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  1. That seems about right. It is all very well the hierarchy proposing top 17 when we have achieved that only twice in 28 years. Even if we became Brighton mark 2 the novelty would wear off as cup wins etc are very unlikely to happen these days even for Clubs of their stature.
  2. Well done! We weren't looking for gold plate though just consistently moderately hot water would have sufficed.
  3. Especially when you get your Mrs. Into a senior position too. The danger is you may think you can walk on water or climb mountains.
  4. If she has a pie sample in the tray, it could be best to deal with that first.
  5. It could be in Zoe's pending tray for a while. Perhaps follow up at this year's AGM.
  6. I will post a thread shortly breaking down how the £96 million has occurred over each of the last 5 years. You can reach your own conclusion about the likely outcome for year 6.
  7. If I had told you last night it would be raining today you would have asked me to prove it. A Forecast based on best known information is exactly that. Even Michael Fish got it wrong once, there are many times he got it right though. If going out today remember to take your Brolly.
  8. No wonder the country is in such a mess. I heard of a case the other day of an ED of a Football Club who wanted to ask the question about whether a £1 discount on a coach fare to a match for season ticket holders was fair whilst being totally oblivious to the fact that such people attending all away games will be paying the same £1 back again in Away Members charges. She is sitting in a meeting at the end of a working day with volunteers discussing this point whilst at the same time proposing increases in season ticket prices to 20,000 fans that will contribute less than half of her near £500,000 salary. You couldn't make it up could you. Not even the Monster Raving Loony Party would have thought of it. We can't tell the difference between them and the Tories to be fair. They would all be better off spending precious time at home with their families. The Nation's mental health would be far better in that event.
  9. They won't find £96 million to repay the loans in full without refinancing them short of winning the Euro Millions lottery or selling all the players worth anything.
  10. All that stuff from Shef was very confusing because the loans will simply be refinanced. I think the best we will do on what is known currently is pay off £20 million of the £96 million unless there are more high profile player sales before 30 June.
  11. What will be paid off by the summer? This year's total income won't cover the £96 million debt let alone when this year's running costs are added
  12. Indeed. Delighted you agree. The only word for it is 'pathetic'.
  13. Maybe they didn't think of it which would be all the more worrying.
  14. Just some more leaches that the fans have to pay for whilst the Club comes up with the basket solution of the party who has put in far less money retaining control which is probably why the EFL have filed it at the bottom of the basket. Not to mention the fans minority 20% that has no representation.
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