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  1. Hahaha I bet some of their Fans will be furious, that sees him safe till the end of the season.
  2. That to me is the sign of Champions, by no means our best performance but we still made it count and punished them for two mistakes. Huge pressure on the others to win now just to keep the pace, happy for Pukki to get redemption after the penalty and also Skipp who deserved a goal, though credit to Rupp who was unselfish despite having the chance to open his own account for Norwich!
  3. I think its fair to say Brum had the better of it first half, thats not being negative, but you must be blind if you think otherwise. Im confident though that we can take it up a gear, just not sure if that means making a change..
  4. Worst ive seen us play in a while, Birmingham pushing us all over the place. Shame as could have easily been 2-0 without the goal of our own creation. Need to seriously up it second half, maybe a sub?
  5. Let them fight it out, we need to be honest and admit since Pukki has arrived (whilst being outstanding) he hasn't faced serious week in week out competition for his place. Last season was a complete disaster in that respect and this season it would have been great to have someone in for those games when Pukki was out injured. Would also take the pressure off him with his busy international schedule too.
  6. Ivan Toony, I mean, if I take my Norwich bias hat for a moment, he's the best striker in the league at the moment. Not just that, he also has the same number of assists as Buendia. If Brentford don't go up I think he could be looking at a big money move to a mid table top flight side.
  7. Better now, though slightly less chaotic and cavalier performances. I know people are saying we have scored less, but lets be honest we haven't had to score as many with a tighter defence, if you let in 2 goals every other game then your going to have to be banging them in. Id also say we have a stronger spine to the team with Gibson and Skipp in it, whilst offensively Cantwell and Buendia have really pushed on since then.
  8. It would be very un-Farke-ish to inexplicably change the starting line up after back to back wins, we just know from experience that it generally only happens because of injury. That said, with any new player i'm always desperate to see our newer and younger players do well when they arrive at the club, I think Dowell has had a really bad bit of luck picking up that injury and then having to come back into a side thats now top of the league. I was surprised that Vrancic played almost the full 90 on Saturday as I thought Farke was probably going to try to give him another 30 minutes, I think he hasn't managed to really get the managers attention with his cameos so far.
  9. I sometimes think about the near misses of recent years, David Coterill and Clinton Morrison being two that were apparently in the bag just for us to see them go to another team at the last minute. Thankfully there haven't been too many where I've felt we let someone truly exceptional slip through our fingers. Perhaps Siggurson when it was looking like we were trying to get him on deadline day under Hughton, just to miss out as Spurs couldn't get their replacement in first.. or so the story goes.
  10. Personally Im hoping for a clean sweep from the next two, largely so it takes the pressure off us and piles it onto the teams below. Especially with the Brentford game being the next fixture, would be lovely going into that knowing they HAVE to win to make up some ground and a draw would actually be a respectable point and a denial of them gaining ground. That said, Watford are starting to make me feel a little uneasy, Im hoping the 6 below us can start taking chunks out of each other.
  11. Oi, how dare you say that about us. Lets meet up for a fight. Sir, I demand the satisfaction.
  12. Poor Old Evans, still waiting for his taste of that sweet top flight pie! Aaaaaahahahahah
  13. We often hear from those inside the club about a plan, sometimes with the cliche 5 year time scale attached ( I'm looking at you McNally!), or sometimes with a position within the football pyramid being used. Reading the Delia quotes today once again highlighted the ambitions and goals of what this club should be and where it should be and the method we would achieve it by. So Im just curious to know, in 5 years time or so where would you like to see Norwich? On the pitch and off the pitch what would you like to have seen change or progress, how did we do it? Try and keep it as realistic as you can, I think its actually quite an interesting question for a club like ours who probably never be a top 4 Prem side but still have a great deal of potential!
  14. Looked awful but actually didn't really effect our play, especially in the first half and the ball played along the floor to Pukki for the first was fine. If it isn't raining it should help us a little bit, at least our players will feel confident there having already played on it and got a result!
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