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  1. pete

    Oliveira - 30k a week

    If we cannot get decent loan fee or 30-50% wages paid let him sit out this season this will seriously curtail his career, happy not to play is not going to impress suitors. Any agent must advise the player surely it would be better to show a good attitude instead of short term gain. I suppose he does see himself playing in the future. We've already seen Oliviera's poor attitude at Fulham let him rot. I believe this is Oliviera's fourth year.
  2. pete

    Defensive midfielder

    Harrison Reed would be a cheap option was fairly proficient season before last when on loan, can cover RB as well. May be coming to end of Saints contract. An experienced DM likely to bust our budget. Thompson on the few times we saw him didn't play as DM and only once against Leeds 3 seasons ago needs to get himself fit and playing to prove fitness. Tom T must be given opportunity but cover needed but Slimline Tettey impressed often last season but needs passing to improve not likely at his age.
  3. pete

    Are we missing out on primary targets?

    What areas do we need to cover with affordable signings or loanees. Wide player covered with Roberts. Right Back in abeyance needs to be signed as a priority. Defensive Midfielder maybe required really fancy Tom T to thrive in PL, Tettey may not thrive perhaps we may need cover here but DM's are a breed in demand. New striker is a definite requirement and may require the bulk of our transfer kitty. Whatever we should not spend over the odds and put our financial situation into a parlous state. Although we would all wish to see signings early patience is likely to be required but having a deadline of Aug 8th might mean missing out on late signings. Must trust Webber to get it right.
  4. pete

    Jordan’s coming home!

    Rhodes an intelligent footballer look at the positions he took when he poached those last gasp goals found himself space in the box. Could be our Teddy Sheringham. Must be an economically sound investment but if the move consolidates the team ethic may be inspirational. The other options are likely to be out of our price range and need to look for other cheaper gems. Also feel Srebeny may surprise given an opportunity.
  5. Mario perhaps our most creative player with one year to go on contract still to get extension or certainly not publicised. Are we going to see a new contract signed soon.
  6. Must contain mostly yellow ones with significant green content mean relegation, although I am sure this not the entire reason for being relegated but does cast a shadow.
  7. Max our only RB we need badly in PL, one season in Championship means interested parties will offer Championship prices. We know he is worth £30m but neither Palaca, United or Spurs will offer that and try to get on the cheap, can see their offers being rejected maybe until Max established in PL like Van Bissaka who has 1 season under his belt. Can't see Max creating if a move to Palace falls through.
  8. Just seen the other post re Cantwell agree with comments therein apparently on the same page.
  9. Apparently in contract talks for last twelve months. Certainly had an encouraging season but honestly if he fails to get significant PL experience and shines which seems unlikely unless injuries to Buendia, Hernandez or Roberts let him in where will he end up? Another PL club unlikely a he Championship club a possibility but at his age and relative experience how likely is it he will be the opportunity. A contract with City is a no brainer and if he is holding out for more money he and his advisers need to consider seriously. A loan next season maybe and see where he and City are in the next year and tear up a few trees before making unrealistic overtures. A good season but not spectacular get yourself more experience prior to making demands and sign for City perform and you will get the rewards Lewis, Arrons and Godfrey are reaping.
  10. I thought you are only allowed 2 players on loan from the PL. Last season Fulham had about 6 players on loan including Piazon from Chelsea and Target from Southampton and a number of others I cannot remember I suppose someone can name them. I am watching Derby v Leeds who have Tomori on loan from Chelsea, Mount also and Wilson from Liverpool. Is there a law that only applies to certain clubs?
  11. If players bought under the Farke regime have a promotion clause. Oliviera was signed under Neil and doubtful if such clause in his contract unless extension we don't know about. Wouldn't have thought likely after antics at Fulham. It is unfair that any players who did not contribute to promotion get a financial windfall would like to see contract wording if blanket increase across the board it should have caveats concerning triggering the increases if not there ought to be.
  12. pete

    What players get sold on?

    Rhodes will not be loaned out in final year of contract. Who will take Srebeny on loan he has not featured at all this season nothing to base any move on. Only player we can expect a fee for will be Hanley and it will be less than we paid. Must realise apart from the obvious fees for the bit part players is unlikely. I feel Srebeny will be our fourth choice striker. Morris will go on loan again with Thompson to prove fitness if unable to will be released.
  13. pete

    Joe Hart

    Man C got rid cos he couldn't play out from the back. Farke likes keepers to do this can't see a move for him.
  14. Where does it say these salary increases are automatic for all the players. If agreed this is financial madness offering increases to all fringe players if those involved in the promotion ok but not everyone unless of course there are clauses in contracts which seems unusual given where some of the fringe players have come from.
  15. pete

    Bore off, Brady

    We do not need to spend millions how much would the likes of Buendia, Stiepermann, Leitner, Pukki, Aarons, Godfrey and Lewis cost us if we wanted to buy them from a Championship as a PL clubs. Have saved about 40 million before we got to the PL,a conservative valuation there. Some additions would bee welcome not more than four, probably from abroad if we are not to overspend. Chelsea transfer embargo may scupper movement for James.