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  1. The Raptor

    The current season

    Just end it now. Its pretty inevitable. It will will make it easier for clubs to plan with a bit of certainty. However If the games do go ahead behind closed doors I don't want a refund. Stream them for free and I'll donate my season ticket refund to charities helping those affected by the lockdown.
  2. The Raptor

    Anyone else been as bored as me?

    14 managers 182 games 164 defeats 958 goals conceded 4 relegations. Ive taken Ipswich as far as I can. Time to quit football manager
  3. He's a complete tool but my award for dumb sportsman of the week goes to a boxer who made a video explaining the beat way to beat up women of you're stuck in the house with one. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/boxing/52092520
  4. Even back then our cup record wasn't great!
  5. The Raptor

    Anyone else been as bored as me?

    Three in a row. I hope conference south is just as fun. Well done Keano Lambert 13 They'll have 7 players under contract next season. Gutted I can't afford to sack them
  6. The Raptor

    Best performance by a visiting player

    Gerrard as an individual when worthy was manager. He really stood out and drove a very average team forward. Team wise Arsenal or Chelsea that season toyed with us the way a cat plays with an animal its caught. They knew they were so much better than us without even trying. Jordan Henderson in an England u21 game. I'd never heard of him beforehand and Wiltshire was getting all the hype. Henderson ran that game from start to finish. Was obvious he'd end up somewhere better than Sunderland (no offence) I think there was a penalty shootout at the end of that game too as it was just before a tournament but it could've been a different one.
  7. The Raptor

    Anyone else been as bored as me?

    I have been loads of times. 24 days is my record. You can just add manager, them over again and continue the hood work. Keano Lambert11 has in fact just been welcomed by supporters as a great appointment!
  8. I've been playing alot of football manager. Trying to make Ipswich rubbish. I've succeeded I think. I was disappointed with their lucky point the first season so I'm determined not to make the same mistake again!
  9. In terms of 'how the hell are they still alive or not in prison for life' the dirt by motley crue. Not a fan of the music but loved the book. The film is toned down a bit but well worth a watch. Crazy fools! 'dear boy' biography of Keith moon a great read. He cramed alot into his 38 years. Will always be my favourite drummer
  10. The Raptor

    The Rose

    Just read that Carl, the landlord of The Rose passed away on Friday. Its always been a busy pub on a match day. He was as a nice guy and a big city fan. Such a shame.
  11. Yes. It's pretty good. I do love a good biography. Got fleas one out of the library at the moment. Just started that.
  12. I'm not a fan of the band at all and I don't think you don't have to be to enjoy it. The Metallica documentary 'some kind of monster' is a great watch. The band pretty much fall apart on screen.
  13. 'The emperor and the wolf' great book about kurosawa and mifine and the films they made together. Well worth a read if you can get hold of it.
  14. The Raptor

    What’s your favourite animal?

    Wookiee. No one messes with a wookiee. Or if you're claiming they're fictional a bear. Bears are awesome.
  15. I need some kind of football fix. So I'll be managing Norwich to glory on football manager. Might even take the laptop to the pub and have a beer or two.