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  1. pete

    Delia is 78, MWJ's is 78

    Financially stable apparently, by which means we need to sell one or more assets each season to continue. The result therefore when we fail to produce any stars that can be sold we will be financially unsecure. We cannot rely on finding gems season after season and is a dangerous model to follow. It is then we can truly gauge the efficacy of the reign of Saint Delia and her reign at the court of Carrow.
  2. The Academy upon what so much hope has been placed is not pulling up trees in any way, it may be early days but the results are not there to inspire hope in the current set up. Under 23's one place of bottom with one win Sunderland bottom. Under 18's one win all season that to bottom of league Sunderland. Our academy success in last few years was FAYC which gave us the Murphy brothers and few others who have carved out significant careers. The academy didn't yeild Aarons or Lewis provided care of Luton or Godfrey from York maybe polished at Colney maybe already not. Maybe we have sent the gems out on loan to Holland a la Cantwell but not seen any reports of similar progress at present. Given our previous track record with producing our own youngsters hope this will be the case but seems unlikely. Adam Idah the next off the conveyor belt has faded from sight and has not been seen recently although in Irish u23 squad. Tristan Abraham although operating at a low level has been notching on a regular basis and looks he could have been a prospect was released last summer cannot place others who have even looked capable Morris at Rotherham looks next prospect to fall by wayside. Until the academy starts to produce this seems to be an expensive endeavour we can little afford at present perhaps we ought to be picking off youngsters from Luton they seem to be better at it.
  3. Stuart Webber the power behind the City throne has given Daniel Farke the vote of confidence. Always the kiss of death perhaps not necessary now the supporters understand the reasons for our current form and the fact this is the PL.
  4. Tickets for Sheff Utd are still available. Standard memberships can be used therefore for only the second time. Not too many available but is not selling out a sign of things to come. I wondered why it was so easy to get tickets. The new members obviously don't fancy this one.
  5. pete

    Sellable Assets

    Of our starlets I think Lewis is most likely to be the most wanted because he is a LB these tend to be rarer, and although seemingly struggling in PL has looked the best of the starlets. Any one of the 3 young starlets would benefit from another year at NCFC however a decent offer would be readily accepted but £20m bird has flown. This also applies to Buendia who much improve to attract any attention although at the top of Sky's stats he is currently a liability. I don't include Cantwell in the young stars he needs to beef up and cut out the errors looking to be at City for the near future.
  6. pete

    Paddy D and Daniel Farke

    Enough credit in the bank to continue with the project into next season whatever division we are in. However a poor start in the Championship might see things change will expect to see a prominent performance. Certainly needs loanees to take a more active participation in the team DF has been pretty poor in utilising the loan system. Regarding Hughton he should have gone earlier.
  7. Prior to the Watford game Webber and later on Farke disclosed the club have no ambition to succeed in the PL and 20th place will be acceptable, we are going to try to get there pretty much on course. This coming so soon following last seasons tremendous achievement playing so well and scoring a hatful of goals came as something of a kick in the teeth. We knew money was tight and few additions were expected but we did expect a solid season with the retention of last seasons heroes the first two home displays gave hope we could survive. But no ambition has been confirmed and the owners readily agree to the plans of Webber. I would suggest that the statement regarding the clubs admission of not having any ambition to succeed after getting to the PL is seriously wrong and may have its ramifications throughout the club. The fans the most important people in any club are entitled to be angry and disappointed that Norwich City see getting to the PL as the optimum level of achievement. Some will be perfectly happy and their ambitions are similarly restricted. Others will feel their hopes and dreams go further than taking the PL riches for one season at a time. They have been majorly let down and might question why support such a club. The current players are likely to be unhappy with one season. Relegation will likely see clauses limiting their salaries upon a return to the Championship. Some will move on at the end of the season we all know who the likely lads who fall into this category. Those that remain will be asking themselves why did they join City I am sure they were unaware of the clubs limited hopes. With a complete lack of confidence in themselves and the club there seems little to look forward to. Recruits we will need to fill the gaps left by departees are unlikely to be influenced by a club without ambition why should they bother to join City on its shoestring salaries when there are more promising opportunities out there. The defence is probably looking at 4 recruits and I suggest we may need players of greater experience to stem the flow of conceded goals. With no ambition to better themselves will not be attractive to our management team. This seasons performances will not enhance the careers of Farke or Webber who although resigned to the clubs ambitions cannot be happy following their success last season. Surprised the bought into this. A poor start next season will inevitably see the knives come out for Farke and Webber will get under similar pressure and it will be extremely difficult to make a promotion push with the stars missing. The effect on finances will be most felt by the ownership. Dafabet came on board with the promise of PL exposure with the biggest sponsorship deal in clubs history you can bet relegation will impact finance. The Pl money from this season and the income from selling our stars will mot last forever and 3 seasons in the Championship will exhaust the windfall perhaps even sooner and then back to square one. The City of Norwich were delighted to see a PL season with the revenue it offers. Relegation will be met with disappointment. Relegation I hear you cry City have not been relegated but to be bottom of the league with one point in last eight games conceding over 2 goals is not good news. The club have told you they certainly don't expect to survive you shouldn't either.
  8. After witnessing interviews with certain Norwich City luminaries apparently its all of them. Saint Delia and her hubby are entirely content with the situation. Happy to take the PL riches to rectify the financial fiasco's of the past. Content and complacent with not a hint of ambition. Webber and Farke are similarly resigned to finish bottom of the league. Maybe our biggest problem is the players have picked up this malaise and do not feel it requisite to improve the situation after all the most promising will be moving on to better things. This is sending all the wrong messages to players we may wish to attract for next season. Niggardly salaries can be offset by the opportunity to enhance your career at a higher level for ambitious players. Not with City you don't. There is little passion coming from the top of the club. The goodwill banked by Webber and Farke is rapidly eroding by this decidedly poor effort to play at the highest level. Relegation decided and accepted in early November with the accedance of the club's hierarchy. Leaving most supporters fraught and angry never mind we have got the money. History tells us once Webber gets tired of Delia's penny pinching model of self funding that the financial situation will be back to the dire straits we have suffered most recently and in the past. Enjoy it whilst you can.
  9. First game of the season thought it was the best football I had ever seen no joking. Then Man City. And now we have become one of the worse I have ever seen and there has been a few stinkers. The midfield were non existent each and every one in there couldn't pass to each other but find the opponents on a regular basis, no service to Pukki. Where do we go from here obviously the only way is down cannot see this team getting back to the PL when we get relegated mid table obscurity.
  10. pete

    Zimbo back for Everton?

    A real player coming back maybe just in time to save us, come on Zimmo do the business and get the defence sorted.
  11. pete


    Rocky scored yesterday on loan until January I believe has greater experience and might bolter defensive options.
  12. pete

    £34 million loss

    1995 Marshall was the keeper who replaced Gunn. Irrespective of whether we are promoted or relegated players will be sold. Aarons will go, Lewis probably Buendia and Godfrey are not doing themselves any favours the rest will probably have to stay.
  13. This fall from grace can happen to any club. Don't believe we are likely to be in this position if the R word happens. We do not have players on huge salaries and we ought to have relegation clauses to bring salary levels down to last season. If you become established or get the wrong sort of players i.e. those with a high opinion of themselves but cannot do it on the pitch a la Naismith you are in trouble ability wise and financially.
  14. After last seasons amazing season when most of the regular squad played out of their skins and were now looking forward to displaying their considerable skills in the PL to enhance their careers with lucrative moves. Now comes the reality that these players largely hav been proved to have feet of clay. Which may explain why our performances are so poor. The most dramatic of a fall from grace is Emi Buendia who I am sure we all believed would readily perform in the PL and excel there has been a huge disappointment. His creativity has evaporated and has failed to make any significant contribution. The big bucks are ebbing away in double quick time. The German contingent are proving to be unable to adapt to the PL. Leitner who appeared most suited to the PL is certainly not at present. Stiepermann is not the player of last season. Trybull has not been the proficient DM in his limited games. All the hopes are rested on the not inconsiderable shoulders of Zimmermann hope he rises to the occasion. Cantwell of the first 5 games has now failed to shine and in fact is proving to be a liability to the porous defence with poor distribution. Defensively what can you say truthfully they are abysmal the prodigal son Ben Godfrey is now starting to make errors leading to goals. Max and Jamal the rising stars who have the excuse of youth are struggling manfully but are falling short as defenders but might find themselves other PL homes. I expect Ben to find another home but moves to the big boys as Spurs or Man U may not materialise and end up at Brighton or Palace. Take notice and learn quickly lads. Certain players are not to be criticised Krul has been a revelation, Pukki has not been given any service and Tettey not a CB has performed well in DM role. These are unlikely to be offered mega deals owing to their age. However the most disappointing performer has been Farke himself not adapting to the PL tactically or making changes when needed especially when poorly timed substitutions. How long will Webber want to rule over Delia's subsistence existence. The team is rapidly eroding the goodwill he has built over the last two seasons much more and his stature in the football world will disappear. Can we save this season perhaps with Zimmo providing the inspiration however unlikely but don't expect the January transfer windows to provide any imports to save the day still no money we'll go with what we have.
  15. To come up with positive platitudes for reasons why we are so poor. And more importantly with any ideas on how to improve the situation going with the same formation and players time after time. Agree we are restricted to who can play but Buendia and Cantwell apparently the creative types continually give the ball away and are not improving to the standard we might expect from last season. It just looks like Farke has run out of ideas how to improve or motivate the team. He has got enough credit from last season to be able to ride this out and our financial position ensures he is safe in post. But relegation a probability unless things change and if it happens relying on another miracle season may see Farke and probably Webber finding out self funding is self delusion.