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  1. Different sport, same result. Mrs Crafty and I crown green bowl for a village between Warrington and Knutsford.she played the opposition’s captain who happens to be a binner. Mrs Crafty maintained the Fine City’s record beating him 21-13. 👏👏👏👏
  2. Highest win ratio of any England manager and the only one to take England to a major tournament final outside of England in addition to the most major finals. should England beat Spain on Sunday then I think he could justifably be considered to be our greatest manager of all time.
  3. Yellow cards cancelled after quarter final stage I understand.
  4. No news here, it’s how we roll; prudence with limited, self-sufficient ambition.
  5. A straight forward comparison would be to divide season ticket income by tickets sold to give an average to make comparison between clubs easier.
  6. Delia is a socialist so loves spending other people’s money 😙
  7. I’m not criticising their enthusiasm and support for their team just their totally unrealistic expectation of what their team is capable of.
  8. I love the way the Scottish fans are so full of it before games only to find their team are also rans at this level. Not surprising given that their domestic football is lower Championship to National League level.
  9. Why would the DM invent her working for the Brewers? Why not a more well known club?
  10. Im the press today is a story about a US hit woman being hired to kill an Asian family in Birmingham. The bit of the story that interested me is that her main employment is as an administrator for the Milwaukee Brewers baseball club. Better not upset MA 😏
  11. Lawrie Mcmenemy(?) managed Southampton and won the FA Cup but never played leGue football. Nor did the Arsenal double winning manager Bertie Mee. Great players often make crap mangers.
  12. Congratulations to Russell Martin. Now give the binners a thorough thrashing twice next season.
  13. The fans now lauding him and saying why was he allowed to go on loan were also the ones lambasting him when he was here. City fans- don’t you just love us.
  14. A big plus in his favour is that he’s out of work so no compensation payment required. Delia will love that.
  15. Would he bin the binners?
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