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  1. andyc24_uk

    Scouting a Huddersfield player

    Love this verbal Sparring on here. It's great when everyone Co-operates.
  2. Realistically speaking the cups are the only chance most teams have of winning silverware. Unless someone gets a Man City-style takeover, I honestly can't see anyone outside than the 'big 6' plus maybe Leicester even coming close to winning the Premier League in the next 20-30 years. If you're a mid-to-bottom half team like Newcastle, West Ham, Everton, Brighton or- dare I say it - even Norwich though, take it seriously and a cup run to the final in that time is entirely possible, especially if the bigger clubs aren't bothered. If our aim isn't to win trophies then... honestly what's the point of having a team? Is 'Consistently one of the top 26 sides in the country' genuinely the maximum extent of the club's ambitions? Surely not... Can you honestly say you would happy with that as a fan?!!
  3. andyc24_uk

    Cantwell to Arsenal???

    Looks to me like a perfectly reasonable post to end a year in which he started off in the reserves with people questioning his potential and ability to make it and ended as arguably the most exciting young English midfield talent in the Premier League? Encouraging others who may be in a similar situation to believe in themselves, ignore the views of Jobsworth Canary idiots who don't know what they're talking about and keep pushing for the breakthrough. Can't see how this in any way suggests he's going to Arsenal - I could comment on a Messi tweet saying 'Come to Norwich', doesn't mean it's happening.
  4. andyc24_uk

    Max Aarons 45mil

    If we were offered 45m for Aarons this window, I think the club would bite their hand off, brilliant player that he is. I don't want to see him go and if we're offered 20m I'd hope Webber wouldn't even bother to return the call, but 45m would change the complexion of this transfer window for us - It's probably not totally unrealistic in that scenario to suggest that half of that might be made available for new signings, plus we know there's a bit to spend already - We have Byram so wouldn't need to replace Aarons this window, and 25m wisely spent on the right players (namely competition for Pukki and a new CB) might give us a fighting chance of staying up. I doubt it will happen until the summer to be honest but wouldn't be quite so upset if that figure comes close to reality.
  5. andyc24_uk

    Team for Everton (a)...post press conference

    Krul Byram Zimmerman Godfrey Tettey Amadou Aarons Hernandez Stiepermann Vrancic Pukki Subs: Fahrmann, Trybull, Leitner, McLean, Buendia, Cantwell, Idah I could definitely see an argument for starting Buendia instead of Stiepi but honestly I think losing his starting spot for a game might be the kick up the backside he needs to start using his brain a little bit more under pressure. Bring him on after an hour instead of waiting until 85 minutes for subs and see what he can do when he has a point to prove. Aarons and Hernandez are going to be running the length of the pitch all afternoon wherever they start; but if they base themselves a bit further forward they'll hopefully have that little bit less ground to cover allowing them to get balls in for Pukki a little faster than has recently been the case. Everton's defence aren't the greatest or most mobile so I think that could make all the difference on Saturday.
  6. andyc24_uk

    Paulton Rovers

    Maybe we should offer them a friendly in the summer to mark 10 years since the FA cup game? Would send a few extra quid their way from ticket sales, we usually have a couple of matches against non-league teams anyhow and it's always good to build relationships with other clubs.
  7. andyc24_uk

    Team for Watford

    We desperately need a win, not just for points but for the morale it would bring. I'd even prefer a 3-2 defeat over a 0-0 draw I think, at least it would prove we can score and bring some belief passion back to the club. Watford at home is also likely the easiest game we'll have this season, so if there's any game to let Famewo prove himself it's this one - A new contract means he's clearly seen as a big part of the future, and playing Tettey and Amadou at the back just isn't working, it's quite clear now. Inexperienced-but-trained-in that-role must surely now trump experienced-but-out-of-position. A Tettey/Amadou screen in front of the back 4 would also be far more impressive - It's finally time to see them playing alongside one another. I think they'll work very well together and make life difficult for Watford to break through. I also feel we've been lacking something in the middle linking the defensive side to the more attacking elements - we were guilty of loose balls and uncontrolled passes in the middle third far too many times against Brighton, so Instead of playing 3 directly behind Pukki which hasn't worked for several weeks now, let's play Leitner (or Vrancic if he's fit enough or coming on after an hour if not) in a deeper role where he can create more opportunities and dictate the play a bit; and have Buendia and Hernandez to come inside more - They'll both naturally drift out wider anyhow and we have width provided by Aarons and Lewis's ability to get forward. Krul Aarons Godfrey Famewo Lewis Tettey Amadou Leitner Buendia Hernandez Pukki Subs : Fahrmann, Byram, Vrancic, Trybull, Stiepermann, Cantwell, Drmic We'd need Trybull to cover the DM role if either Tettey or Amadou had to drop back into defence for another injury or if Famewo proved way off the pace, so, unfortunately, McLean misses out for me despite doing nothing particularly wrong.
  8. andyc24_uk

    Another DM on his way?

    I wonder if DF sees potential in him to play further forward in Stiepi's role too? He certainly looks to have the footwork and eye for a pass to make that work...
  9. andyc24_uk

    Another DM on his way?

    We need 2 quality DMs in the squad with others capable of covering if necessary. Tettey realistically has at the very most one more top-flight season in him, if he decides to stay another year. Amadou and Kral would be a good long-term option there, with Trybull available to cover either of them but also free to play a bit higher up the pitch if both of them were available. Totally on board with this suggestion - of course we need defensive reinforcements but it's not an either/or situation necessarily. While we aren't going to be spending £30-40m apiece on bench warming players like certain other clubs are doing, bringing in 3-4 players for around £10m each is not going to be out of our reach this summer - We're debt-free and even if we come bottom of the league will take home £100m+. Are we going to throw money around? No. Will we invest wisely and break our transfer record several times over the next year? Almost certainly.
  10. andyc24_uk

    Last nights consultation on membership

    The most feasible way I can see to add a second tier to the City stand with a decent capacity would be to extend it back over the road, essentially putting Carrow Road itself into a tunnel with the new second tier overhead supported by pylons/support pillars every 30ft or so which would need to be anchored in that strip of waste ground. It would create a rather nice little colonnade along the side of the stadium for fans to walk along undercover. If something along those lines is indeed the plan, it may also fit with the comments about changing the car park - I suspect there may be some regulations about requiring direct roadside access to the stadium for emergency situations and/or for tall vehicles which may not be possible with a 'tunnel' along the City Stand, so perhaps the thinking is to reroute Carrow Road the other side of the stadium to run directly alongside the stand instead of curving around the car park?
  11. andyc24_uk

    Team V Man U

    Yep, got to agree with that lineup more or less. I'd possibly leave Stiepermann out as he really hasn't looked like offering much so far this season and I think a few weeks out of the first team will really push him to up his game; I'd maybe put McLean in there instead-but playing a little deeper to drop back and give an extra option for cover if needed. United are a fragile team whose confidence we can shake and give ourselves an advantage - The Mayor snapping at their heels will do a fine job of that, especially combined with Tettey bullying his way around behind him. Going to be optimistic, I think we'll win this.
  12. andyc24_uk

    Team for Bournmouth

    Were we flush with defensive options I'd agree with you, but when we're starting a player in defence who (a) clearly doesn't have the required skillset to play there at this level and (b) is desperately needed elsewhere on the pitch where his particular talents can be much more effectively put to use, I think we need to take the risk.
  13. andyc24_uk

    Team for Bournmouth

    I'd honestly bring in Famewo alongside Godfrey. Youngsters stepped up last season when needed, let's at least give it a try again this time around. If it works we've got another multi-million pound player on our hands, if it doesn't then he's surely no worse than Amadou in that position - Amadou looks a fantastic option in the DM role (and having him there would likely take a lot of the pressure off the two CBs anyhow) but clearly isn't cut out to be a successful CB himself. Byram I don't see as a CB and I don't think Farke does either otherwise he'd surely have played him there before now? Wouldnt be opposed to Byram starting if Max is tired or carrying any knocks though, he's a good player and we can't afford to have anyone else picking up injuries. Krul Byram/Aarons Godfrey Famewo Lewis Tettey Amadou Buendia Drmic Cantwell Pukki Bench : McGovern, Byram/Aarons, Trybull, McLean, Stiepermann, Hernandez, Idah
  14. andyc24_uk

    And another one

    Cantwell out of the U21s too now... I hope this is our management team seeing sense and basically pulling everyone out of internationals wherever we can get away with it. Given the situation we're in, we just can't afford any risks and club has to come before country IMHO.
  15. andyc24_uk

    Jack Rodwell

    Djourou if he qualifies as homegrown must surely be worth looking at at this point? We literally just need someone with a fully intact and functioning muscular and skeletal system who's ideally played in defence before as short term cover. Tommie Hoban who was previously with Watford is on that list too, has top flight experience and could be worth at least inviting to train with the team; if Hanley is now out long term then we desperately need someone as a backup option and I really can't see what we lose by at least considering a free transfer addition.