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  1. paddycanary

    RIP Bill Withers

    Always liked Bill Withers, a great voice & style. Another great gone
  2. paddycanary

    What’s your favourite animal?

    Don’t like eating wookiee though. It’s a bit chewie
  3. Reminds me of another Father Ted reference with the milk float: "...and there's UHT milk...but no-one drinks that...cause it's sh1te!"
  4. Say his name as "Great Scott!" a la Doc in Back to the Future before you ignore & move on. Makes it more tolerable and brings a small moment of happiness into the world
  5. paddycanary

    Farke out

    What about the Copper Coast, a little further east?
  6. paddycanary

    Farke out

    That's known as "The Wolf" where I'm from, as in "I've got the Wolf" or "The Wolf is knocking." I note your post was yesterday evening, so I assume you've spent a considerable amount of time on the throne today. To give context, I recently put away my third bowl of curry, so my turn is in the post!
  7. nice alliteration
  8. paddycanary

    A unique occasion.

    Good on you ramrod! Reads like a poem uttered over a montage! Love it
  9. paddycanary

    Spurs Losing the Plot In Spectacular Style

    I wonder did he manage to squeeze in a Cantona style high kick!
  10. paddycanary

    FA Cup or premier League football

    perhaps a bit of impractical short-term euphoria but the cup for me too. would be unforgettable to go all the way!
  11. paddycanary

    Team for Spurs

    A win would be superb for club morale. FTW won't be too far away with that team. Although neither Vrancic nor Trybull have seen much pitch time recently, one or both might get the nod. Vrancic deserves a start after the Burnley game & it's unlikely DF will start without a defensive midfielder. Duda needs to keep playing to find his form and Rupp will probably be shoehorned in somewhere. What about: Krul Aarons Hanley Godfrey Lewis Trybull / Rupp Vrancic Buendia Duda Cantwell Drmic Not sure if Rupp & Vrancic is solid enough in deep midfield, but Tommy T hasn't played much recently. McLean, Stiepermann, Idah, one of Rupp/Trybull and young defender to give options off the bench. Small afterthought: Would McLean & Vrancic work as a partnership?
  12. paddycanary

    Time for a clear out

    If we're talking about incomings Y & G, would you agree that a new & improved Tettey/CDM should be the priority, assuming Krul & Pukki are still here in August. Or the fabled ball-playing, physical & aerially dominating CB? Or another Buendia (if possible) should he seek a move? As it stands, we have an ageing Tettey, Trybull, Sitti & Thompson for defensive midfield. Could this be the occasion to relieve RVW from his oft-quoted "club record transfer" millstone? Not sure even Webber can pull that kind of a rabbit out of a hat for peanuts, as every club in the world is looking for the next Kante! Will be intriguing!
  13. paddycanary

    Time for a clear out

    Sadly looking increasingly likely that Emi will move on to pastures new in the not too distant future. Big shoes to fill considering his heroics during promotion, and Pukki doesn't seem to quite fire without him. Hopefully bridges can be mended, and soon! Fahrmann & Duda obviously. McGovern? Aarons likely to be sold for a significant chunk. Could be the end for Big Timm Klose, we never really got the best out of him for an extended period, which has been costly. Heise? - difficult to call, but might be useful in the Championship. Probably sold on. Raggett? - seems to be progressing with regular games, but not sure he's the answer to CB woes Leitner will surely look for a move. Cantwell - very good chance he'll be sought after if he can make an impact over the run-in, hopefully for a ridiculous sum. Louis Thompson - feel very sorry for his injury problems but perhaps he should be shifted - a shame because in another dimension he could have been a very effective top Champo standard player Carlton Morris - Has also been a bit unfortunate, but time to make space in the squad & freshen things up. If there is any interest in the likes of Krul, Godfrey, Lewis, Vrancic or Pukki, they should be strongly rebuffed, with the rest of the team built around them. For me, Krul, Buendia & Pukki are the only three that would be extremely difficult to replace from the squad in general.
  14. I think quite a few, myself included, are regularly victims of "short-term-itis" with regard to the most recent result/performance. And yesterday was dismal. I just hope that the players keep showing some fight & desire to get some points on the board and keep morale reasonably high. If yesterday becomes the norm performance-wise over the next few weeks, an already shaky team spirit will take a nose-dive and we all know how that tends to end. It's in nobody's interest to throw in the towel yet, including the few who fancy their chances of a lucrative move over the summer. A defence that was performing fairly well recently made two enforced changes, one of whom has played very little in the last couple of months. I think many would agree that deep-midfield has been a weak point in comparison to virtually all opposition since August. Our 'creator-in-chief' looks to be frustrated and possibly causing a bit of unrest in the camp. Our two primary goal threats are marked men, are barely getting a sniff and are poorly supported in attack (see deep-midfield for root of problem). Our two new signings are understandably struggling to make their mark in a team which is similarly struggling for rhythm & consistency having walked straight into the starting 11. Confidence looks shot if first to concede. Goals have dried up. Injuries are biting again. We're only heading one way, but if we don't pick up a few points here & there and look competitive in the majority of games, I would worry about squad, management & fan togetherness and our prospects of tackling another big promotion push from August with a positive mindset. The rest of the home fixtures are Leicester, Southampton, Everton, Brighton, West Ham & Burnley. I think it's hugely important that a couple of scalps are taken here and that we hold our own in these matches. Anything at all on the road (Blades, Arsenal, Watford, Chelsea & Man City) would be welcome of course, but realistically doesn't look likely given the current situation. Maybe a draw or two. If I remember rightly, Farke experimented with 3 at the back in pre-season and showed a willingness to be flexible with the formation. We've been hampered pretty much all season with defensive injuries which has limited options. The financial constraints are hugely detrimental to consistency of performance and on-pitch competitiveness at this level. The summer window was not a success, and I for one was generally happy to go with what we had at the time after the Amadou signing, perhaps blinded by the positivity surrounding such an amazing promotion season. Hopefully yesterday was just a particularly bad day at the office. We deserve to be bottom, we deserve to be relegated, but I really hope that we can get through the last 11 fixtures with a positive mentality, stay in games, tack on a few points and finish strongly. Maybe a trip to Wembley is on the cards! OTBC!