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  1. One thing we can look to celebrate is 5 second tier titles in 50 years. Only Sunderland can match it. Besides them only Newcastle and Wolves with 3 each have managed more than 2.
  2. Even more ridiculous that Rangers players indulged them. Then again anyone who refers to 'morons' should also ask which Morons allowed football fans in grounds in December but are not prepared to now when the Covid rate is much lower and decreasing. If our leaders do not lead by example and logically, what can be expected from the rest of the population?
  3. In making a donation I took the view that away games may be out next season or that I may prefer to avoid our tax on loyalty away members scheme.
  4. Great to see whatever contributions people feel they can afford to make at these challenging times The £300 does however come with a pledge to be able to watch some games though now predominantly deferred to next season. Could give some football watching opportunities to NCFC fans who may still face restrictions even next season and KL have said they need £100,000 this season.
  5. Pilot events can take place from 12 April which would count in the last three home games. That said no idea what the purpose and outcome of the pilots was the first time round but I guess we will be at the forefront if it offers any opportunities. The smaller clubs such as Kings Lynn, Dereham etc. should come first. In that sense grassroots football on 29 March with no crowds paying or otherwise doesn't make sense. Then again what should we expect from an Old Etonian? .
  6. This sounds more like the subtle way that it would be appropriate for NCFC to contribute. Given that some nonleague clubs were selling virtual tickets for their cup games why don't Lynn follow the same logic applied to a part season ticket for their remaining league games? It may end up being simply a donation but as their fixtures continue to the end of May some attendance opportunities may be possible.
  7. Perhaps Thirsty Lizard is too busy working on a government Test and Trace contract?
  8. The good thing about Webber is he has built for the future and has largely gone about his job in a modest way. The most relevant of his current comments are those about Kings Lynn FC. The survival of smaller clubs is far more important than whether Norwich have had to sell an extra player to compensate for Covid19 or the difficulties of 2 professionals balancing their family lives.
  9. It is distinctly likely that the domestic situation maybe better in Spring and Summer but not sufficiently so to facilitate the Euros. That would be a good argument for delaying the season now. No problem with Leagues 1 and 2 anyway. Other questions could be asked like are the playoffs really necessary?
  10. I think that the numbers trading in their season tickets were comparatively small so clearly the Club takes a cash flow hit next season. Logically nobody could be obliged to pay more though they could smooth the gap if desired by encouraging supporters to start paying early for 2022/23 by say shedding DDs for that season over 2 years.
  11. The first question appears to be how does the Club deal with the loss of a years worth of season ticket money of probably up to £15 million including commercial. I suspect that maybe they will sell one extra player over and above what they would have done if not for Covid? How would we ever know? My understanding is that season tickets can be transferred to other family members or friends when the owner is alive so - leaving aside the 1,000 shares shareholder issue - it would also seem quite reasonable to be able to beqeath one. Given that a payment has been made for a specific service not received I would have thought the Estate should otherwise claim a refund assuming that is desired by the inheritor. I think at some point in the not too distant past the Club changed its policy to facilitate sharing or transfer of season tickets. Other clubs maybe operating to different rules. Best way forward is to clarify with the Club.
  12. Why is the Government continually reliant on Marcus Rushford for jobs it should be doing itself? Equally if the Government wants to focus on bad public behaviour, how about the Tottenham and West Ham players Christmas parties?
  13. That reflects the extent to which the Conservative and Unionist Party has failed in its commitment to the principles of Union.
  14. Have we raised enough to pay Drmic's salary?
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