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  1. Wish him all the best for a speedy recovery.
  2. lharman7

    Opposition fans in our away seats

    Over-reacting. Me, my brother and a friend had to endure away seats at Portaloo Rd once. Was hard to contain ourselves every time we scored in that 5-1 drubbing! We obviously behaved ourselves but boy was the car bouncing as soon as we closed the doors! Its ok in my book as long as they are respectful.
  3. lharman7

    Team for Newcastle (h)...

    Cant see Farke changing anything and he'll give our championship winning players every chance to impress in the top flight. However, i'd like to see the following and even though Cantwell looks to be improving. Klose Aarons Klose Godfrey Lewis Amadou Leitner Buendia Stiepermann Roberts Pukki
  4. lharman7

    Away Kit Surfaces Early

    I like it! Obviously this is the trade off with Dafabet accepting to changer their colour theme on our home shirt.
  5. lharman7

    4 years for Zimbo

    Exactly the same on mine except I negotiated up to £6.5 mill.
  6. lharman7

    New home kit...

    BINNER. The kit is awesome.
  7. lharman7

    Teams we can beat next season -

    I agree with Lakey on this. Our style of football last season at times was of a premier league standard although we did find the fight and bite you need to compete in the championship. We will not change the way we play and the ethos of the club when we compete in the premier league. Farke and Webber have stated this on many occasion also stating along the way we are likely to get a drubbing here and there. Feedthewolf, your possession chart doesn't really reflect to the leagues final positions at the end of the season. Im fairly confident we can better the possession rating that Burnley ended up with but I guess we will just have to wait and see.
  8. lharman7

    Teams we can beat next season -

    Feedthewolf 302 Posted 4 hours ago If we play at our best and the other team has an off-day, we could theoretically beat anyone. However, over the course of 38 games, we need to be realistic and accept the likelihood is we will lose more games than we win. Much as I'm hugely optimistic about next season, and I absolutely love Farke and Webber, we need to consider how we will react as fans if we're in and around the bottom three. With a comparatively minute budget, we'll need to adapt our tactics to be more defensively solid - that will probably result in less attacking fluidity than we're used to, and more games where our intentions are good but our output isn't brilliant. It's vital that we keep riding this wave of optimism, and keep faith in our management team even if things don't go to plan. We're still huge underdogs in this division, and the tactics we have honed and improved over the last two years won't necessarily bring us success next season. Farke may well be forced into making changes in tactics, formation and personnel - both to keep the squad fresh and to stop us becoming too predictable. We'll need to defend well, counter-attack well, and take a few beatings on the chin. Keeping the same team and tactics week-in, week-out, as Farke has done this season, might not serve us as well against the big-hitters. There's still a good chance we'll thrive and push towards mid-table and maybe even the top half, but it's really important that the fans don't keep riding on the entitlement that's seen us fly to the title this season. I'd still be more than happy with 17th, as long as we keep hold of Farke and Webber. Understand the sentiment but I disagree we have to become more defensive. Webber and Farke have both repeated several times that our playing ethos will not change and we will not stray from our brand of football.
  9. lharman7


    What has Cantwell done in the last 12 months to push any of our starting midfield out of the side? Do you think he will be able to displace Roberts? Don't get me wrong, I rate Todd but I just cant see him getting a starting spot and with his age being of critical year he needs to be playing regularly. Mid/upper table championship side starting berth would be excellent for his development and we would be able to reap the benefits after his time there.
  10. lharman7


    A season loan to a championship club willing to give Cantwell a starting spot and full season would do him wonders. Get him signed then loan him out.
  11. What do Bran Stark, Ipswich Town fans and Leeds United supporters all have in common? They all mostly live in the past now!
  12. lharman7

    Today’s games 🐥

    Bottling it big time!
  13. lharman7

    Team Vs Wednesday

    ding ding ding ding lol
  14. lharman7

    Team for Preston

    I was a little disappointed Farke didn't bring on McLean instead of Tettey yesterday as I thought he would have been perfect for that role. It looked to me that Tettey had the call to play higher up than Trybull and that does not suit him. There seems to be a bit of a pecking order going on. I suspect it will be as ldc puts it but would like to see McLean given a run.
  15. lharman7

    The scum match thread

    Rubbish, absolute dross! Two extremely poor sides with little quality. Thompson will be out for a while now too. And maybe Klose.