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  1. Jointly responsible for some really Bard performances?
  2. Are you exasperated with Norwich City or just fatigued with football in general? People want promotion but don't look forward to the same not so merry-go-round. I bet there are multiple fans of clubs who are just tired of the whole set up but express their disaffection at their own players and management.
  3. Great player, but we don't have a midfield to serve him. Pukki is played up front because of what he did with a Farke midfield behind him. But without service he does little and the rest of the side are dysfunctional. We must have Sargent up front. The best we have looked this season is with that set up. It isn't Teemu's fault but he was an also ran until Farke built a team around him and he is back to that again. If Pukki can't play elsewhere he must start on the bench.
  4. Sargent must play up front. Earlier crosses need to come in for him. Pukki should be tried as a #10.
  5. Norwich supporters are unhappy. They know they're unhappy but do they really know why? Before the match against Luton last night a win would put the Canaries top of the table. But where was the anticipation? It seems many fans are saying 'what's the point in promotion anyway?' And after last season's torrid experience, and the one two years before that, it's easy to understand why. We haven't 'given it a go' since Grant Holt fearlessly led the line. And we look on in envy at plucky Clubs like Fulham, Brentford and Bournemouth who have the kind of attitude that at least ensures they are not derided. The latter club, infact, went into the season underequipped, Norwich City style but found some guts through Gary O'Neil. It seems that fear of not being promoted isn't the issue. Results aren't the issue either because a string of wins was seen as riding our luck. Are we back to Hughton and Roeder, to name but two? Managers who just don't gel with the supporters? Loved elsewhere but cold to Norwich fans. It seems that Smith is a bad fit whatever he does. So who do or did we love? We loved the attitude of Lambert and his never say die teams. But he soon lost his lustre as have other managers we see going to 'bigger clubs' a la Mike Walker or John Bond. Norfolk people don't like that kind of attitude. We don't even like players doing it. We loved and still love those who did well for us and who we rejected. The most recent: Daniel Farke followed in the fine tradition of Ken Brown and Neil Adams. Even Bryan Gunn saved his reputation by getting sacked. What we seem to love above all else is a manager who we sense loves the club as much as we do, whether they actually do or not and NEVER belittles us. We especially love those who play good football or at least instil passion. After leaving us, their continuing deference confers legend status. It's the same for players, are they a Dean Ashton or an Andy Townsend? It doesn't look good for Smith at present. But he does seem to respect the Club. He isn't liked but he isn't disliked and so Norwich fans are confused about what they want from him. There are many calls to replace him with someone more endearing. And there is a mood that, above winning or being promoted the style of football and an affinity with the players matters more.
  6. Birmingham coming back at Sheff Utd goes to show how tight this league can be.
  7. I was lucky enough to meet Roger. I thought he was a genuine and lovely gentleman. RIP.
  8. I agree. Americans are interested in making money. That's it. The current exchange rate will just encourage them even more.
  9. It's a peculiar season so the EPL has more regular matches than usual before the World Cup break. But otherwise it would be a much more sparse fare for the sides not competing in Europe. But not only sparse. Quite often you get just one home match in a month. I hate it. For a side like Norwich you can go weeks without a win or draw and that's a problem because football supporters enjoy a match for days before and after and if you take that away, as happened during our last two EPL seasons, the fun gets sucked out of being a fan. Already, after a hard fought win at Birmingham, we look forward to another Saturday home game and for a few weeks now it's been this regular and this stimulating. True Club fans don't support their side because of the league it is in and below the EPL the fan experience is much greater and this includes the sense of fairness in being able to compete. So I'm loving being back in the Chumps. Yes, it's great to be winning and it would be great to gain promotion but then it becomes a case of 'here we go again' with the incoming journeymen and speculative chancers who wouldn't give a Club like ours a second look if it wasn't in the EPL. Enjoy this season while it lasts. There is a familiar feeling growing that Norwich City is getting on a roll.
  10. One of only a few PL quality players we have.
  11. He does seem to have the happy knack of being in the right place at the right time and so his goals look simple.
  12. You could send him back to Werder Bremen but he'd be back up the Yare in a dinghy within a week.
  13. With Sargent it is confidence. He definitely lacks an ego and he is tenacious and honest. With confidence he could be a big asset. As a team we put the ball in quicker when Sargent plays and not doing so cost us goals in the EPL. I am happy to see Rashica benched and the competition hotting up. Once Byram is back even Kenny McLean will be on the bench unless Smith makes the mistake of dropping the rapidly developing Gibbs. As for the 2nd goal. The first Millwall defender made a back for Sargent to go over but it failed. The second defender came in from the side and threw himself down in what he thought was Sargent's path but Josh swung behind him. The goal was rightly given.
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