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  1. Look if you want to get down on your knees because BLM tell you to, you just go ahead. I won't stop you. But don't come crying when they start ramping up demands that you don't like.
  2. If my memory is correct, the rioting was BLM people, the same group that wants to defund the police and make everyone else kneel before them. But don't let me stop you making a **** of yourself
  3. So what model have you been championing for the past few months? An earlier, more stringent lockdown that damages the economy, or something along the lines of Sweden that saves the economy but with more deaths? Or perhaps a bit of cake and eat it?
  4. Kneeling during the national anthem is an act of disrespect to one's flag and one's nation I understand that several people feel bullied into kneeling by BLM thugs but fortunately most still have spines and refuse to kowtow to Marxist-inspired bullying.
  5. Kamala Harris, the candidate who dropped out of the primaries before she even got to her home state, getting fewer delegates than Andrew Yang Remember him? Nope, me neither. Harris also supported the woman who brought allegations of sexual misconduct against Joe Biden. Now she's his running mate, apparently.
  6. Managing a global pandemic doesn't need one to be either left or right, though does it? Just need to be competent and get on with it, and Jacinda seems to be a very competent lady so kudos to her. Our lot in charge seem to be at the other end of the competence spectrum, so they will get no praise from me.
  7. The teacher's union are dragging their heels on re-opening all schools by September. They have submitted a 25 page ransom note with 200 demands before they will allow classes. Demands such as bins should have kids. If you bin doesn't have a lid then the school won't open. Time to sack those that refuse to work.
  8. Nah, Obama lives in a $17m mansion in Martha's Vintage. He didn't have that much money when he became President, it's a heck of a lot of speech making to get $17m and more. And why would a clown who believes in global warming buy a beach side property? Clowns gotta clown, I guess
  9. Yeah, the problem is too many people voted Conservative, the twats
  10. Nobody is forcing you to listen are they? There's an off switch on your wireless or just spin the dial to a different station if you don't like it. It ain't that difficult.
  11. If you are getting upset, Herman, step away.
  12. Massively successful. You haven't stopped talking about him in four years. Like Buh says, he's living inside your head.
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