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  1. Seriously? He starts by stating THIS seasons spend, but then brings in the previous 4 seasons, 3 in the Championship, in order to slew the figures to fit his biased concept of the truth. As an expat of many years now, I rely on the various boards to get a feel as to what is happening with our club, but idiotic themes like this do this board, and serious fans, a great disservice. Is there an ignore button on here whereby you can have some posters input bypassed?
  2. Possibly only someone of the stature of Joe Root can get anywhere near her in the voting, certainly no footballer. (For some reason my tablet refuses to allow Root, it changes it to Foot every time. Has Michael Foot taken over).
  3. The goalie saved three penalties but played poorly because he failed to score.
  4. Is there such a thing as an expected pitch invasion?
  5. Several have another game tues/wed. Also Krul didn't score either.
  6. The idea that we would loan Sorensen and Dowell out is ludicrous. They are both important members of the first team SQUAD.
  7. Not going to happen. Early doors SW said any bid would need to start with the figure 3, and in time for us to source and recruit a replacement.
  8. Not sure why you think this, Hanley is one of the fastest at the club.
  9. One I can remember vividly is at West Ham in 2003. Probably the most scared I have ever been at a match when Crouch scored for us to equalise I automatically reacted. Smuggled my way out before the end. There was a man and his young (13ish) daughter behind me both as scarey as each other. The "c" word was most of their language.
  10. Apparently SW has known about him since he was 10 or 11 years old.
  11. We probably will never play 1p5wich in the cup again. They have to get through two rounds first, which may never happen.
  12. I think the fact that Hanley was voted into second place in POTS indicates most people did not agree to that.
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