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  1. A couple of observations from reading this thread. While it's looking more & more likely, we're not promoted yet. And now to disregard my own first observation: the chastening experience of last season looks to have made the majority on here a bit more realistic & pragmatic about our chances. Surely this is a good thing, and this pragmatism is shared in the boardroom I'm sure. We rode (myself included) a bit of a wave of optimism & naivety after the last promotion, which got fairly brutally crushed after some bruising 0-2 defeats if my memory serves. Amadou flopping, Pukki getting isolated and CB injuries shredded our already slim chance of being consistently competitive. We simply won't be paying the kinds of outlandish wages required to tempt the calibre of player required. To be competitive without shattering the current financial structures, this summer's window will require some very clever use of scouting and the loan market alongside a handful of 'solid' signings in the 5-8m bracket, a la Gibson & Giannoulis. One would assume this process is well in hand already. We need to sign a CB, a CDM, a 10 & a striker, a complete spine of players who can hopefully compete at Prem level. These are the hardest positions to successfully recruit for as every club wants them. A massive ask for Webber & co; would be a huge task even with a wealthy owner. Quite a few signs would suggest Aarons is leaving this summer, even if promoted. Would the club risk throwing Mumba in there? Unlikely, yet. Aarons learnt on the job here and the experience he has gained here will benefit another club soon, and good luck to him. But we'll need someone there too. Lots to ponder. But let's get promoted first and ponder some more! It's a huge challenge, but certainly not impossible. You need 3 teams to be even more shít than you. Avoid the trapdoor once and then you can start looking upwards.
  2. He has a serious catalogue of tunes, plenty sung by other artists too. Just off the top of my head: Cracklin' Rosie Forever in Blue Jeans I Am I Said Beautiful Noise Cherry Cherry Song Sung Blue Love on the Rocks Coming to America You Don't Bring me Flowers Anymore (not sure if he wrote that one) Kentucky Woman I'm a Believer Girl, You'll be a Woman Soon Red Red Wine and loads more if I really think about it or consult Mr Google Only saw him the once though, and he had everyone up and dancing!
  3. A new coach who came here called Farke, Just tore up the league in a parka But then was not backed Heard talk of being sacked His mood became gradually darker But then came a bright new season Was Gibson the primary reason? Or perhaps Ollie Skipp Who just let it rip And climbed back to the top of the tree, son! (I think I'll leave it there, My posting is generally rare I enjoy a good rhyme From time to time but the meter on this thread was quare!)
  4. A battering ram called Jordan Was all the club was affordin' He'd just made his mark Got put off the park Like Drmic he's now off recordin'
  5. An AM who went by Todd C Gave 2 fingers to all and sundry He grew out his hair His chest he laid bare And signed terms with Leicester City (alternative to controversial closing line - Please stay here forever Toddy!)
  6. A Spurs player called Ollie Skipp Over centre-mid he got a grip With the Mayor by his side Every midfield they fried Back to the Prem, we took a trip
  7. There was a young Finn called Pukki Whose finishing some might call flukey Along came Buendia Who changed his career Now Goreham just says "Holy Fookey!"
  8. A cagey 1-0 win for me. A Pukki scrambler midway through the second half, some nervy moments but see the game out. We need to be a bit smarter with our use of the bench.
  9. If McLean is fit to start, Rupp should currently be on the bench. We have a number of players who badly need pitch time, but we also need to get back up on the horse after the last few results and keep the heat on those around us. Worryingly, Pukki is looking a bit jaded again & we rely too heavily on him to rattle the onion bag. If you're an opposition coach looking to stunt our goal-scoring threat at the moment, you pin our full-backs, deny the Goat space and frustrate Buendia. Let us pass it around in non-threatening areas while crowding the area in front of the box. As in pretty much every season where you're in & around the top, tweaks are required as things progress and your methods are counter-acted. We need to spring a few curve-balls over the next month or two. Hopefully the likes of Giannoulis, Idah, maybe Josh Martin or Mumba can make a tangible impact and the likes of Onel, Placheta, Dowell, Hugill and maybe even Marco can find some form. I'm also in the "Vrancic off the bench" camp.
  10. If you swap out Lungi for McLean, I'd say you have it. Unless DF tries to shoehorn Rupp in at Onel's expense? Which would be disappointing at home to a decent but very beatable Stoke side on a poor run. It would be interesting to give Idah a start too (sorry Onel!). Pukki needs support. While Idah is still raw, he demands attention and draws players to him, he's direct & physical, and he's not going to sharpen his tools sitting in the stand. Skipp McLean Buendia Cantwell Idah Pukki Lots for the opposition to ponder there, still solid at the back and a tidy bench to change it up.
  11. Assuming DF wants to get more game time into the legs of Giannoulis & Rupp and also get Kenny back on to the pitch while also tweaking the forward areas a bit, what about: Krul Aarons Hanley Gibson Giannoulis Skipp McLean Rupp/Idah/Onel Vrancic Cantwell Pukki I think this game might suit Super Mario a bit more than the last few but if he's benched, it makes the selection a bit easier. I can't decide about who of Rupp/Idah/Onel should start! They all need pitch time. Rupp - Starting him would give more solidity around the middle and give Aarons & McLean (& Giannoulis?) more freedom to venture forward. Idah - Would have a bit of a 'surprise' element to undermine Swansea's preparation, would hopefully offer more support to Pukki and he must be mad keen to make his mark. Onel - Badly needs minutes, offers drive & directness and the attention he demands creates space for the other forwards. Might even nick a goal! Slotting McLean in at no. 10 allows Rupp to start and seems to solve a problem but he's not as effective up there for me. And when will Lungi get on the pitch? A touch harsh on him recently.
  12. Bedding in Giannoulis looks to have currently weakened the team - hopefully we'll see the benefits of this process down the line. From the outside, it does all seem a bit harsh on Sorensen. I thought he was outstanding a couple of weeks back. His time will come I feel. Rupp is also getting back up to speed and so far hasn't contributed comparably to McLean recent excellent efforts. Pukki also looks a bit out of sorts and has been isolated. The 3 of Placheta, Cantwell and Vrancic were generally outmuscled against Millwall which isn't too surprising. Dowell is another who hasn't found his rhythm yet and Onel is also in desperate need of pitch time. This will be a tricky assignment. Other than Krul, Aarons, Hanley, Gibson & Skipp, no one else seems to be firing or in form. This game might be more suited to Vrancic. Cantwell looks to now be a marked man, probably even more so with Emi unavailable. Maybe Onel or Idah in for Placheta? McLean should come back in too somehow if he's ready, but he's not as effective up higher. Could Rupp & McLean both start with a view to keeping it tight for the first 70, then try and nick it with fresh legs off the bench? Some tweaks are needed due to bluntness in the 'final furd' recently and there must be a few tired legs after the last two draining games. Bit of a breather after Friday though. I thought yesterday's game would be a 0-0 frustrater, maybe nick it 1-0 and I feel the same about this one. Unless a few can up their performance levels, I feel Swansea are more likely to be the ones to scrape the win. I'm going for another 0-0 though.
  13. (let's try another one) ...and his fledgling career was just taking off... No. still shíte
  14. "Let's be avian ya...!" That's just terrible.
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