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  1. Almost surely be an option as well.
  2. Wagner's tactics do not use wingers as the FBs provide the width. How many crosses do Rowe and Sainz put in? Hernandez is the only true winger and even he is adapting his play to Wagner's system. The wide players cut in to provide room for the FBs to overlap and either cross or reverse pass to the wide player as he cuts in. Fassnacht is good in that role, but most of his goals come from his clever positional play when the ball is coming in from the opposite flank. He got in a good curling shot in that way early in the Coventry game. The suggestion made earlier about trying him in a Stiepermann role is an interesting one though, and I wonder whether Wagner may have considered it.
  3. I'm increasingly confident about our chances of reaching the playoffs given our form over the last 15 matches. As Connor Southwell says in his 6 points: "Since their 3-2 victory over Cardiff at the beginning of November, Norwich City have taken 27 points from 15 matches. If the Championship table started on that date, that would put the Canaries in fifth place – ahead of Ipswich and below only Coventry, Leeds, Leicester and Southampton. It is quite literally play-off form." Given our easier run in, the chances look good.
  4. Ipswich only have 14 points from the same 10 games and only 8 points from their last 8 games.
  5. We've now taken 18 points from our last 10 games, which included Ipswich(a), West Brom(h&a), Southampton(h), Hull(a), Leeds(a) and Coventry(h). That's 7 out of 10 games against teams above us and we still managed 1.8 points per game. Sargent has played in the last 4 of those and we won 3 of the 4, with the one exception being Leeds away.Sargent has scored 6 goals in 8 starts and 2 sub appearances. Where would we be now if we had him and Sainz all season? The key question now is what van Hooijdonk can add as well for the rest of the season. Sydney is actually two weeks older than Josh, so it could be quite a battle for game time.
  6. The uniform pictured above is that of Bordeaux, the club our Hwang left to go to Forest. I'm pretty sure the BBC commentary will point out that our Hwang is on loan to us from Forest. 😉
  7. Think the answer is that he can do both.
  8. Excellent again and it's particularly useful to compare all the games played rather than a single game on its own. Brilliant
  9. Mark Attanasio is a businessman and, as such, wants his investment to increase in value over the long term. Unlike other foreign owners, however, he seems to have a vision of where he wants the club to go. An advocate of the Moneyball approach, where recruitment focuses on undervalued players who represent good value rather than high priced players, he could well have had a hand in this window's transfers. The only fee paid was £1.7m on Fassnacht while we sold Mumba, Aarons, Rashica and Omobamidele for fees that could rise to £37.5m. To balance the older players recruited we brought in 7 young players with considerable potential. Kellen Fisher has already broken into the first team and others could do the same as the season goes on. That's moneyball at its best.
  10. I can see that, but we also have Barnes and Hwang up front and 2 other goalscorers in Rowe and Fassnacht and we have yet to see what Sainz and Hwang can bring. As for Sara, it's a drop down to Núñez who has similar skills, but the advantage of Wagner's tactics is that we don't depend on any one player, as the tactics can be tweaked to adjust to player changes. We need more games to see how this will play out over the season as a whole, but at least we shouldn't need players to be played out of position to cover for injuries.
  11. Well we're about to find out about Sargent, but a while ago everyone was asking how we will get on without Pukki and where would the goals come from? Rowe has 4 plus 1 in the cup and Barnes, Idah and Fassnacht all have 2 each and hopefully Hwang will settle in quickly. Sara would be hard to replace but we have added Forshaw (a DM!) as an alternative to McLean and we have considerable depth in midfield now with Manning and Lima in the U21s. As a bonus, Adegboyega has first team experience in Ireland and can also play as a DM.
  12. I agree. It seems to me that we've finally found a means to make the self financing club model work. 11 senior players coming in to replace 8 leaving. Fassnacht, Sainz and Hwang are the only ones new to the English leagues and we've also recruited 8 young players. Of these, Fisher has already moved into the first team squad as backup RB and Adegboyega, Lima, Reyes, Manning, Montóia and Ogwuru look to have the potential to do the same and Forsyth has gone out on loan to gain first team experience. That creates an additional level of depth below the first team in case of injuries. That seems to prioritise present and future potential simultaneously.
  13. Which is not a first, as Kevin Keelan was born in Calcutta.
  14. According to the Pink'Un's final summary as the transfer window closed last night, the first team balance sheet looks like this:IN: total spend £1.7M (Fassnacht)OUT: total £37.5NET: £35.8MSo, as far as fees are concerned, we've spent more on youth and under 21 players than on the first team squad. Wages, of course, are a different story.
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