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  1. paddycanary

    Players Values

    If relegation happens in May, which sadly looks quite probable now, 3 or 4 of the above will quite likely move to a lower-half Prem team, particularly if we continue to look competitive in most matches, a la December. Aarons, Buendia, Godfrey and possibly Cantwell all have youth, potential and now valuable experience. If the club cashes in, you could be looking at: Aarons - 25-30m Buendia - 30-35m Godfrey - 25-30m Cantwell - 20-25m It would mean breaking up the heartbeat of the team which I'm certainly not advocating, but 100m or so would give the club a strong financial foothold to implement the philosophy, improve the scouting network, acquire new teenagers with potential, continue to improve the physical infrastructure & facilities e.g. Colney, pay more competitive wages to senior squad members/recruits etc. And this on top of the ridiculous sums the club will acquire for simply being in the Premier League this season along with parachute payments. Whatever your view about arguably meekly accepting relegation this year in the hope of trousering lots of cash to come back up again better prepared, it's hard to deny that the club will look fairly healthy financially next year without the help of any "Chinese Hinvestors!" Crucially, there should be enough in the pot to compete for lower-Prem / upper Champo quality players and promising youth. It's a risky gamble but Webber & Co have been hugely successful for the club accounts! Of course, we could sign the next Kante, suddenly learn how to defend set-pieces, take our chances, go on a rich vein of form and secure the 24 points or so required to skip the rebuild! Wouldn't that be something? The money could then be used to erect several statues at strategic points around the stadium!
  2. In my head I still blame Man United for fielding weakened sides and prioritising other competitions, although it has become widespread these days thanks to the obscene quantities of money splashing around. The chances of avoiding relegation look pretty bleak at the moment, so a cup run would provide a welcome distraction and keep fringe players on their toes. Even a run to the semi-final would be enjoyable and good for confidence. To go all the way might even outstrip the play-off victory against Boro! DF picked a team to win & progress yesterday. Although there were the usual concerns defensively and around central midfield, the job was done & I hope we get a favourable draw.
  3. paddycanary

    Just just cannot believe it

    In the interest of a bit of balance re luck, you could argue that good fortune led to the second goal against Spurs and how the ball fell for Todd this evening.
  4. paddycanary

    Good news prior to Liverpool at home!

    Also no Chewie Louis to rattle in a hat-trick is a bonus too
  5. paddycanary


    Have to say I visualised Larry Hagman in the cowboy hat pouring a scotch in front of an exasperated Sue Ellen there! Then thought of Ruddy. Well done to Jordan Rhodes, he would have given a decent option this year, unlikely now, perhaps in the summer.
  6. paddycanary

    Stuart Webber

    Interesting stuff Mr Orbison. When you say 'forward players', would that comprise a "number 10" with a goal threat to support Pukki (i.e. an upgrade on Stiepermann/McLean) and a winger to give Onel proper competition? Or do you mean someone ahead of Drmic to challenge/replace Pukki if the unthinkable happens with the Goat?! We're unlikely to ever see much of Roberts and Drmic's fitness & availability looks a bit unreliable. A clever 'number 10' signing could be key to help turn the form around, particularly if we can get a tune out of Amadou/Vrancic/Leitner(?)/Trybull alongside the legend that is Alex Tettey.
  7. Mr Angry, do you just copy & paste the same pointless quote across the forum? I'm starting to think you're a Nigerian prince - do you want my bank details?
  8. paddycanary

    Cut adrift

    This result is a bitter one to take, damaging & demoralising, having led at half-time at home following a decent performance. It's frustrating - not that bad overall, but just simply not good enough. The positivity & momentum following promotion was shattered by the injuries and in general we probably overestimated the ability of this squad to be competitive and underestimated the gap between top 6 Champo & bottom 6 Prem. It was always going to be a huge challenge. We tend to switch off too frequently & get punished, fail to take advantage of the 'purple patches', to leak goals a bit too easily, struggle to score, struggle to come from behind and generally just lack that bit of quality & experience. Even if money is made available in January, it's looking likely we'll be seen as a busted flush to attract the quality of player needed to help point the ship in the right direction. It must be infuriating for DF. Each negative result leaves too much to do during the second half of the season and drains the players' confidence. A shame. Will we look back in time at this season as a real missed opportunity?
  9. paddycanary

    Stuart Webber

    In the Premiership you have to learn how to use decimal points and numbers.
  10. paddycanary

    Team for today

    Quite a few benching Cantwell; after the Goat he seems the most likely to rattle the onion-bag. I wonder will DF try to shoe-horn McLean & Stiepermann in from the start. I'd stick with Byram for the moment too. Buendia, Vrancic, Amadou, Srbeny, Lewis to give options off the bench. Tommy Trybull is a bit of a conundrum, perhaps I'm blind, but maybe I don't see the good things he does. Will Moritz make the bench today? Don't think it'll be today but it would be interesting to see Mario deep alongside Tettey with McLean supporting Pukki. Might be worth a shot, particularly at home. Big game today, at least a draw required for me.
  11. paddycanary

    Tipping Point

    Great book by Malcolm Gladwell too. And his book 'Outliers' is fascinating. Just finished 'Blink'- not quite as engaging but well worth a read. I am not his agent.
  12. paddycanary

    Declan "de gea" Rudd's story

    Did you hear about the cabbage that died? There was a huge turnip at the funeral.
  13. paddycanary

    Do you think we will stay up?

    To add to the above, if there is some better luck with CB injuries (i.e, Zimm & Godfrey somehow stay fit for the rest of the season), if Amadou steps up and we find a genuine number 10 with a goal threat to support Pukki, finishing above 3 other teams is still quite possible. A few ifs there, but achievable. Lots of winnable games yet to be played. And losses need to be turned into draws when things aren't quite clicking on a given day.
  14. paddycanary

    Do you think we will stay up?

    Sadly I can't see it happening. The occasional win interspersed with demoralising losses isn't enough. Grinding out the dirty draws to stay in touch seems beyond this group. The lack of experience/dark arts in the defensive area of the team is proving costly time and again. Krul, Tettey and Pukki have shown the consistency of performance required because they've garnered the 'know-how' over the last 10 years or so. We still don't know our best mix in central midfield (obviously the injury situation up to now was a big factor here) and it looks like we don't have the personnel to compete regularly around the middle. We are a bit too overly reliant on the young full-backs to provide width which is being exploited most weeks. Without the Goat we wouldn't be far off the dismal Derby lowest record points tally. Having Zimm available has helped tighten things up a bit but as someone mentioned above, this season looks to be hinging on our options in defensive midfield and the 'number 10/Pukki support' positions. We shouldn't still be so dependent on Tettey if we're serious about staying up. Amadou may yet look the part but we don't possess the time to bed him in. And we still haven't figured out the best option to support Pukki. Stiepermann, McLean, Buendia, Cantwell, Leitner, Drmic, Srbeny? Each have their attributes but are any of them capable/consistent enough to play this fundamental role at this level? Too leaky in defence (improving somewhat), soft on defensive set-pieces, toothless on offensive set-pieces, a bit too predictable, too easy to press, an average bench, an over-reliance on one player for goals = relegation. Perhaps we are seeing the result of over-achievement last season. All that said, beat the Blades this weekend and everything looks rosy again!!! The pendulum keeps swinging! Never mind the danger!
  15. paddycanary

    And we thought

    Not even the chair coming out?