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  1. Blankets??? Sheeer luxury. No such perks in the south stand. Shame there’s not a socket under your seat. https://www.argos.co.uk/product/9562745?istCompanyId=a74d8886-5df9-4baa-b776-166b3bf9111c&istFeedId=c290d9a9-b5d6-423c-841d-2a559621874c&istItemId=rxaalxqar&istBid=t&&cmpid=GS001&_$ja=tsid:59157|acid:598-923-9094|cid:20435245132|agid:|tid:|crid:|nw:x|rnd:12464886577899000667|dvc:m|adp:|mt:|loc:9045091&utm_source=Google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=20435245132&utm_term=9562745&utm_content=shopping&utm_custom1=&utm_custom2=598-923-9094&GPDP=true&gad_source=1&gbraid=0AAAAAD9II9kzE1fW9xVuv-5V4F_X1Ko9p&gclid=CjwKCAiAvdCrBhBREiwAX6-6UqXKzZJfmVBkGviV1VEy7Z12hskGH1vafknV69cfKp_4y5BeSS_bvxoCJvUQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  2. You blamed the chairman of the Trust for the vegan pies thing. From where I was sitting, I couldnt see who asked it, but I'm pretty sure it was nothing to do with us. One of the women's team questions was asked by the Trust Women in Football officer. She would be the first to admit that she is not that clued up on share issues, so I think that was perfectly reasonable.
  3. This is very disingenuous of you. As a member, you will have had sight of communications which show that the Trust has been very much at the forefront of letting the club know of the disenchantment at how things are at the moment. The statement that was issued was the first one in five years which gives you an indication of how seriously we see the situation.
  4. The FA Trophy for me please. Chesterfield to beat Southport. Despite three wins in four I'm still not very convinced by City at the moment so I'm going to say 0-0. Hope I'm wrong. Good luck Indy and Kev.
  5. Well I’m sorry but I’m taking credit for the second set. Not only did I point you in the direction of the clincher, I dramatised the whole thing beautifully by timing it so we had the excitement and anticipation all of Sunday evening and all of Monday, only to explode in a nerve tingling climax right at the end of the PUP weekend live on terrestrial TV. Don’t get too comfortable up there in second place btw.
  6. My phone is broken after this weekend's running commentary.
  7. Well done @Til1010. You successfully negotiated a veritable maelstrom of meteorological hurdles, the like of which no PUP has ever had to deal with before. It's going to be a long week.
  8. The officials, after checking that it wasn't one of @Til1010 's picks, have now called off Alfreton v Walsall just in case any late pickers were thinking of choosing it.
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