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  1. Yeah I was listening to it, he did say for one hour they would put the controversy to one side and and discuss football.
  2. I don't know anything about BM or the Bundesliga. What kind of position would they realistically be hoping for as fans? Europe?
  3. This league is utterly crazy. Anyone can't beat anyone, so hard to predict results each week.
  4. Just stumbled across this on ITV4. Pleased I did based on the female presenter
  5. Blimey. Setting fire to a building with people inside, and throwing boiling water at people. Absolutely insane, and savage!
  6. Nunez whipping in a couple of dangerous corners, all defended unfortunately
  7. Is Pukki getting too selfish/desperate to score? He seems reluctant to lay the ball off in decent positions and takes the shot on always. I know he's a striker but..
  8. Agreed it's not just a Norwich City issue. Also, away fans are nearly always louder compared to home games, spending all day drinking etc. Just look at the away support that visit the Carra, then compare to their home ground on the reverse fixture.
  9. I've seen City Elite on Twitter, they are the group who travel to away games with the drum, seemingly they put on a couple of mini buses so guessing there must be around 12 - 20 odd or so of them, not sure though. Seems as though thre meeting was how to improve atmosphere at home games and the club invited various supporters groups to attend.
  10. Nah, it's because they are winning games and near the top of the league.
  11. Doesn't help that our own team aren't doing great, but yes, generally fatigued with football in general. Just need to turn on Sky Sports News to experience that. They're obessed with the PL and the big teams, and trying to make transfers some dramatic, it's so boring! Having said that, watching Welcome to Wrexham helps level things up, real people supporting their local team. If you haven't watched it yet, I would highly recommend it.
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