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    Was just coming on here to post about our Family Day yesterday, you beat me to it Tilly. We had well over 100 children with their families at the Nest yesterday and the sun was shining. The kids had access to the Nests challenge woods & activities in there, we had inflatables, penalty shoot out, face painting, cake stall, raffle, tombola and a children's entertainer who kept us all amused with his juggling & tricks. The ncfsc does what it says : brings fans together and raises money for the CSF and yesterday we did that in abundance. Our volunteers team & helpers and the CSF team worked tirelessly together, to make the afternoon such a success. We raised £1636:40 for the CSF , twice as much as we were aiming for, think everyone involved slept well last night. A great afternoon for the children, made us all so happy, one picture, attached, rest are all in the link Phew!
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    Fantastic effort by all involved, getting kids integrated and engaged with the club at such a young age bodes well for the future. It's also not mentioned enough what a brilliant and innovative idea the Social Club was; I've no idea how Diane dreamt it up but to do so and also pull it off is to her immense credit.
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    Thank you everyone for your kind messages, it means a lot ❤
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    OT, but what is the relationship between the LAFPA and the previous LFPA? Like a rugby league/rugby union thing where you each play to similar but differing rules, or did the LAFPA split a bit like the Premier League from the Football League? Or is it more informal and just involves “meet-ups” in shadowy car parks with chains and knuckle dusters to claim supremacy for the last accountant standing?
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    Could we not transfer some of the £350 million a week we were giving the NHS to social care.
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    The UK is the only country in north west Europe to suffer from declining exports since the Brexit vote in 2016, according to new research. The House of Commons Library analysis, using IMF data, shows that every neighbouring European country has increased its exports over the past five years except for the UK. The Commons data shows the UK saw a decline in exports of -5.5% over five years, putting it behind 13 neighbouring countries: Ireland (+48.1%), Finland (+18.8%), Sweden (+15.5%), the Netherlands (+15%), Denmark (+14%), Luxembourg (+13.6%), Austria (+11.1%), Germany (+9.5%), Switzerland (+7.5%), France (+6.7%), Belgium (+6.2%), Norway (+4.8%) and Iceland (+0.8%).
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    Hamster and Mind the Van were the same bloke, I think Hamster was his newer log on.
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    The last song the Stranglers recorded with Dave Greenfield. Psycho does a good job too, bet he enjoyed himself.
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    http://www.ncfsc.co.uk/family-fun-day-sunday-5th-september-2021/?fbclid=IwAR3trFAjdcddPCEDrLhQCuBpQ5Gg1bDYdXoVJK8lrFQjxhtTuVfRxnB6hE8 Over £1600 raised in one afternoon for the CSF. You must be on Cloud Nine @Diane , very well done.
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    We've been here before though haven't we? Borris Johnson's father, Stanley, 'fudged' the lockdown rules... To me, what is even more sad, is that this episode suggests that more may have gone on last summer/autumn than the club has let on in regards to his attitude. Clearly Buendia didn't care and was willing to put people and his club who pay his wages at risk of chastisement from footballing authorities, international authorities and domestic footballing authorities. Sure, he wasn't the only one, and the Argentinian football team including coaches etc all should be lambasted. Wouldn't surprise me if they were kicked out of the tournament... I think it could blow up to be that big a deal. If we get any benefit from it due to Villa dropping points etc, then I hope the Villa fans rightly blame him. The only issue for us is if he gets a ban of some sort, it means any add ons related to appearances - domestically or internationally, or goals etc may well be longer in the making.
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    £200 million divided by 640,000 shares =£312.50 per share. £25 per share was the price in the 2002 offer.
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    The word was that Villa paid the £33m up front to get the deal done early. That converts to around $46m at current conversion rates, so $8m less than Howard's $54m. That was enough to underwrite the first installment payments of the rest of our transactions with the PL payments yet to come.
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    Know what you mean, it is a pale shadow of what it was but the weekly recommendations has given me a lot of new stuff I wouldn't have heard.
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    We were certainly interested in Ajer, and sounded out a deal, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we preferred him to Kabak. After all the 11m pound fee we have agreed for the option of signing Kabak permanently is apparently more than we were willing to pay for Ajer.
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    Find a comfortable spot, close your eyes and listen (to the whole album ideally). Inspired by this, much more lofi:
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    Cracking day out still as the Indian fans are always brilliant. Shame to see the middle order let us down after such good work by the openers for once.
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    Happy to answer that as I was anyway on a Zoom call with the other members of the LAFPA, discussing the mark-up on the scampi portions in Yellows, and whether to confer our prestigious Club Destroyer award on Marcus Evans. There are (or were according to the last accounts) 616,913 A ordinary shares (the ones that give voting rights), with S&J having 327,109. That is 53 per cent, and although their holding has remained pretty constant that is well down (from memory) from more than 60 per cent at the peak. Foulger bought something like 80,000 new shares a few years back.
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    Injured which is a real pain! Needs to get a run of games & when fully fit I think he is a real asset to the team.
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    Yes, there was a chap in or from the Midlands who seemed pleasant and if it's the same person crusaded for people to keep patronising local independent shops. An admirable idea but probably a bit of a losing cause. I seem also to remember there was a poster called Hamster?
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    Was just going to add that. If the game is replayed, will it be during a non international break? Could prove a nightmare for Villa. If he's not even on the bench it will provide a bit of tension.
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    Well done Diane, and all her team. What a great result. You all deserve a massive pat on the back.
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    Boom! Very, VERY well done Cosmic! What a (set of) result(s).
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    The goalie saved three penalties but played poorly because he failed to score.
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    I've had a couple that spring to mine, the first being a dog that had escaped from a nearby house garden and was on the pitch chasing the ball but nobody could catch the damn thing. I've no idea how long the match got delayed, probably around 20 minutes. The dog also punctured the match-ball. In the end the owner had heard all the commotion, come out to see what was going on then rather embarrassingly realised it was his dog! All players were unharmed though, a lovely dog but thought everyone was playing a game of chase. The second is a rather Norfolk affair, a cup game for a Sunday league got postponed as they started harvesting the field that backed on to two sides of the pitch about 10 minutes into the game. Cue a blizzard of straw and a fair few players, including myself, flaring up some incredible hayfever. Oh Sunday league, you never disappoint!
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    That's still updated too. A few pages got lost when we updated the sites earlier this year. I'll get them put back on.
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    Apparently his transfer papers not signed properly - has to go back to Norwich !
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    When have footballers ever played within the rules that the rest of us have to abide by.
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    @Nuff Said utilise the report button. I have no idea what Ted Lasso is about, could well be factually correct visual representation. I guess it is not... but at the risk it is, I'm not googling it on my.work laptop.
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    Good job there's no evidence of him being in the UK in the last 14days...
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    Well done Cosmic. Sisters are doing it for themselves
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    For once I am not blaming anyone but everyone with Social Care. Ever since Thatcher, Governments have been happy to deny there is a looming crisis. The number crunchers must have been aware of what was coming and must have told ministers. But successive Governments have been content to ignore the problem and merely pass it between departments and changing legislation. There has been no real change. For instance, the hotel where one of my sons had his wedding reception is now a care home and the charge is close to £1000 a week. You could put all the residents on a cruise ship for less than that a week. Or maybe pay a relative £600 a week to have them at home. All benefits need a rethink. For instance, why does the state pay £400 a month in rent allowance, which is probably paying the vendor's mortgage, when they could be contributing that to a mortgage for young couples.
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    There are lots of things we can do about this Brexit, but all start with a new non-Tory government. Freedom of Movement Customs Union Single Market Common Currency European Army Reciprocal education Portable pensions Irish re-unification All independent ideas that could be debated on their merits and we could choose to adopt any one or all of them.
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    I think he's improved a lot in the last year or so. The issue with Ireland is he gets very little service. In the Portuguese game Connolly got in behind and could have squared it to Idah for a tap in but Connolly took a heavy touch as usual and shot at the keeper. Idah has been our best player in the window so far. And I'm not wearing green tinted glasses- almost everyone else was dire against Azerbaijan.
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    To be fair to the Boomers they just demonstrate understandable self interest. The real issue is when this is translated into a belief they got what they have entirely through their own endeavours as opposed to the luck they had being born in a particular epoch. The answer is simple if you can look passed that. A National Care Service funded by higher capital gains and inheritance taxes combined with the merger of NI into Income Tax.
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    Norwich has always been a team reliant upon the sum of it's parts rather than any individual, this has been more the case under Farke than some of the previous managers. I'll say it again too, Hoolahan. Hoolahan did it in the Premier League at 29. Huckerby had buckets more pace and arguably far more end product. Eadie was also quality and were it not for injury would have made the England team. There have been other players deliver as good for longer than Buendia. Whilst it is important not to understate, it is equally important not to overstate. From my perspective, there has been far more overstating of his ability, much to the detriment of other players, past and present - which irks. More important than Pukki's record goal tally? Win rates are a joke. Sorry. They are. No one's win rate was good in the prem. And that's the biggest test of them all. The biggest praise we can give him is that last season, we fought to keep him and he played even better and got us back to the premier league. He's a good player, that's why he cost Villa £33m raising to £38m (PinkUn). He is no Maddison though - he has a way to go before he can prove he can deliver that type of level consistently in the premier league.
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