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  1. Subhuman filth. If he plays tonight I'm sure at least a few of the Watford players must own cats; I hope every single one of them goes in studs first and the referee's an animal lover too and happens to blink at the right moment.
  2. Thanks for this mate, it's people like you who might actually get some of the idiots on this board to pull their head out of the 1970s and think about the consequences of their actions. Some are irredeemable at this point, but testimony from a bloke who's actually experienced this first hand will hopefully make a few change their behaviour. Hope you Villains have a good season and Buendia starts banging in the goals for you like we know he can!
  3. Ecuador? We're talking about the same Ecuador that has a multi-party democracy and consistently ranks as one of the most pleasant, safe and stable countries in Latin America, right? The Ecuador whose population ranks above average for global happiness indicators, and which is regularly voted as the world's best country to retire to? As well as Cuba, which is only held back by US sanctions without which it would be a successful modern economy; and North Korea which is not actually socialist at all?
  4. Literally nobody did, though, did they? Nobody cares about your homophobic, transphobic, bigoted and just downright moronic nonsense. Go play in traffic.
  5. No, and I won't be doing so. Been reading the Pinkun for years but I'll be honest, if I'm going to have to pay for football journalism I'll be going for Michael Bailey's content on The Athletic. The Pinkun's jounalists do a decent enough job covering Norwich but their reporting for me often seems too uncritical and almost afraid to ask the uncomfortable questions, especially when players and/or staff aren't pulling their weight and deserve legitimate questions and criticism; and follows the official club line. Fair enough for a free service and that approach is valid in and of itself, but MB at least has more independence and if I'm paying for content then I want the best I can get.
  6. An extra international weekend was added to the calendar this year - From what I understand it's largely because COVID caused the rescheduling/postponement of quite a few World Cup qualifiers over the past 2 years and we're running out of time to get caught up. UEFA is done bar the ridiculous playoffs/Nations League backdoor nonsense so no European ties but all the other confederations still have multiple rounds of qualifiers to go. CONCACAF teams (So I guess potentially Sargent if he gets selected for the USA) have three games over that period!
  7. Guaranteed to start in every game he's available regardless of performance it seems so I'll be very surprised if he's not in the starting XI. He's a solid Championship midfielder whose energy and work rate at least can't be questioned, but he very clearly doesn't have anywhere near the level of talent required in the top flight, hence why he's looked abysmal pretty much all season. Effort and team spirit will win you games at lower levels but mean comparatively little on the money-drenched pitches of the Premier League, something the club seems unable to get their head around despite multiple seasons of evidence.
  8. I don't think Tzolis has been given a fair crack at it to be honest - Whereas Sargent has played multiple games, seems to get on the teamsheet or subbed in regardless of form, and has shown zero indication that he's good enough for the Premier League whatsoever. I'd like to see Tzolis loaned out for the rest of the season at this point as I think there's a top quality player in there but he needs to be playing week in week out to fulfil his potential and that's not going to happen with us this season unless he magically starts scoring tonight.
  9. We need to create more chances and the midfield simply aren't good enough to do so; so using the wide areas more effectively is the only option we really have. We also have players who we know are capable in getting forward and supplying pressure from wide in Aarons and Giannoulis, but who are both suspect at getting back and defending. This seems like a very sensible move TBH. Krul Hanley Kabak Gibson Aarons Sorenson Giannoulis McLean Placheta Rashica Pukki Bench: Gunn, Byram, Williams, Lees-Melou, Tzolis, Dowell, Cantwell, Idah This won't happen of course, because DS seems to dislike Giannoulis for whatever reason; but I'd like to see it. If we're not going to go on the offensive we're going to get crushed yet again. Placheta, for his technical faults, offers pace and unpredictability which we desperately need, so I'd gamble on him over Cantwell or Dowell. Sargent probably needs to be left at Colney with someone who can explain to him technical concepts like what a football is and how to stand up.
  10. Think he's a decent manager, Very glad it's not Lampard; Think we could maybe have done better; absolutely willing to give him a chance to prove he's an upgrade over Farke. Overall, Would have preferred to keep DF but given that's not an option, Smith is a solid appointment IMHO. TL;DR - a qualified 'Yes' from me.
  11. With Lampard seemingly out of the running and questions over Knutsen's availability and Smith presumably not even being in Webber's thoughts when the decision to axe DF was made, what other lesser talked about options do people think we could potentially go for? The one that stands out for me is maybe Urs Fischer at Union Berlin... Track record of taking a smaller club up to the top flight and establishing them there; plays good football; would possibly see the Premier League as a step up and a new challenge given Berlin have probably reached about as high as they'r likely to go and aren't likely going to be able to compete for trophies with the bigger teams in the Bundesliga... Failing that, on Football Manager Norwich for some reason always seem to appoint somebody from Turkey, so who knows?!
  12. I think there's a role for both of them to be honest. Pukki hasn't looked quite as sharp since the injury he suffered before the Euros and I wonder if that half a yard of pace is gone for good given his age; but he has the intelligence to move into spaces and unlock opportunities that Sargent doesn't seem the type to do. If Big Josh's physicality can be used to distract the Burnley defence and generally cause a nuisance, I think that could give Pukki the opportunities he needs. On their own, I can see either of them being effectively taken out of the game, but get them working well together and we could really have something good up top. If we're going with 3 at the back and wingbacks again, I'd like to see both Pukki and Sargent up front with Rashica and Cantwell if available, Dowell or Gilmour if not, playing slightly more centrally behind them allowing the WBs to overlap; Normann in behind as an enforcer.
  13. No. I'm fed up hearing this '6 defeats = the end of the world' rhetoric - We've had, as far as I'm aware, the toughest opening period of any team in Premier league history (I can't remember any other club ever having played 4 of the previous season's top 5 in their opening 5 fixtures; might have happened but I don't remember it). The Liverpool, City, Arsenal and Leicester games were always going to be defeats - we lost them the second the fixture list came out, and nobody at the club would have been counting on any points from those games. Realistically even if those games had been spaced out through the year, the expectation would be that we would lose them all. The Watford performance was abysmal and players and manager deserve all the criticism they got from that. Against Everton we were significantly better and undone by two individual moments of poor decision-making from Kabak and McLean. So we've actually lost two 'winnable' games, making definite improvements in the second one. We're only 3-6 points behind where we would have realistically hoped to be at this point in the season and, while things absolutely MUST improve fast and anything other than 4 points from our next two games will genuinely start to look worrying - I really don't think it's panic stations yet. There are obviously significant issues, especially in the defence, and I think we need a serious discussion about whether some of the coaching staff are good enough to be working at this level or whether that side of things needs an overhaul. Clearly some players are not premiership quality and completely out of their depth, but - and this is the crucial thing - we have options this year to replace them. Normann looked like a huge upgrade in the middle and a real battler who is going to do big things for us. The likes of Rupp and McLean will know they're probably on their last chances at this point, if they continue to put in poor performances or make moronic schoolboy errors they know they're likely done because there is genuine competition now for places. Pukki, much as I love him, looks off the pace - as he has since that injury late last season. If he can't get his mojo back fast, I can see him starting on the bench sooner rather than later. Same at the back, Williams hasn't impressed me that much to be honest and I'd be surprised if Giannoulis isn't back in for Burnley - Having learned the lesson of what happens when you give a half-ar$ed performance. I do think it's fair to say these next two games are the most important of the season - but writing us off to go down already? No way.
  14. Anyone know when the away and third kits are supposed to be released? I'm holding off on buying a new shirt until I've seen all three of them to pick my favourite, surely can't be the only one doing the same and as I live abroad it would be nice to actually get one through the post before the start of the season. I thought they might release one each week but still waiting...
  15. 4th-choice (at best) manager Kane surely on the way out Wouldn't be at all surprised to see Son follow if Kane does go Seemingly no money to invest Ageing squad lacking depth in multiple positions No Champions League Very nice but over-budget stadium financed on the basis of multi-use (NFL, Concerts etc) which isn't going to happen for at least another year-18 months Fans up in arms against Levy due to the whole Superleague nonsense I could genuinely see Spurs ending up nearer the relegation zone than the top 4 this coming season.
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