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  1. I don't understand why people here are wanting a quick sale of Rashica ? At the beginning of last season he was our most effective attacker from a pretty lame group of players. He processed speed on the wing and a good firm shot. Certainly I was disappointed when he got injured. He wasn't the same when he came back. I don't know if it was one of those knocks that you don't fully recover from or the change of manager (from Farke to Smith). Either way his confidence has been affected. From looking good against Premier league defenders to very average against Championship defenders. Whose to blame here ? I've seen what he can do, so why all this hatred towards him ? Smith & Shakespeare have come in and have not been able to "coach" a good player to playing to his potential ! Coaching isn't just putting eleven men on the pitch and asking them to play to a system. What about man-management, developing players skills and and working on their weaknesses ? We employ about a thousand people and we don't have the resources to help a good player to play to his potential ? Why do Galatasaray want him ? Cos he's a good player and they've got a good coach ! If you buy a new Bentley and it's not working well - you don't just sell it 2nd hand for half the price - you get an expert in to look under the bonnet ! We are pissing away money because of these idiots running our football management. Rachica is one of our best direct players - I don't want to sell him for peanuts before seeing what he can do with good coaching !
  2. There's enough "dead wood" hovering around the club as it is - let's not add more. To the unsavvy he looks ok against the minor clubs - we have higher aspiration than 16th on the table.
  3. It has to be horses for courses. Against WBA and Reading he was totally ineffective. So he is useless against these tough sides. OK against Coventry and Bristol City who are not organised he will impress the unsavvy. It's not psychic you can see the way Reading was playing that changes were going to be limited - clear chances. For the record I never bet against us to lose or draw. Against any opposition even if we're up against it I hope for a positive result ! I predicted a 1-0 win for us at Reading but sometimes we don't get everything we wish for - people stuff up !
  4. In the time he was on the pitch against Reading Ramsey gave the ball away/lost the ball almost everytime he had it. On the two occasions he didn't lose the ball he passed it backwards. He either dribbled the ball out over the touchline, lost it to the opposition player, failed to beat his man in a foot race, failed to pass forward accurately or just got knock off the ball. Basically the Reading player marking him "had him on toast" I'm not unfairly targeting him, he was just the most ineffective Norwich player on the pitch and needed to be subbed straight away. I'm OK with waiting until halftime. He didn't influence the goal we scored. He wasn't directly at fault for their goal - but (1) the best form of defence is attack. We needed our output players to hold onto the ball and deprive Reading off it and (2) the commentators said we "switched-off" when Hendrick chested the ball down, he evaded a charging Nunez , Ramsey was next to Nunez's starting position but failed to get his body between Hendrick and our goal, instead stood there like a rabbit in headlights. Hendrick scores - 2 points thrown away - I knew with our lack of creativity we wouldn't be able to score again. With the way we're playing those 2 points may well be the difference at the end season. The coaching team should have subbed him off so not entirely his fault. I agree he's not in the team as a ball winner but neither is Pukki. He's in the team to initiate attacks and create chances, unlock a tight defence as many on here would say. Against Reading who had already conceded 16 goals this season, he failed to create a single chance didn't he ? I expect him to be more a "ball player" not just a player that crosses in the ball. Sometimes you can't go by the stats alone, one good game against the bottom club would distort the figures.
  5. You're right - it's not his natural position. Hernandez is a better option out wide but is deployed as a impact sub against a tiring defence which makes sense. Hope Cantwell's back or we may have to start Hernandez from the beginning.
  6. Jaberry2, I watch a replay of the games so know what every player is doing. As we play the tougher teams we need players that can win their individual battles. We lack creativity cos our team is not that of a couple of seasons ago. Without the Germans and Buendia creating goals is difficult. We need players that can win their 50/50 balls and initiate attacks that will create chances. He hasn't done that. He has assisted for goals against Sunderland and Coventry - but he only passed the ball after he was set up. Against Coventry I very much doubt he would have scored if he didn't have the Sargent option. Wide left might not be his position but we can't carry players. On Tuesday the coaching staff needed to have the sense to take him off at halftime, failed to and we conceded the equalizer.
  7. Still notice posters with Ramsey in their team - I was OK with giving him game time against the weaker teams but his performs are beginning to cost us points. We simply can't afford a player in there that is totally useless ! Against Reading he basically didn't do a thing right !! OK a couple of times he passed it backwards but we need all three attacking players as outlets and contributing. Smith could have gone to his old club and got us a real decent player - no he got us a youth player and tried playing him in the the 2nd hardest league in the land. Ramsey is not a player to put in against battle hard pros. When we are 3 nil up is the only time I'd put him on. I'm not against putting on youngsters - look at Gibbs he's good !
  8. We should only wear the 2nd or 3rd strips when we play Watford and WBA away. We are the canaries and are distinguished worldwide by our Yellow & green kit.
  9. Not sure you can entirely blame Smith for the current situation, as he's inherited a mostly Webber recruited team. With the right players Smith has shown he is capable of doing a job ( i.e. he engineered a 7-2 destruction of Liverpool in his Villa days). Looking at the championship recruitment only, I believe the stylist team from our 2018-19 season Farke had a major influence in recruitment as a lot of the players from that season were from the German 2nd tier - where Farke came from. Recruitment for Championship season 2020-21 did not have Farke's brand on it - I was very disappointed with the quality of the incoming players such as Hugill, Dowell, Gibson - low quality players I wouldn't touch with a "barge pole". These players are definitely not Farke picks - they are recruitment & Webber picks. All the Germans and good players have since left (with the exception of Pukki) and Smith has inherited players and those from our previous PL campaign. Smith plays a more direct style but are given "lightweights" to do the job. From yesterdays game not only were we missing a DCM but almost man for man WBA won every individual battle on the pitch. When Erik Pieters became available - why didn't we get him ? If our recruitment was any good - we should have been in there like a shot - yeah he's 38 but you have to look at the quality of player ! Krul's his mate as well so that could've been the difference ! WBA snapped him up and he performed well against us. McLean is getting a lot of stick but with so many lightweights around him he is under pressure to do more - create as well as hold - as a result giving the ball away. We have won 6 on the trot and people are getting all excited. One solid opponent and we are undone ! This will test Smith's ability to improvise with the players he got. We have Burnley, Sheffield United & Watford all away in October - this will define if he's any good !
  10. I've heard of pedigree dogs but I suppose Gibson can be considered a pedigree donkey ! Was he really that good in 2020 ? He had a real good team around him and ball had to get past Skipp first before getting to him. He's a very average defender who does have an eye for a pass but only when no opposition player is in sight and he is not pressed. We don't have the same depth as 2020. Is Gibson a game changer ? He certainly is changing 3 points into 1 or 1 point into none - we can't afford this ! We just haven't got the depth at central defence. Gibson is the backup for Hanley & Omobamidele so one injury and we're basically done ! We could play Tomkinson - we need someone that can defence and clear the ball. Moving McLean & Byram is a solution but those two are playing pretty well in their designated positions.
  11. We settled pretty quickly after he was ejected didn't we ?
  12. A lot of people excited over Ramsey's 1st half performance against Coventry. But his performance in the 1st part of the 2nd half really concerns me - when the team wasn't clicking as a whole, he was giving the ball away every time he had it, he was basically clueless ! Anyone can shine playing at home against the bottom team but Burnley away is a totally different kettle of fish. It will be the first game against genuine promotion opposition. If we play Ramsey in a central position we could be torn a new one ! If we get forward impetus and dominate then we can go with lightweights. But against Burnley I'd have Hernandez in there as an outlet. We can win this but its going to be a battle with our likely heroes being those throwing their bodies in front of the ball.
  13. I saw one of his first senior games when he was only 17. Against Arsenal I think around 1986 - played alongside Biggins and Drinkell - I think we drew that game ? Had decent skills for a tall lad but didn't use his height to advantage. Partnered with Fleck in the season we finished 4th. Was upset we sold him to Nottm Forest.
  14. You're not high and mighty and writing Rashica off are you ?
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