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  1. Argentina to beat Honduras for me please. BTTS Barnsley/Charlton. Good luck Nutty!
  2. Right, if all the squads are numbered 1-26 (and we may not know that for a while) and lots of number 26s get a game, then the first number 26 to play wins. Thanks for raising WWIAFTM.
  3. Yes, first decision overturned by VAR. As to the shirt numbers, I dont think all the squads were numbered 1-26 last time so I assumed it would be the same this time. I'll keep an eye on it nearer the time when the squads are announced and if it doesn't work, we'll think of something else.
  4. There were two errors in the documentation that had been circulated, so before Resolution 3 could be voted on, another vote was held to accept the edit. 'Reused' should have read 'refused', and the Equity values should be Preference A shares £9765 instead of £9675 and preference B shares £14052 instead of £14000. These edits were carried by votes in the room.
  5. Sturm Graz v SC Austria Lustrinau home win. For City's game, an unexpected 1-1 draw. Good luck everyone.
  6. Do you think we should give the PUPs a miss this week as a mark of respect?
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