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  1. This is as bad as trump giving his entire unqualified family jobs. Just embarrassing.
  2. YES! We went a couple of years ago in Leeds. I felt old and thought for the first time that my festival days were a thing of he past (I'm 42) but quickly just got drunk and realised that alot of the bands were even older! I'd definitely go again.
  3. Wow. Carrow road looks so different. I can remember the old Barclay but never stood there as I was too young. Dad used to work at Boulton and Paul and he said the morning after games they'd regularly fish stuff out of the river. I might be imagining it but I'm sure he said a car once! Possibly after a Chelsea cup game in the fog? I'll have to check with him.
  4. Jazz is such a broad term. Theres such a variety. Not in a jazz mood tho but 'll definitely come back to this when I am. Tonight however it's a 90s punky vibe from.me. I guess I'm annoyed I have to work tomorrow!
  5. Like his son or son in law? Surely no.one would be dumb enough to fall for that...
  6. 'Former Norwich City striker Chris Martin has seen his seven-year spell with Derby County come to an end, making him a free agent this summer at the age of 31' IF the wages were ok I'd have him back on a short term deal. See how it goes next season.
  7. Do either of you actually believe what you're saying or are you just bored and trying to wind each other up?!
  8. Pukki. I think his confidence is so far gone only a move would work. Buendia. Too temperamental.
  9. but a total of 52,741 laws have been introduced since 1990 I'm sure you don't agree with all of them. That is a nothing statement. I doubt you'll find anyone who agrees with all of them.
  10. Hope there's a long lost Cobbler Bob album in the vaults
  11. Anyone else been? It wasn't something i was in any hurry to do. Sitting inside for a couple of hours with complete strangers. However with limited new releases they're showing the most random collection of films and one of these tempted me. The Empire Strikes Back!!! You get personally escorted to your seat and at the end have to wait until your row is told to move. Kind of like filling out at the end of a school assembly. It's a very strange experience I guess alot of people would think I'm stange tho. Paying £6 to see a film I've seen so many times before!
  12. Like Nigel went to Walsall. On boxing Day? Hours on a coach. Called off when we were in the ground. Was a long journey back. Went to the midweek replay. Turned up late (A14 roadworks. There's a surprise) They won it. Think after going behind. I remember the first half being a bit ****. That's all I remember tho to be honest. Got into work for 6 with little sleep and was pretty useless but I'd gone with my boss so he covered for us! Was half way to Sunderland when that got called off. Snow? Went to Newcastle anyway and got pissed as was the plan. Watched the rearranged game in the lounge at Carrow road. Won the league. A draw meant Sunderland got in the playoffs. They didn't go up tho.
  13. Depends how you define poor. There's only three? teams there who've never been in the top flight, a former premier League winner, plus at least one other first division winner (I suspect a couple more have but I'm not bored enough to look it up) As well as European and English cup winners. It will be tough from the start. Well be ok tho. Or at least up for the challenge.
  14. Portsmouth. Their keeper died in a car crash while or just after playing for them. Aaron Flahavan correction now I've checked my facts and not just relied on my memory. They retired it for the season.
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