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  1. Hmm. Then again I didn't think they would conjure up a way to charge membership fees to season ticket holders until the away members scheme.
  2. A great read from both NN and TvB. The interesting points 10 plus years on are : 1. This was the precursor to 3 years of amazing success and the rebuilding of the football club over the last 11 years. 2. The way the relationships between Bowkett, Lambert and McNally turned out. 3. That whilst the role of Club Chairman appeared to be important then, it doesn't come across in that way now. If we had a beauty contest between 1957, 1996 and 2009 what comes out on top?
  3. Thanks TIL for the informative response. Perhaps it is an issue for the AGM as to how these shares can be assigned to a supporters framework that is known and operative in the modern set up. I think that is quite important in recognition of the excellent efforts of Roy and others back in 1957. In a sense perhaps a kind of umbrella supporters setup of the type Cambridge United have would be a good idea. I struggle with the entries on the Canaries website that lists the Canaries Trust next to Canaries in Argentina.
  4. An article in today's EDP refers to the above in connection with the passing of a Mr. Peter Sharman. I suspect that there could be a link between this and the ownership of 10,000 plus of the Clubs Shares. Does anybody know the history of this Trust and/or, assuming the shares were bought by the clubs supporters in the past, how they will be used for the general benefit of supporters in future particularly bearing in mind it significantly exceeds the Canaries Trust share ownership?
  5. Indeed. If the Championship is such a car crash as some people are predicting what is to stop the Premier League pulling up the drawbridge especially now their darlings Leeds United are no safely board.
  6. All very well providing of course there are a sufficient number of competitive opponents left for us to play and complete the season.
  7. What a complete shambles this is. I have every sympathy for Charlton's appeal. The practice is dubious whatever way it is looked at ie. breaking the spirit of the rule. However surely the difference between Wednesday and Derby is that Wednesday would appear to have also broken the letter of the rule in applying the entry to the Accounts one year before the ground sale took place. On that basis why should they not face the same penalty as Wigan and be relegated immediately? It is looking almost as big a shambles as the Spanish Second tier.
  8. But why not do this in the first place and avoid all the costs associated with post and cheques etc? Popular rumour has it that the total sum of money raised from the away membership is less than the promotion bonus paid to Naismith. The CSF could have potentially got a better settlement.
  9. An excellent post Indy. Bilic said that WBA would be giving it a go in the PL. Whilst being a fellow yo yo Club , they also have had the advantage - earned or fortunate - of not having had to finance a non-parachute season which has benefitted them to the tune of £40 million relative to ourselves.
  10. No easy answers. Just as it is good - or not - to see Norwich in the Premier league, it is good to see Rotherham or Wycombe in the Championship. Then again why should the natural dividing line be assumed to be 72 or 92 clubs?
  11. Iots of dodgy numbers here. Stoke's figure quoted here is their Premier League figure which reduced to £56 million last season. That is all Salaries not just Player salaries. When their parachute payments end they will be down to only £28 million income per season. Their wealthy backers won't help that much. £18 million is about what they will be able to afford. Norwich City will doubtless get up to around £65k total wages this season then same issues as Stoke unless we get promoted again. Also no clarity about the £18 million cap definition. Is it first team squad wages, all football wages, total wages? Does it include promotion Bonuses? Clear as mud really though given that non parachute championship teams typically live on £30 million per year it has some logic to it.
  12. Perhaps one thing the article was reflecting is that whilst perhaps the odds were against us this season, had we have maintained the same outlook and attitude as say Paul Lamberts first Premier League season or Burnley's return to the Premier League or Sheffield United this season, we may have done better.
  13. Exactly. We need to be far more robust especially in the air and at set pieces at both ends.
  14. A good interview. I think I would take away from it that we need one player sale to compensate for Covid. Hopefully anymore than one sale is then available for investment. Personally I would love to keep Todd. I wonder whether Buendia will make the return journey to Getafe given that they may will be in Europe next season? See what happens with our young defenders. I am not averse to some churn providing we reinvest.
  15. What has all this got to do with Stuart Webber? The current issue is we have a coach Daniel Farke who apparently wants to retain all his young stars even though almost everyone else feels it is not going to happen. Meanwhile Stuart Webber takes a flight to Romania in difficult circumstances to watch a player who presumably could be watched on video given the number of internationals and u21 internationals played. Perhaps Stuart's 'rebel idea' is that he could get 2 or 3 Man's for the price of 1 Godfrey? Given we have limited time before the start of the new season, who will be taking the lead to resolve the issues and ensure that everybody is singing from the same hymn sheet?
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