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  1. lharman7

    Norwich vs Bournemouth match thread

    I get the feeling someone is due a right spanking along the way with the amount of chances we create and don't take. Hopefully it happens soon.
  2. lharman7

    Norwich vs Bournemouth match thread

    I've said it many times this season that we will play worse (in other games) and still come out with a win. We can only hope this result will be somewhat of a catalyst for a turn around for the rest of the season.
  3. lharman7

    Norwich vs Bournemouth match thread

    Far out. Being a bit of a soft touch if you think im moaning. Just to reiterate, im happy with the 3 points but its disappointing that we again tail off second half and let Bournemouth within a sniff of an equalizer.
  4. lharman7

    Norwich vs Bournemouth match thread

    Just a true reflection of the game I'm afraid. Happy with the points but disappointed in the performance.
  5. lharman7

    Norwich vs Bournemouth match thread

    That second half was just awful to watch. Dropping far too deep again inviting them on to us. We showed today along with Bournemouth why we are where we are.
  6. lharman7

    Team for Bournemouth

    Krul Aarons Zimbo Godfrey Byram Tettey Vrancic Emi Duda Cantwell Pukki
  7. lharman7

    Your predictions - City v AFCB

    ACN 1-3 im afraid.
  8. lharman7

    The Great Escape mini-league

    I feel generally sorry for the posters that can't seem to ignore LDC's threads. JUST DONT READ THEM!
  9. lharman7

    Paradox in defence

    1. No. 2. Maybe (they didn't have the experience last season as well as this). 3. Yes we are an attacking side with flair. 4. Yes, see above. 5. Not particularly but we could do with an upgrade imo. 6. Yes, see above.
  10. lharman7

    How good is Emi?

    That's excellent but wouldn't mind a bit of a goal return too if im being greedy.
  11. lharman7

    The Happy New Year Match Thread

    Maybe saying something about those two?
  12. lharman7

    Cantwell to Arsenal???

    Don't forget 'his goal celebration is stooped buh!
  13. lharman7

    Cantwell to Arsenal???

    A lot of princesses on here crying over a harmless tweet. Surprisingly coming from the older gents too. Maybe some players use the type of negative comments Todd has received as a catalyst for pushing on in their professional careers. Social media gives players and in this case Todd, a platform to say STFU to all the naysayers and doubters. If you are one, or have taken offence to Todd's tweet then I suggest taking his advice! Back to the original posts title, I see nothing in his tweet to suggest he's off anytime soon.
  14. Definitely thought he was offside for the free kick. Was hugely disappointed but not surprised that sky sports didn't catch it and play more than a single replay.
  15. Wish him all the best for a speedy recovery.