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  1. Left footed run up telegraphed where ball would go. Keeper only needs to see goals at Leeds and Sheff Wed to know which side he needed to favour. Mario first opportunity for long time to try free kick.
  2. score first City win, Bees score first 1-1
  3. Well that was hard work. Hope Cantwell fit for Wednesday, Onel very disappointing was hoping Skipp's acclaim mught do the trick. Was cacking for last 15 after Emi booked.
  4. Mcgovern only blatantly at fault for Luton's second goal, failed to clear setting up Hanley hand ball which was due to being pushed by cheating Luton player
  5. Just seen BBC Sport Brentford win to close gap, Swansea beat Bristol C. Oh Dear
  6. Around 55 mins Swansea get spawny pen and Bees equalise. City not playing go for walk expecting to see Bees and Swans close the gap. Well i'll be blowed Bristol C now on the up with Pearson. Bees get narrow win over cannon fodder. Can see the opposition falling away provided we can do the business tomorrow.
  7. Bees 0 shots on target. Toney playing. Hooper PL ref biggest joke perhaps not after today.
  8. Vrancic and McClean will play instead of Dowell and Rupp. Placheta will get the nod if Onel unfit.
  9. One player not mentioned as being out is Mumba and given Cantwell, Hernandez and Martin may be out. Mumba also not listed as inclusion in U23's. We will be short of attacking creativity with Placheta the only experienced option to support Buendia and Vrancic. Mumba may get a place on the bench to add some creativity, in his sole appearance to date created mayhem against Swansea on the left and provide cover for Max. Hope Onel is fit a dead leg seems to be injury easy to overcome with some manipulation over the next couple of days.
  10. Dead leg Tuesday, couldn't finish training on Friday, two days to go to relieve dead leg. Onel will want to play after Tuesdays performance also feel he will be playing.
  11. Saw that he played obviously Frank lying. Expect he will start Wednesday 3rd, hope Gibson back.
  12. Some ridiculous comments here: Lets sign Loftus Cheek if Fulham are relegated, unlikely as he is on loan from Chelsea. Mumba looked good, yes was outstanding for the entire 15 minutes he has played, not too much time to consider if good or not.
  13. Cardiff will be the kingmakers, good to have played them before they have turned the corner.
  14. Rich T posted Brentford and Swansea both have Bristol City, Brentford as there last game and Swansea next. This post makes no sense, can you be more precise
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