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  1. So daytrippers could be prioritised over regulars. Of course that is why the regulars put Luton as their matchpick. What would they do if Luton and Bournemouth were in the same league?
  2. Probably a get out of jail card for the Club as evening on TV may displace some of the matchpickers thereby enabling the Group 1s to go. Seems sensible to allocate extra time for managing it but highlights the foolishness of the scheme design.
  3. According to Maguire, Bayern Munich make as much money from Commercial seats and boxes as from general admission but offer a lowest season ticket price of 140 euros. Could be a useful reference point in terms of the Trusts enquiry regarding subsidised tickets.
  4. Chairman, 100 per cent owner, talks to the fans. Sounds like Heaven!!
  5. I am at the match. Good to give some backing to a team that largely lives off gate money as distinct from having a wage bill 8 times higher than the gate takings.
  6. Some people didn't actively buy them but simply acquired them on less favourable terms than their predecessors.
  7. Presumably that estimate excludes any gains they have made since on resources they didn't invest in the Football Club around the turn of the century but topped up from minority shareholders. If they have had a half decent financial adviser that has probably added a few million since.
  8. ....and presumably you are 100 per cent confident that the Club can afford £17 million in 7 years time? Will 10 per cent equity be a good carrot relative to £17 million? Besides how does any of it constitute equitable treatment of shareholders?
  9. My proposal to Kensell was that I would surrender £400 of my seat value as part of myself being treated equally to another holder of 1,000 shares. He took the first half of the deal but reneged on the second half. Assuming the commercial seat is sold that solves the bulk of Tilly's shortfall probably more when sold casually that is aside from the Club's windfall from tragic circumstances whilst still having the 1,000 shares in issue.
  10. Most Clubs seem to offer concessions for all 'general admission' seats. The City Stand Lounges appear to qualify as that albeit that the prices are 50% higher than non lounge Centre Block South Stand seats (also non concession) albeit that the latter are far better in terms of viewing aspect and legroom. The padded seats in the South Stand are classified as Commercial and charged in excess of £1500 per season without a meal.
  11. The typical English style Business Case that prioritises the middle aged semi interested prawn sandwich brigade as distinct from encouraging the kind of younger person atmosphere driven approach we see in Germany.
  12. Earlier on in this thread it was stated that D&M were horrified at converting their loans into shares which apparently they wanted to be worthless. That begs the question of why they didn't simply write them off as donations to the Club? As can be seen from contributors above the issues concerning ground expansion are complex. It seems that the Webber's, like McNally before them, are too dominant with no one holding them to account and that they largely simply follow what advice they are given.
  13. In terms of valuation, Parma's house analogy seems very sensible to me. As regards altruism, D&M in all probability took on the Football Club as a hobby knowing that it is vital to the community and in financial terms may have believed football was a losing game. The interest free loans may well be part of the same altruistic approach. All the more puzzling why Attanasio gets different terms for his loan. The highest admission prices in the EFL based on restricted supply in not developing the stadium and the bulging senior management pay bill dont come across as altruistic towards todays supporters.
  14. At £30 per share sale price, £20 million for the whole Club, it would seem like philanthropy. That would be only around 0.6 multiple of 2019 non-patachute Turnover of £34 million compared to Macquire's multiple of 1 to 1.5. Having pledged most of the parachute money back to the banks perhaps the latter is a true reflection of where we are?
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