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  1. KIO, have you thought about doing a gofundme page for your filter? I''m sure the good folk of the Pinkun would chip in for you
  2. You are quite right, Nevermind, that Sturgeon will never deliver independence. in fact, the SNP will never deliver independence because that would be like killing the golden goose. At the moment the SNP can cry foul at Westminster for not allowing a second referendum, while at the same time receiving huge sums in transfer payments from England to Scotland. By keeping the current situation alive they get both the money plus the votes from those with a grievance. They have no responsibility to raise taxes, they can make outlandish spending plans and then blame England when they don't get funding and they remain perpetually in power. If independence actually happened then the SNP would no longer have a reason to exist as the goal would have been achieved - as happened to UKIP. In an independent Scotland they would then be responsible for setting budgets and raising income and would somehow have to bridge a £15billion shortfall in budget through either raising money on the international bond markets - a country without its own currency - or raise taxes on its people, which would immediately cause it to lose support. Or it would have to cut services. So why would a political party threaten its own existence when it can live off the teat of the English and carry on without any responsibility. Unfortunately, many Jocks are not that bright and believe the SNP hubris. Oh dear!
  3. I can hear a barrel being scraped. Good luck with that.
  4. So what you are saying now is that it is England's fault that Scotland and Wales want independence. You are again demonstrating the the Scots won't own what they are trying to achieve. Their attempts to blame everyone except themselves is weak and pathetic, to be frank. Whatever happened to Scotland the Brave?
  5. You see? The Scots don't even have the cojones to own what they are doing to the Union. SNP have been around far longer than Brexit and they are beginning to see the consequences of their actions yet still they want to hide behind Brexit. Are they feeling guilty or what?
  6. Wrong Again, Horse Muck. It was Tony Blair who created the devolved Scotland that we have today. He stupidly gave them spending powers but no power to raise income. So unsurprisingly, the Scots spent what they didn't have. Blair gave them power with no responsibility and we ended up with Scotland being the failed state that it is today. Get rid and quick.
  7. Didn't have you down as a fat-shaming ageist, Herman.
  8. That's more than bl o o dy Aviva does
  9. Translation: Julie Birchill is yet another leftie who has seen the light and left the room
  10. Yes, it was terrible they wouldn't let the full, unredacted statement be published. This is the statement of a guy who has been completely exonerated by the courts.
  11. Kritallnacht is not a very good analogy to use to describe a university professor who actually attacked his own Jewish students in a speech. Even the Bristol Student's Union issued their support to the students: In a statement, Bristol Student Union said: “We are deeply concerned by the points JSoc have raised and stand in solidarity with our Jewish students. We will always support students who call for action against discrimination on our campus. Antisemitism is unacceptable.”
  12. Yeah, big party coming up, 21 June.
  13. Hope you get prioritised. It may not be of much comfort but this pandemic has shown the important role teachers play in society, which goes beyond the classroom.
  14. Primulas sprung up overnight along the verges on the drive in to Norwich. A riot of colour.
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