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  1. Need to win if even to keep confidence of supporters high. Do not need the lack of creativity of AT, must be Leitner must go for it.
  2. pete

    Alex Tettey

    2 year contract not sure if injured but a waste on the bench if fit. totally eclipsed at DM by Tom T. Need improved DM if promoted. Thanks Alex and Goodbye.
  3. We have a healthy goal difference which could have been crucial however expect it to evaporate over the last two fixtures. Unless Ipswich want to play for pride expect huge scores for Sheff Utd and Leeds. This would be Lambert's ultimate up yours to City. Let's ensure goal difference is irrelevant.
  4. pete

    Team Vs Wednesday

    To go with the same team will affect the atmosphere on Friday. Going a goal down again will bring pressure and to come back a third time is unlikely. We must start much stronger apply the pressure to the opposition.
  5. pete

    Luton Town Academy

    Lewis was also at Luton before joining City.
  6. What odds can I get for failing to get promoted? I'd feel a whole lot happier putting on fifty quid safe in the knowledge I will not get paid out.
  7. pete

    Team Vs Wednesday

    To go with the same team for third game in a row puts promotion in doubt, a win against Wednesday is necessary. 3 wins is the championship, 2 wins means promotion but play similarly to the previous games any wins are doubtful. And relying on Emi to win the last 3 games for us is too dangerous to consider. We have been ineffective in last 2 games, lacking creativity and laboured passing until the experienced midfielders have b3en introduced. Vrancic in for C antwell, Moritz for MacLean. SheffWed will not be unduly keen on beating us if it opens door for United but we cannot rely on this. We need to go for a win from the off rather than save playing for last 10 minutes. By sticking with this formation and failing to get promotion Farke will be blamed hope someone can talk some sense into him. Leitner and Vrancic should be seething at Farkes intransigence I know many on here agree.
  8. According to BBC City only one of last 11 games played on a Sunday. Probably because these were PL fixtures not Champs. Need to put it right tomorrow.
  9. Hope everyone has got on who thought this would be a good idea. Apologies if anyone bet at Paddy Power whose idea of fixed odds is to vary the odds in their favour hoever Ladbrokes odds are as advised.
  10. pete

    Ref on Sunday

    At least not Hooper who used to be PL ref but couple of weeks ago was Reffing at Oxford Utd not even Championship. Ilderton also still around the lower leagues unfortunately.
  11. Just a suggestion to win some money and ensure promotion for City. If Leeds or Sheff U drop any points in the next 5 games promotion which is a probability a certainty. Tomorrow Leeds to win is 4/7 Sheff U 8/13. Twenty pounds on a double pays fifty two which doesn't seem too much of a risky bet given their opponents. Pocket your stake and with your thirty pound profit you can invest in City AR 5/6 at Paddy Power or 3/4 at Ladbrokes. Should City fail to win which is unlikely you will be fifty pounds up. If this works out you can do the same on Good Friday and again for the Blackburn game on 29\4. When City play second. Unless promotion has been won or the others have been beaten and are out of the race. Good luck hope we win the money and ensure promotion.
  12. pete

    Dean Ashton

    Obviously understand the reaction of the players and the bench. But we have been caught with sucker punches with conceding within a minute of scoring important goals. Fortunately conceding here 5 minutes or so but remember Printer scoring at Barclay to take the lead to give up lead seconds later. Think we ought to act more professional and concentrate and enjoy victories on the final whistle.
  13. Sheffield Wednesday face a dilemma tomorrow, currently on 59 points in tenth place on a recent good run of results, 6 points of play off position. Do they go to Leeds for the win and maybe setting up Sheff U for promotion, defeat will almost rule out the play offs. Hope Bruce goes for a play off gamble a win for Wednesday would take away a fixture preventing Leeds getting closer to City. However defeat would possibly deter them from beating City next time as by winning a game that should be academic in making the play offs could. allow United to sneak promotion. What a pickle never mind United promotion Brucey beat Leeds remember if it was not for City you may not have gone to Man U and all the glory. More chance of a result at a nervous Elland Rd than fortress Carrow. Favour please
  14. It was supposed to say something then, can anyone inform me what that was?