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  1. Yes, he played left midfield for us but surprisingly central pivot for Bournemouth
  2. People please - go to you tube and watch Chris Martin's 63 goals for Derby. This is not a John Hartson here, we're talking about a seriously good footballer !
  3. I'm not saying Martin should take Pukki's place - we need a capable backup. When I say "attack" I meant midfield attacking players that feed the striker. Derby obviously weren't as good in that department. Pukki is far superior in his movement as striker. Also without wanting this to sound the wrong way - the season Pukki got 29 in the league, to be prefectly honest he should have got 40 easy - but even he's human and can miss. Chris Martin is a more than capable backup to Pukki.
  4. We didn't play him at CM in the Prem Fenway . We always went for Tettey and Bradley to protect our defence.
  5. Derby have not got the attack we have. Don't hold his age and physical appearance against him - it's got nothing to do with putting the ball in the net ! Having said that he's not even overweight.
  6. Bill, I agree that due to the financial burden to the club they could fall down through the divisions. Howe had an obligation to keep them in the Prem so had expensive acquisitions through the seasons. He has to carry the blame for that, but his football nous for the seasons when they went up and stayed up should not be ignored. Example - he used Andrew Surman for a majority of the 5 seasons in the Prem - none of our managers could get anything out of him (Surman). With the predicament they are in, they are surely better off with someone who knows the club and it's players than someone whose out to make a buck.
  7. Yes agree - Bournemouth had a better chance of getting straight back up with Howe
  8. Excellent post Raptor - I fully agree. After leaving us, Martin has developed into a high performer at Championship level and is consistent with scoring goals and with his general play. His goals are not "tap ins", many are from long range, he is also a consistent penalty taker & free kicker taker (similar to Vrancic). If anyone was to watch Martin's 63 goals for Derby on you tube they would realise how good a player he is. Yes he's slow, not european, doesn't have the movement of Pukki so would not fit in to the current structure. But if we have Hernandez, Vrancic, Buendia & Cantwell in our midfield, they will create heaps for him to do his thing. But Webber is an idiot so no chance seeing Chris Martin here or in fact any of the above midfielders I mentioned here next season.
  9. It's appalling how Farke is walking the plank when things go badly for us while the shady Stuart Webber doesn't get a mention. Who was it that gave Farke so few /poor quality central defenders for the campaign ? It should be Webbers balls on the block as far as I'm concern.
  10. The nasty element of our fan base has continued to rear it's ugly head on this thread. How exactly do you base your opinion anyway ? Hoolahan has played for us for 10 seasons so after Cantwell's 2 part seasons for us you have compared them and come to the conclusion that Cantwell is way better than Hoolahan. Have you based your comparison through results, goals and assists ? Can't compare purely on games played. Both players have guile - if anything Hoolahan has closer control and can work in tighter compact spaces, both goal scoring range is roughly 6 yards, both appear easy to shrug off defensively, both have a footballing brain - so what skills do Cantwell process that Hoolahan doesn't ? Is it Cantwell is taller and can run faster ? Is he 2 footed ? Hoolahan can ghost past defenders pretty easily - has he not done this in enough of his 365 odd games and Todd has done this in the couple he has played ? Have you done this comparison using Hoolahan's worse game for us next to Cantwell's best ? DF's team gameplan is a consolidated defence so Todd will stick to it longer than Hoolahan in his time in the team. I have covered all assessment points and can't see any extreme differences. So how do you form your opinion ? Do you like the way he runs ?
  11. Why have you reignited this ? The thread is about Todd Cantwell not Hoolahan. This is a Norwich City Forum - you can make comments rubbishing Pele or Maradona if you want, but don't rubbish our best players. Yes you are allowed your opinion but is there any reason to go off topic and "attack" Hoolahan ? Yes it's an attack because of the snark way you present it. There are fickle fans on here that if Cantwell were to have a couple of bad performances will turn on him pretty quickly - with your track record you're a major candidate. Not sure if you recall DF saying "I'd love to have the opportunity to work with Wes when he was at his peak". DF is pretty honest and I believe him when he said that. If he could transform budget players what could have done with someone like Hoolahan ? It doesn't take a "big man" to stand up for their club and it's players (past & present). Why not just enjoy the moment without putting others down ?
  12. Added to front: Rather proclaim it, Pukki, through my host, That he which hath no stomach to this fight, Let him depart. His transfer shall be made, And conditions for his loan put into his contract. We would not play in that man’s company That fears his fellowship to play with us. This day is call’d the start for St Daniel.
  13. I think Cantwell and the entire team made us fans pretty proud to be associated with the club on Saturday. We should all be enjoying the moment. So why the snark remark on previous players ? That's got nothing to do Cantwell or with our performance on Saturday - have you got sociological problems or something ? An attention seeker ?
  14. He's a nasty piece - he also spat at Pukki as he was going down near the end of the game
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