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  1. Confession time. I picked up just over £33 on Wednesday evening by betting on Brentford, Swansea and Watford. With my recent PUPs form I thought I’d jinx them.
  2. I'm early this week! I'm off to Croatia. Dynamo Zagreb to beat Slaven Belupo Sunday (I hope!) for me please. For City's game I think Mario will silence his critics with a goal. Good luck Mandie and Wacky.
  3. It’s getting a bit like NCFC v ITFC. There comes a point when you start to feel sorry for your opponent. Seriously though, I think this shows how much difference a home crowd makes. It’s hardly an advantage playing in your own ground these days. This was clearly illustrated at the last test match. I know the dodgy pitch was a factor, but having a crowd in the stadium had a huge effect on the home side. The Indians were like a different team.
  4. It's great to see so many women on the sports channels these days.
  5. Seems like I missed this. I'll do a quid for the points difference between City and Lambert's potatoes.
  6. Morning all. Rangers to beat Dundee Utd for me please. For City's game I'd back Giannoulis to score. He looks like he's always willing to have a go and sooner or later one will go in. The odds should be quite good. Good luck Diesel and LDC.
  7. Not sure that’s a particularly wise choice Nutty the way things are going this season, but yes I can do it!
  8. If anyone is interested I wrote this (no laughing at the photo). https://norwichcity.myfootballwriter.com/2021/02/17/come-on-without-come-on-within-youve-not-seen-nothing-like-john-manning/
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