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  1. Come on you two, this is a be nice thread. That includes the players as well.
  2. Nick Eardley @nickeardleybbc · 13m NEW: Business Secretary Alok Sharma self-isolating and has been tested for Coronavirus. He began feeling unwell in the chamber today, spokesperson says. I wonder where he can get a list of people he's come in contact with.
  3. https://www.ebay.co.uk/b/Shirts-for-Heroes/bn_7117205158 Only a £5 a go and you could win a signed shirt.
  4. You've just broken the second rule of trolling.
  5. Do it again, it gets funnier every time.
  6. You're the one asking all the questions, for someone who's trolling you're not doing a very good job.
  7. "eminently sensible and reasonable opening post. "
  8. Now I've got you excited, has the 'Troller' become the 'Trolled'?
  9. What is very lovely is that he believes it's a recent phenomenon and confessing to it today will shock us. * * He also likes to complain about the use of emogis *
  10. The first rule of trolling is to never talk about trolling.
  11. Within the FFP rules. Might not be able to make a 'huge' investment.
  12. https://giphy.com/gifs/soccer-penguin-funny-Vx8MSphrScTAc
  13. "President Trump said "it was a false report" that he was taken to the White House's underground bunker Friday night. He insists it was "more for an inspection."
  14. https://www.canaries.co.uk/News/2020/june/gallery-city-return-to-contact-training/ Looking at the 'photos above it looks like the only outfield player who wasn't involved was Sam Byram.
  15. I've never watched it. Bob Mortimer is very good on Would I Lie To You? What are this lot like?
  16. Whatever formation we play we'll have to look at using all 16 available during the game as we'll be playing in warm/hot conditions and there's bound to be two games a week most weeks.
  17. I think they are his pet names for his children.
  18. Is this the poster for thr next Omen movie?
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