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  1. If he is that good and looks like he is get him signed immediately to new contract. We don't want promising youngsters to leave for little money, academy players generally on two year contracts.
  2. As Sargent has seen first hand a PL wooden spoon. If a PL club is interested likely he will be off like a shot. His recent goal flood will prove to be of particular at bargain price to lower light of PL.
  3. Sunderland have a young but talented squad, fell apart under Beale. They will go back to whatever they doing pre Beale and give us a game. Brake tactics as surprising as Wagner's not popular with fans of players. Expect now a play off push.
  4. Rumours regarding chap from Arsenal to replace Wagner may just be only that. Or may have substance might be Knapper plan to take us forward. And further might be knowledge regarding the additional funding provided by new owners. Lots of speculation here might also be Knapper trying to give suppoorters a lift. OK doing well lately the support seems to give credit to the players rather than the coach. Wagner unpopular with majority of supporters gleaned from posts on here and from interviews lately. Besr indicators yet whatever happens this year on his way out, which can only be good news.
  5. Getting ahead of yourselves re making the play offs. Have to get through the anticipated poor run of results almost inevitable under Wagner.
  6. He could confirm he is not going to stay, all looking forward to a n other producing a team to play attractive, attacking football.
  7. Appeared to hand it to old gent, guy next to him snatched it for his young daughter. Not clear if a family but old guy seemed happy to be given shirt momentarily.
  8. Watford and Cardiff coming up after poor runs, but remember along comes Norwich and what that means. It means City struggling against such teams expect more struggles to come. And not helped by Wagner's substitutions surelt it is time for another lengthy run of poor results like last season and earlier this. Inconsistency the watchword.
  9. There is only a top 6 for Champs Play Offs. City aiming for 7th might just get there.
  10. Wagner's job seemingly brought here to make supporting City a soulless experience and he is very good at it. So good don't know if I could be enticed to Carrow Rd again. Certainly not while he stays here.
  11. Yes I agree looks likely a play off spot is realistic, but I cannot forget the nature of our play. Do we deserve to be where we are and seen to be heading. It is down to the players and we are getting results despite the failings of the manager/coach. Whose tactics as woeful as they have served up dross on the majority of games. He has much to thank Gunn, Sargent and Sains for, in their efforts we are in this position. Think where could have been and entertaining under a proper coach. Just be gone during summer.
  12. Could the coaching he is currently getting at City a possible reason for his misgivings. Apart from a couple of the playing personnel you could use that excuse for poor performance. Lack of fitness in the squad certainly down to coaching, those early season extensive training methods have not worked.
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