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  1. Any league 1 or league 2 team from North of the Wash. I mean, what is the point of them? A long drive if we are unfortunate enough to be drawn against them in the cup. Inedible match day food invariably covered in industrial waste sauce. Inability to speak the King's English. A penchant for skinny dogs. Inevitable rain. No sun, ever. Homes with outside toilets. And as for City fans living in the North, what are you thinking of?
  2. I always thought it was the river bend. I'm sure we used to chant Sing Up the River Bend?
  3. Once I made a cup of tea before a game, and missed the first ten minutes searching for one of those dodgy stream things. When I got in the score was 0-0 but my tea had gone cold. The labrador still laughs about that until I had him put down.
  4. There are young men down at Poorman Road identifying as footballers. The world's gone mad, I tell ya.
  5. some very interesting points YF, and time is a very interesting concept, especially for someone who hates to be late for things. i think time is both a forward linear and a backward linear concept as well as a sideways in any direction concept depending on how you want to observe it. The easiest way to imagine time, imo, is to imagine the surface of a sphere where there is no beginning and no end. However, if you were to place a dot somewhere on the surface of the sphere you have created a here and now concept, and if you were to trace a line it would disappear into the future but eventually would come round to the past and end up back at the starting point. so in that way time is both forward and backward looking and things are the same whatever way you go. Another interesting feature of this model is that every other single point in time is potentially available to the start point and just requires a change in direction to reach it. so for me this covers the possibility of omniscience. As far as I can tell, the creator kicking off the big bang to begin creation also kicks off time as well. I wish I could give you an answer about the behaviour of time around black holes and gravity but i'm afraid I don't know enough detail about the subject. some say it takes a leap of faith to believe in a God. i prefer not to use the term 'God' as it comes with several thousands years of baggage and precluded beliefs not based on a god. i much prefer to think in terms of a creator, and i think looking at the evidence of a creation which I can see and am part of, and knowing that creation is an ongoing daily scientific-based process, and then knowing that a creation requires a creator, putting two and two together suggests to me there is a creator that created everything we eperience and that creation started with a big bang A finally we come to the beginning - In the beginning was the word - and just like you say, the beginning was all the algorithms that hold true in science. and once we got the scientific blueprints the creator got busy with their creation. I don't see a conflict between science and the religious belief in a creator. But nobody should be forced or manipulated into believing in a creator.
  6. If i was being pedantic i would agree that angela raynor deserves her own thread, but it's not me attempting to shutdown discussion by deflection or pedantry. So there, chubby chops.
  7. i think on the Labour thread it's whataboutery.
  8. Wrong thread. This is about Labour
  9. I'm sitting on a chair. It's a very fine wooden chair with carved legs and arm rests. Now I know nothing about the creator of this chair and looking at the chair there are very few clues about the creator of this fine piece of furniture, but I have a very deep faith that there was a creator because I can see the chair, sit in it and know that nothing exists that hasn't been created from other things. So my faith for a creator of everything comes from the evidence of a universe full of things that are created, were created and will be created. The Bible talks about the world beginning with light and science is beginning to understand that the universe did begin with light. As a species we have arrived on the scene a few thousand years ago in a universe that has been around for billions of years, so it hardly surprising we don't know very much. Don't be impatient lads. The natural question is if a creator created everything, who created the creator? The answer is sadly we may never know. We can experience the creation to know there must be a creator but we can't experience the creator to know what the creator is. Perhaps we will find out after we die. Or if you have been lucky enough to experience the divine you may have experienced something of the creator already.
  10. It gets deeper. Now saying she claimed single persons council tax rate when she lived at home with her brother. Twelve cops are now investigating her affaires
  11. Agreed. Having both Jordan and Saudi Arabia allied on the side of Israel is a massive geo-political game-changer that Israel would do well to nuture that relationship for long term benefit rather than go for a short term gain.
  12. I'm agitated by facts. Like all woke people you wish to ignore the facts. I wouldn't give a monkey's if they really were a religion of peace. I would be agitated by Quakers and Buddhists if the facts showed Quakers and Buddhists were committing heinous crimes. But they are not. If you're not going to be guided by the facts but by your feelings then you are never going to arrive at a solution to the problem of heinous crime.
  13. I blame the Immans that brainwashed him. Who do you blame, the priest for being there?
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