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  1. Crafty Canary

    Lawrenson and Nicholas

    To be fair Charlie Nicholas was very complimentary about us when calling our game on Sky Sports yesterday.
  2. Crafty Canary

    Norwich v Newcastle match thread

    I am so looking forward to hearing Shearer on MOTD tonight! as for Lawrenson, he wouldn’t know anything about Teemu and his colleagues because we are not a proper PL club on his eyes
  3. Crafty Canary

    £3m or £30m?

    A young wine only matures into a Premier Cru if it is already a Premier Cru. For example, a Deuxieme Cru might age and tast better than. Premier Cru of the same vintage but it will still be a Deuxieme Cru.
  4. I can’t believe some of the negativity on here. Losing to Liverpool is not a disaster. The og was one of those things but their third and fourth were dreadful defensive errors. With Zimmerman and Klose out Hanley was the natural choice but he won’t be a regular selection. I thought we looked very good going forward and caused the European Champions plenty of problems and Teemu took his goal beautifully. we showed enough tonight to suggest survival is a definite possibility. Finally, lay off Krul. He was fine and doesn’t deserve the cr@p some on here give him.
  5. Crafty Canary

    OT - EU straw poll...

    Think of the benefit for our health by returning to eating seasonal locally grown and reared foods. A further benefit could be on the demand for NHS services.
  6. Crafty Canary

    Defending Set Pieces

    Watching the Charity Shield highlights makes me wonder how we will deal with the pace of Liverpool’s attacks. We could suffer a hiding however matches against the top sides are free hits as they will not determine our survival chances. I’ll take a 3-1 defeat as a respectable result.
  7. Crafty Canary

    Result v Liverpool

    3-1 Liverpool
  8. Crafty Canary

    C'mon you binnerss

    As I have suggested before it might be charitable for us to hold a Binner Bowl match whereby bowls are passed amongst the crowd for donations to be made to the Binners. Perhaps a waving of wads of cash on 24 minutes might be appropriate also.
  9. Crafty Canary

    Bury FC

    The EFL have deferred their opening game of the season for failing to meet the EFL’s deadline for proving their financial viability to meet their fixtures. Next week they face a High Court winding up petition and could be put out of business. They are former FA Cup winners and I believe they hold the record for the biggest winning margin - 6-0 - versus Derby County. I really feel for their supporters and hope their club survives. We have come close in the past so wish them well.
  10. Crafty Canary


    It is excessive GW that contributes to CC not GW per se. Without our atmosphere and the greenhouse gases in it that absorb then re-emit IR radiation we wouldn’t be here as average surface temperature would be approximately -15C.
  11. Crafty Canary


    The jacket finally arrived yesterday. The embroidered retro badge looks great on the green jacket. It is the same as the badge shown on the proud canaries banner on the Norwich Pride thread.
  12. Crafty Canary

    Lafferty on the move......

    The odds are very long as the scum couldn't afford him.
  13. Crafty Canary

    OT - EU straw poll...

    Just like Boring Brown when he succeeded Bliar.
  14. Crafty Canary


    Rather uncalled for MW
  15. Crafty Canary


    I have now received an e-mail from Sloganite. They have had a production problem with the embroidery machine and the new part is due in next week and I should receive it the following week. I'll post again when it arrives.