I would think that the money would come from one big player sale. Usually I wouldn't be happy about that but the current regime's recruitment has been so good that we may get away with it
  12. dylanisabaddog

    Ricardo's report AGM 2019

    Strange there is such negativity about our ability to fill a larger stadium. I would say it is essential if we are not to lose out on a generation of supporters. I regularly stood at games with attendances in excess of 35,000 in the 1970's when the population of Norfolk was significantly lower than it is now. We could clearly fill a 40,000 stadium for 6 or 7 Premier League games and if we were looking at 35,000 we would probably fill it for half of the Premier League games. The most important factor is long term support. We want to be in a position where people can get tickets to take children to games. They are the supporters of tomorrow and as a business we need to get them when they're young. Ricardo, was anything said about safe standing?
  13. dylanisabaddog

    Will Emery last for Sunday?

    Just been sacked which is a shame. I would have preferred him to remain until Sunday
  14. Get his head right and he'll be worth a lot more than that. That's probably easier said than done
  15. This is why they are getting upset and why they may struggle to get promoted. Last 6 games table And there next 6 games aren't easy
  16. dylanisabaddog

    What a difference a game/mistake makes

    I've just posted Everton's forthcoming fixtures on another post. They won't get many points out of the next 8 games regardless of who their manager is. Hopefully they'll think they're Everton and couldn't possibly be relegated.....
  17. You would expect a club of their size to buy their way out of trouble but can't see them getting many points out of these games.
  18. dylanisabaddog

    Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest

    Most bizarre game I have ever seen. Lost 3-2 and 4 or maybe all 5 were own goals. Thanks for reminding me that a somewhat bewildered Ted Payne spent the last 15 minutes playing up front. For those of you who never saw Ted he was a bit like Danny Mills but far less talented. But to be fair he was at least a decent bloke....
  19. dylanisabaddog

    Klose to return

    He was walking round the pitch before the Villa game. He looked a long way from being fit. Perhaps he'll make the last few games.
  20. Farke said at the press conference today that Zimmerman could be ready after the international break. With Vrancic now available that is hugely encouraging. I still fear the worst but at least that gives us a little hope.
  21. I watched them lose to WBA last night who were good but nowhere near as good as us last year. Stoke were absolutely awful and the fans that used to make a huge noise were almost silent. It perhaps shows how well we did last season but more importantly we need to learn the lesson for next season. We need to plan for relegation
  22. dylanisabaddog

    Reports of our early demise are greatly exaggerated

    Both of the other promoted sides would be in our position with the injuries we've had. In order to survive this year we needed to stay injury free but instead we've had the worst run of injuries I can remember in 50 years. It's unfortunate but I think it means we'll go down. Get Zimmerman and Vrancic back soon and keep everyone else fit and you never know!
  23. dylanisabaddog

    What on earth has happened to Stoke?

    Thank you for an intelligent and reasoned response! Anyone who thinks we shouldn't be dreading the inevitable at the moment is seriously deluded. We needed a relatively injury free season to survive but fate has conspired against us. I hope for a miracle but fear the worst
  24. dylanisabaddog

    Lazio Nazis vs Celtic

    It's a bit difficult to argue against a post that makes no sense whatsoever
  25. 7-0 down to Leicester after an hour and down to ten men.