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  1. Let’s not get carried away here. Brentford remind me of us when we won the Championship - concede regularly but score even more so. A win is obviously the desired result but a draw would benefit us much more than them. I doubt there will be much in it goal wise between the two sides and our defence will be tested alright.
  2. Why have the owners decided to leave their shares to their nephew? Because they have no children and believe he is the best person to take on the club whilst keeping the shares in the family. That is their legal right and presumably why they brought him onto the board to prepare him for his inheritance. Time will tell how good a decision that is.
  3. Should employers be able to offer no jab no job contracts to those who are not medically exempt from vaccination? Many will argue that this is discriminatory. However employers have a duty of care to their employees to offer a safe working environment so the courts might well rule such contracts as valid. If you refuse a vaccine that is your democratic right just as it’s the employer’s right to insist on a safe working environment.
  4. Gayle has scored 34 goals in 96 appearances for Newcastle United so a bit better than 1 in 3. He’s 31 in October so would only be a single contract potential signing. Is he any improvement on Pukki? As for Rhodes he has no record worth speaking about at PL level so leave well alone. We will need two proven strikers at PL level if we are to have any chance of staying up next season as I doubt that Pukki will score more than the 12 he got last season and that included penalties. Then there are the other key positions that will need investment Will the board spend the money needed? Probably not.
  5. Have the binners swung back to believing their promotion favourites again?
  6. There was a high scoring forward called Pukki To score so many was he just lucky? This irrepressible Finn Helped City to win after win It wasn’t luck just play that was plucky
  7. Provided we don’t drop silly points to lower half clubs we will be in a position where we can accept draws against the remaining top 6 teams. A draw gains them no advantage over us and uses up one of their remaining games.
  8. There was a remoaner called Bill Whose abuse of others was shrill When he was proven to be wrong He ****ed off for so long To be sedated by a plethora of pills
  9. There once was a lady called Lawson Who had a long t*t and a short ‘un To make up for the loss She had a c*** like a hoss And a fart like a 650 Norton!
  10. Now that would be worthy of impeachment for high crimes snd misdemeanours.
  11. Unlikely as that is about their usual mat h attendance when fans were allowed in.
  12. 92 points should be enough leaving us needing 28 points from 15 games. 9 wins, 1 draw and 5 defeats would do it. As we have only lost 5 of the last 31 games and only 3 of the last 27 to lose 5 of the last 15 would be unlikely I hope.
  13. If it had another g in the name he’d be spot on. He’d never get away calling his dog that these days and rightly so.
  14. For someone who has been dead for over 70 years he doesn’t half wear well.
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