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  1. Just read e mail from club re 20/21 membership thanking me for renewing. There it states keep hold of 19/20 membership card for the next season. Cleared that up need to read things. Thanks to everyone for their asistance
  2. Might there be provision for EFL teams to have bigger squads taking into account the need to get 46 games into the Sept - May season. If there is a limit of 25 as in the PL. Scottish PL kicked off this weekend with squads of 20 with 5 subs allowed on 3 separate occasions a la PL last season, will this apply to EFL next season. If so we really need experience added in CB and striking options notwithstanding departures who need to be replaced with experience not young blood. I understand Farke says to be looking to add to these positions loans may be an option but record not particularly good in this area so need to improve.
  3. Vaccinations when available either 2020 or 2021 might not be enough to entice us elders to risk the virus, you have to be concerned as to the efficacy of vaccines. Virus is expected to mutate and change in the future making vaccine for Covid 19 strain maybe ineffective against the next.
  4. Sorry didn't clarify home membership only not a season ticket holder. If to continue using 19/20 membership card really ought to be expressed clearer and not be confusing.
  5. Got letter yesterday thanking me for donating rebate to academy. However in the correspondence it stated I needed to keep my current membership card i.e. 19/20 as this will be used for the new season, although not entirely clear from wording used. Please advise this is what you understand. Thanks
  6. Players will only leave if they are wanted elsewhere, everyone under contract will move if someone to pay more. After disastrous season no midfield player Cantwell apart has played well enough to earn a move. Can see many of the youngsters to go out on loan, cannot accomodate them all. Vrancic probably most creative of midfield once Buendia moves on should have played more in PL but needed 2 DM's to assist defence which didn't work out
  7. Pinnock starring in the team with 2nd best defensive record in the championship. Came from Barnsley in the summer don't know if he was costly but effective CB's can be found if you look further down the pyramid.
  8. How did we allow Dan Burn to leave Fulham for Wigan and not try to sign him. An absolute giant who impressed for Fulham against City in Farke's first ever game, the next time he is turning out for the mighty Wigan and now starring for Brighton. Another Semi Ajayi moment but Farke not interested in strengthening the defence.
  9. Seems to be a signing of an uninjured player. What is going on. We can't play him oh I forgot
  10. Surely there must be an experienced older CB out of contract who could do a job to cover for the inevitable injury to Klose. Look at relegated clubs e.g. Hull or at better Div 1 teams. Certainly English would be preferable.
  11. Hope not, think he Will be extremly importert Next season Guess this is a spelling error important or impotent please clarify. And who is Terry?
  12. Soccer Six predicted 5-0, but considering Man C have huge European Cup game to come may mean a weakened team.
  13. Bristol C promoted under Chris Hughton in a few years what planet are you on when does a coach/manager get a few years to conclude a project.
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