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  1. Did you not notice some out on their feet Saturday. Matthias and Kabak will not play and Pukki won't start.
  2. Agree with much said on here Mathias and Sorensen will give the defence the protection it desperately needs. Mathias will not play tonight in fact in Saturday's team will be only a couple of players from that team. Farke needs to find a way to find solution to clean sheets and eliminate errors before we can expect to seek victories, however not a trail Farke has followed in the PL. No sign of any experimentation to solve the defensive crisis, with Kabak on board must try 3 CB's but will he?
  3. Avoid the MOTD so called pundits and their critique of NCFC in the PL, we are bereft of quality we know that better than these so called experts. We try maybe not enough but this sniping is not going to improve confidence. Just watched 90 mins replay on Sky Sports commentators not kind with City performance, but Ekoku could not understand referee giving Watford free kick for a foul on Aarons and not giving penalty shortly afterwards. Not the first time the rookie ref made surprising decisions Hooper Mk 2 will not make a PL ref expect him to continue his education at Carrow.
  4. Watford for sure, not impressed with their physical approach and will struggle against most of the division. They will avoid last place which is ours.
  5. Farke will not be sacked any time soon, recently signed new 4 year contract. We just cannot afford to pay off Farke and his coaching staff.
  6. Expect to see plenty of him after all send him to Norwich for training and if you c0ck it up it will not really matter.
  7. Got my paper copy from Nhs in July thinking may be needed in future, not got smart phone so needed proof of vac. Was simple process to get was sent in 5 days
  8. If there were a firm which has never be confirmed personally. But West Ham must have expected this early 80's. In a West Ham game in 82 or 83 I was standing in the Barclay. This suited and booted slight youngster of around 18 standing just in front of me punched an older man for no apparent reason not knowing if he was a Norwich fan. A few West Ham fans were in the Barclay that day looking for bovver which they didn't find that day must have expected a firm. Only violence seen in any ground although some uncomfortable encounters with Pompey fans in 70's.
  9. Should anyone be interested 90 mins of highlights and lowlights of Arsenal v city on Sky Sports PL on 2.00 am Sunday.
  10. Remind me how many international games Todd has played in the last 10 days, that exerting U21 fixture maybe
  11. Normann must play, Kabak must be on the bench if we are to believe in the Farke project. Got 9 places to fill no Zimm, Gio, Mumba or Placheta or Sargent.
  12. Soccer six gone 1-1 hoping we might get result and nobody else will have this result. Need to keep it goalless for as long as poss, early goal will deflate any optimism.
  13. Sorry but not a chance of staying up, avoiding bottom place will be a bonus. Will not be enough goals scored to give any chance of survival. Sincerely hope I'm wrong.
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