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  1. paddycanary

    A little early

    Hi Robert, Ask Chippy Brady, he might be able to fix you up
  2. paddycanary

    The worlds going mad ...........

    Isn't the plural 'parentheses?'
  3. paddycanary

    A club without ambition

    Where's your right hand gone Disco? Ya filthy beggar!
  4. paddycanary

    Team for Everton

    exposing Aaron's what? (apologies, couldn't resist!)
  5. paddycanary

    Dubliner chasing Arsenal tickets

    I never saw Giles either, too young, but I saw the other two a few times. I was at the testimonial in Lansdowne when Brady was taken off!! He wasn't too impressed if I remember rightly. They're different types of player but you'd probably go for Keane alright due to his ability to single-handedly influence a game. And yes, agreed, we're fairly brutal at the moment, might sneak in if a favourable draw shines upon us for the new year. I wouldn't be banking on a win this month. I'm hoping to get over to Carrow Road in Feb/March if I can. Maybe I'll try somewhere else than here for tickets though!
  6. Maybe poor Adam blames us for inflicting Houghton-ball on them
  7. paddycanary

    Team for Everton

    Would be a nice boost if Zimmermann is fit & available to start. I wonder how Buendia will react after Friday's game & post-match comments - could be crucial to his future career here. Adversity reveals leaders. Benching him would allow Vrancic to start without over-exposing the back four. Or he could be moved central at Marco's expense. Would Hernandez be better utilised as an impact sub away from home - keep it tight for the first 60 mins? If Aarons & Byram both start, would it relieve the forward group from some of their more defensive duties? Lots to ponder after Watford.
  8. paddycanary

    Dubliner chasing Arsenal tickets

    Well done Chippy, no harm in trying! I'm a hundred miles south of you in the sunny southeast. I brought a couple of my kids to watch the Canaries friendly against Cobh Ramblers during the summer last year. Too late to convert them to the yellow and green though. You'll never guess who the eldest follows...........i'll give you a clue.............they wear red & white with a picture of a cannon on the crest! Hope you get sorted somehow - enjoy the Carrow! Small pointless aside - at their peak would you rather Brady, Giles or Roy Keane in the engine room?
  9. paddycanary

    Team for Everton

    I understood that it'll be another month, possibly longer before Zimm is fit to start a game. Not forgetting he was probably brought in a bit too early when he got crocked by Haller. Is Hanley not due back first? I wonder will DF pair Tettey & Amadou together to help tighten up around the middle? Or will he pick one of Vrancic, McLean, Leitner or Trybull alongside Tettey/Amadou? Or perhaps three CMs? Are Aarons & Lewis both certainties to start? What about Buendia? Should Cantwell get another opportunity from the start? How long until Drmic is back? Lots of question marks currently. It's good to have options again but the poor form makes picking the team a more difficult job. What about: Krul Aarons Hanley Godfrey Lewis Tettey Amadou Vrancic Stiepermann Hernandez Pukki Vrancic in a roving role, linking the play, tracking runners, giving an outlet, on set-pieces & picking the passes. Something different from Emi so far. Tettey & Amadou screening & covering for the full backs when they venture across the halfway line. Buendia, Cantwell, McLean, Trybull, Byram, Leitner, Idah, Srbeny (Roberts?) giving various options off the bench. I do think that it might help to get Byram into the team somehow, as suggested above. He must have expected more game-time
  10. paddycanary

    Team for Watford

    Might be a good game to blood Famewo and give poor Byram an opportunity at CB, given our woes in that position; however given their lack of game time, I'd probably stick with the 4-2-3-1. Something like: Krul Krul Byram Famewo Krul Krul Krul Krul Krul Krul Krul Subs: Krul, Krul, Krul, Krul, Krul, Heise Spring Krul from the bench twice after 70/75 mins for some nous & experience to close the game out. Keep Heise in reserve in case the defensive injury curse strikes again. If not required, bring in Krul at 91mins. I've a good feeling about this game.
  11. paddycanary

    Team for Watford

    The Goat hasn't really earned his corn over the last few weeks. Maybe he needs a breather
  12. paddycanary

    Team for Watford

    Krul Aarons Amadou Godfrey Lewis Tettey Leitner Buendia Stiepermann Hernandez Pukki Even with confidence fairly low, we shouldn't have any fear of an injury-hit Watford at home. Get back to what we do well. I'm sure DF has considered trying out Byram, Famewo or Lewis at CB and believes Amadou or Tetts is the best we can do at the moment. Bring Moritz back deeper alongside a competent CDM. Stieps has something to prove after being recently benched. This could be a good game for him to get going. I'm sure Buendia knows better than anyone where his decision-making can improve from the last day. That team is arguably only a Zimm/Klose away from our strongest 11. This could be the game to kick-start some positive momentum!
  13. paddycanary

    Famewo new contract

    I wonder would that be the youngest back four in the top flight in living memory? Aarons Famewo Godfrey Lewis Not forgetting the switching off during the double change which played a big part in Duffy's winner when the game was still alive - Tettey the organiser being one of the two hauled off with Trybull. I suspect Amadou will start at CB with Tettey screening. Difficult to say who'll get the nod alongside Tetts though. Could this be a Leitner-style game? Tettey & Trybull together to give the full-backs freedom? Another chance for McLean to stake his claim? Hopefully Amadou is fit to start.
  14. paddycanary

    What’s the problem?

    Fair enough, perhaps a dramatic choice of word! I expected to be in and around the relegation spots for pretty much the entire season. But I expected to be more competitive in most games, to be creating more good chances, to dig out a few draws, to be more difficult to defeat, to not look defeated after going behind and to still to be in games approaching the 90 mins.
  15. paddycanary

    Comedy of errors

    Right from the first game at Anfield, we always look likely to undo any good work or 'purple patches' in games with dodgy defensive work in and around our own box. Teams don't need to work all that hard to break us down. Whatever is being attempted at Colney to tighten things up, recent evidence suggests that we're now not creating enough clear-cut chances at the other end. Have we been sussed out? Are we too predictable? Is it mainly down to defensive injuries? Did we not strengthen sufficiently over the summer? Is the squad too inexperienced for this level? It's hardly an accident that the most consistent performers so far (for me Krul, Pukki & Tettey) are the 'elder statesmen' in the squad. A couple of wins would change the mood & momentum drastically but at the moment it's difficult to see who we can overpower. We live in hope. Watford at home could be the making or breaking of squad morale. We need to turn around the funk that's set in since the Man City game.