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    Over the last few days we have had a spell of spring like weather and although it was cooler and greyer today it was still an ideal day for a bike ride down to Carrow Road, Thankfully the news on Josh Sargents injury was positive and although Gibson had to drop out the return of a fit Grant Hanley has to be a plus. City were on the front foot from the get go and soon had the visitors defending their twenty yard line. In the third minute City almost broke through when Kenny floated a lovely ball over the top to Barnes. The keeper managed to push him wide of goal but a pass back inside saw Sargent coming in with the goal at his mercy. Somehow a defenders foot got in the way of his low shot and blocked it almost on the line. It got the crowd going and the home side began exert continual pressure. Onell and Stacey were lively down the right but the cross couldn't find a City player and it was all hands to the pump in Cardiff's overworked defence. Sainz almost opened the scoring when another cross from the right went over everybody and the little winger took a quick touch before firing in a shot that Horvath blocked and somehow the ball was hooked away as Sargent was hovvering. Then there was a heading contest in the six yard line as a corner came over. I thought Hanley would score but he couldn't quite get over it and the ball looped to Barnes who could only head over the bar from point blank range. We had seen next to nothing from the visitors as an attacking force until almost twenty minutes and as luck would have it it led to a goal out of the blue. I couldn't see much from my end but the ball seemed to fly across the goal a couple of times without anyone getting it away. before Collins poked it in despite the attentions of Gunn and Hanley. I turned to the boy and we both shook our heads in disbelief. We had been totally dominant and the score made a mockery of the balance of play. Thankfully events didn't appear to knock the confidence of the home side who continued to press the issue. With better luck we would have been level within a couple of minutes but after good work by Hernandez, Sara's curling shot came back off Horvath's right post and was scrambled away. With half time approaching I was beginning to harbour thoughts that it might not be our day but these were dispelled when on forty minutes McCallum's sharp cross deflected off Horvath's hands and fell to Sargent eight yards out and he didn't need further invitation to tuck home the equaliser. Almost from the restart Barnes had the ball in the net again from McCallums cross but unfortunately he had crept a shade offside. Being up above it I couldn't tell but there were no complaints although it did look a close call. We needn't have worried however because just before the break Sara curled in a wonderful free kick from twenty yards to put a more realistic slant on the scoreline. It was good to see the team applauded off as it he certainly one of the most dominating halves we have seen for a long time. Cardiff had a brief spell on the front foot after the restart but the game soon regained its early pattern with City playing some lovely quick stuff and looking a class above the visitors. Any hope for Cardiff was quickly extinguished on fifty five minutes when Hanley sent Stacey away down the the right and after a quick interchange the ball moved on to Sargent who banged in a shot that the Cardiff keeper could only parry onto a post but the City forward was quick to latch onto the rebound and extend the lead. Carrow Road was now in good voice and a world away from some of the dismally quiet episodes of recent months. Kenny, Nunez and Sara linked up perfectly at times and there was a constant threat of a quick break everytime Cardiff pushed to far forward. To be honest I can't recall Gunn making a save of any note. Sainz almost made it four with a break down the left but appered to over run it in the box and a little later had a really good chance when the ball fell kindly to him. He had time and space but was a bit too deliberate in his placement and lofted it over the bar. Barnes and Sargent came off with twenty minutes left and I thought it an opportune time to give them an ironic boo as they went and more than a few my end joined in. It was Hooijdonk and Fassnacht that came on and fittingly it was that pairing that figured in the fourth city goal with just under fifteen minutes left. I think it was Fassnacht who stretched for a loose clearance and after a lovely quick passing interchange that split the Cardiff defence he was on hand to slot the ball past Horvath to wrap up the points. Stacey was replaced by Fisher late on and received generous applause for what to my mind was one of his best performances to date. Something that could be said for many in the home line up today. I thought Nunez was a class apart in midfield whilst Kenny and Gabby Sara both performed at their usual high levels. Onell had a really good outing but I think I will give my MOM award to Josh Sargent for a classy display, two fine goals and an audacious back heel pass that almost sent a team mate through on goal had he been more alive to it. All things considered a very good day at the office and probably the best all round display I have seen since Wagner has been in charge. I was out of puff when I cycled home but it was a very enjoyable afternoon.
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    Sometimes admitting we are wrong about something is hard, and apologising doesn't come easy for some people. I get that. On Tuesday night, whether we voiced our annoyance of the substitutions or we thought it, (and I think 20000 fans thought "what is he doing?"), I feel David Wagner needs an apology. Yes we all got it wrong. In hindsight the chanting and booing was wrong. Sure, if the players had sat on the turf showing they were injured, it would have communicated just that, and we all would have understood the reasoning behind taking both players off. But that didn't happen. There has been much support in the media for DW and rightly so. 9 games at home unbeaten and 7th in the table. Yes, he has made bizarre team selections and substitutions during his tenure at City, but let's admit it, we have the feel good factor back and playing some great football. He may or may not be the man to take us forward, but I feel you guys in the Snake Pit and Barclay could at least show some recognition to how he has improved the team, and chant his name today,? Let's heal this divide a little. Sure we have had a tough few months, but now is the time to support the one person who has turned our season around. David Wagner.
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    He's like the anti-Onel. All end product.
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    Scored the winner for Walsall on his Football League debut today. Well done young man. (1:16 to 1:30 here) https://www.skysports.com/football/walsall-vs-mansfield-town/484556
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    16 shots, 4 on target, 5 off target and the other 7 presumably entering some form of alternate dimension?
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    I think, by way of apology, we need to chant "you do know what you're doing" at some point today.
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    I heard you out. The answer is: no, don't be silly.
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    Would be a total mismatch wouldn't it? Compared to our Jack the Bunny is listless, low intensity and lacking in energy and endurance. He may not be the best defender ever, but for sheer determination, workrate and flat out effort week in week out Stacey takes the biscuit. Love him!
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    Can you see it now?
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    Harry is right. We've all been guilty of grumbling and a lot of us are not big fans of Wagner but he has got us this far and quite close to what will be a good achievement so probably best to help out, keep the moans to a minimum and be the full on twelfth man that we are capable of being.
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    41 years old and still planning on dribbling past defenders and banging in goals😉
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    This isn't an anti McLean post but the team looks so much more balanced on midfield with these two. Nunez's defensive abilities have been a revelation and Wagner deserves a lot of credit for having the guts to use him there- he just needs to stick with him now.
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    Na, na na na na, na na na na, na nana na nana, Kenny McLean. Tricky one for beginners
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    Bishop Brennan I can't really think beyond him.
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    A huge part of the balance is Barnes dropping deeper and adding an extra body in midfield. In general we're doing far better at those tactical rotations meaning we're spending less time outnumber in the central third, finding some decent pockets of space and occasional overloads. It's noticeable how much better we are in transitions both when we win and lose the ball with some quick vertical passes in attack and reliable defensive cover in defence. This is all I've been asking for and addresses my fundamental problem with playing two strikers. I love McLean the centre back. He adds a whole extra dimension in the defensive line (and his ability to break from it). Teams really struggle to cope when he pushes into midfield because no one knows who should be picking him up and, invariably, whoever does then leaves someone else free. But, yes, I'm very happy with the Nunez/Sara partnership.
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    Think it's the low-intensity, high repetition exercise of all that pointing that keeps him so fit
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    Video at the top of the club page on the BBC website as of 5pm on Friday. (If anyone can embed the video here, would be much appreciated. It was beyond me.) DW reflecting on his Watford post-match comments: I think he gets it bang on. The gist is: "Maybe the words I used were too strong, but I stand by the message. 14 games to go, we've done really well to be closer to the 'interesting positions' (love this phrase, by the way), but we are not done. We need all to be together." Hard to argue, no? Time to put those differences aside. Eyes on the prize, a Wembley appearance and ruining Ipswich's best season for years. What's not to like? On the ball, City.
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    Really need to win this. West Brom losing last night was a big result.
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    Small Keith, Vincent and the 20 percent must be very upset 😉
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    Sara is expecting a Sara Jr. Not sure why he's bothering as Wagner doesn't player youngsters.
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    How about this for a different song for Kenny? To the tune 'She bangs the drum' by the Stone Roses: "Have you seen or have you heard The way he plays, there are no words To describe Kenny Mcleeean He's the mayor of City Hall You'll see him pointing at the ball Super Kenny, Kenny Mcleeean"
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    I was part of the booing on Tuesday. Frustration got the better of me and I perceived we were parking the bus/trying to hang on. I did feel really stupid afterwards and then couldn't really argue with what DW said after the game either. Tried to go to the game today with a positive mindset and to get behind them and to be fair, I think a majority seemed to do the same. Crowd was excellent. So to be honest he probably does deserve an apology and I think the atmosphere today was a direct result of his comments. Fantastic performance on the pitch helped too.
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    Much like Farke with Pukki, Wagner rightly built the side pre season about the best way to get the most out of Josh. It's why Barnes plays when people would prefer Sara up there - Barnes and Sargent combine brilliantly and its clear they enjoy being on the pitch together.
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    5 or 6 points would keep us on track, any more is a bonus.
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    That explains the sound of a huge bottle bank being emptied during the game....
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    Yes, yes he is. He’s good for this board generally but he flip flops whichever way he thinks is popular and feeds off controversy.
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    Trying to stir up trouble CC? It’s a great result and a good run at home which compares very favourable to sustained periods of absolute rubbish at home for the last couple of seasons. But it means nought if we can’t sustain this form into the playoff places and stay there. We’re still playing catch-up from earlier runs this season which were so bad any other coach at any other club would have been sacked. Yes this is great, but over the season we are still underperforming. I’ll celebrate tonight, I’ll even go as far as to say that Wagner is proving the doubters wrong (including myself) but he’s been streaky before in previous jobs (and even this one!) so let’s see if he can keep it going until the end of the season and get us to where we were expected to be, top 6.
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    It was what I was expecting when he was appointed, really aggressive front-foot pressing and attacking at pace. The desire to win the ball back today was fantastic. Cardiff looked pretty dreadful, but we put them away very stylishly today. Great to see
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    Amazing what a semi fit squad does for you isn't it? Wagner is showing that he's a good manager at this level when he doesn't have an enormous injury crisis.
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    Sargent's improvement these last couple of seasons is fantastic to see. Credit to him.
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    I am greatly reassured that he does appear to actually have a real-life friend! Enjoy the match, fellas.
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    The simple thing here is to not boo substitutions, full stop. There are at least 3 people involved in every substitution and for the players themselves, it’s unclear who’s actually being booed, more often than not. When Gibson entered the pitch a few weeks back I really felt for him; it was horribly uncomfortable. So much for encouraging our own players. This really isn’t about Wagner, or any of the squad. While I disagree with Wagner’s in-game decisions far too often, I can’t bring myself to ever boo a substitution, or indeed any of our own players in-game. Boo the officials, the opposition, boo at FT if it’s been an abject performance. If Fassnacht comes on at 60 mins for Rowe, cool. Encourage the lad. It’s not about staying home, it’s about giving your head a wobble and giving the team the lift. It’s what we’re there for, isn’t it?
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    Results have improved but he’s still regularly making poor selections snd iffy subs. Happy to back the team today and hope that there is something of a reset in the atmosphere. But I won’t be singing Wagners name any time soon as I don’t think he should be there.
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    I am a 70 y o fan in the South Stand. Don't be so ridiculous
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    You have a strange idea of a football manager's job if you think clubs employ them to "deliver the best possible customer experience". Wagner isn't manager of McDonalds; his job is solely to get results. Typically one follows the other of course, but apparently not always. As evidenced by the fact that we've won 5 out of the last 7, and yet a vocal minority (including yourself) are apparently livid (dare I suggest, even more so than if we were losing). The suggestion "ultimately the fans don't have any responsibility, aren't accountable" says a lot about where you're coming from. You don't have to be paid by an organisation in order to be accountable for your actions. Ultimately its up to individuals to decide if they want to support their team and help them, or create a nasty atmosphere that saps morale because they have an agenda against the manager. Those fans are responsible for their actions, and they should be held accountable. And frankly, I hope other fans start holding them to account.
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    It says that the players probably understand how big the injury impact was within the camp and that for the past 17 games they've been in play-off form so to boo a sub midway through a game that was being won is just as stupid as it sounds.
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    Your concern about what happens at the stadium you never visit is noted
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    I’m disappointed about how futtun quiet it is on ere tonight
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    Either my mind's hit gutter mode already or that really is one heck of a euphemism.
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    I also noticed that. Fortunately the referee didn't.
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    I’m sure they can work out the reason why, rather than remaining bemused. And there wasn’t any booing at 4-2. That’s disinformation to suit an agenda.
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    2 nil to Liverpool. The dreaded 12:30pm is dealt with
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    If we seriously want to be promotion contenders we simply have to win games like today. I don’t think it’s entitled when you acknowledge that winning today is very much the club’s expectation from their own comms. QPR was an annoying performance and result, we all saw those subs and negative decisions lose us two points that were there when we needed to continue to establish ourselves in the playoff race, but in context of our overall run it wasn’t the end of the world. You can’t fail to beat Cardiff in their current form, especially given how much we rely on our home form. That’s not entitled to me, that’s just the obvious conclusion. Is that a lot of pressure? Yes, but that’s what everyone involved with the club is paid for.
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    Utter bollox. You must have been cavorting with some binners one evening. Having been mid table or out of the PO spots for much of this season, I'm surprised people feel we think we should be beating teams 3-0 each match. Garbage !
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    Dear David I briefly joined in a bit of booing on Tuesday … I apologise…
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    I was impressed with a large number of low odds picks which felt like it was tailored for me and In another year I think I could pull off x3 sixes from them, but only 1 this year and I'm trying to add some value so up goes the risk factor. Slovan Bratislava v Zlate Moravce - Home Win Celtic v Kilmarnock - Home Win Hearts v Motherwell - Home Win Bolton v Charlton - Home Win Brentford v Liverpool - Away Win AEK v Kifisia - Home Win
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    Webber has a lot to answer for with his attitude towards the fans, he is gone but his legacy remains. It is good he has toned his words down but stuck to this underlying message of getting behind the team. Hopefully another home win is incoming tomorrow and the supporters get behind the team.........
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    This has been a much better thread to discuss the happenings of Tuesday than other more emotional threads on here, I'm just sorry I haven't got to it until now. This point particularly resonates. Yes, the EFL are taking more than enough time to formally confirm Attanasio's share allotment et al, but you cannot help wondering whether he is waiting for a "big club crisis" before the above happens. Others have pondered on Wagner potentially being a "lucky" manager as well as a streaky one. Perhaps Attanasio has felt close to making the above move (especially after Blackburn), but then that darned bloke got lucky again! All to play for. Just taking longer than most would like. In my world (now) investors, new CEO, new shareholders, funds and oligarchic figures love to create lines in the sand, delineation from what has gone before, a new benchmarking of a new zero point. You can understand it from commercial, ego, calculatory, bonus pot-ery standpoints. Putting new money into old problems, that get swallowed without obvious change, recognition, thanks or effect is unattractive on multiple levels. ‘I want any investment I make to clearly reflect well on me and not be claimed-muddied-confused with what went on yesterday’ would be a common thread. The ‘holding pattern’ - financially-sportingly-operationally - that Webber left behind and Wagner inherited (which indeed went against much good that had gone before) was also a transitional firebreak on a higher corporate level. Knapper doing nothing much for a bit - including this January window - also fits this logic and narrative. Who better than Wagner right now? Or even - if we’re honest - when we were looking pretty poor in November? If the old guard holding pattern somehow succeeds via the playoffs then you call some SSG friends, share some equity, get a cash injection and have some fun. Fans will feel that its Christmas. If it doesn’t, you ship out a huge number of players, dump the manager (which you are actually going to do whatever happens), take your data analytics out for a spin, test Knapper’s London Academies contacts book and - in either case - you have drawn a notable corporate line in the sand that ‘this is my regime’ . Judge me from here, This is the benchmark day zero. Which is what you wanted all along. Parma
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    I want us to do as well as we can, finish as high as we can and take it from there. It really is rather disturbing the number of people who are “scared” of promotion; maybe worry about it If it happens, rather than now.
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