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  1. Anyone know much about Gaston Silva? 26 year old Uruguayan left footed center back. Would a work permit be an issue?
  2. Wouldnt mind a punt on Elias Kachunga either and he fits the bill of having German experience too
  3. Financially, yes it is and it's working. Please keep up!
  4. So out of the whole squad you think that no one is capable of holding down a spot in a premier league side just because we got relegated? Logic!
  5. Yep and that is just unfortunate. I would rather stick (to the plan) than gamble the security of our club.
  6. Some people get it, you obviously don't DCB. Webber said way before the season started we wouldn't put the club under financial insecurity. We are now financially way better off for it. The plan is working!
  7. The whole playing squad should be ashamed of themselves! Pitiful performance!
  8. Klose and Godfrey need a rocket right up them! Terrible!
  9. Absolute **** show shambles. Farke got this all wrong!
  10. Sad to think that all Sheff Utd have to do is pump the ball long onto our box to cause absolute havoc. Can we not just for once go man for man marking on set pieces?
  11. Yep McLean totally flat footed. Bloody awful.
  12. Can you stop gibbering absolute rubbish? Its a perfectly fine yes or no question. You don't have to dissect it like its a Fugu. Do you support the idea of your taxes funding rehabilitation for terrorists, paedophiles and child murderers?
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