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  1. I am struggling to follow. If they are all genuinely in Groups 1 and 2 they can't be new unless something else is going on. Equally I can assure that there are other regular attendees in the past who have joined me in voting with our feet on the away members scheme.
  2. Sounds a good idea to me. And refund all away members fees. No benefit to me as I haven't paid though should role it back to 201920 too. A garbage scheme which no one ever supported.
  3. I guess Steve Stone was the rule setter. He invested too. That is a bit like the referee wearing the shirt of one of the teams.
  4. Perhaps some of the Clubs more modestly paid employees would have liked to have invested but needed a little more time to get the money together which may also have been true of many fans. Yet 2 of the Clubs most highly paid employees who had all the advantages of greater access to how it was going put themselves in the frame. Very Johnsonian of them plus some board members likewise.
  5. I recall a post at the start of the game that suggested we were well set up for a 0-0 draw. Maybe if we had opted to take 3,000 fans it would have happened?
  6. Hopefully lining up that next job he has been mentioning and hopefully we will help him on his way rapidly. To be fair he has had one brilliant rebel idea, to bring mid table Bundesliga football to the Championship. Bring in Hodgson as part time mentor to Farke and Adams and/or to recommend a different solution.
  7. I have changed my mind. Thanks to the Club for protecting my mental health by denying me a ticket to todays game.
  8. Absolutely. They are clearly all loyal Norwich fans being in Groups 1, 2 and 3 aside from match picks and the latter fully deserve their reward to if their choice was Chelsea.
  9. Further to my previous response, a fan with no connection to myself asked at one of the away consultation sessions why more fans weren't given the opportunity in respect of the bond scheme. The Business and Projects officer responded though I don't believe she mentioned at the outset that she and her husband had invested as I later discovered from the Board at Colney. Perhaps best practice Corporate Governance would have demanded such an upfront declaration?
  10. A very nice gesture on your part to ask about the welfare of a fellow member though I must be careful not to deploy the lowest form of wit. I thought you and I shared a commitment to help other members in their enquiries and I was duly obliging with Commonsense who in fairness has generally lived up to his name though he maybe demonstrating some hostility to me having been unduly influenced by others.
  11. What is the question? The Club initially spent £5 million on the Colney project. According to a recent statement from its Business and Projects Executive it is now going to spend a further unspecified amount. As fans we have to rely on their business judgement and explanations on this matter given its specialist football nature. What is undeniably true is that the near £2 million interest award including a 25% promotion bonus to finance the first £5million tranche is a truly excessive cost of capital. Even if this argument is not accepted, a little creativity on the Clubs part could have resulted in the largesse being spread much more widely across its expansive supporter base.
  12. Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit. If it offends people so much I would be happy to agree to stay away myself as part of such a deal which would have been a great football community gesture in the context of the pandemic. How would its popularity and finances compare with the shirt sponsorship issue? Not that I believe the decision in the latter was wrong - in my view it wasn't but how do the fan engagement networks demonstrate democracy?
  13. Farke has the excuse today that he needs his 12th man - the crowd and the Club has decreed that the Norwich support is less than it could have been.
  14. Thought for the day. If Norwich City paid the £30 admission fee for every away fan at every away game this season at the maximum allotted allocation the cost of about £1.6 million would be about the same as the interest paid to bondholders when in the Premier League last time, in that season there are were 740 bondholders including Board and Executive members and 8,000 away members.
  15. Take this quote from last Saturday's Matchday Programme: 'NCFC have an enviable structure in place that has made us competitive in the right way, by laughing in the face of the outrageously unbalanced Premier League and getting us a seat at the top table again and again. We are punching ludicrously above our financial weight.' All very true and very admirable. The problem is that we then perpetually witness a pantomime involving Delia, Scrooge and occasionally Father Christmas in which the rest of the Premier League laughs back at us. If we cut out the latter and perhaps make some minor efforts to increase our financial weight we may be able to project our views better.
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