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  1. Haha Indy. We need Lakey's optimism right now for these last 9 games. A goal for Emi would be a great omen I believe.
  2. @keelansgrandad you should have got the tiny demons single with the original album
  3. I hope you're right. I have a decreasing amount of confidence as the weeks ebb away.
  4. @ron obvious I was even looking at some of Abba's work, which is far more complex than what I thought (lots of major chords with some dramatic minor chords added). I guess its the work of genius ....to make something quite complicated sound very direct and accessible.
  5. Thanks for this. Just on the third question, which I might have asked more concisely, I'm assuming that a no deal was an issue for you (because this corresponds with your comment in question two) rather than being secondary to simply being out? (I know of a person who feels that it doesn't matter whatever, as long as we have left. Indeed I know he wouldn't care if there was a no deal). I have a sense a no deal has always been the government's preferred option but we seem to be going through the motions and every comment I've heard from cabinet ministers appears not to contradict that sense.
  6. Agree it will be interesting to observe how NZ manages out of the pandemic. They have locked so hard but keeping it away will be a huge challenge especially for the economy.
  7. I have no wish whatsoever to engage in any insult with you Swindon as it's not my way (that's my qualification out of the way) ... ...and yet I want to ask whether you believe that there is any real chance of reaching agreement or whether this is all just a filibustering exercise until at least the 30th, after which no extension is possible to reach a workable deal ends. And secondly, do you think we are heading for a no deal. And if so, is it something you are in favour of? Thirdly, when you voted for Brexit, was a no deal an issue for you or would it not have mattered anyway, because you felt so strongly you just wanted to leave the EU. Just wanting to understand for my own peace of mind from someone who clearly is so passionate about Brexit and leaving.
  8. It's been compulsory where are from the very start of lockdown. Doctors and nurses fully gowned too with visors. Appointments only by phone or Skype unless urgent.
  9. Indeed, he is a milder version of both, more considered in his writing perhaps (Marina H and Matthew P have more entertainment value).
  10. https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/brexit-negotiations-boris-johnson-coronavirus-lockdown-a9551611.html
  11. I suspect one factor is that the two in question have an unerring sense of themselves and supreme self-confidence (one who wanted to be a 'world king' and the other told he was a 'killer') ....and this plays strongly to parts of the collective psyche. Somehow, what we feel or sense we don't own, we may find in another. Like the recent Bible photo op, it's symbolic. By giving our allegiance to something powerful or someone powerful, we give ourselves legitimacy. The answer, of course, is to find ourselves / accept ourselves. And that is hard work (but worthwhile work).
  12. We don't get to see much advice from Sage do we. I was disappointed to read that too. Must admit I thought we did go for the South Korea method very early on (I recall the first two York cases identified and reading where they had been etc). Yet, very soon we abandoned that...(the herd immunity question and probably because cases grew out of control quickly and we didn't have the capacity then?).
  13. It really is depressing now we have the leadership we do both the US and UK @Herman I believe even Brexiters in government certainly can see their leader much more clearly, because he gives himself away in his select committee answers and in the chamber with all his er's and imprecision. Yet, these are not normal times because so much is at stake. So much of this country I fear will be lost. Sold off for what? (rhetorical....doesn't require an answer of course).
  14. All my future bills are listed with Sky Sports fully charged from 1st July onwards @CANARYKING
  15. Does anyone think they will be provided in any form (if so I believe it would underline the message much better than leaving it up to people to do their own thing). Or provided at low cost? Again, I'm thinking about accessibility here, for those with fewer means. I believe this is at the heart of the matter rather than any marginal (or more significant) health benefit.
  16. I may well have just answered my own question. Here is a nice opinion piece sourced from the Francis Crick Institute. It sums up things for me really well, is largely positive (realistic too) but most of all purposive. It raises more questions of immunity, second waves and track/testing but places responsibility on us all... Less than 10% of people in Britain are immune to coronavirus. There's no room for mistakes | Coronavirus outbreak | The Guardian https://amp.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/jun/05/britons-immune-coronavirus-mistakes-covid-19-spread
  17. Perhaps. The long 'tail' off fits the shapes of progression by all countries coming out of the outbreak and your explanation seems reasonable. Yet, my question really related to how we might compare to Iran, if indeed we might, given the concern expressed in the media about a second UK wave and our relaxing of lockdown with the R rate still quite close to 1 .... Iran appears to be experiencing a second take off and it appears it will have two 'peaks' (and will have an 'M' shaped virus curve). https://www.independent.co.uk/news/health/coronavirus-r-rate-england-regional-1-spread-a9551101.html Another poster I think mentioned that cases are being picked up through our improved testing numbers (presumably some asymptomatic). Yet in the news tonight it was reported that infection rates appear to have dropped greatly (ONS). Overall, I'm confused. On the one hand there is talk and worry over new break outs and on the other, infection rates appear plummeting (was it 130k to 53k?....and of course death numbers are lagged data).
  18. Thanks Ron. This is probably one of my favourite Sting songs (and on that Blue Turtles album, they're all strong tracks...Set them free is joyous and Russians clever for example). But deconstructions like this are right up my street (as a guitarist (amateur) and more so, as a former songwriter. It helps understanding and getting underneath. I've been watching this fella who does YouTube videos of time signatures and I attach a Thom Yorke one here just for interest (I love what Yorke does with a few sparse chords). Anyway, cheers. Will be looking up Rick Beato now.
  19. Ahhhhh....I've missed those 'topics'! Normality is starting to slowly return.
  20. Agree here about haggling with Sky. Mine would have been (all in) £76 and rising after 3 months to north of £84. Sports plus all the rest (incl BB, landline, etc).Now fixed £58 for just over a year. That's enough for me. Also a VIP but no idea really what that means as cannot see much plus side to it at all. The emails you get periodically offer stuff that isn't really my thing. If anyone can tell me advantages let me know
  21. Yes I posted that link about K Lakey. See above in answer to Van Wink (source Guardian today in reference to interesting Dutch analysis). It's promising.
  22. Stock up on Cheddar, Jarlsberg, Emmenthal, Edam or blue cheeses! (If you like your cheese). Egg yolks, broccoli etc also decent sources of K
  23. Their openness in talking about their failures (if we assume indeed they are) has been staggering - on the surface of things anyway. I'm guessing though they can be more direct and honest because the government enjoys a good deal of trust.
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