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  1. I think we moved on with the signing of Placheta to be honest. Their own sounds like a nightmare, and whilst I feel for the player, play silly games win silly prizes.
  2. No thank you, if you've got any sort of soul or morals and pay attention to the news you'd want nothing to do with them. Couldn't see them passing the FA ownership requirements anyway.
  3. I mean, its not like we replaced him with anyone good... temu Sukki... Dukki... fukki... ahh what was it, again? You know, that lad who won the golden boot for us.
  4. Sounds like what we've lacked; Goals from Midfield.
  5. Give us your address and we can have a whip round for a medal
  6. I can understand in the broader sense of wanting to play at the top level, but my goodness who is in charge of his media... has he had no coaching at all about what to say or how to read the room? We have him releasing music videos in the middle of a relegation battle, and you would have though the club would have pulled him aside and reminded him how that could be interpreted at such a difficult time for the club. To then follow up with comments like this just screams of a nativity... why say such ambiguous things when they know full well the fan base is looking at every interview for an indication of where peoples loyalties lie and who could be leaving. He's not hit the ground running and I have no idea, even if he doesn't mean it, why you wouldn't say 'I've had a taste of the highest level, thats where I believe this club needs to be and I'm going to prove thats where i belong by firing them straight back up'
  7. No no, the CB window has already passed. Clubs a joke, sack the board, sell the kids.
  8. Well, are we going to get a a 3rd signing of the week today? Personally I think that could be it now for a little bit, until we see the squad thinned a little with fringe players moving on. As has been said, we don't need to sell to buy so I don't think we are in that position where one of the young talents needs to be sold to see more come in, but perhaps its likely we might not see that 'marquee' signing (something 7-8 million in CB or AM) until we potentially lose a Max or Jamal. I think once we see potentially Lietner (what a shame) Heisser and potentially Trybull move then we will see players coming in with the wages freed up.
  9. Im fairly sure Webber has said the Farke has the last call on if we sign a player or not. As far as I can remember (and is the normal structure within a sporting director set up) the Manager will tell the sporting director the areas of the pitch he wants to strengthen, though the SD should be competent enough to be able to identify that by whats going on on the pitch anyway. The SD will then use the scouting team to identify a list of potential players for each position which will then be shown to the manager. The Manager then picks the shortlist with the SD and scouting teams assistance and then its up for the SD to do the backroom work to make the move happen. Its a common miss-conception that teams with a Sporting Director sign players the manager hasn't approved or doesn't want. I think it largely comes from the attitude of the old school managers who like to have a finger in every pie, but as a result can end up being stretched too thing. That was something that was said of Hughton, whilst admirable in his intention he wanted to be involved with the academy and the scouting etc and it just ends up detracting from the first team.
  10. Could be in a spot of bother or could be one of the strongest outfits, I guess its how much of the current first team there they can hold onto and how long their billionaire owner will be willing to keep them above water with the debt in a way that doesn't break the rules.
  11. Id like to see maybe one 'established' player come in, but it will cost an arm and a leg to do that for anyone who is actually better that what we've got. In terms of experience and senior players you could say in Krul, Hanley, Tetty, McGovern and to an extent Pukki and Zimmerman we have that. Wouldn't mind seeing Rhodes come in on a free, could see him giving Pukki a lift and some much needed experience and advice for Drmic and Idah.
  12. I meant Silly Season more in reference to the press and agents behaviour, but I catch your drift and I agree.. we can actually take a breath and process what has been and get excited at whats to come!
  13. So no, you cant give me names. I mean, we could go round in this circle all day long, I can't prove your wrong, but I can say your working off a hunch and hypotheticals. Do you not think if someone was serious they wouldn't go public knowing there would be pressure externally for them to sell. What about the other share holders, why have none of these interested parties started buying up their shares to show they are serious if Delia won't budge? Probably because it hasn't happened. I don't doubt interest, probably to buy us on the cheap to be a play thing for someone, or in the hope they could make a quick return on us being promoted, but I doubt anyone who could actually move this club forward in the way we all want to see.
  14. Have a look at the interview they gave last summer, they said they hadn't received a solid offer in their time time here apart from the £1 offer from Peter Cullum (thank god that didn't happen). Don't get me wrong, Id love it if someone could come in and buy the club and just pump money in to the playing squad and the stadium too, but come back to the real world.
  15. Well, quite simply we actually need to have owners and thats without getting into the money they have put into the club over the years when its been needed. So, nice try at trying to turn the attention away from your daft comment. Your turn, if they serve no purpose who is coming in straight away and showing purpose?
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