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  1. If Jamal Lewis had played for Liverpool against Norwich this season you would have fancied us to get at him.
  2. The big challenge is to get this season out of our system, fast. We have to start the Championship on the front foot. We need an experienced talisman.
  3. But amidst all the rubbish there is still Alex Tettey. Head and shoulders above the rest.
  4. This started when the promotion bus broke down. Then came the sleeve advertising. I just knew it was going to be bad.
  5. Smile, things could be worse. So I smiled, and they were.
  6. At the termination we were playing well and had just won at Spurs. We came back looking unfit and switched off. Who is to blame for that?
  7. On a positive note Russ Martin has ditched the comedy hair parting.
  8. This isn't about a lack of ability this is about a group of players falling apart. Goodness knows what is really going on behind the scenes since the games re-started? Apart from the FA Cup game these players gave up from the resumption. We now need a big clear out.
  9. Naive vs streetwise. The story of our season. Why can't we be more abrasive in addition to our passing game?
  10. The Burnley players have been leading with the forearm into the backs of our players all game.
  11. That's the game ruined then! The end of Buendia's season and just about sums up his application and attitude. I don't care what the stats say he has been a massive disappointment.
  12. I know we needed better luck in defence and a couple of new players but like Iwan Roberts back in the day we really could have done with keeping Jordan Rhodes in hindsight.
  13. Yes. Burnley using the play book. Let us have the ball, defend then wait for the chance, probably a set piece. It would be great if we could score first for once.
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