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  1. Here's an alternative thought: What if the rules were just changed so that red cards could be appealed, reviewed and overturned in real time by the Fourth Official, without significant delay to the match? - A player gets sent off. They leave the pitch, likely faster with less protest as they know that the Referee's decision isn't going to change and their appeal/argument/frustration will be heard off the field - The quicker this happens, the sooner they might be back in play. The game continues with minimal disruption. - The 4th Official immediately reviews any footage available - every match at this level is filmed and broadcast in some form, so making that footage available shouldn't be a problem. - They either confirm or overturn the Referee's decision, with the bias being assumed in the ref's favour to protect their authority - It's only in clear cut cases like Sainz where a red card should be overturned. - If the 4th Official determines a clear error was made by the referee, he can signal to the Ref that the card is overturned and the player can rejoin the game at the next break in play, as they would if receiving treatment for an injury. An innocent player in Sainz's situation is off the field for maybe 5 minutes at the most. The game is not delayed for VAR nonsense. The referee is somewhat protected from the immediate scramble of protest (which often delays the game as much, if not more so, than a VAR check would, if we're being honest). Perfect solution? No - There will still be situations where the opposition score while a club is unfairly reduced to 10 men, and a player wrongly red carded after about the 85th minute may not get back on the pitch at all. Fairer than the current situation? Surely. Better than full-blown VAR delays? Without a doubt!
  2. Please tell me Sargeant and Colback are going to swap shirts at the end of the game? Although would we even know if they did?
  3. Realistically, we're only 6 points off the playoffs in mid November, so it's far from a complete disaster. We have Barnes and *maybe* Hanley coming back hopefully after the international break and Idah and Hwang looking like slightly more of a threat the last few weeks. There are huge issues to fix in the squad but they can only be fixed with recruitment in January - Any new manager coming in now will (a) likely not be much of an upgrade on Wagner and (b) have the exact same squad of arguably not good enough players available for the next ~10 games. What worries me about Wagner is his stubborn refusal to change things when it's blindingly obvious they aren't working - In particular, the usual hopeless suspects at the back. Now he's been forced into making changes with Gibson out so he has no choice but to play one of Batth or Warner. Do I think we need a new manager? Yes. Do I think making that change now is going to help us in any way? Honestly, no. Stick with Wagner for now, see how he and Knapper get on and if he can turn things round, and if it's not working out, give Wagner his P45 in January and bring in a new boss alongside some new signings and an actual coherent strategy for the next 3-4 seasons spearheaded by Knapper.
  4. Problem is, Duffy seems to offer more and I'd say is definitely the better of our two central defenders but seems to always make at least one glaring mistake per game. 90% good defender, 10% catastrophe. He's got to cut those out and maybe needs some specific coaching on keeping his focus on the game and positioning himself better. Gibson makes fewer obviously horrendous mistakes but is just generally cr@p throughout and offers very little. In terms of overspending on a poor player, he's got to be one of the worst signings of the Webber era - Yes the likes of Tzolis didn't work out but he had a lot of potential; Rashica had a decent reputation and looked like a good buy before he decided he didn't care; Gibson we basically knew exactly what we were getting - someone who was barely good enough to sit on Burnley's bench, and that's exactly what we paid £8m for!
  5. Seen absolutely nothing to suggest Springett deserves to be anywhere near the first team squad - he looks a league 2 player at best right now. Maybe he'll develop into something eventually but so far he's got to be the least exciting youngster we've see given a first team chance in probably the last 5 or 6 years. We released Josh Martin who honestly showed far more promise in his handful of appearances than Springett ever has so no idea why he keeps getting game time when he's clearly nowhere near the level required.
  6. This, plus the manager who had got them into title contention walked out late last season chasing the $$$ elsewhere and his replacement was cr@p. New manager in now, hopefully can improve results for them.
  7. Gibson was a terrible signing who has never looked good enough, he has the odd game where he achieves the bare minimum but they're a rarity and I don't recall a game where I've actively been impressed by him. Duffy I was impressed with until this weekend when he had genuinely probably the worst individual performance by any Norwich player since Theoklitos. Absolutely abysmal. I think he's shown enough to deserve another chance and McLean, Sara and Gunn all share some responsibility for continually leaving him exposed but that performance was just unacceptable from a so-called professional player. I would definitely be starting Warner and bring back Tomkinson as well - would much prefer to see young players get game time and they literally couldn't do worse than this weekend's clown show.
  8. You're absolutely right, I was confusing him with someone else. Glad to have him back in and around the squad.
  9. According to Pinkun front page. Good signing I think - We need to keep bringing in this young talent to develop and I assume he's not costing us much. Not really convinced with the backup 'keepers we have beyond Gunn and an ageing Krul - I had high hopes for Barden when he had to play a few years back but not heard much from him since he got injured; Mair and McCracken I don't see making it here from what I've seen of them. This new lad has dual Chilean/American nationality too, I wonder if there's any input there in terms of potentially trying to grow our US support and connections further with Attanasio now involved?
  10. Lots of suggestions being thrown about, some more realistic than others; but taking it all into account, who would be your pick from the current selection of names to replace Webber as Sporting Director (or whatever they decide to rename it)? Multiple choices are fine
  11. Barnes is a smart signing... Not going to be the 20 goal a season striker we need to replace Teemu but an experienced no bull excrement head around the place to encourage some 'bite' in our players, which we've lacked for years, and a solid backup option off the bench. Promising start to the rebuild if we can get him over the line.
  12. Subhuman filth. If he plays tonight I'm sure at least a few of the Watford players must own cats; I hope every single one of them goes in studs first and the referee's an animal lover too and happens to blink at the right moment.
  13. Thanks for this mate, it's people like you who might actually get some of the idiots on this board to pull their head out of the 1970s and think about the consequences of their actions. Some are irredeemable at this point, but testimony from a bloke who's actually experienced this first hand will hopefully make a few change their behaviour. Hope you Villains have a good season and Buendia starts banging in the goals for you like we know he can!
  14. Ecuador? We're talking about the same Ecuador that has a multi-party democracy and consistently ranks as one of the most pleasant, safe and stable countries in Latin America, right? The Ecuador whose population ranks above average for global happiness indicators, and which is regularly voted as the world's best country to retire to? As well as Cuba, which is only held back by US sanctions without which it would be a successful modern economy; and North Korea which is not actually socialist at all?
  15. Literally nobody did, though, did they? Nobody cares about your homophobic, transphobic, bigoted and just downright moronic nonsense. Go play in traffic.
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