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  1. Morning all. Porto to beat Moriense. For City's game 2-2. Good luck Graham and Drinks!
  2. On holiday with dodgy internet so not too much time to scrutinise. PSG to beat Clermont. For City’s game I’ll go 1-1. Good luck to ‘the pack’.
  3. Spain to beat Georgia for me please. Good luck CT. Girl power!!!
  4. Oh thank god. I was really concerned for your well-being.
  5. So quiet on here you could hear a cricket fart in China.
  6. Morning PUPs. Sparta Prague to beat Ceske Budejovic for me please. For City's game Maddison to score at any time. Good luck Wazzy and Pockthorpe.
  7. You could at least wait until Christmas before declaring yourself the winner.
  8. I’ve just remembered that @TIL 1010 and I pledged that whoever finished lower out if the two of us would have to cough up £20. And btw that’s at the end of the season not when you’re 0.01 points ahead after the first game….
  9. Greetings PUPs. Bayern Munich to beat Koln please. For City's game more than 4.5 goals. Good luck Duncan and Mr Angry. OTBC
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