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  1. Delia will wake up and shout "let's be havin you" as she grabs her bottle of Gin !
  2. Great credit to DS. There was one substitution I wanted him to make and he made it - Giannoulis for the ineffective Williams - changed the balance on our left side & made the difference in the end. Against 10 men we've no need for a rugged defender - we would have won if Giannoulis had come on in the 1st half when Newcastle were on the ropes.
  3. You didn't expect him to score did you ?!! After a dozen matches it's obvious what he brings to the team - he's not a footballer ! When I see him bearing down on goal - my mind clicks to the next facet of play ! I certainly don't entertain any notion a goal will be scored.
  4. There's a reason their not getting game time - their not up to scratch - you don't just chuck people in for the sake of it ! Who would you put in ? Sargent is the best of the rest isn't he ? We can only hope the rest will improve.
  5. Where's my evidence ? - I base my opinion on watching matches ! I agree with the coaches - play Sargent. But it's not because the coaches are spoiled by choice and have a selection headache ! It's because he's the best out of a poor lot - look at the options we have for the 3rd attacking spot (behind Pukki & Rashica): Dowell - has a good shot and dead ball on him but an absolute lightweight in the outfield, can't tackle, track his man, too slow, opponents pass him like he wasn't there, can only make easy passes. Tzolis - can't even stay on his feet when a shooting chance comes along, can't shoot, looked completely out of his depth when selected. Placheta - fast but no end product. Can harass thru his speed. Up to this point has not been tried at this level by the coaches - is it because he is too lightweight ? Idah - Has potential as he has the ability to run with the ball and has a good shot on him. Somehow it never happens for him in "live" games. Cantwell - Not match fit Hernandez - Loaned out, should be recalled. Sargent has his obvious limitations put has more going for him (target man) than the others. We would really be stuffed if Pukki & Rashica were to get injured. I think Mumba and Lees-Melou could be deployed further up the pitch. In my opinion, there are going 2 positions where we have good selection options, these are right wing back (Aarons/Mumba) and left wing back (Giannoulis/Williams) - we are weak in all other positions. DS & Shakespeare can change this I know - have they got enough to work with ?
  6. My post started defending Cantwell and pointing out the good & not so good points of Sargent - so not trolling but replying to other posters points may have me looking anti-Sargent. No-one wants him to fail ! For the record, my opinion Vrancic and Robert Rosario will always have a (positive) place in our clubs history. Both had fantastic technique. We do not have to repeat the exploits of Vrancic but Rosario scored one of the best goals in football history. Though a big man Rosario had the skillset for the top level. Was extremely upset to see those two leave our club.
  7. OK I'll re-word - requires a certain skillset to succeed at this level. Difficult to replace like-for-like so not expecting that - just a certain quality of player. Example Rashica came for about the same money - in my opinion he's one of our best players. But Sargent's isn't only one not up to expectation - there are many. That's why Sargent gets into the team - by default !
  8. We acquired Sargent for £11m - he's major signing not a local youth player. For that money we want (1) people with natural ability & (2) people that can hit the ground running !
  9. Pretty much spot on, both this and previous post. Outside pressing Sargent does not have the necessary skills/attributes for a striker playing at this level. Watching the game on Saturday confirmed some concerns. When there were breakaways involving our attacking 3 (Pukki, Sargent, & Rashica). Whenever either Pukki/Rashica carried the ball or received the ball - you felt there was a goal chance. Whenever Sargent carried or receive the ball the move would inevitably break down due to him not playing the right ball or failing to execute accurately. I see nothing in open play that gives me confidence apart from him using his frame to harass. I have not seen enough of Sargent's effectiveness from attacking corners/setpieces. I don't think he has much to offer however if he were to be commanding in the opposition's penalty area and head the ball accurately it would give the coaching team something to think about. I am happy with Pukki and Rashica, we need the third attacking player to be of a similar level.
  10. Cantwell definitely has the ability - the stats show that. Let's leave the fine tuning to the experts (DS and Shakespeare) to get him producing at his level. Pilkington had a couple of great seasons for us - we don't know why he didn't appear in the Premier league again after leaving Norwich - it all comes down to the coaches not getting the best out of him or further developing him - not playing him in the best position or negative formations. But tons of players have come through the gates at Norwich - some have performed better after leaving and some not so good. Cantwell has the ability is a fact - we simply leave the coaching staff to iron out the negative parts of his play to get the best out of him. Also when players leave our club - there are fans that wish the worse for them - note Cantwell is still one of our players !
  11. Believe in his own hype ??!! You kidding me - he scored 6 goals in the Premier League last time we were here ! He's just got back into the team so is lacking match fitness. We all know what his strengths and weaknesses are ! DS put him straight back in when he took over - wasn't because he believed in any hype ! Give DS & Shakespeare a bit of time with him. Just because he's got a little style doesn't make him a bad player. Yes he can press but players like Sargent are a "dollar a dozen" compared to Cantwell.
  12. Hope Kabak's OK. Gibson is one of the worse CB we've ever had ! Just give Sorensen a game at CB - can't do any worse.
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