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  1. For some.of you yes. However when your work starts at 5am it's a bonus. Means at least two more cans of beer! Whatever time it is someone will moan...
  2. Barnet. Mates a fan and been to a couple.of games. Not so much now but in the 90s used to look out for Wycombes results. That was because of Premier manager 3. They had the best team in the conference. Hyde, Carroll, Creaser, Guppy. You started off with them to give you a good chance of promotion.
  3. Poor Joe getting impeached in his first week! https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2021/jan/21/marjorie-taylor-greene-files-articles-impeachment-/ She sounds sane...
  4. Ok. I'll admit it. I just went back in time and faked the moon landings In my parents kitchen.
  5. Tomorrow will the title of this thread automatically change to Prisoner 1138 in the same way that bidon inherits the potus Twitter name?
  6. My friend used his dead dads season ticket at Highbury for the last few years of its existence as he was told it could only have been transferred to someone at the top of the waiting list which he wasnt. Perhaps that's the case with those tickets. They've just been kept on by families of the deceased to use or sell on.
  7. One positive. I got a cool new Lego set!
  8. They shouldn't be allowed to continue no. They've repeatedly broken the rules. Perhaps a small minority but they're probably just the ones who got caught. Letting them continue playing only reinforces their view they're special and can do what they want.
  9. Tom waits cover of somewhere from west side story is amazing and well worth checking out. I'd find a link but I'm too busy watching star wars. If I started looking on YouTube now you'd get about 20 of John William's greatest hits!
  10. Any players caught breaking the rules automatically waive the right to treatment should they get the virus. That might make them behave.
  11. No. But if the prime minister repeatedly does and say silly things there's a good chance people will follow his example. He shouldve led by example. His leadership is worse than Norwich in the Hamilton and Roeder years
  12. The Mandalorian is so awesome. The last episode was the best Star Wars thing since the original trilogy. So good I've got up early to watch it for a second time before work!
  13. Thats probably the reason they're pushing it thru now. Then when it all goes to **** they can just blame covid instead of their own incompetence.
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