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    We'll never know. I would be happy to bet that NO had his contract paid up in full. It's easy to criticise him but after all, it was Norwich City who gave him the contract. Madders may have agreed to give up his contract entitlement in exchange for being allowed to leave, but once again we'll never know. We were probably more desperate than him so his agent may have taken advantage. Players agents are well aware of Employment Law and work to their clients' advantage. And their advantage as well! In general, it's why players very rarely make a written transfer request these days and why it's even rarer that a manager resigns.
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    If he didn't formally ask for a transfer (which I suspect) we would be legally obliged to compensate him for the remainder of his contract. So any fee we did receive will probably have gone straight to Oliviera
  3. dylanisabaddog


    If they gave us money for NO we should let the Greeks have their marbles. Only fair
  4. dylanisabaddog

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    Or the Polish lad from Arsenal
  5. dylanisabaddog

    Truly tragic news

    Bring back the cross bar challenge and let a visiting fan have a go each time
  6. dylanisabaddog

    Things to do/places to stay in Norfolk

    I'd agree with Wells for kids and Holkham for adults. The parking at both is now significantly more than the £3 mentioned above. Friends of mine with children went to the caravan park at Holt which someone else has recommended. They loved it and its not far from Wells. If you do go to North Norfolk it is worth doing one of the seal boat trips from Blakeney. Kids love it. Avoid the Norfolk Broads. It costs a fortune and kids will be bored in 10 minutes
  7. dylanisabaddog

    Wimbledon prize money

    It's not just the number of sets. Womens tennis doesn't bring in anywhere near the same amount of sponsorship money as the mens game.
  8. dylanisabaddog

    Tour de France 2019

    I love the Tour. It's a good thing that asthmatics are given the opportunity to win a 'sporting' competition
  9. dylanisabaddog

    OT - Newcastle, Steve Bruce and everything in between

    Pardew, Curbishley and Roeder are probably sitting in Spain trying to work out where it all went wrong. Newcastle fans do have an inflated opinion of their club but they turn out in huge numbers and provide incredible support. Trying to get a quality manager and players to live in that part of the world is a challenge and the awful atmosphere that Ashley has created makes it even harder. I would think Steve Bruce is about as good as it's going to get for them.
  10. dylanisabaddog

    EFL Trophy

    Or get a broken leg
  11. dylanisabaddog

    Calling all NCFC maths geniuses!

    That's strange. It can't be my 50p that has dropped the odds. You can still get 23-1 with William Hill https://www.oddschecker.com/football/english/premier-league/liverpool-v-norwich/winner
  12. dylanisabaddog

    Buendía signs new 5 year deal!

    In 50 years of watching Norwich City he is probably the most gifted player I have seen play for us. Enjoy next season because it will probably be his last here
  13. dylanisabaddog

    Calling all NCFC maths geniuses!

    2000-1 seems about right to me and possibly worth a £1 each way bet. If Lakey wants to see the odds lower then a series of £1,000 bets should do it. Of more interest to me is the 25-1 that Sky is offering on us at Liverpool. Once again it's probably correct mathemically but it's very generous for a Premier league game.
  14. dylanisabaddog

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    Quite right. We are likely to be fighting against Southampton at the bottom so why would we want to sign a player who can't even make their first 25? He's a hard worker but an average Championship player at best
  15. dylanisabaddog

    One club, one team

    You say it's plain daft but women have been paid the same as men in tennis for some time, despite the fact that the world number 1 admits she can't get even a game off the 600th ranked man who she trains with. And they only play 3 sets and can't raise anywhere near the sponsorship money that is available for men. If equal pay comes in America it will be a problem here as well, particularly with the BBC fighting the womens corner for them. Someone above has commented that I'm not being inclusive. Why on earth should I be? The standard of play in the womens game is laughable and I can see no reason why I should pay for it. I don't want my club wasting money and resources on it.
  16. dylanisabaddog

    Calling all NCFC maths geniuses!

    It was 10/1. Even those were ridiculous odds. So ridiculous that I had £5 on it and ended up wishing I'd risked more.
  17. dylanisabaddog

    One club, one team

    We should avoid women's football like the plague. There have been constant references to equal pay during the world cup and it's a hot topic in America. In this country the average attendance at a womans Premier League game is less than 1,000 and I have no desire to see my money spent on promoting a team that couldn't compete with a Norfolk Sunday League 6 side
  18. dylanisabaddog

    Liverpool away

    I didn't know Salah is Egyptian. But I suppose he does walk like one
  19. dylanisabaddog

    Is VAR such a good idea?

    https://vimeo.com/151903603 It didn't cross the line
  20. dylanisabaddog

    Is VAR such a good idea?

    The 3rd England goal would have been disallowed by goal line technology, not by VAR. England could easily have knocked Argentina out in the hand ball game even without VAR. But there were some very good sides other than Argentina in that competition and I doubt England would have got to the final.
  21. dylanisabaddog

    Is VAR such a good idea?

    It's got to be good for us. It should help smaller clubs getting decisions at places like Old Trafford and Anfield
  22. If they open the window at Palace they should be able to hear Stuart Webber laughing. Max will probably beg to be allowed to stay
  23. dylanisabaddog

    Palace to bid £10m for Max

    https://www.holmesdale.net/page.php?id=106&tid=174865 At least their supporters are a bit more realistic
  24. dylanisabaddog

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    My God! I didn't think he was that special. Certainly not as good as the Swansea lad who caused us so many problems
  25. dylanisabaddog

    Adam Webster

    Ipswich sold Webster to Bristol City for £3.5m last summer and spent the money on League 1 and 2 players who took them where they are today. Bristol City have just turned down an offer of £12m for Webster from Villa. A remarkable piece of business by the Suffolk paupers The fee paid yesterday for the Palace right back and the Villa offer for Webster do make me wonder how much our young defenders are worth.