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  1. Thanks Til. A huge figure up here - I was lucky enough to have a Rhino’s ST in his glory days. Followed his career and his heart breaking illness every step of the way. Ran the RB Leeds marathon and raised MND money in his honour too. A sad day, but happy his suffering is over
  2. No circus https://www.canaries.co.uk/content/johannes-hoff-thorup-appointed-new-norwich-city-head-coach
  3. Thanks @nutty nigel Thats a fine epilogue to mark the end of Rays Funds.
  4. Will look forward to @Feedthewolf updating his contract conundrums thread.
  5. Duffy released https://www.canaries.co.uk/content/club-confirm-released-and-retained-list
  6. The kind where when we have a free kick in any part of the opposing half, an effort is made to play it forward, get the ball in the box and create opportunities. Not play it sideways and backwards so it ends up with Gunn
  7. Valérien Ismaël? Phil Parkinson? Malky Mackay?
  8. We need to build around Sainz, Sara and Nunez. Everyone else could be replaced
  9. You’re not wrong. I live there and used to work in the shadow of Elland Road. There was a pub nearby that I’d go in after work pretty much 3-4 times a week. Landlord knew me as a regular - although I never made it known I was a Norwich fan. Few years ago, we played there on an evening - the one where Beckford scored last minute after a keeper howler. I went to the pub after to commiserate - wearing no colours. Spent at least an hour chatting with some Leeds fans whilst sat at the bar. As the beer flowed I let slip I was a City fan. One of the guys I’d been happily chatting to asked if it was Bradford, I said no - Norwich. Literally turned in a second - he launched off his barstool and tried to head butt me. I saw it coming, backed away so the head butt missed, dropped my pint and gave him a dig. The rest of the guys I’d been speaking to “advised” me to leave asap whist holding him back. The landlord just stood by and watched. Suffice to say, I never went there since
  10. Some further musings from me - posted for my own record, rather than adulation. I've been lucky enough to be able to forge lasting friendships with many of the posters on this series of threads over the past 17 years. Particular highlights for me were the first presentation night I attended - which wasn't easy at the time, as my car broke down a couple of days before and other arrangements had to be swiftly made! Meeting NCFC legends at those Bayer Club nights, just don't mention the god awful Taddy lager @TIL 1010 The visit to see the DS team play was also an absolute pleasure - even though Mick Dennis was the Ref! This day started with a 5am departure from home and ended with a meeting with Wes Hoolahan, before arriving home around midnight. Getting the opportunity to go on the pitch at half time during a home game to present the cheque to the CSF was an awesome experience - the only time I have ever set foot on the hallowed turf. And I got to share the experience with my fellow Pups @Mandie Moo, @Hissing Sid and @Graham Humphrey - even though by leaving our seats early to meet the club representatives we missed an absolute screamer from Jonny Howson. But we celebrated it the tunnel between stands like we'd witnessed the greatest goal of all time! Supplying trophies in the early days for the winners of the Pups Leagues, sadly something that ending with a change in work commitments. Barbeques, Social nights, The Nelson after games. Promotion parties, relegation disappointments, Fulham last day of the season, Duncan on his bike... "Glory days, great memories - some night's I'll never remember, with friends I'll never forget"
  11. Let's do it! Just for fun, obviously - but would be interesting to see! Will also be good to see the names of some Pups no longer with us or lapsed posters on a final league table.
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