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  1. We could have either won or drew the game yesterday if we had a better keeper. Yes Watford had a lot of the play but the 3 goals they scored were all from long range, although we were 2nd best to the ball the team keep them at arms length. Long didn't make an unforce error or a massive blunder as such so didn't do anything wrong ! Problem is he's a "B" grade keeper and a decent keeper could have saved most if not all 3 goals. 1st goal the Watford player struck it well, Long reached the ball but didn't have his hands in the right place to save the shot; 2nd goal a case of not being able to command his 6 yard box (a pre-requisite for any professional goal keepers) with the high looping ball into the area; 3rd goal once again any keeper with any ability would have pushed the ball wide - I know it was hit hard and was moving in the air but the decent keepers would have prevented the goal. His shortcomings resulting in all three goals - his lack of natural goalkeeper instinct was highlighted for all to see. The inability of our keeper lost us the game.
  2. Players are totally different to fans. To players Webber is their employer. guard of honour - I would have made him run the gauntlet !
  3. Can just imagine you and Ben afterwards, laying in bed, staring at the ceiling and taking a puff !
  4. Why do you think people are so upset ! We've paid £9.4m plus £45k per week for a lemon !
  5. Mental ??!! Tell you what's mental people supporting the purchase of skill-less players such as Gibson, paying him £45k p/w and not expecting him to do anything cos he's only a defender ! Hopeless !
  6. shirking responsibility is hiding isn't it ? It's worse if he saw the ball the most - what's he doing with it ? I expect him to hold onto the ball until a pass is available, I expect him to carry the ball and dribble past opponents to create opportunities for others, I want more goals from him. What is our club policy ? - the more you're paid the least responsibility ? For £45K a week a player should have the ability to beat/dribble past multiple opponents. Can Gibson do this ? He's a senior player, not a youth product or loanee or free transfer retiree.
  7. Going to visit Ben tonight Hogesar ? You taking him carrots, apples or oats this time ?
  8. Are you kidding me ???!!! Are you going to blame the kids when things ain't going right ? Do you expect the kids to play all the football for the club ! What about a £9.5m, £45K a week, deadbeat who shirks responsibility and hides behind these kids. For that kind of money we want a player who can lead others by example - not hide so you don't make a mistake ! You're darn right I want him out of this club - I never wanted him here in the first place ! City fans deserve better than this 3-legged donkey !
  9. Despite the result and the frustration of our current squad, Sara's goal put a smile on my face. I am trying to recall a better individual dribbling goal. I know Howson (against Man City) and Hucks (against Birmingham) produced great long range dribbling goals but Sara's was from a tight penalty area (similar to Archie Gemmell vs Holland). Does anyone recall a better or equally good Norwich dribbling goal ?
  10. You were right not to defend him in this reply Hogesar. Looking at the time of your response, if you had defended him, 90 minutes later he would have "chucked you under a bus"
  11. Don't think he actually placed in that World Cup Qualifier - but yes he did get picked ??? Hoolahan & Redmond against Gibson - the boys were shaking in their boots !
  12. Hogesar you cr4zy m0r0n - I asked for your explanation as to Gibson's shortcomings, instead you spent hours searching for my previous posts ??!! My answers: 4) Sara - if I remarked on Sara - it wasn't his attacking ability - it was his defensive ability as a central midfielder in a tough league such as the Championship. Happy for him to prove me wrong and get us promoted. 5) Sargent - if I remarked on Sargent - it wasn't because of his physicality - it was his goals scoring ability as a striker. Happy for him to prove me wrong and get us promoted. for 1, 2 & 3 You made me chuckle ! Even back then you were pretty clueless (2) 3) I imagined you with tears in your eyes, singing to a photo of Ben Gibson, Michael Jackson's version of Ben Hogesar: "Ben, the two of us need look no more" "We both found what we were looking for" "With a friend to call my own" "I'll never be alone" "And you, my friend, will see" "You've got a friend in me" "(You've got a friend in me)" "Ben, you're always running here and there (here and there)" "You feel you're not wanted anywhere (anywhere)" "If you ever look behind" "And don't like what you find" "There's something you should know" "You've got a place to go" "(You've got a place to go)" "I used to say "I" and "me" " "Now it's "us", now it's "we" " "(I used to say "I" and "me")" "(Now it's "us", now it's "we")"
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