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  1. Bayern Munich to bear FC Koln please. For City’s game 2-1 to us Pukki scoring. Good luck both.
  2. Gent to beat the intriguingly Ned Yellow Red Mechelem for me please. For City’s game >3.5 goals. Good luck all!
  3. Kathy

    Sticker book!

    I'm far from a kid but I'm going to do it!
  4. Post match in the Nelson will now be swapsie day!
  5. I bet he got a warm reception from the Woodbridge faithful.
  6. Just realised I haven’t done it this week. My bad. Sorry folks. For completeness I’ll do Sligo to beat UCD rather than the obvious European ties.
  7. Kathy

    Just park.com

    When we were in the prem last time round we used it for Leicester. When we got there the owner came out, enquired whether or not we wanted to come in and use his loo, made us a cup of tea and gave us a lift to the pub as he thought the directions were very hard to follow! Talk about beyond the call of duty. All for £4.50.
  8. Red Bull Salzburg to win away at WSG Wattens please. For City's game Buendia to score. He's due one Good luck all.
  9. Kathy

    Just park.com

    Use this for just about every away match. Recommend.
  10. Italy for me please. Inter to beat Lecce for me please. For City's game 2-2/Pukki at any time. Good luck both. ZLF hope you bring your Canary Challenge form into this!
  11. Kathy

    Ratings v Newcastle

    Pukki didn't just score those goals. He was chasing back, harrying, winning the ball back. He was immense. I'd give hima 10.
  12. Kathy

    That Idiot Streaker.

    £50 isnt a lot if he then lets his Man U supporting friend use it then his Chelsea friend and so on and so on. If they all chip in it's relatively cheap. I'd indirectly heard reports of people doing this as soon as the scheme was announced. Of course he's blown it now but there are almost certainly others who've done the same.
  13. Off to Germany for my selection. Stuttgart to beat St.Pauli please. For City's game Emi to open his premier league account. Good luck both.