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  1. Hernandez was the victim of the "extra-time" time wasting substitutions. Vrancic put Pukki through which led to the penalty - if this was a day where one goal wins it - he did what he was suppose to do - setup a goal. Hernandez made a statement with his 20 minute appearance - Dowell in (the under 23's)
  2. Why would you have brought on Dowell instead of Hernandez ?? Branston Pickle - I dont know who you are but I assume you are female ! Why else would you continuely want Dowell, who is not as good as the others - if you didn't fancy Dowell's James Bond looks - ahead of a player who turned the game for us.
  3. What concern's me is the luck that they have or bad refereeing decisions always going their way - it happens almost every game and it happened last night ! First Watford goal - there was a definite foul in the centre of the park on the Derby winger which sent him tumbling to the floor, instead the referee waves play on and they score from the move. As soon as the referee waved play on I knew they would score ! Disallowed Derby goal - absolutely nothing wrong with it. Wisdom was allegedly holding someone in the penalty area !!!!??. When at another corner Watford player was holding - the referee doesn't give Derby a pen. These referees are ruining the game ! So should have been 2-1 Derby ! I knew they would win via controversy but thought it would come from a dodgy penalty.
  4. Quite a few on this forum are demanding Dowell to start. What is it about Dowell that makes people think he's so good ?? - when his poor performances suggest otherwise. Is it because he's from Everton or is it the video clips of him scoring against "open" defences ? With the pack hard on our coat-tails it's not a time to play the "dirt-trackers" - we can't afford to drop any points whatsoever. Opposition clubs are setup to press and defend against you in title chasing situations, not play openly as if against a bottom half team. Totally different - can Dowell cope with a defence set out like a checker board ? The opposition will not be backing off and letting you run at them. Vrancic although out of position, has shown that he has the skill to be productive in this environment. If there is a better player available than Vrancic then fair enough - but there is too much noice on here for a sub-standard player to start just because of his reputation. Rotherham are going to be tough - could be just one priceless goal in it so it could take one piece of magic to get pass them - you don't sacrifice points for the sake of giving reserves gametime ! Someone please enlighten me !
  5. Oh is that right ? Who setup Cantwell for his goal against Stoke ?
  6. We've tried McLean at 10 against Swansea - didn't work. In fact each time Vrancic hasn't started in games we've lost ! It'd better to play Vrancic at 10 for 70 minutes than leave him out - with other clubs so close to us I wouldn't risk it. We can't address the No 10 situation this season. We can change formation and play Idah with Pukki up front or use either a winger Hernandez or Placheta with Buendia and Cantwell. McLean had 3/4 excellent games for us coming back from injury. It was the first time in 3 seasons I thought he warranted his place in the team, but unfortuately after comimg back from Covid he has not been the same. He is still a presence and carries the ball but not as tidy and gives the ball away with short inaccurate "hospital" passes to team mates, decision making on attack - not passing into space behind defenders often turning and resetting with backward passes - things that made McLean very good for those 3/4 games. Rupp is a clear thinker & accurate player and looks a better option for McLean's position. If Skipp plays, Sorensen would not be the ideal partner as both are defensive and we need a more forward dynamic player in the middle. To get more gametime Sorensen should be played in the U23 game with Leeds this Firday.
  7. Need a more attacking player like Rupp who can move the ball accurately and quickly. Sorenson is the defensive option.
  8. Most teams in the division including those at the bottom have the ability to win or take points off the front runners. We need to be at our best tonight against Coventry - they have the ability to cause an upset. Watford made up ground on us last evening - we must win tonight to match their result.
  9. Yes Leeds - we should field all first team squad players needing game time (Dowell, Steipermann, Hugill, Quintellia) as well as Martin, Soto & Riley
  10. Yes, I thought number 16 looked good as well. Was looking out for Josh Martin & Soto, but couldn't make out who was who. Riley was the only one that stood out.
  11. Only watched the last third of the game - does anyone know who number 16 is ? Is it Dowell ?
  12. To our increased firepower - we have to replace some defenders
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