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    The Brexit Thread

    RTB failing again. Corbyn was talking to the members of the public who were in the audience. Every time Johnson talks to the public they remind him that he's a ****.
  2. It looks like they want to be Green and Yellow. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-50490700 Coldplay to pause touring until concerts are 'environmentally beneficial'

    President Trump

    Jim Jordan must be grateful to Prince Andrew otherwise he would've been presented with the worst perfomance of the week award.


    The Binners have not won their 'cup final' for the last 10 years.

    Will pukki be sold in January

    We've a history of working with teams in Finland. In the 80's we used to send players there to play as their season took place mainly in our summer. I also remember some of our school teams taking part in the Kokkola Cup each summer. I had the good fortune to spend some time in that area when the tournament was taking place, had a great time with some great people. Kippis!

    The Brexit Thread

    "Mice are not, as is commonly assumed on Earth, small white squeaking animals who spend a lot of time being experimented on. In fact, they are the protrusions into our dimension of hyper-intellegent pan-dimensional beings. These beings are in fact responsible for the creation of the Earth."

    The Brexit Thread

    Once again you've failed to understand the situation. They die because the bar springs closed and breaks their necks. Mice don't have the ability to rationalise on the cost of the cheese as they don't have a concept of money or bartering, even if they had to pay for the cheese they would still die when they sprung the trap. Mice die in mousetraps because they don't work out that if they spring the trap (possibly with a half a housebrick) first they could then eat the free cheese with fear of death. Studies show that in laboratory conditions with the access to half a housebrick mice can be trained to avoid death when faced with a loaded trap.

    The Brexit Thread

    I can't believe that Jools hasn't checked to see if Guido is telling the truth, is anyone that gullible?

    The Brexit Thread

    Do keep up. The second General Election was in 1806.

    The Brexit Thread

    Whatever happened to the truth? Why did we stop caring about it? Meanwhile Dominic Raab tweets another lie or he has the power to make it light at 06:30hrs, you can decide.

    The Brexit Thread

    Posted yesterday at 09:05 RTB's list of topics he knows very little about but likes to pretend he does gets bigger all the time. He must be like Johnson and addicted to lying.

    The Brexit Thread

    And the lie is that they are not getting Brexit done they are just moving it onto the next phase which will last at least 2 years.
  13. As someone who worked tirelessly for the clubs commercial department (we used to look forward to his visits with the lottery tickets, he made us smile from the moment he came in the shop to the time he left to cheer up some other shop workers day) Big Dunc would've loved this.

    The Brexit Thread

    So you are failing to read and comprehend at the same time, there's a pattern with the RWNJ's.