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  1. 88/89 finished 4th and FA cup semi finalists. Finished reading City in the 80's last night good read for those remembering the club through that decade.
  2. Facing one of the bottom three yet again not gone well on the previous occasions. However have picked up points against teams that allow us to play rather than bully us e.g. Man C , Arsenal, Tottenham etc. Trust Bournemouth will stick to their footballing philosophy and not adopt a negative attitude. But its getting fractious now and they may decide to forego their principles and become physical. They simply cannot afford to lose hope we can upset their plans whatever they are. Maybe our last chance of winning this season.
  3. Idah only back up available for missing Pukki. Not for the first season City have relied on sparse striking talent and that ended in the same way. Will we ever learn this lesson an experienced journeyman who keeps fit wouldn't go amiss remember Wilbraham. Shocking way to run a team.
  4. pete

    Given up

    Staying up most definitely which is due to our wonderful record of staving off relegation. The most relegated team from the PL. Keep on hanging to the impossible dream.
  5. pete

    Adam Idah

    !8 months left on contract I believe, need to get him signed not to get peanuts for home grown.
  6. pete

    Players Values

    God Luck with those valuations. You're probably looking at 50% at those prices. Teemu £40m being a little optimistic for a 30 year. Maybe some will attract bids from top 6 and some will go lesser lights a la Redmond for less money, when they prove their time at City were the salad days..
  7. pete

    Heise Departs

    Loan to Dresden only hasn't left the club as the OP may have indicated.
  8. pete


    Zimmermann now looking the weak link at the back handballs and penalties starting to abound.
  9. pete

    Louis Thompson recalled

    Real Deal? Based on which of his many performances, Leeds perhaps. Not many to pick from.
  10. What about missing first 5 minutes of a game a televised game would be best perhaps Liverpool that would send a message. I can't see a total boycott having any agreement with supporters especially as 22k season ticket holders . Will also send the Board a message. Cannot see getting anything from Liverpool going for an invincible season.
  11. pete

    Not unlucky. Not clever.

    Should we go down which looks the most likely scenario. Next season will be extremely difficult to replicate the success of 2018/9 to meet the aim of being a top 26 club. At least four of the current squad will be enticed away with the lure of more PL exposure. Webber will need to weave his magic to find replacements of the calibre of the free transfer, Spanish potential genius or youthful brilliance. There certainly doesn't seem to be similar assets in the current academy. There will need to be significant investment to rebuild the squad which also seems unlikely given the nature of the Board. I fear we shall struggle in the championship and failing to be that top 26 will see the Webberlution fall away until Delia finds the next genius prepared to work under these financial constraints. One day it will not happen.
  12. pete

    Going Down

    Get used to it we have some useful players who have proved they can do it at this level and will be off at the end of the season. It maybe 3,4 or 5 players but don't kid yourself not one of them will be going to a top six side. They will be off to Brighton, Palace or Southampton and the prices being paid will reflect the status of the buying club.
  13. pete


    Investment no chance. Farke has enough in the bank from last season. But 4 games in a row at home 1-0 up with a confident performance then a woeful second half with the defence under pressure and going deeper and deeper. Farke must take some responsibility. Being a top 26 club brings its own pressures and failure to reach top 26 will have repercussions. Takeover if likely would have been last summer a PL club worth more than Championship also ran.
  14. pete

    The Happy New Year Match Thread

    Delia will be pleased her plans come to fruition
  15. pete

    The Happy New Year Match Thread

    Watching this on BBC reminds me of some recent home games. Expect poor second half but hope for the best.