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  1. I fancy us over 2 legs against Boro, a final against Luton or WBA is definitely a win for us. Don't book any holidays in late May 2025 else you'll miss Sargent's Wembley hat trick.
  2. Already been decided, looks like were in for another disappointing season. insert name of new manager here OUT! How the 2024/25 Championship table is expected to finish Leeds 6/1 Burnley 13/2 Luton 10/1 Middlesbrough 12/1 Norwich 12/1 West Brom 12/1 Sheffield Utd 14/1 Coventry 14/1 Sunderland 20/1 Portsmouth 20/1 Watford 20/1 Derby 20/1 Stoke 20/1 Hull 20/1 QPR 25/1 Sheffield Wednesday 25/1 Swansea 28/1 Bristol City 28/1 Millwall 28/1 Blackburn 28/1 Cardiff 40/1 Preston 40/1 Plymouth 66/1 Oxford 66/1 (Odds courtesy of SkyBet)
  3. As no-one on here actually did National Service it's fortunate that ITV produced a documentary about it.
  4. Southampton's win is the only good news Sunak has had for months, it's all downhill from here.
  5. He hasn't got any mates so he's got some of his staff around to watch the play-off final. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/article/2024/may/24/sunak-to-take-a-day-at-home-after-hapless-election-campaign-start?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other Sunak to take a day at home after hapless election campaign start PM will spend first campaign Saturday holding private discussions but aides deny he is seeking reset
  6. The RWNJ's are just upset as their voter ID plan didn't work and Labour have a better plan.
  7. Politics is a grubby business but just occasionally ................. https://x.com/LewisMcKenzie94/status/1793990340560453909 Letting bygones be bygones? Ian Blackford walked over to give Theresa May a hug in the Commons earlier. They are both standing down as MPs.
  8. For the first time ever ITV's coverage is better than the BBC. Better pundits and better commentary team.
  9. A big boost for the rave scene in Aberdeen. Sniff, sniff.
  10. Just wait until they find out another club bigger than the Binners has a managerial vacancy.
  11. WTF! NEW: Tory MP Tom Hunt has said Susan Hall’s London Mayoral Campaign “can be a role model for Rishi Sunak”
  12. To make up the loss of his MP's salary Rishi has secured John a gig singing the national anthem at Wales's games in the European Championsips.
  13. Just being a bit pedantic here, Smith & Jones bought their shares from Watling, who purchased them from Chase.
  14. Somewhere in the UK a Fancy Dress shop is having a dolphin outfit returned.
  15. 🤣🤣🤣 https://x.com/PolitlcsUK/status/1793611538869490111 NEW: Rishi Sunak asks Welsh voters if they are looking forward to "all the football" before being quickly told Wales haven't qualified for the Euros
  16. Remember when 30p Lee took a reporter to a voters house who praised him like he was the Messiah and it turned out it was a set up, the 'ordinary voter' was nothing of the sort? Well it looks like Rishi's doing it now. Two members of today's audience were dressed up in hi-viz to make them look like ordinary voters and it turns out they are Tory councillors. https://x.com/BylineTimes/status/1793603212630769816 BREAKING: Byline Times has now identified a second hi-viz jacket-wearing man asking questions of Rishi Sunak at this morning's event as local Conservative councillor Ben Hall-Evans
  17. Knapper the napper, asleep on the job, maybe he'll sign 40 Winks for our midfield and give him a club house in Little Snoring.
  18. Farage doesn't like Tice, his nickname for him is 'the hairdresser'. Nigel also believes that Trump is going to give him a job if he wins.
  19. Test match announced! Expect transfer policy to be different, could Anderson & Broad be enticed out of retirement! Friday, July 26th: test match at Norwich City
  20. Just received a request to complete a 'survey' for my local Tory MP. It full of variations on this question. Do you think the Conservatives are great? 1 Yes, they are great 2 No, but Labour want to murder me so what I really mean is yes. 3 Unsure, so you'd better consider me as a yes. The idiots left a comments section and a whole blank page which I also filled with comments, it'll probably go in the bin but I enjoyed giving it the 'Lycett' treatment.
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