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  1. Well, I’ve just about shaken off the spectacle of last night. Ultimately our form stinks, our defence is a liability, we can’t dominate the midfield and there was a lacking of spark in the final 3rd. Feel free to point out if I’ve left anyone out. With the defence now is the time to shake it up. No giving the the back four ‘a chance to put it right’. Batth will be up for it agains this old club and know what they are all about, a perfect game to run him out on and Warner in alongside to grab the opportunity and show some pace and effort. Same with Fisher for right back who I thought shower real promise against Fulham. If this system doesn’t require a CDM (bloody looks like it does) can we not have our most creative and talented player picking up the ball on the edge of our own area and instead give him the freedom of the number 10 role. Forshaw as a partner for McLean who will be more suited for the duel responsibilities required of the middle two. Finally, Sainz has to start with Rowe. We need some players to actually threaten and worry the opposition, Hernandez last night wasn’t that. Long Fisher Batth Warner Giannoulis Forshaw Mclean Row Sara Sainz Idah vent over. Change it… or don’t be surprised when trying the same thing causes that same result.
  2. Yeah, I have to admit I was at the game and wasn’t exactly impressed with chant ‘1-0 to the **** boys’ and so on as the score went up. Not big or clever, not overly surprised it was reported.
  3. That’s probably the issue though, a lot of money for what we a ready effectively have. We aren’t looking for a replacement but a stop gap. Anyone thinking we are going to be dropping serious money is in for a surprise. All the reports so far speak of us looking for a loan deal, largely because ultimately the club want Sargent back in due course and aren’t try to buy his full time replacement,
  4. The thing that puzzles me about some attitudes on here such as ‘oh he’s so annoying, oh I hate his presenting style etc’…. Urm, why do you watch his stuff then? Seriously. Don’t watch it. He has an opinion and he’s still a relatively young lad, so like anyone else on this planet he’s going to have a different view. Don’t watch, he doesn’t stand on the pitch before games or go into your house an talk at you.. seriously, stop acting like jealous 10 year olds and just don’t watch it. Meanwhile we also have the usual suspects, much older than their behaviour on here gives light to, delighting in someone else’s woes. I thought the whole Westy situation would help people be a little bit more reflective. Funny how it’s one individual, the same who has gone after along come Norwich and any other groups that haven't received his royal blessing (largely because of the childish jealousy of not being involved in something to do with the club that’s successful or original). Man up, stop acting like a man baby.
  5. My early prediction: no one comes in with an offer over 10 million so Omo stays and we pick up a striker who hasn’t been mentioned yet.
  6. Really? Personally on his senior team form I think he deserves a spot with the 21’s
  7. How Rowe has been over looked but the lads on loan at Hull and Ipswich have made it blows my mind. I guess their parent clubs are more important than actual form.
  8. I think we all have to put our hands up and say that at the time we thought it was a cracking signing. Its just sort of funny that every time we attempt a big 'marquee' signing it ends in tears, see RVW and Naismith for the last two times we went in on a player that was 'already established'. Hard to know exactly what went wrong, perhaps the mixture of changing country and a leagues to move to a team who were always up against it was going to be a big ask. Perhaps one could also argue that Norwich would have an easier time of it against most of the German sides in the top league outside of their top 6. Was given a chance to impress, and I thought perhaps he would look a class above in the Championship, but frankly Ive been more impressed by Sinani on the ball and Hernandez with the direct runs that anything we've seen from Raschia. Such a shame, fun song too,
  9. Watching on MOTD i couldn't help but feel it was like watching us last season, so so out of their depth and no answer to a Liverpool that actually I think were going through the motions but were just allowed so much time on the ball and space to rack up an outrageous scoreline. Parker is a media darling though, young and British so don't expect talk sport etc to go in hard on them yet.
  10. To be honest, whilst it frustrating they are chucking around the cash, I've no great issue with them staying up.. especially if it could be at the expense of an Everton or West Ham. Always amusing to see a side who think they are untouchable to relegation take the plunge!
  11. Ah thanks, I tried to see and thought it likely it had come up.
  12. Sorry if this has been covered, I’v had a quick look and couldn’t see it’s own thread. With what’s been going on I’ve been spending more time on news sites to be honest, football seems a little less important. So this issue I’m unsure about is what would happen with regards to Normann and him returning to Russia. If, by chance we stay up would we as a club want to pay or for that matter even legally be allowed to buy from a Russian club? Seems quite unlikely. As for the player himself, I’m seeing clubs in Russia are suspending or terminating the contracts of international players, would that be something he might now be pushing for? Just to clarify guys, I’m certainly not viewing this as some sort of benefit. I’m disgusted by what is going on, and if Normann became a free agent I’d imagine he would have plenty of other suitors. It’s just a situation we have literally never seen with regards a loan player at our club.
  13. ahh thats whats been missing. A pinkun poll will like be it, its what the billionaires in the wings have been waiting for, the smoking gun!
  14. No, I have to be honest with myself as a large part of me keeps saying 'this will be the match to turn it around'. Frankly I don't think there is a side worse than us in the league, let alone 3. It is what it is, Im excited for the summer and hopefully an interesting transfer window... sell Max and Todd and then buy some of the best Champ and League one attacking players and then a side with Omo, McCullum, Mumba etc starting to push in. Might add, that line up would see probably a down turn in already poor form... I have no idea why we would want Byram and Dimi in the midfield when we already struggle with actual midfielders.. imagine them against West ham, we'd be smashed.
  15. No. The argument put forward will be that our dip in form is due to injury and covid and that we cant afford it and don't need it. I completely disagree as I believe we STILL need a CDM to play next to Normann and a Striker to challenge Pukki. But I'm resigned to the fact they will stick to their line.
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