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  1. Was he water-skiing out on the Norfolk Broads (or something similar) and he damaged his knee? Have a vague recollection of reading an article when that team was dismantled, including Culverhouse saying that his "face didn't fit" at Norwich anymore. Sad times. How likely is it that we'll ever be as competitive at the top end again?
  2. I sat through a good chunk of Brentford v Arsenal yesterday and it was about as entertaining as organising your tax returns, a la the George Graham era. Nicked a 1-0 at the death. Not dissimilar to Carrow Road re: interest levels. Remind me where Mr. Knapper earned his chops again........
  3. Loved it then, still love it. I have mine all these years later, although it requires a chisel & putty-knife for safe removal these days; its been on many a trip and my teenage daughter was wearing it a few days ago!
  4. Yes, they'll be "working from home." No need to wear long trousers ever again. Dream job.
  5. To assess his legacy, I think you have to examine what you will remember about his time here looking back, and also if he has left the club in a better place than when he arrived. I'll remember the two promotion seasons, particularly the first one, and some sensational late equalisers & winners. Some shrewd signings, e.g. Krul, and the Buendia/Pukki partnership. The bringing through of some exciting youth players. In truth, it'll be Farke I'll remember more fondly for these positives I'm sure. And there's no doubt that the training infrastructure has been transformed which will surely be a big plus over the next 10/15 years. But we were an embarrassment in the Premier League following both promotions, particularly the second time around, after we swallowed the first relegation as part of a "plan." Even with our financial limitations which I accept as a huge hindrance, player trading for the top flight was a failure. Our reputation as a "yo-yo" club is now entrenched which will have ramifications in the future when(if!) we again achieve promotion. There have been very few positives since the sale of Buendia. As Fuzzar I think mentioned above, his straight talking was refreshing when things were going well, but have lacked tact & social intelligence given general frustrations due to the club's slide over the last couple of years. Is the club in a better place now on his impending departure? I don't share the vitriol of some of the comments above as there have been some great times. But for me, I think overall we are now in a worse place. The senior playing squad is somewhere around mid-Champo standard (similar to Webber's arrival) but are on crippling wages. The club now has to somehow service a debt which will require 3 or 4 "Maddisons" to keep the boat sailing while diminishing the playing staff. Communication has been poor, media-relations even worse, with rumours of unhappy staff behind the scenes & a general malaise among fans due to the atmosphere and lack of entertainment. It will of course come around again. Knapper has a hefty inbox to deal with. The next managerial appointment will surely be one with a track record of bringing through & nurturing the youth players (Farke!) because there sure as hell won't be much in the piggy bank. Part of Webber's philosophy is scouring for youth - perhaps we will get to see the fruits of some of his labour over the next few years as some more Warners/Fishers et al break through? Things look grim right now but we'll come again!
  6. Vlad the Impaler is regarded as a bit of a hero in modern-day Romania, defending his bit of the world from invaders/would-be conquerors and repelling attacks.
  7. Good luck to all of them. If Dimi can turn his form around under a new system, perhaps offer a new contract, but that's about it.
  8. Cheers Mr Bunce. I think I was deducting the estimated 30m yet to come in parachute payments from the 95m. I'm sure there are transfer-related instalments both in & out to be considered too, but it's certainly an eye-watering figure for a club our size. But looking at our most recent transfer window, I don't think you need to be an accountant to guess that the well is very much dry at the moment. Promotion won't be happening this season & it's disheartening to think that any player who shows well this season will most likely be touted to the highest bidder next summer. The Webber era is drawing to a close. Is the club in a better place compared to his arrival? Looking at the current playing staff & these accounts, you'd have to say no imo, infrastructure notwithstanding. He seemed to perform his best work on a budget, pre-Brexit. The club (luckily?) struck gold with the Buendia/Pukki combo. When the boat was pushed out on player wages, we have ended up here. In fairness, the Webber team have brought in good money when flogging player assets, most of whom were already at the club before his arrival. In a game of peaks & troughs, it looks like we are knee-deep at the moment. A few wins on the pitch though...................!
  9. So to summarise, is the club currently in the hole for about £65m? I am not a chartered accountant.
  10. Why did AI wrap a doily around some red matchsticks? It look like a kid's art project. A bad one.
  11. With hindsight, does seem to have been an unnecessary drain on our limited finances, although we do have history with being left short on CBs. Looks like our DOF has again blown hot & cold in the transfer market, particularly as we are now supposed to be tapping into newer markets. Maybe something is in the pipeline for January?
  12. I am, therefore I think, I am an lams cat
  13. The Martin O'Neill departure still rankles, Dean Windass etc. It often feels like we could have had more sustained time at a higher level, perhaps even a trip or two to Wembley, with just a bit more dosh in the coffers...
  14. Ansen? Young keeper I assume, embarrassed to say never heard of him. Midfield still looks unbalanced and will leave the defenders exposed as the game wears on. We'll need at least two goals I feel. Which may well happen!
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