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  1. Crafty Canary

    Shouldn't be surprised I suppose....

    Max was standing on the line and that is deemed to be in the area so encroachment. Harsh but players should know the rules especially in these VAR times.
  2. Crafty Canary

    *****Official match thread v Everton*****

    Yes but leave for the Dead Sea and Jerusalem today, Sunday.
  3. Crafty Canary

    *****Official match thread v Everton*****

    From the Sea of Galilee I have had my evening made by a great result at Goodison Park. This gets us right back in the mix. Lawro called the scoreline correctly just got the winning team wrong.
  4. Crafty Canary

    Steer clear!

    Great post CM.
  5. Crafty Canary

    That Gary Neville interview with Delia

    We learnt nothing from that interview that we didn’t know before.
  6. Crafty Canary

    Team for Everton

    Krul Aarons Godfrey Zimmerman Lewis Tettey Amadou Vrancic Buendia Hernandez Pukki
  7. Crafty Canary

    Dominated the game ?

    Nutty, I agree we played the best football in the Championship last season and the Blades were strong and, unlike Leeds, didn’t choke at the tail end of the season. Where I feel they have the advantage over us is they are able to play in a variety of ways depending on their opponents whereas we have plan A only. When we are on top of out game we can outscore other teams and the football is wonderful to watch however the Blades more pragmatic approach means they concede less and so stay in games better and can pick up points even when they might not play particularly well. Either way we are Canary fans and for better or poorer always will be.
  8. Crafty Canary

    Dominated the game ?

    Not really. This forum is the right place for a comparison with ourselves I’d have thought.
  9. Crafty Canary

    Dominated the game ?

    And they have done despite the club ownership fiasco played through the courts.
  10. Crafty Canary

    Dominated the game ?

    Certainly not but I have to hand it to Chris Wilder and his players as they have made the step up to date so much better than Villa and us.
  11. Crafty Canary

    Dominated the game ?

    Do you wish we were Sheffield United?
  12. Crafty Canary

    Match Night Thread -

    I don’t feel angry or sad just embarrassed that we are so woefully short of the standard required. I thought this was our strongest squad going into a PL season but how wrong can I be? I think we can forget any January business of significance. Best to save the money and accept that we are too far short of quality this time around and prepare to go again next season.
  13. Crafty Canary

    Match Night Thread -

    Unfortunately we are about 8 players short of a team capable of competing at this level.
  14. Crafty Canary

    Match Night Thread -

    The target now has to be to beat Derby County’s record of 11 points and a -69 GD in the Premier League. Might be a tough ask at this rate.
  15. Crafty Canary

    Match Night Thread -

    Over the whole first half we could claim to have been the better footballing side. Unfortunately we don’t actually look like scoring, has Foster had to make a serious save, and we continue to gift suicidal chances that get punished. Should we lose this one I really can’t see us finishing outside the bottom three and probably last. However if we can keep our youngsters then there is hope of a quick return.