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  1. The question is a non starter, President Trump is not a fascist.
  2. Love this bit in that Forbes article. "The president’s clubs often charged high prices for their services, billing the government $7,700 for a dinner with Chinese President Xi Jinping’s staff, $17,000 a month for a cottage at the Trump National Golf Club Bedminster used by the Secret Service, and even $3 for glasses of water for Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe". Was President Trump not allowed to use government funds to host other nations leaders and the secret service? Strange.
  3. Businessman fires employees in shock horror!
  4. https://www.facebook.com/KvonComedy/videos/136555984908962/
  5. Tell me which President has never benefited business wise from becoming the President?
  6. Could you tell me why SCOTUS are considering looking at the legal cases for voter fraud in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia?
  7. I just love this one, hypocrisy yet again. It's rife all throughout the Democratic Party. Hillary Clinton warns 2020 Democratic candidates of 'stolen' election (usatoday.com)
  8. So why would SCOTUS consider the cases now?
  9. Ah yes, yet another hater showing the true colours of the Dems. Thanks for commenting.
  10. I didn't lose anything. Maybe President Trump didn't either. It's intriguing that SCOTUS didn't want to even look at the case a few months ago but now they may be considering it.
  11. James Hirsen on Twitter: "SCOTUS is now scheduled to consider the voter fraud cases for Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Georgia on February 19, 2021." / Twitter This will be interesting if true!
  12. Maybe you should write a stern letter to Congress and demand they change the Constitution?
  13. Fortunately for President Trump and unfortunately for you this all means nothing. You can go back to crying he was acquitted now.
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