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The Raptor

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  1. The Raptor

    Favourite film ?

    most star wars films blues brothers - default coming in from the pub drunk filmleon goodfellasmuppet cbristmas carol

  2. The Raptor

    Music top ten

    The WhoRadioheadFrank TurnerBeastie BoysPulpREMThe ClashGreen DayRancidPublic Enemy

    Too hard. the first are permanent but the last 4 i could''ve picked any from about 30 depending on my mood!
  3. The Raptor

    Tuesdays Fixtures

    We just need to concentrate on ourselves getting three points. Nevermind anyone else.
  4. The Raptor

    Whats on the menu?

    Post gym fry up this morning. Sausage and mash for tea :)
  5. The Raptor

    Punk in the East -,40 years on.

    Seen there is a Clash tribute at The Blueberry in a couple of weeks. Might we worth checking out!
  6. The Raptor

    Norwich & Ipswich

    I''d forgotten about its existence. Looks like it''s up to date :)
  7. The Raptor


    yep. some guy in the lower barclay. sits down the front and chants at the snakepit alot.
  8. The Raptor

    What y'all listening to?

    Weird. I like it tho!
  9. The Raptor

    What new feature?

    a room with  drum kits and punch bags so people can take their anger out on them after a defeat.
  10. The Raptor

    Only 2 sleeps

    After the way he walked out he may as well be coming back as ipswich manager.
  11. The Raptor

    Southampton match thread

    someone score. i want to sleep
  12. The Raptor

    Southampton match thread

    They don''t sound too bad so far.
  13. The Raptor

    We won the UEFA Cup for heavens sake....

    ''Norwich couldn''t beat an egg yet we''re still below them''love it. so tempted to sign up and have some fun. See you all on there!
  14. The Raptor

    Big Mick

    He''s almost as good as Keano was
  15. The Raptor

    Rogue One

    It could end up being in my top 3 in the end. Difficult to decide after a couple of viewings but it''s certainly better than any of the prequals! Yes the the ''samurai'' guys were cool. As was the second Vader scene :) :) :)