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  1. The club has to play hardball on the first bid otherwise we are there to be taken to the cleaners for all our players.
  2. If there was a LGBT League do you thing Young Boys of the Swiss league would field a team in it?
  3. The consolation is that our performances had no adverse impact on our inevitable fate. The last 9 games didn’t do for us, it was the 29 before those that did,
  4. I would like Fulham to be promoted as we would then avoid them next season. They could field 11 cripples against us and still we wouldn’t win.
  5. Sensible decision by our PM. I had to laugh at the idiot who thought the announcement was timed to disrupt Ede celebrations.
  6. That’s a question similar to ‘Have you stopped beating your wife?’ In that either answer is incriminating.
  7. I respect your right to oppose my viewpoint, a shame you clearly do not respect my right to my viewpoint. Are you a woke riddled snowflake by any chance and wish me to be ‘cancelled’? A thread asks the question as to whether the board is on thin ice. Clearly they are not as most supporters happily accept whatever they are given without thought rather like doughy dumplings. Those that do think this season was an utter embarrassment are a minority yet pundits in the media and a manager of International pedigree such as Bilic hold this view too. The facts of this season are painful to record and being the fifth worst performing club in PL history is something the board should, rightly, be held to account for. The club is often said to be well managed fiscally yet twice in the recent past it has come very close to going into administration which suggests the board are not so sound in their fiscal affairs as some would believe. So much for ad-hominems.
  8. Isn’t it wonderful that no matter how many promotions we have and all the parachute payments we get on our inevitable relegations we are told we haven’t the money to invest in any significant way in the squad. Thank goodness for the dumplings.
  9. It’s easy to keep the dumplings happy. No wonder we are an absolute laughing stock so far as the rest of the country is concerned. This season has been an unmitigated embarrassment for Norfolk football. The only bright spot has been Kings Lynn’s promotion to the National League.
  10. Onel was excellent today but needs to improve consistency of performance. We have to hope the flying Pole isn’t a flying plank.
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