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  1. Along with 'free hit' we can add 'must win' to the list.. unless its the playoff final or the last day of the season and 3 points then that meaning is never right. However, the Leeds game is a massive one, it will put us in a horrible position if we were to lose that and open up such a gap.
  2. I know we all hate the phrase 'free hit', so instead what I will say is that Saturday would be a very respectable point if we were able to shut up shop for a 3rd game running, however the next 6 games appear to be the ones which will decide if we will be in it to the very end, possibly even staying up with a bit of breathing space... or if the results go the opposite direction, effectively cut off at the bottom before Christmas. Baring a never before seen change of form for the second half of the season, it would likely be it for this top flight adventure. So lets look at them Leeds (H) Brentford (A) Southampton (H) Wolves (H) Newcastle (A) Spurs (A) Spurs have made the list as under Nuno and between now and then, depending on how they are doing and we have done could become a smash and grab. Looking at those, whilst perhaps unrealistic going off our current form I would be saying we need to be targeting between 10-11 points. So win 3, draw 2, lose 1. I'd be targeting the home games as the ones to get all 3, though an over aggressive and confident Brentford could be beaten by fast counter attacks, but a draw probable a good outcome at their place. Newcastle could be in a very odd place with their manager, but for the season we should be looking to draw up there and try to beat them at Carrow Road. Spurs a chance for a bonus result if our form has really turned around. So what do we think? The fact we still get to play Burnley at home, Everton at home, Watford again etc is the hope I'm holding onto, but the catalyst to get anything will be if we can go on a mini run through November.
  3. I still think its Kenny for the chop for me at the moment, especially if we were to revert to a 4-2-3-1 or a 3-4-2 PLM whilst not exactly tearing up trees and getting the notice of Normann does seem to be getting a little bit more adjusted to the speed and the physicality required of him in this league.
  4. If you wanted to take a massive regressive step backwards. He cant get a team with players like Wilson, St Maiximan etc going, how and why would he do any better, and how could he be trusted to play younger players when we see Jamal on the bench week after week for them. Its a NO from me.
  5. I do wonder if slowly the results will start to change for them, I watched and fair play they went for it, but at the same time if Werner wasn't so pants at finishing then Chelsea could have been out of sight. I could easily see them slowly start to see that 'lucky' streak go and then it will be a test of character if they will be willing to keep that style going after, for example, 3 losses on the bounce.
  6. If we go for the 3-5-2 again I'd be happy to see Cantwell in as part of the two up front which would allow him to be almost a floating number 10
  7. I've often thought about this when I have jumped on a Euromillions roll over, £184 million would be quite a big responsibility. A lot of opportunities to do good and some easy quick ways to waste it! In terms of Norwich I always thought funding the City Stand rebuild would be a good way to use a portion of it. Make Carrow Road look 'complete' and modern, get the capacity up to 32,000. I'd also want as a condition for 500 seats every game available to various charities, kids homes etc and also for there to be other community facilities built into the stand. Id also be a bit cheeky and make half the funding an interest free loan, payed back at 1 million a season but only in seasons Norwich are in the top flight... would act as an extra bit of fun for my family in the years to come with regards to Norwich doing well!
  8. Fairly sure that a condition for both of them is for us to be still in the premier league to complete the signing. Also protects us from spending 32 million after a relegation. I think both players wouldn't have joined if these clauses were not in place.
  9. True, but you have to call it out when we see it. I think to be honest BK8 showed that we as a fan base are pretty good at not being hypocritical and try our best to keep our own house in order.
  10. I guess a lot of what of you who seem terribly impressed by this need to ask is 'Just how important is football'? You willing to shut your eye and ears to atrocities because.. your football team will win some matches and you get a warm fuzzy feeling for 20 minutes at 5pm on a saturday. Personally I think we are showing a way to do it without that. Colney being another step forward, a state of the art training ground we should all be proud of, paid for with money the club has generated.. and not a single EDP journalist bumped off!
  11. you should be happy, didn't ipswich win midweek?
  12. Pathetic response as per usual suspects. We spent a record transfer budget, but we are also putting into action steps that will benefit us irrespective of which league we are in. The pool and rehab resources in particular are a key in the game of finer margins of football, if we can take 20% off recovery times from injuries, help post match recovery and do prevention work then it will have a massive impact. Players come and go, but spending what won't have been anywhere near the 4-8 million extra on top of the 10 million for Ajier for something literally permanent is the right move. Also id suggest by the end of the season Kabak will be rated higher.
  13. Might be an unpopular opinion but Id rather drop out of the league than be bought out by this lot, honestly the price of success at literally any cost. Rotten to the core, another step forwards towards the death of football, meanwhile the greed of fandom will see many up there turn a blind eye, a good metaphor for many problems in this country right now.. I don't care what happens to anyone else as long as I get mine at the end of it.
  14. I don't think anyone here is singling him out, with the greatest respect LDC. I think its more a general concern we all want to see him succeed but thats going to be hard to do coming on in 89th against Burnley here and a League cup start there. It begs the question what the plan is for Adam, as we know from that bit with the Irish press even he appears to be becoming frustrated.. and that not so much that he isnt starting for us, but more the fact he seems to know that he needs football too if he is to stand any chance of making it at the top level,
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