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  1. Eleven team changes, 5 of them making their City debut and people want to draw conclusions from that? Roberts hit the woodwork, Amadou looked comfortable in two positions, Idah got a full 90 minutes on his debut and both Byram and Heise did well enough in their first starts and the latter showed he can also play WL if need be. I'll wait to see them coming into a settled team before drawing any conclusions.
  2. Might Zimbo and Klose get game time in the cup next week?
  3. Agree with that, except the vision was created by SW and then he went out and found a Head Coach who could realise it. SW said it would take two seasons and it did. Together they then set about identifying the players via the most professional scouting system we've ever had. Their relationship and the freedom it has allowed for DF to concentrate on developing the players individually and as a team is also a key. Then there's the relationship with the fans which is the best I can remember in 47 years of following City. No wonder he's happy here!
  4. This is our advantage. A settled starting lineup from last season means we can carry on with the instinctive passing that allows us to move quickly through the thirds. Newcastle couldn't cope with that. Chelsea will be better, especially Kante, but we should get our share of chances and hopefully take them.
  5. It's also good to know that he wouldn't swap his job at City for any other club in the world: https://www.pinkun.com/norwich-city/farke-norwich-barcelona-milan-bayern-munich-1-6228277 The feeling is mutual Daniel!
  6. For me it isn't just about a player's performances. Zimbo's attributes and playing style suit Farkeball much better than Hanley's, which is why DF will want him back in asap. Not Hanley's fault, especially as he's worked hard to adapt his game to Farkeball, but Zimbo is the better fit and will strengthen us when he returns.
  7. Like others, I think Amadou will get his chance in the cup game along with McLean, Vrančić, Tettey (sharing match time with Amadou), Roberts, Srbeny, Idah, Byram and Heise. Aarons broke into the first team after a good performance in the first cup game and took over from Pinto after that. It's a chance to stake a claim.
  8. I'd like to see some balance when discussing players' performances. Hanley did a great job on Joelinton, a £40m striker, time and time again. Dave Freezer picked out an instance where his positioning prevented Joelinton from turning with the ball and it became evident how frustrated Joelinton became as the match went on until he was subbed. With Shelvey, cramp was a factor but credit Shelvey for a good move. It was strange, given our CB situation, that Amadou wasn't on the bench as an option. What if one of our CBs had been injured or sent off?
  9. This will be a cracking game. We will test them but they will also test us with the quality they have. If we start like we did against Newcastle and get the first goal our chances are good but I'm still leaning to a 2-2 draw.
  10. The Telegraph's take on Pukki is well worth a read: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2019/08/19/analysing-norwich-city-star-teemu-pukki/
  11. As others have said, they're difficult to compare. Sutton played with two orthodox wingers and used his height to advantage, but he was also great at creating space and time on the ball to shoot or create chances for others. Pukki is all about movement and clever positioning, or running on to through balls to beat the keeper. That suits our present style of play and players, so now, I'd have to say Pukki. As for value, Sutton came up through the youth team and reserves, so also cost the club nothing, but was later sold for £5m, a record amount back then.
  12. Here's another positive look at our performance at Anfield: https://www.footballwhispers.com/blog/norwich-city-three-amigos?utm_medium=affiliates&utm_source=news-now Fabinho & co looked good when attacking but there defensive contributions were less admirable.
  13. Yes, my prediction was based on Klose being fit, but if he isn't it has to be Hanley again. With a decent pre-season run of games he should do ok if either Amadou or Trybull can provide support.
  14. Good discussion, but I'd go for Smooth's line-up: Krul Aarons, Godfrey, klose, Lewis Leitner, Amadou Buendia, Cantwell, Hernandez Pukki I can see the argument for not changing, but I think DF may be influenced by the players who came on so positively at Anfield (Leitner and Hernandez). Newcastle tend to attack from the flanks and Hernandez's ability to track back is better than Cantwell's. Andalou would be well suited to screen the defence from Newcastle's dual striker threat and we need him up and going before Chelsea, West Ham and Man City. I trust DF to make the right choice though, so if he goes for Marco and SuperTom, then so be it.
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