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    Yes, but what does his wife/girlfriend look like?
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    In that case you should buy a size or two too small otherwise it'll end up too big.
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    I'm not entirely sure what miserablists mean when they come out with this dull phrase. Is it simply a well known, expensive, players that they want then there are plenty of teams doing this. Most, if not all, of the signings in our current, Championship winning side were not classed as "quality" signings. So I'd rather we stuck with finding new Pukkis or Vrancics than filling up the team with Naismiths and Crouchs.
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    FFS, why can’t people wait until the window has slammed shut before moaning? Nobody knows what deals are in the pipeline or being worked on, just because the media aren’t chatting about them doesn’t mean things aren’t happening. Webber and Farke’s recruitment has been very good since they came in, no reason why that should change. I’m sure they know very well who and what we need.
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    Sounds as if the op doesn't understand what the club is all about. It's success we are after - but not at any cost. Not sure what he wants really, it just seems some people will only be happy if we spend many millions of pounds as if that is the answer. Money does not buy you success.... I was only thinking today how sad it was to think that some people only judge their lives and other peoples by how much money they have to spend. Thankfully the football club has a vision - a vision that is based on hard work, bringing through young players, humility, caring and togetherness. Money up front is not the main thing....money will come as a byproduct of a successful strategy, which is great - especially as we can all see it is working. Long may it do so and the beauty of watching the club as it develops will be in seeing quality young players coming in to the club because they know they have a pathway to the first team and watching that come to fruition as the team evolves over succeeding years. It's a great time to be a Norwich fan, but maybe that passes some people by because they can't see beyond "we ain't spending enough money".
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    Todd Cantwell got his shirt signed by the Mayor
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    Anyone with concerns about the ambition of our dealings so far should look at the dealings of the rest of the league ... the trading has bearly begun folks! Chill - there's a MONTH before game 1 and we have already signed a ManC AM with bags of talent, a Swiss international striker and a Champions League 'keeper ... as well as swelling our u23s with glitter and pinning down our crown jewels to longer contracts! The sun is shining literally AND metaphorically! OTBC
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    With the local Leeds paper reporting it, sounds like it's got some legs https://www.yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk/sport/football/leeds-united/leeds-united-latest/leeds-united-defender-pontus-jansson-set-for-elland-road-exit-1-9861666
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    As a non-Norfolker (?) I have always had a massive soft spot for the Cromer/Sherigham stretch. Nice little towns, good beaches, food and plenty nearby to go and have a look at like Muckleburgh or Blakeney, tire the kids out by making them run up the Beeston Bump, and the odd amusement arcade to keep them occupied. Neither are as loud or leary as Yarmouth, but that is the charm of them.
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    I have no problem with paying for parking - why should it be free? No doubt car parks have a rateable value and need to be maintained and supervised etc. Are the operators expected to subsidise your parking. No one is forcing you to park there. £3 is not an excessive charge.
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    Based on this image it looks like the shades of yellow and green are the same as last year's kit.
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    I liked the Flybe one in 06/07, last home shirt I bought. Have to say that I did really like the home kit based on the official photos. The slightly lighter “reality” I’m not quite so keen about, although still looks decent.
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    Looks a lot lighter in colour here. Out of interest, anyone bother with these ‘player fit’ shirts? Must be selling fairly well as some of the sizes are sold out already (standard and ‘player fit’)
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    Only concerns re kit is the large amount of green when in the past green has eclipsed yellow we have been relegated, hope not an omen
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    Must be on wined up! Better than any signing is not selling the young squad which won the Championship.......Won the championship......now a year further down the line, experience in the championship and the desire to stay here as a team and take on the best in the world is far better than another Naismith! Long may it continue this lack of quality signings, we have quality at the club.
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    BINNER. The kit is awesome.
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    Just popped on there to take a look and noticed that the "wag" was that twelve years old who often likes to take a poke at our club. They consistently berate our unique yellow and green combination despite the fact that their club, along with a multitude of others are commonly known as the "blues." Ask any football supporter to name the team that plays in yellow and green and they would instantly know Norwich City. Ask them to name the teams who play in blue and Ipswich Town would be way down the list, somewhere below Wigan and just above Rochdale no doubt. Although they probably didn't foresee it at the time those who instigated our colour combination came up with a commercial masterpiece. Instantly recognizable, marketable, different and easy to relate to. To think that in a few weeks time these colours are to be exposed to a 'billion' worldwide viewers whilst playing at the hallowed shrine that is Anfield. Should add a few more to the yellow and green brigade at least. At about the same time the "blues" are to play at Burton Albion's Pirelli Stadium, though I doubt if any of the 6, 000 there will mistake them for Everton.
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    Love your garden Swindon
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    I've never really gone for this 'glam rock' approach to a football kit but it's been the norm for so long now that it has to be accepted and evaluated for what it is. At least it's fallen short of going all Jamie Cureton with the players required to have their hair suitably dyed in the colours, with the sponsors logo skilfully shaved at the back. That some see it as a fashion item is beyond me, but I've worn much worse in my time. This one's not so bad. I like the blend of green for the shirts and shorts and feel it will show up nicely on the small screen. The collar is awful and looks like something you'd put around a dog's neck to deter fleas, but as it still falls far short of something that Gary Glitter might have been seen in is something I suppose. The blend of pop culture and sport is fine in a day when commercialism rules the roost and pantomimes are not just for Christmas and at least our colours will always distinguish us from the host of teams playing in either blue or red. Bah humbug!
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    It's fine, it'll go with all the other shirts my partner has washed.
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    I'm really looking forward to seeing the new Youtube video from Ben Kensell apologising to all the people who hate the new kit.
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    Glad nobody bothered replying to this... now in the first-team squad and signed until 2023! If he gets game time in the Prem and bangs in a few goals, he could be worth £20m+ in no time at all.
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    Agree with everything except the last sentence. It's cloudy and threatening rain in Norwich... PS. Harrison Reed is a decent shout. Would welcome him back, seemed to have a very good attitude. Plus he can cover both positions that need backup.
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    This. I agree it’s that yellow patch that makes it look a bit odd. Perhaps in the flesh it will look better, the colour seems a bit off to me, not quite the right shade of yellow and green.
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    Buy some green jeans.
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    So the OP is a binner then? Makes sense now. I'm not very good at bin sniffing at the best of times as I am just unable to get my head around the fact that anybody could posses such an infantile mentality that they have a need to post of their rivals forum on the pretext that they are a supporter of that club. I think sympathy need be the order of the day as being a supporter of one of the worst run clubs in the entire football league for such a prolonged period must put a strain upon the mental processes. Give the man slack. He needs a break from concerning himself with the realities of the future prospects of the car crash of a club that he supports after all. Not that we really need lessons from binners about "quality" as that seems to have been a concept unknown at Portman Road for as long as most of their supporters can remember I should imagine. So much so in fact that they now consider the acquisition of a freebie 'keeper from Gillingham and a striker who has never kicked a ball above the League Two level as 'excellent pieces of transfer business.' Keep it up Baldy there's a few more weeks of the Summer recess left yet and us Canaries need amusement.
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    Well it’s no coincidence that’s he’s joined them when the transfer window is open.
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    think you're just a bit gay, my dude.
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    Will you BH B4 I PU on TN
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    Haha! Es tut mir leid. I meant 'competition for Super Tommy Trybull'.
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    Why is it Germans sound so butch speaking German and so effeminate speaking English?
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    I think Brighton will do better than people expect; I like what Potter does and I suspect their players are better than they showed last season. Burnley worry me a bit, they haven't really recruited anyone major for the past couple of years and didnt look comfortable back end of last season. Palace and Newcastle could both b in trouble as a few people have suggested; and though they wont be in the relegation fight I think Chelsea will be out of the top 6 or 7 this season - No new signings, lost their best player in Hazard, a weird mix of overpaid and underperforming players and talented youngsters who've been farmed out repeatedly and probably have little club togetherness or cohesion, and an unproven manager who's there on name and desperation not on merit; I think they could be 8th or 9th. Wouldnt be surprised to see Leicester back in the top 6 again, they've done a solid job rebuilding their squad to replace the title winners with talented younger players.
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    Do not feed the Binner...
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    Have you seen the cost of some of those so-called "quality signings" lately? Our boys have done us proud with our best season for a long time with some stunning football and they are a true team in every sense of the word. They deserve a chance next season at least. We have strengthened nicely in areas that needed re-enforcement and that's good enough for me, especially with time still on our side.
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    This can't happen, my Fantasy Football Team is called Krul and the Gang. That's much more important than strengthening the squad.
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    Newcastle aside, most Premier League clubs that might be in danger of relegation, are looking pretty well run. West Ham in particular have seemingly turned a corner and are starting to recruit sensibly. Fornas is an excellent player, so when you add him to Anderson and Yamalenko then it is hard to see them struggle. They also have a good manager to go with that. Even if Arnautovic does go, I think they could replace him wisely. Talk is of Maxi Gomes from Celta and he is top quality. Southampton have also seemingly turned a corner and are recruiting well. Everton have also sorted themselves out a little and should have far too much to be in any danger. The same goes for Wolves and Leicester - who all well run at the top and recruiting well. You could see Bournemouth or Palace dropping into trouble - Palace if they lose Zaha and Bournemouth if Wilson’s knee goes again. Also talk of Ake leaving Bournemouth and Howe’s recruitment has often been a bit ropey. Burnley could be one to watch. They looked better after coming out of Europe, but you do feel that Dyche’s methods and reliance on the domestic market will eventually catch up with them. Newcastle could be in real danger. Can see their manage search dragging on for a while and no Rondon or Pérez means they have a lot to replace up front. Villa are signing Championship players and have overpaid in a big way for Wesley. Their recruitment doesn’t look great so far, so will be interesting to see how the rest of the window goes. I think the league looks a really tough one this season. Clubs are starting to use the money they have much more wisely (apart from Villa). I’m starting to move toward optimism now, which always happens when pre-season starts but survival would be a massive achievement for Norwich.
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    Tim Krul did not get this far by being afraid of competition. He has already fought for every step since he was 8 or 9. All players are, will be and always have been under pressure. That SW/DF/The Club now send the message that they cannot completely allow him a monopoly position at Premier level is not some tacit behind-closed-doors threat, it is normal. No-one would have expected it more than Tim Krul. There are doubts about whether he is good enough to be a strong Premier player, as there is about Pukki, Aarons or the very Club itself. Some players will step up, some won’t. Some will make it on bloody-mindedness, some on ability alone and many on both. Wherever possible SW will amortise these risks, whilst providing as much ammunition to DF for today - and nevertheless factoring in players who will stay and be needed should we be immediately relegated, and so he should. Tim Krul will get his chance, though that might be 38 games or 45 minutes of the first game. So be it. It’s always been like that for Tim and everyone else. Fans assuming their doubts about a player are unrecognised or inspired observation are deluding themselves. Everybody knows, including the player himself. It’s nothing to be afraid of, it drives you on, it’s how you got here and why you are where you are. Parma
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    Very impressive, it also likely frees up space in the older buildings and allows those to be reshaped and used better. It sticks with me, and this might seem obvious, the comment from a few seasons or so ago that when players come to look around and sign, the training ground is one of the most important factors; More so than Carrow road, 3 hours a week as opposed to 5 days a week, the facilities need to scream high level and an opportunity to develop. If we are especially looking to start attracting the brightest and best prospects, this is a huge factor, along side being a club to actually give contracts and opportunities to academy players.
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    True, although in the Prem, creative players like Emi are meant to get more protection from refs than happened in the Champs when Emi was fouled a lot, and it was the frustration of seeing those repeated fouls go unpunished that let to him losing his head & making a wild challenge in that one game. Be interesting to see how it pans out in the Prem. More of a concern for me about Emi is him giving away fouls when defending in the area, due to being over-eager with his challenges. That's an area he really needs to be more careful on next season.
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    You are Glenn Roeder and I claim my prize.
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    https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11709/11756529/ralf-fahrmann-in-norwich-medical-ahead-of-loan-move-from-schalke Fahrmann's wife started to follow Norwich on Instagram on Wednesday, and the 'keeper is close friends with Norwich assistant Christopher John, after the pair founded a clothing company together a few years ago. Perhaps they're just planning opening a stall on the market and we've got it all wrong.
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    I don't think it's an age thing, I think it's just standard notation. 7 plays on the right, 11 on the left, etcetera. Anyone else remember Gary Megson wearing squad number 9 in the egg-and-cress era? I also remember Charlton doing their squad numbers alphabetically to stop people fighting over the numbers. Stuart Balmer, a defender, was number 1. Now that was weird.
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    I think that we're showing our age with this, 5 and 6 should be centre backs, 4 in midfield. 2 always a right back, always.
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    As much as we'd all love to see Idah make it in the first team squad as the 'third striker', he would still need to play Under-23 football to keep his match fitness up as he wouldn't get a huge amount of minutes in the first team.
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    Yup, me too. Last season was a nightmare for squad numbers. Jordan Rhodes as 11 was particularly annoying.
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    Lewis not wearing number 3 is going to bug the crap out of me this season.
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    Yep, surprised Jamal didn't take the 3 shirt.
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