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  1. Won't happen. There's only one Paul lambert. We sung a song about it and the song wouldn't lie
  2. If this ends up being the case I'll get it printed on a shirt
  3. I blame admiral akbar. He can't even spot a really obvious trap till its too late let alone an obvious emoji fault
  4. When? We've arguably had the players for the last few years and underachievement. I'm tired of waiting
  5. Preston were still still time-wasting with 5 minutes left. They could've knicked it at the end but couldn't be bothered. At least we tried. We were **** but we tried
  6. I'd lose the final just to **** them off even more. Come on Leeds. You can catch them
  7. I've started the Christmas film viewing. It was Gremlins last night, Elf next weekend then Muppet Christmas Carol after the Huddersfield game. Only after that will it officially be Christmas as far as I'm concerned. Will also watch Christmas Chronicles at some point. Kurt Russell is a great santa. Then Star Wars on New years day. The first film I watch every year. Any of you have films you watch every Christmas?
  8. It probably counts. There are struck rules apparently. Don't worry. What's typed on the pinkun stays on the pinkun...
  9. You added some words. Based on what I saw today do we have a coach?!
  10. I never knew this was a thing. I'm pretty sure I've already heard it. Why last Christmas though? There are many songs worse than that. That insipid McCartney drivel and Mariah Carey. I'm looking at you
  11. That means nothing. Its a name out of a hat. Kenny was our man of the match today!
  12. Even the screen is joining in!
  13. It's been there since Wednesday. They appear to have stuck a few cones out and just abandoned it. Sara lives almost opposite. I hope it doesn't stop him getting to the game!
  14. Someone will be along to somehow shoehorn Cantwell or Gilmor into the argument next!
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