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  1. Not really only joking but this parasite who has exploited his position for far too long would be too greedy to do anything magnanimous. Still banging on about his poor union members giving up anything from their multi million salaries. Players seem to agree some wage restraint is a possibility. FA have however agreed those on £50k take 7.5% cut at least its a gesture. Unsure if anyone at FA worth it. Gareth Southgate to take 30% cut good on him someone taking charge.
  2. Whatever is the result the PL product will be a cheaper option. There maybe other providers willing to take PL. Traditionally SKY and BT in UK with 1,000's watching in pubs and clubs not sure Amazon, Netflix or any internet based platform will be as popular as watching football down the pub sitting at home watching on your smart phone or pc. And speaking of pubs and clubs if PL resumes and government insists pubs stay closed expect rebates on subscriptions to be claimed from PL in addition to those broadcasters. If behind closed doors for end of July when will the players be able to return for preseason this seems an unlikely prospect get ready for season 19/20 to be cancelled.
  3. £762m reasons to complete season. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52168692 How much would it cost PL if 20/21 delayed/shortened by the months it will take to complete 19/20. £762m could be the cheapest option so far, I am sure the £762m can be mitigated by making offerings to broadcasters for future seasons but will put a dent in PL finances. This could be last year on the gravy train.
  4. Does the club save the money for a rainy day, does it go to PL to offset losses or does it go to pay for good causes as prescribed by PL, NCFC or UK Gov ? Anyone have any better insight where best used?
  5. Danny Rose on the BBC in his article it states the following: The Premier League has agreed to use the wage cuts to advance £125m to the EFL and National League, and give £20m towards the NHS. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52163997 Surely this is wrong the PL does not pay the players the money saved surely will benefit the clubs by saving them money. If they then use the money saved to help others fair enough e.g. NHS or furloughed staff. How will the clubs deal with this windfall? And if I am wrong and PL can use player wages to impress with its largess then this is just wrong. One last comment a wage deferral is not a pay cut.
  6. Playing games behind closed doors whilst there is the slightest possibility that Covid 19 not entirely eradicated would attract the government taking legal action against the PL and any clubs for a breach of Health and Safety Regulations. Sure in the current climate the PL would be a live contender for governmental action. We are yet to hear from any government sources regarding the actions of the PL more important things to be handled expect a response if PL try to finish the season during this crisis
  7. Unless all leagues start and finish at the same time the next transfer window will be interesting. Belgians first to blink expect others to follow in the near future. PL need to show strong leadership some hope.
  8. pete

    Furlough & relegation

    The club in taking this action is morally corrupt and deserves the brickbats that will come its way. This has come from the top which needs to backtrack on this idea. Delia has been repaid the millions initially loaned she ought to ensure City staff receive their salaries without recourse to the nations finances. Greedy socialism at work no moral compass here. We should be better than this!
  9. pete

    Sinani signed

    Duda loan doubt very much it will extend to 30th June, certainly to 17th May i.e. date of final PL match. There has been queries concerning loans in EFL whether loans can be extended to cover the play offs when the loan period finished on the final match date.
  10. Most interesting discussion on here deserves to be on page 1, keep commenting
  11. Government will only take action if PL or EFL take the decision to commence whilst there is any chance of infection until then they will not interfere. Once the leagues take this into account the season will be suspended unless season is to be completed whenever at a date to be decided.
  12. It is arguable that the PL breached its contracts as it unilaterally brought the season to a halt when it did without any UK governmental or UEFA/FIFA deliberation or consultation with the likes of Sky/BT or its international broadcasters. Although it was the obvious decision to suspend the season to cancel it was seemingly taken by the PL prematurely. Unless PL had contacted Sky etc. If so apparently not a leg to stand on in respect of these contracts. PL would argue inevitability that the season would be suspended not sure if this will fly.
  13. Latest nonsensical suggestion mooted by PL is for entire squads to be kept separate in locations, hotels etc, and then the games to be played to complete 19/20 . As previously stated it only takes one member of a team to contract virus to kybosh that stupid idea. Also any games will need to be supported with medical staff you would expect the government to prevent any games being staged whilst there is a possibility of infection. This is likely even if the situation improved in the next weeks there will always a possibility of a recurrence of the virus which has been experienced in some countries. What if player breaks leg or worse? The PL will want to call a halt to this season to limit its financial liabilities to its customers. The loss of 2020/21 will be a financial disaster which could derail the PL gravy train, they need to at least show they are planning for next season. Money talks potential legal action by EFL clubs will be small potatoes should they be forthcoming. PL more interested in their bottom line than English football which is a tool in its business plan.
  14. pete

    Can you name them all?

    Norfolk Islands not a country Territory of Norfolk Island,[9] one of the Commonwealth of Australia's external territories. Sorry deduct one.
  15. UEFA President Seferin is now being ridiculous and he leads the game in Europe. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52079717