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  1. Ramrod

    Team for Arsenal?

    It looks like our boys are finally showing a bit of physicality. Kenny mistimed that foul and knew he did but otherwise his game continues to improve. Aarons has been sharp. Pukki looked disinterested then scored. Onel is the outlet we missed as much as Zimmermann. But Todd Cantwell is so full of confidence, what a classy finish. He is a rare player and looks like a young Glenn Hoddle.
  2. I agree. A lot of people don't see Cantwell's qualities. He has a unique skill set.
  3. Ramrod

    Villa interested in Emi

    Emi needs to be judged when he plays with a settled side with key players back.
  4. Ramrod

    Kevin Reeves

    Loved Kevin Reeves and the lad in the foreground is Ginger from Wisbech a top lad.
  5. I'm disappointed for Emi but perhaps DF is trying to take pressure off him. I'm also disappointed not to see Amadou in with Tettey. I can't believe Trybull is better. Maybe it's because he's the CH sub and he'll come on later. I haven't rated McLean but I like his attitude so am prepared to give him time.
  6. Ramrod

    Match Thread v Brighton

    There's a lot of arguing between our players. That's usually not good but perhaps it shows passion? Once again we are causing ourselves problems by giving the ball away in dangerous areas. Sides press us high and we need to find an answer although Hernandez has provided another option. But 0-0 at half-time always pleases me. We are in the game.
  7. Ramrod

    Today's Match Thread

    None of the German boys have stepped up. They need too much time on the ball. McLean has improved lately but isn't Prem standard. Krul was outstanding. Aarons had his best game of the season. Tettey played well. One coming on highlighted for me how much other players have lost confidence and spirit. Todd Cantwell needs to cut out the errors but he's a young player who needs backing. This team needs to find it's mojo and so do the supporters.
  8. Ramrod

    Today's Match Thread

    What price a Stiepermann piledriver?
  9. Ramrod

    Today's Match Thread

    Subs made. I've got a horrible feeling Godfrey will get a second yellow after that joke first.
  10. Ramrod

    Today's Match Thread

    Steady on, everyone. We have been poor 1st half but thanks to Tim Krull it is still 2 - 0 and the game isn't over. Farke has a good history of sorting things out at half time and we can improve whereas Man Utd are nothing special. We have made them look good. Farke needs to make a rare half time sub and restart with Stiepermann for lightweight Leitner who is starting to prove why he couldn't step up to the highest level.
  11. Ramrod

    Today's Match Thread

    Does anyone have a live feed link, please?
  12. Ramrod

    Duncan Forbes

    Duncan Forbes captained the team, and the Club and the supporters. He was a true leader. He lived with a cruel illness for a long time but no one forgets the man he was. His pride in Norwich City was compelling. He once proudly asked me what I thought of the new Barclay Stand and he was obviously one of those people never given to uncertainty. He was called a hard player. He was simply uncompromising and courageous. He was never sent off and I believe he never seriously injured a fellow professional. That is a proper hard player and comes from a nature which was essentially kind as he openly displayed once he retired from football. He played with his head and his heart. He was one of my childhood icons. I hope he receives a fitting tribute this Sunday. Condolences to his family.
  13. Ramrod

    Duncan Forbes

    What a fabulous picture.
  14. Ramrod


    If you were a neutral or a Cherries fan the 0-0 draw yeaterday was a dirge. If you are simply a Norwich fan it was a triumph against odds, a response to adversity and a heavy defeat and a valuable point with an edge of disappointment not to claim all three. But if you are a purist who understands the nuances of the beautiful game it was a classic moment (they aren't all about goals). The sight of a loyal ageing warrior just back from injury showing such match fitness and stamina. A veteran player taking the armband from a young departing leader and marshaling his troops. A player out of position alongside another still adapting to English football and also out of position and forging a partnership. It was magnificent. Tettey and Amadou roved across the back looking like covering midfielders without back up. Their style and motion added to the drama and the against the odds scenario. Tettey has had some fine moments but this was amongst his greatest and made a forgettable match one to remember. The clean sheet and point are at least as important to our mentality and morale going forwards as the two wins. Necessity might be the mother of invention but she is the grandmother of character.
  15. Ramrod

    Ratings v Bournemouth

    I would give Krul 7 for his marshaling and leadership and McLean (not my favourite) 7 for finally stepping up to the plate and making his presence felt.