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  1. Yeah, I would like to see him get some game time. Whilst watching the Brighton game I was thinking Todd would have done well in that type of game.
  2. Normann looks like he has potential on corners. He was whipping them in, just needs to clear the first defender much better.
  3. Just got a few lucky dips. Crazy thing is, in footballing terms, £184 million isn't actually that much given so many clubs are owned by billionaires!
  4. Or with Emi one bad tackle from him and a red card!
  5. Gutted that Emi has gone, especially to Villa! But yes it could mean we will have a more balanced team going forward. I feel like we maybe relied too much on Emi last season.
  6. What concerns me is how will we find anyone to replace his assists and goals. Unless history repeats and Webber has already found the next Emi 2.0 model.
  7. So glad we arent involved in the playoffs, can sit back and watch them without all the worry and nerves! Really hope Barnsley beat Swansea.
  8. Yeah whoever recorded that video conveniently cut out what happened beforehand. Still doesnt look great though for McBurnie.
  9. It's clearly more fun winning most weeks and being top of the league as opposed to losing most weeks and being bottom. Lets hope we give a good account of ourselves next season in the PL and we can continue the fun.
  10. He seems like a real family man as well and settled in Norfolk. I think that makes a difference even to modern day footballers. Lets face it he will earn a fortune over the next 10 years or so, I hope he gives us at least 1 more season.
  11. Onel, what a ledge! So many fantastic personalities in that dressing room.
  12. Hopefully they will release the full result at some point so we can see where everyone came.
  13. Congrats Emi!! Well deserved. Just realised why they have announced this today, social media blackout coming up for the weekend.
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