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  1. What freedom to act he will have may be constrained by the terms of the trust holding the majority share holding
  2. Well Delia and Michael may well do so through their proxy nephew Tom and the trust holding their majority share holding.
  3. Time will be the arbiter of whether it’s nonsense or not. I’m sure you will offer a profuse apology when I’m proved to be right.
  4. The club won’t sack Farke this season partly because they will feel they owe him the opportunity to get us back up next season and because of the pay off they would have to give him. However if we aren’t in contention for promotion come end November/early December then his time may well be up.
  5. We have more chance of getting a result at Everton than we do at Burnley who will physically bully us from the start.
  6. Is that why we have lost the last 15 PL games we have played?
  7. Read the first sentence of my post after the table! What we can be sure of is to finish at the lower end of the mini league table will mean going down. If we do poorly against these teams why would you expect to get more points than them against the better ones?
  8. I agree it’s early however we are going to be in it whether it’s now or later. I doubt that Wolves or Leeds will be in serious trouble. Brighton play good football but have had problems scoring goals but seem to have got over that so far this season. Similarly Wolves are creating lots of chances and once they get going will climb out of trouble but time will tell.
  9. Could it be that he did it because Noble is their primary penalty taker?
  10. I suspect that Keown knows more about what it takes to compete in the PL than LDC and others on this forum.
  11. I suppose you think we are candidates for European qualification as you and reality rarely meet.
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