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  1. Oh joy, the Binner’s slide has commenced I hope. Bali and Max make better wing backs than full backs.
  2. From Oxbridge Languages. The typical wokerati denigration to those who disagree with their views. I hope Oxford and Cambridge universities issue warnings to their students that they might be asked to debate views they don’t agree with.
  3. Whilst your remark is offensive to many, being offensive is not an illegal act and as such I would defend your right to utter it. Freedom of speech is something that has to be protected especially against the wokerati.
  4. Round pegs in round holes is always best. Sarge is a striker and needs to play in that role. Teemu would be able to play in a wider role off him.
  5. SAS are doing a good job as the table shows. Pity so many of our supporters are not top 2 as well.
  6. If you can’t win, don’t lose and that is what we’ve done. Unfortunately for some of our fans anything other than a win means the manager and team are utter cr@p. Every point counts and after our first three games some of us are delighted to be second with 20 points after ten games.
  7. And don’t they have cause to regret it. They replaced their monarchy with corrupt sponging Presidents. Vive la différence!
  8. Well I guess you cannot differentiate between the serious and the trivial. However the national and international reaction might give you a clue.
  9. Losing a weekend’s football is an irrelevance compared to the national importance of the death of the Queen, the closing of the second Elizabethan era and the ascension of King Charles and the start of a third Corolean era. Let’s keep a sense of perspective here folks.
  10. I, too, am a republican at heart believing in meritocracy not hereditary privilege. However the one argument in favour of the monarchy that I find hard to ignore is that the monarch owes his/her position to no one so can be a rallying point in times of existential danger. The armed forces swear their allegiance to the crown not the government so if we ever got an extreme government they would not be able to rely on our armed forces to do their bidding if the monarch was opposed to extreme actions. Unlikely that we would ever have such a government I know as even the Corbynistas would not be so stupid.
  11. I’m looking forward to her giving Starmer a hefty kick in the gonads on Wednesday. Thank God Maggie v2 has arrived in No. 10 to give all these leftie luvvies a good going over.
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