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  1. Play the perceived 1st 11 and try and gain some confidence against a 2nd string Liverpool before the next PL game
  2. Are people seriously thinking that Farke will be sacked 5 games into a 4 year contract extension? He will be here for this year’s relegation and at least half of next years Championship challenge
  3. I think a bit of mischief from Nutty this week, making everyone mention Graham and Drinks in the same sentence. surely you’re getting the subliminal message?
  4. Nah, I remember in those days Pete told me over a pint at a Pups event that the board pretty much looked after itself and he only had to get involved when those little fingers alerted him to something that wasn’t liked. (Although the memories of those Pups events are hazy, I’m sure the barman there was a bit dodgy)
  5. I’ll tell you who it wasn’t - Lakey. Him and Morty used to have some really good discussions, albeit heated. I’m convinced that someone else used to get offended on Lakey’s behalf and press the button. And it was Lakey himself who told me that he had never reported a post on the Pink Un when we first met
  6. I used to use BBC not606 board but that got Sh!t so I came here in the moderation days. Been here on and off ever since, met loads of nice people from here and some turned into proper mates. Met some bells aswell but I suppose that’s par for the course. From what I can remember of Morty, he got hounded around the messageboard threads until he responded with something that one of four or five posters didn’t like. There was a group who poked the nest constantly and then boney little fingers poked the report button. It was a calculated witch hunt in my opinion
  7. Hi All, Back to the Welsh Premier League this week, hoping to get back to winning ways with THE NEW SAINTS v Barry - 1/4 with Bill Hill & Bet365 (surely TNS win this easily with a 10 man advantage? ) For the Norwich bet, I'm sticking to the tactic of Tzolis 1st and last goal, this week at 22/1 with Bill Hill. Good luck Humph and Drinks, two of the very first Pups I ever met... Leedscanary
  8. Came here to see photos posted by Til disappointed
  9. Hi All Staying in Scotland this week for Wolfie ANNAN ATHLETIC v Stenhousemuir - HOME WIN in Scottish League 2 (10/11 Billy Hill, 4/5 Bet365) For Mrs Wolfie (SuperHooper - hope you mean the player, not the Ref...) Tzolis to score first AND last goal has got to be worth a cheeky 50p at 55/1 with Billy Hill and cross our fingers for a 0-1 result? I'd also suggest 50p on each on the following for 1st booking (all Bet365) Mathais Norman 6/1 Ozan Kabak 7/1 Todd Cantwell 11/1 Good luck to each and every pup again this week! Leedscanary
  10. Saturday 3pm Scottish Challenge Cup INVERNESS CALEDONIAN THISTLE v Buckie Thistle - HOME WIN Top of the Championship v Highland League Good luck Cosmic Leedscanary
  11. Hi all For my good man Wazzy I’m going to Austria with Hartberg v SALZBERG - AWAY WIN And for Pockthope - Sargant to score last Good luck all Leedscanary
  12. 3 points away from the European spots and we’ve played arguably the 2 best teams in the league…
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