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  1. Assuming that the loan players don't return, I would say Davis ( although he will need to adapt his game) and at a push I could see Hirst pushing double figures for goals. The rest are over-performing Championship players.
  2. Incredible levels of delusion. Why would he leave: 1. Ipswich is a dump. 2. Need serious investment just to repurchase their loan players let alone fix their awful back line / keeper. 3. Greater salary 4. His stock will never be higher 5. Brighton play his brand of football 6. Chances of a trophy ( cups) 7. Bigger club 8. Better ground and training facilities 9. Can take the one or two premier ready Ipswich players with him. 10. No Ed Sheran.
  3. Agree, but we wouldn't have made the playoffs without him. Deserves our support.
  4. Personally, I would excuse the sports team from that criticism but I agree with you about the rest. It was actually better when owned by Archant, but since the buy out from Newsquest and the new editor's arrival, the quality has plummeted. Too much focus on clicks and little focus on the truth.
  5. Latest police update below. Confirms no knife used. One person charged. One person bailed. https://www.norfolk.police.uk/news/norfolk/news/news/2024/may/man-in-50s-has-been-charged-following-incident-and-incident-in-norwich---update/
  6. Well said. The EDP are so desperate for a few clicks that doing the right thing doesn't matter anymore
  7. Remarkably the EDP are now reporting this story based solely on the tweet of one person. Shows how poor the editorial standards of that paper have sunk. There was no blade, there was no chanting. Just one idiot who threw a can at another idiot. Police quickly intervened and arrested those responsible. No need for reprisals and I'm sure that the police will provide an update when appropriate.
  8. Can't wait for the game and I'm sure that our players will be the same. I take your point about some of our players appreciating their position should we be promoted, but many in that camp will see this as a last chance of glory. They will want promotion on their CV and the memories that victory will bring. Players and fans play to win and the sheer joy that this brings. I desperately hope that players and fans are as pumped as we were for the binners and that we take it to Leeds.
  9. Is this a suitable tweak? "Shane Duffy drives p***ed in the yellow and green Lungi Sorenson comes into the team There's a playoff spot that we're dreaming of And promotion to the Premier league " I'll get my coat
  10. It's alright, but as has been said it doesn't convert to a terrace song. I've always liked the idea of the team running out to Yellow by Coldplay. Turn down the volume for a blast of "For you I'd bleed myself dry" from the crowd. Probably just showing my age and questionable taste!.
  11. I've got mine. Said an hour queue, but took 9 minutes. Very slick.
  12. To be fair, they're a good example of how good coaching, confidence and teamwork can overcome deficiencies in skill. Look home and dry now.
  13. I was thinking the same. Only one of the back 5 looks any good and three loan signings to replace further upfield. Shades of Notts Forest about them.
  14. Cov left back is all over the place. No energy and little interest from the entire team.
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