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  1. I'd like to see us pursuing a formal link-up with Kings Lynn to be honest, having a feeder club at that level which is geographically close by, well-run and managed and we can send young players to for competitive football at a decent level on a long-term basis instead of randomly sending players out to clubs with which we have little connection or influence would surely benefit the development process, and at the same time could help Lynn stabilize as a Conference side. I think we're going to see a lot of these these kind of links, essentially some teams becoming 'partnered' with the big clubs, in the next few years as the big boys want more competitive games for their youngsters, fans don't want to see B teams, and there are a lot of teams who are frankly going to need something like this to keep themselves afloat. Let's get ahead of the inevitable curve and start the process of making Kings Lynn our 'junior' team now. I'd quite like us to make a similar deal with one of these Belgian or Dutch second tier teams as well, someone like Telstar maybe - We've loaned a few players over there now and it's working out well; but surely would be better to build a stronger partnership with one club the way Man City do with Girona for example.
  2. That's just a regular tern... This is a long tern!
  3. Didn't Stiepermann play a bunch of games at left-back when he first joined us? Not particularly great there if I recall but he at least knows the role. Maybe drop him back there if Rupp/Aarons are unavailable and move Sorensen to RB? I think I'd be more comfortable with one of the youngsters up front than in defence if we had to go that route, although Nizet does look potentially very good. Or possibly stick Placheta up front just for his pure pace and see if he can cause the Luton defence some headaches? McGovern Sorensen Hanley Gibson Stiepermann Tettey Skipp Buendia Vrancic Martin Placheta Subs : Anyone still capable of standing upright for half an hour
  4. I wonder if that was the whole point? Webber and Farke are smart, I wouldnt put it past them to have planned that comment to sow doubt and put off transfer interest in a couple of players they didn't want to sell...
  5. Bringing either Gunn or Forster back seems like a no-brainer really if the finances are reasonable - We need cover for, and potentially a long term successor to, Krul as McGovern is nowhere near Championship standard and surely won't be given a new contract next season. Both Gunn and Forster had good spells here, have plenty of talent but have found themselves stuck down the pecking order in the top flight, and were popular with our fans, and neither would likely be commanding huge wages.
  6. Maybe a bit more homework is required? I'll give you a grade C+; you got 3/4 correct... Realistically though I would be very surprised if we don't finish in the top 6 and realistically got to be looking at a top 2 finish for automatic promotion. We've done what we should have done last season and strengthened in the areas where we were lacking, thus far the core of the squad has been kept together - although of course still 3 weeks for that to change - which few of the other big clubs in the Championship have managed to do; and despite every team being hit by the current Covid clusterphuck, our parachute payments and EPL prize money, even for last place, plus a sensible financial position probably makes us one of the few clubs in a position to spend decent money if and when it's needed.
  7. We definitely need to bring in another option at CB. Even if you take the view that last season was a desperately unlucky one with all three of our main CBs suffering overlapping injuries virtually throughout the season, Looking to the promotion season that was our weakness too - as someone already mentioned, we won the title despite being quite poor at the back and conceding a record number of goals. Defence has been a weakness for a long time, one area the current regime haven't got to grips with as yet. Clearly Zimmermann and Godfrey are talented, Klose unfortunately didn't look like he still has what it takes after the last injury but certainly has value as a backup option, and Hanley is probably our best defender when the stars align but seems to be a bit hit and miss sometimes. Out of those, only Godfrey is a young, long term prospect as well. If we go into a second straight season without improving the CB position despite it being glaringly obvious this year, as it was 14 months ago, that we need reinforcements there, I think serious questions have to be asked of Webber. Saying that, overspending on a 'statement' signing is not the way to go - We've recruited well this season I think; no need to spoil everything by wasting money on a player on 'name' basis alone. I like Gibson and would be happy to see him join but hopefully they've got their eye on a younger talent none of us are expecting to see come in.
  8. Last season we weren't willing to spend anything to give ourselves a fighting chance in the Premier League; now we're considering dropping 5m on West Ham's 5th choice striker, a player whose goalscoring record at this level can be best described as 'poor to average'. If he were 22 I could maybe see the investment potential but at 28? No thanks!
  9. Eh, I mean it's... fine. Decent kit, clearly Norwich, honestly hard to find anything bad to say about it. Just not super exciting either. I'm wondering if they had a more creative design in the pipeline but realised that sales will be significantly lower this season with far fewer people coming to matches so decided to shelve that and go with something relatively simple and inoffensive and hold off on a more exciting design until next season?
  10. I reckon that's a close up picture of a wall somewhere within CR. Bit like a few years ago when they teased the half-and-half kit with a photo of the clock atop the stand. Question is, which wall and what does it signify...?
  11. Yellow/green/black home/away/3rd shirts with this camo pattern on the sleeves? I hope that's not it but can imagine them going for something like that...
  12. It's not going to be 10m though is it? Just because the tabloid rags are throwing a ridiculous figure out there, that's clearly not what the final price will be, assuming this deal has legs. Liverpool's people are throwing that value about, Webber is talking 20-25m to start; in reality the negotiations will begin and they'll meet somewhere in the middle - At a guess something like 14-15m plus Larouci who's probably worth about 5m and then some pretty hefty clauses based on future appearances and sell-on value. While I like Lewis a lot and would love to see him stay here, that would represent a decent deal and you can't really begrudge a young player moving to the champions in the same way as if he was being linked with say West Brom or Palace who aren't such a huge step up from where we are now.
  13. Where on earth do you get the idea that I massively under rate him?! I literally said 'I don't want to lose any of the others'. Aarons is a fantastic young prospect - easily one of the best young players in the country. Your questions asked which 2 I'd be most willing to see go. My answer is Buendia plus one of the others, excluding Cantwell. Ideally none of them, but if a choice has to be made, there's an argument that we already have a good replacement for Aarons in the form of Byram. To be honest the more I think about it, I'd probably have to say Pukki for the second spot anyhow, just because there's a question over whether he's just out of form/confidence or if that foot injury has permanently cost him the half a yard of pace that's so crucial to what he did for us last season and the start of this.
  14. Buendia, for all his talent and skill, has shown temperament issues this season and I'm not certain he's the type to put in 110% in a 2-game-a-week Championship slog next season when he's tasted the big time. If we can get good money for him - Minimum 25m - I'd not be averse to letting him go. The fact that we've brought in 2 new wingers (Placheta and Dennis) in the last few days and were actively chasing Dennis Man (probably still being discussed despite supposedly ending our interest) suggests Farke has identified wide players as a target area this summer, and I suspect that might be in expectation of Buendia's exit. I don't want to lose any of the others to be honest, but I can see arguments for all of them being the best (or 'least worst') to lose - We already have good replacements at the club for Aarons and Lewis; Godfrey didn't really make the top flight grade as a CB (I'm still in the camp that thinks he could be an excellent DM if Farke would play him there); Pukki and Krul are older and don't have the potential to grow. The only one I really don;t want to lose is Cantwell, I don't understand why some people on here dislike or don't rate him. His development is probably the only really bright point of the past season and I think he'll be absolutely superb next year.
  15. I suspect rules like that would be suspended by the powers that be if there was a public health rationale - and rightly so I'd suggest. 100% in favour of anti-discrimination rules in general but these are unprecedented situations and surely people's health has to be prioritised over 'fairness'? If not, then I hope they can find some way to make it work for everyone so that at-risk groups can attend games as well while remaining safe and isolated from as much risk as possible - maybe dedicate one stand for older supporters only and have more stringent social distancing in that area?
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