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  1. Leedscanary

    Buendía signs new 5 year deal!

    Lapps - that is pure filth
  2. Leedscanary

    Frank Lampard

    He conquered August League Winners Leeds Utd, so cant be all bad
  3. Leedscanary

    Women’s World Cup

    The insult was b ellend
  4. Leedscanary

    Women’s World Cup

    Wish they’d employ a decent commentator. Jonathan Pierce is awful and very patronising. And he goes “full Robot Wars” mode at the slightest bit of excitement. ****.
  5. Leedscanary

    Sky TV

    If anyone has an EE phone contract, check your extra offers in their app - you’ll usually see 6 months free BT sport app
  6. Leedscanary

    What price Webber?

    Webber’s replacement is already here - Daniel Farke will make the step from Head Coach to Sporting Director. That was always his plan in the early days if you remember some of Farkes interviews - he was more interested in being a SD than a HC.
  7. Good luck this weekend to our deserved Champions Wazzy and Diane - great picking from you both. Hope we can cap off the season with another win. For Wazzy - I'm going to Austria for a RAPID VIENNA v Wacker Innsbruck - HOME WIN For Diane - Watford v WEST HAM - AWAY WIN Good luck all, Leedscanary
  8. What a great season again. Many many thanks to our kind benefactors - PUPanon and BTTSanon, along with numerous Pups who have donated tenners and more for us to enjoy these threads each week. And of course, Nutty / Eddie - without you my friend, none of this would be possible. I did want to try and go out in a blaze of glory with a massive high odds chancer to try and get to the top of the table, but then remembered we don't do this for personal triumphs - its all about the CSF. With that in mind HAJDUK SPLIT v Zapresic - HOME WIN in Croatia. For the City game, 2-2 Desmond draw to seal us the title. Good Luck all Leedscanary PS - I'm coming down for the Wes/Russ testimonial. Will be down Sunday evening if anyone wants to meet for a beer, then will probably be wandering around the City on Monday with The Nelson after the game...
  9. Leedscanary

    Jordan Rhodes price tag?

    I can see a Huckerby-esque scenario where Jordan will make the move happen
  10. Leedscanary

    502 Bad Gateway

    Interestingly since this problem arose, there are none of the annoying ads in the middle of the threads
  11. I'm also claiming lateness this week - sorry boss NN. For what it's worth SHEFFIELD UTD to hammer the scummers PUKKI to score 2 or more... Good luck all Leedscanary
  12. Leedscanary

    Is this you?

    Yeah it’s Big Dave - he’s on here usually as Citytilidie. Mill tag him on Facebook
  13. Also, on what could be a good Good Friday, if the results go our way it could be a great Good Friday so lets have a tenner on a Sheff Utd v NOTTS FOREST - AWAY WIN NORWICH v Sheff Wed - HOME WIN £10 double to see us promoted and get another £100 for the CSF I've sent it via Paypal mate
  14. Sorry for being absent the past couple of weeks... Good Luck Splutcho mate - can't see past a HOME WIN JUVENTUS v Fiorentina in Seria A on Saturday evening. For Dan - Friday's Wednesday game (!) I think will be a 3-1 Norwich win. I'm going to see what happens Friday before selecting a Monday choice... Good Luck all Leedscanary
  15. We don’t play them until Friday...