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  1. lharman7

    match thread

    Sad to think that all Sheff Utd have to do is pump the ball long onto our box to cause absolute havoc. Can we not just for once go man for man marking on set pieces?
  2. lharman7

    Wolves Match Thread.

    Yep McLean totally flat footed. Bloody awful.
  3. lharman7

    Wolves Match Thread.

    School boys!!!
  4. lharman7


    Can you stop gibbering absolute rubbish? Its a perfectly fine yes or no question. You don't have to dissect it like its a Fugu. Do you support the idea of your taxes funding rehabilitation for terrorists, paedophiles and child murderers?
  5. lharman7


    Wtf are you on about? You can't give a straight answer and you sound like a sympathizer!
  6. lharman7


    You didn't answer the question!
  7. lharman7


    What you propose costs a lot of money. As a tax payer, are you ok with footing the bill to help terrorists, paedophiles and child murderers gain rehabilitation?
  8. lharman7


    Sorry but you reek of being a sympathizer. You offer no solution to identify potential risk and I fail to believe you can. There are a lot of cases where there is no reason to believe a person is at risk of harming others yet out of the blue they do just that. Offering terrorists, paedophiles and child murderers a second chance and rehabilitation just downright disgusts me.
  9. lharman7


    We are talking about the here and now not the 70's. Forensic investigations have technically come along way since those times and without glancing at the percentages I'll bet that false convictions have dropped dramatically. DNA profiling has helped immensely. As for these terrorist scum, most of the attacks are usually caught in plain sight of cctv cameras so for them the answer is extremely easy!
  10. lharman7


    Cheers, I'll keep that in mind. Still, I wouldn't like to be mistaken for a terrorist, paedophile, murderer sympathizer either!
  11. lharman7


    Where in my post did I mention innocent people will be murdered? I thought the topic was about terrorists killing innocent people. Again, zero tolerance!
  12. lharman7


    Absolute tosh. Some people definitely deserve it. Capitol punishment needs to be reintroduced, martyr or no martyr. I wonder if you share the same views towards paedophiles and child murderers? There should be zero tolerance with no second chances.
  13. lharman7


    Love his philosophy but Farkes subs today were pathetic. I'd be fuming if I were Vrancic. Hardly inspires players motivation to do well on cup games knowing there's zero chance of starting a league game!
  14. lharman7

    Match thread - Newcastle

    12 corners and we cant convert 1. Absolutely zero composure in the box. 20 shots no goals. 2 late subs giving them no chance of making anything happen. Frustrated to say the least!
  15. Love it when a poster gets hushed by one of our players! Hopefully for the sake of NCFC Drmic can push on now!