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  1. It's a good result for us with Leeds now having 3 points and Newcastle 2. A win tomorrow would put us right back into the mix.
  2. For me, the performance is the key, but after the tough start we've had we need a result as well. We deserved a draw against Leicester but didn't get it. After 5 games (including the cup) and a full week of training, our new players should be settling in now. A win could turn around our season. OTBC!
  3. I agree that "positive results are needed now", but that doesn't have to mean all out attack. Watford will be the first time where we will be at least even favourites for a result so we need to stay disciplined and choose the best chances. Watford have lost their last 3 matches, including a 2-0 loss at home to Wolves on Saturday. Our new players are beginning to gel now and we'll have Sargent back and Normann and Kabak as options as well. This isn't the time to chop and change formations. We need to build on the experience of the first four games and give the players a chance to make it work. The 3 midfielders will still have defensive responsibilities, but they should also be able to get forward more to support the attack when the time is right. DF has a virtually full squad to choose from so he'll have a very strong bench as well.
  4. I take your point, but McLean, Normann and Lees-Melou are all big, physical players. I look forward to all 3 playing against the likes of Burnley or West Ham.
  5. Rupp is a solid, reliable player on both sides of the ball, but will be behind Normann, Lees-Melou, McLean and Gilmour in selection. Had Normann had more time in training and proved his fitness, he would have started at the Emirates. Gilmour didn't play because DF thought he had too many minutes with Scotland. In future, they will both be ahead of Rupp.
  6. The 4-3-3 formation has made us far more solid in midfield and also helped us play the ball out of defence more effectively. Our recruitment of Gilmour, Normann and Lees-Melou adds to that. The last two, like McLean and Rupp, can also play as a CAM when we have possession and then drop back when the ball is lost. IMO, this is a better balance than either a 4-2-3-1 or a 3-4-2-1. Against Watford it will allow us to deal with Sarr and their other attacking players more effectively while also creating an effective threat with the ball. We forced Arsenal into a lot of low percentage shots and blocked about a third of those, while managing 10 shots ourselves, with at least 3 of those being very decent chances. We should be able to at least double both those against Watford and contain their threat more effectively as well at CR.
  7. This was Arsenal away and they beat us by a fluky two deflection goal that was questionable offside. There was much to praise in that performance as the commentators kept saying. We were in the match all the way and the midfield 3 were at the heart of that with Lees-Melou and McLean scoring 7.0 and 6.9 on WhoScored. Hanley and Omobamidele formed a good partnership and Williams had his best game yet. Had Normann been available instead of Rupp we could have had a result from that. Watford lost 2-0 at home to Wolves and the others at the bottom also lost and they'll all have to play these 4 top teams (Southampton travel up to ManCity next week). A win against Watford at CR and we're right back in the mix.
  8. Well Max thinks we can win! https://www.justarsenal.com/max-aarons-believes-norwich-can-get-all-3-points-at-arsenal/290945 Go for it boys! OTBC!
  9. Yes, a great story and it speaks well for his character as well. Having started professional football late he is still developing and hopefully will push on further under City's coaching. The high praise heaped on him by former teammate Saint-Maximin, who signed for Newcastle for £18m, is a further indication of his potential.
  10. My feeling at this stage is that we will stay up, but it's by no means certain. We've strengthened every position except perhaps WR, although we need to remember that Buendia's greatest years were in the Championship. His goals and assists dried up considerably in the PL just as Pukki's goals dropped from 29 to 11 in the PL whereas the new players have all achieved at the top level in various countries. That has to translate into PL achievement and I think it will, though we won't really know until the mid point around Christmas when we've played all of the other teams.
  11. Normann didn't play in Norway's third game, so could start at Arsenal. Tzolis came on as a sub last night for Greece and provided the assist for the winning goal, so should at least be in the bench for us as should Sargent and Kabak.
  12. The changes this window are more of an evolution than an abrupt change. Rashica was the first indication of an increased emphasis on counter-attacking with pace. Sargent and Tzolis have added to that. In midfield, Gilmour and Lees-Melou are another shift, moving away from the double pivot of Skipp and McLean which thrived in the Championship but could be overrun in the PL. The 3 man midfield allows a wider screen in front of the defence but other options to support our own attack as well. It's interesting that Spurs have now switched to a 3 man midfield as well, with Skipp at the heart of it. McLean, Lees-Melou, Rupp and now Normann can also play at CAM which helps to bridge the gap from midfield to the attacking players while still being able to cover for FBs going forward. The 3-3 balance of midfielders and attacking players should make us stronger overall and harder to predict in attack, hopefully with more goals from midfield as well. With the possible exception of WR (when Sargent isn't playing there), every position has been strengthened for this season and the way we play has been strengthened as well. We'll be less predictable in attack while also being stronger in defence than we were in the PL two years ago.
  13. The word was that Villa paid the £33m up front to get the deal done early. That converts to around $46m at current conversion rates, so $8m less than Howard's $54m. That was enough to underwrite the first installment payments of the rest of our transactions with the PL payments yet to come.
  14. Our recruitment has become far more sophisticated than when Brellier ('the Judge') was signed. Still there was the 'Amadou' window which SW now admits that he 'went down the list too quickly'. Amadou had his moments, but then left in January and Byram was the only other positive from that window. Rashica, Gilmour and Lees-Melou have looked promising so far and Sargent and Tzolis both looked excellent in the cup game so we'll have to wait and see how Normann fits in over coming games, Watford in particular.
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