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  1. When? We don't t play there for a while..
  2. He bought the Brewers in 2005 for $223m, now their estimated to be worth $1.26billion. I think that says he knows what he is doing.
  3. I admire the fact he realises he has made a big mistake and is not afraid to admit it. Hope he has a good career. Is he out of contract next summer of is there an option?
  4. Literacy not literary. Pukkini writes the music for these great tombs of literary genius.
  5. I ignored that moronic post Kiwi. I've spent most of my life abroad, in the RAF, and then private industry. Now retired with my wife of 40 years in the Philippines. I get to matches when I visit up if I am able to, but to go to a match from here is at best a four day trip and would cost the best part of £3,000. But obviously I am not a "proper" fan.
  6. I think he has just become a Grandfather.
  7. Don't forget their star forward, Placheta, is ineligible so will not play. 3-0 to us I think.
  8. PNE have not conceded in six games, but have only scored one themselves. How boring it must be supporting them this season. Five 0-0 draws and a 1-0 win. This has to be some kind of record.
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