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  1. Blimey. Some of those guys mentioned above got England caps? They barely deserves to play in the top flight! Carlton Palmer
  2. Apologies for mentioning Christmas this early but I heard a rumour that Watford are producing a special advent calendar for their players this year. Its a 24 bedroom hotel. Each day the players get to knock on one of the doors and see who's managing them that day!
  3. The queen saw 45 changes of Watford manager during her reign. Charles has put in a word. He wants to break that record!
  4. Cool. I'll be able to hear it from my house! Now announce Radiohead, blink, Rammstein, rage, madness or the who please! I'm not fussed
  5. Danny Self and Ben Thompson. I know they only played for the youth team but they currently manage Mulbarton. Masterminds of their Norfolk Senior Cup triumph last season!
  6. As long as I get a day off I'll be there!
  7. They lost me when the Bagpipes started
  8. Arrrrh. Today be international talk like a pirate day. I hope their parrots informed them. Pirate funerals are the best. Anyone who says otherwise should walk the plank. Arrrh
  9. Happy talk like a pirate day ye scallywags! Arrrrrrgh!
  10. The natural successor to Common People
  11. ' Refreshing having a manager who stands up. Because he hates the scum!! ..
  12. Getting away with it every match. Getting away with it every match That's the Norwich!
  13. He's a bit too good. I reckon his opponents wish Keane had kicked his dad somewhere different to his knee now!
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