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  1. Our problems in the EPL are largely a lack of physicality. If we sell a couple of our best players we need to buy size and athleticism because that is what the EPL is all about. As good as he is technically I wonder whether Emi has the temperament or the physical presence. He was poor last time, constantly dispossessed, left on his backside waving his arms and giving goals away.
  2. Why wouldn't he? 65 is no age. He was someone we knew because of his connections to our club and this is sad news for his family.
  3. I don't think it is widely appreciated just how short of money Premier League Clubs are. Barcelona couldn't finance buying Max up front either. Norwich did well to get what they got for Lewis and Godfrey, who are themselves playing in matches at the buying clubs. Ben Godfrey got himself a particularly good move. For the likes of Burnley the EPL money is the biggest percentage of their income but for the likes of Tottenham and Arsenal, with huge revenues from matchday packages, meals, tours, sponsorships, events and lounges the lockdown has cost a lot of money. But the wages are the same and clubs budget to the maximum on wages so it will hurt. On top of this, I understand China will stop taking SKY televised EPL matches soon if not already and they have paid a lot of money for it in the past. The next deal from SKY will be much lower. And, the final big problem on the horizon is travel bans. The public will not much longer tolerate footballers travelling for European club matches and without that revenue the top six will suffer. This is the biggest levelling up of the financial playing field for decades. But the absence of crowds has seen the clubs with the best players do well and those like Sheff Utd, who rely on home support to bridge the talent gap, doing badly. For the likes of Aarons and Buendia they are likely to be first choice in an EPL side next season anyway. Long term, I fear both, along with other Norwich players, might lack the physicality for the EPL which is going the same way as Rugby Union.
  4. As an aside, how ludicrous that today's referee is from County Durham?! Also, I'm hoping to hear the wonderful lay preacher tones of Mark Walton, the Richard Burton of co- commentators.
  5. And that is our problem when it comes to Premier League sides.
  6. It was like a Premier League game and I hated it. Norwich looked hungover. Buendia worked his socks off, Skipp my motm.
  7. We can get something from this game if we don't concede again. I think we need to be patient.
  8. Watford defending deep then breaking with pace and it is working. Norwich playing a high line. This is how Premier League sides did for us game after game, letting us have the ball, defending deep then playing a waiting game.
  9. The goal that sent me the most crazy in celebration was Dean Ashton's amazing header from a Thomas Helvig long cross in injury time to beat Newcastle 2-1
  10. Cardiff, unlike everyone else, didn't target Sorensen. The defence did well, Hanley is showing great leadership and Skipp is the foundation that allows the wide players to be expansive.
  11. Emi, controlled the game, scored a goal and refereed the match. I can only think he jabber on in Spanish so the ref doesn't take offence. After he's subbed he's bending Mario's ear then comes on the pitch after the game with a face like thunder. Intense or what?
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