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  1. Six Pack


    Is the step up to the prem too high a leap for Steipermann? He hasn't hit the ground running, more like hitting the ground followed by "wheel spins". Our team are lightweights physically in this division so need to play to our strength which is retaining the ball. We are good at playing a close, fast & intricate passing game in tight spaces - this has run the opposition "rugged". We have Leitner, Cantwell, Buendia, Trybull, Vrancic who are excellent for this type of play. Steipermann when involved has very often lost the ball, either through inaccuracy, sluggishness or trying to be too clever. These errors have seen the opposition counter-attack which for a team such as ours is lethal. Steipermann however is the best player for that position at the moment, simply the team needs his physical presence. The use of his height to compete for the long balls out, his aggressiveness to unsettle the opposition centre backs has complimented Pukki's game. His turn and long pass to Cantwell setup Pukki's third goal showed he is still contributing to the team. But I understand the frustration of fans, he has looked the weak link during a lot of the open play. He also appears low on energy, lagging behind play too often not to be noticed. I hope his shooting improves, we need a goal threat beside Pukki.
  2. Six Pack

    Jamal Lewis

    I've never at any time thought Aaron's is better then Lewis. I thought of them as equal or if anything Lewis slightly better. Lewis' performance on Saturday was nothing new to me. He had the responsibility of providing all the pace down the left hand side (with Hernandez out) so had the shackles off. With Hanley - just because he's a 4th choice central defender in a premiership team doesn't make him Premiership level - he's basically championship level. How the team performs will dictates his performance - we controlled the ball, the opposition hardly had a look in so he looked pretty efficient. He was done "like a dinner" by Shelvey so was at fault for the goal. But unlike most I thought he did a good job for the Joelinton "miss". The cross in from the right hand side was excellent but Hanley's jump put Joelinton off. With the ball only 2 seconds from the crucial point of contact, the sudden distraction of Handley's head jumping into his vision resulted in the error - he didn't win the ball but distracted him - good work by Handley on that occasion. It was a shame with Lewis' injury. With Vrancic on we had Newcastle looking down the barrel of 4 or 5 nil. But with Byram and Tettey we lost some sharpness and precision in our passing so a consolation for Newcastle was always on the cards.
  3. Yes team game is spot on ! If Snodgrass behaved the way he did in our current team, he would have him out on loan within 24 hours !
  4. I think RVW would score a few more goals with our current setup.
  5. Dead right Surfer. He's a lower championship level player at best & well have better players in his position, he will cost us many points this season but there's no chance DF will ever drop him. Reason - he once saved his life !
  6. I don't believe Liverpool took their feet off the throttle. Klopp is a professional coach. Quite possibly when they went 4-0 up their players subconsciously went into "autopilot" mode. They would still scrap for every ball but thinking things were easy became lazy and dropped off on the creativity - just crossing it in and expecting one of the players would get on the end of it. But their intensity remained the same.
  7. Six Pack

    Team for Newcastle (h)...

    Cantwell played well last evening so should be in the team if Hernandez comes in, it should be for Steipermann
  8. Six Pack


    hepphep - please explain your rating for Godfrey ?
  9. Six Pack


    Godfrey should be 10
  10. Six Pack


    Yes apart from unlucky errors we played quite well. We know Liverpool would be swarming all over us but nothing special about the Liverpool goals - they only created one good one. We all know about Leitner and what he brings to the table. Second half with he came on, we settled and looked like we played to the level we are capable of. The score could have been much closer. Thrilled with the 2nd half performance where everyone played well.
  11. Six Pack

    Godfrey - superb !

    Yes Krul was a class act tonight - not just the saves - his overall game
  12. We've got one heck of a player on our hands. Under constant pressure didn't put a foot wrong - absolutely no flies on this boy !
  13. Six Pack

    XI for Liverpool

    If we play defensive midfielders I don't think we've got any show of keeping Liverpool out for 90 minutes. Our best chance of getting anything from the game is to retain the ball - win the ball & keep hold of it, control the ball & control the game. So it's got to be Leitner partnering Trybull in the centre. If anything happens to Leitner then you bring on Vrancic. Yes they are lightweights in defence, but we play to their skillset and play to our strengths. I have a sickening feeling that we will see McLean. It was glaringly obvious he was the weak link last season, but DF with a game plan in mind or thinking he was bigger physically continued to play him. If DF picks McLean as a CM tonight it could be done & dusted by the 20 minute mark. The other contentious point is goalkeeper - I would play Krul. Uses his area well and insync with the other defenders.
  14. Six Pack

    Amadou Confirmed

    Yes needed steel in the middle. But has he been guaranteed "starts" to sign ? It'll be interesting to see how Amadou performs going forward. With a couple of days to go before Liverpool - should he be put in the team ? I mean that's why we signed him for right ? So we don't get overrun by the "big" teams. No sense leaving him out Friday, Trybull & Co performing well against Liverpool - why would we need to play him against Newcastle ? Horses for courses ? Many neutrals, workmates, etc compared our play to that of Barcelona last season, which is why we're so excited about this coming season. We don't want to swap that for "Tony Pulis Stoke" with two holding midfielders. If we want Barcelona Vrancic & Leitner need to be in the team, so very much horses for courses. Like I said haven't seen him perform going forward so not bagging him before I've see him play.
  15. Six Pack

    Michael Bailey

    No I don't judge players until they've played a lengthy time for us. Reporting and what to report - you've either got it or not - that's my opinion