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  1. I think Max Air-Rons will still be playing for the u21s when he's u31.
  2. Yeah, but Carlton Palmer was so shít! It used to make me chuckle how bad he was at international level.
  3. I see my instinctive response to the thread title "Carton Palmer" already has a few mentions, as has my follow up "Geoff Thomas."
  4. My ring has never fully recovered from a late-night curry I had in Coventry when I challenged the chef to hit me with his best shot. He came out to watch. Licked the plate clean but........it burns, burns, burns
  5. Also fairly similar to the Dutch Flag:
  6. O Hole-y night... It Came Upon A Midnight Clear...
  7. Ah, Ruel Fox, still one of my all-time favourite players! Interesting aside for those with an Irish outlook: Montserrat has strong links to Ireland due to labourers, planters and slave-owners emigrating there over a long period of time growing sugar cane. Their flag has a woman in a green dress with a harp and they celebrate St. Patrick's Day on the 17th March although I think it's linked to their campaign against the slave-owners.
  8. This post is myopic, egotistical and lacking in perspective.
  9. I think England might actually go all the way in this Qatar World Cup under the much-maligned Southgate, or very close. I've often thought that the summer tournaments seem to disproportionately affect English players after a long season compared to lots of the other nations. They'll be hitting their stride vis-à-vis fitness/peak condition when this competition comes around & the experiences in recent tournaments should stand them in good stead.
  10. Jonathan Rowe Kieran Dowell Still struggling with Mathews & Son!
  11. For a woman with eight decades on the clock, it appears she still has great things in front of her.
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