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  1. Rock The Boat

    Today’s games 🐥

    Krul blocked by Hernandez on the line, couldn't get across
  2. Rock The Boat

    Is this you?

    Then you picked up a kid and ate it!
  3. Rock The Boat

    Dirty Word - Playoffs

    Ipswich fans won't be playing and have no influence on the result. And I don't see professional players throwing a game to stop Norwich
  4. Rock The Boat


    I think Hernandez has to be sacrificed to make way for EMI, to come on late in the game against tiring defenders if needs be. We need EMI to start
  5. Rock The Boat

    If only......

    Better than Grant Holt?
  6. Rock The Boat


    Steiperman and Hernandez to be rotated. Steiperman lost concentration as the game went on. Hernandez lost the balls in tackles too many times.
  7. Rock The Boat

    Team Vs Wednesday

    The loan out to Fortuna improved Todd's all-round game immensely. He needs to go out on loan again to get regular football (but in the right environment) to push himself to the next level. I hope he makes it as there's nothing better than seeing a local lad in the side.
  8. Rock The Boat

    Team Vs Wednesday

    At this point in time, I don't think Cantwell is good enough to play in the Premier League. He may develop further, and if we go up he needs to be loaned out to the Championship for a season. If he doesn't improve to PL level, at least we can sell him for a decent fee.
  9. Rock The Boat

    Team Vs Wednesday

    Thirsty, I'd get into a lot of trouble on this forum if I alluded to one of our players being a lemon - albeit of the cheesecake variety. The only answer to the dessert menu conundrum is to have them all.
  10. Rock The Boat

    Team Vs Wednesday

    This thread is like should we go for the sticky toffee pudding, the crème caramel, or the lemon cheesecake. Let's face it. We're spoilt for choice.
  11. Rock The Boat

    An arm away from losing

    This is daft - all players deliberately set out to block the shot, or at least should be. It's a reminder of Brian Clough's famous remark 'If one of my players is not interfering with play, I'd like to know why not.'
  12. Rock The Boat

    I’ll take that 👍

    Every little helps
  13. Rock The Boat

    *****Official Match Thread v Wigan*****

    Leeds, Sheff, and us all looking a little bit jittery as the finish line appears. All playing teams fighting for their lives so no big surprise how it's turning out. But has to be obvious to Farke that the team needs to change for the final games and bring on experienced lads from the start.
  14. Rock The Boat

    Our run in not looking as good

    I think it will work in our favour. If both clubs win their games and move closer to us points-wise it should motivate us and send us out on the pitch fired up. If either of them drop points then we know we can wrap it up with a win. As much as we are beginning to sweat a little, the pressure must be telling on the other two clubs. They both know they cannot afford to drop any points at all, a draw is as good as a loss for them at this late stage.
  15. Rock The Boat

    Our run in not looking as good

    We are actually in a better position than before last night's game. Third-place Sheffield failed to close the points gap on us and there is one less game available for them to catch us. In the past couple of weeks, the games of the top three show that we are all capable of dropping points.