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  1. I believe manager came from Forest Green. Will get generous pay off and probably get his oid job back, FGR struggling in Div 1.
  2. As Stevenage are looking a tean umder Steve Evans thought I'd give it a view. First half was typical League 2 fare, hoofball extreme by both sides. Second football broke out but only played by Stevenage. On 60 minutes Boro made 4 substitutions one of them was Saxon who went to LB. Saxon proceded to be very capable with the ball in disrtibution and effective going forward and he has strange method of putting in long throws. We can see young Saxon at Carrow Rd fairly soon provided the curse of the LB doesn't strike. Certainly the best Canary LB I've seen this season. May be seeing more of the Boro if the rail unions have their way
  3. Checked coach from Victoria Coach Stn a possibility ok for getting but the only rerturn coach leaves at 5.15. Just too tight for the timing. Just been to watch Stevenage might be regular if strikes on Saturdays.
  4. Thanks for the offer, but will respectfully decline
  5. Thanks fot your input. Sprowston Rd not poss I'm afraid. RMT only but always seems to stymie Greater Anglia Thameslink will probably run as usual. Branston this could really affect your boy a football match not of much concern. Still hope to be there somehow.
  6. Apolgies for the abrupt title of this post, but needs must. I waited for it to be announced no strikes on 3/9 Coventry game before buying. Rather stupidly purchased West Brom ticket for game 17/9 that day, strike announced later, however cancelled after death of our queen. Resisted buying ticket for Stoke on 8/10 until strikes announced for 1st and 6th October, but now they will be striking then. Therefore I am begging should any kind person be driving to the game that day from the Stevenage area have room for one more please message me via the Pink Un. Obviously contributing to travel expenses. Strikes may be called off but not holding my breathe. Thanks for reading hope someone can help.
  7. You cannot have been surprised Andrew O has struggled for fitness and is injured again. A seious injury that kept him out for many months is followed by a glut of games in the early season was too predictable. Webber has left us with three proper CB's after Zimmermann left, with the number of Championship games was a recipe for disaster.
  8. Sky Sports News reported this am Grant Hanley to be called up. Was expecting to see GH withdraws.
  9. EFL rules provide for 5 loanees see rule 56.
  10. Max has not seemed to improve in either defending or as attacking FB. Since his impressive first season. He is going to be a backup at a lower standard PL club. Who ever it is with he will be earning considerably more.
  11. Giggs prosecuted in Manchester why then not a guilty verdict. Not a hope in hell 12 jurors in Manc Land, if only one a Red then a not guilty.
  12. Thanks for the explanation, no cheating then. Why have we never had more than two. Need another defensive option with Oma's groin issue are you happy to see Gibson as our last hope in CB. I shan't comment in future re loan restrictions.
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