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  1. Just like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. "Oui!"
  2. paddycanary

    Otamendi Disaster

    A thought-provoking OP. I thought, "What a d!ckhead."
  3. paddycanary


    If Hanley & Godfrey are fit to start on Saturday, perhaps Amadou & Tettey shielding would give Moritz a bit of freedom. Would mean benching Stiepermann which is unlikely given his role, but he hasn't made much of an impact so far. Still early I suppose. Maybe Marco might make his mark over the next few weeks. Byram might be getting a start too, up against Raheem Sterling! Best of luck Sam, a baptism of fire! Hate to be defeatist but keep it to within 3, a la Anfield and then focus on the next cluster of games where points need to be acquired.
  4. paddycanary

    Max off with an injury

    He's like a 5h!t Paul Weller
  5. paddycanary

    Team for Man City (h)

    Back 4 won't change unless Zimbo is unavailable, in which case Hanley will play, assuming he's available; if not, Amadou at CB! Buendia, Cantwell & Pukki will surely get the nod. Marco will probably start too, although there are other interesting options to play off the striker, e.g. Drmic, Cantwell, Leitner, possibly Vrancic, & Stieps would be a tasty sub to bring in for the last 20mins. Central / defensive midfield is the area that's tricky to guess. I wouldn't be surprised to see Tettey get the start, possibly alongside Trybull, particularly if Amadou is CB. I like Leitner but I'm not sure where he slots in in this scenario. He could also be an excellent player to bring in with 20/25 mins left. Possibly: Krul Aarons Zimm/Hanley Godfrey Lewis Trybull Tettey Buendia Stiepermann Cantwell Pukki So basically, Tettey or Amadou in for Leitner. Marco needs to start producing some tangible end product. Aarons needs to be a bit more balanced & selective with his forays up the pitch. If Teemu is being closely marked, we need Emi & Cantwell to better exploit the space. While it doesn't get any harder than Man City, a more cautious tweak around central midfield rather than a dramatic change in philosophy is the order of the day. Counters and set-pieces (Vrancic?) is the best hope to nick a couple of goals. Pretty much the whole squad are on a drastic learning curve this season. Use this break wisely, have a go at City and then focus on the crunch games to follow.
  6. paddycanary

    Sweeper System, could this work?

    Farke has turned to Tettey before when facing adversity. He has plenty of experience at this level too. It's clearly too soon to make a fair judgement & I think most would agree that a bit of luck with injuries was always necessary to remain competitive through the season. Pukki can't do all the goalscoring alone and he's a marked man after his triple. I'm a bit concerned about where the other goals are going to come from. Tightening things up in our own half is surely top of the agenda at Colney for the next few weeks which will surely have an impact on the squad's attacking instincts. So far Stiepermann looks to be having some difficulty adjusting to the step up in standard & he was fundamental to the philosophy last season. While Cantwell has made a very positive impact overall, there are a few concerns about the defensive aspect of his input & he's not a consistent goalscorer (yet?). Buendia was relied upon last year to be the creative spark and he has shown his ability. We need him badly to show some consistent form, particularly now with Onel crocked. We might see more pitch-time for Drmic if he can stay fit, perhaps with both him and Pukki on the pitch for 55/60 minutes. Trybull hasn't really shone so far & is in danger of losing his spot in the team. If Tommy T is paired with Tettey, could Leitner be given a freer role? Vrancic hasn't been given much of a chance to show what he can do, but apparently he looked a bit off the pace in the League Cup game. Hopefully Amadou has the quality & consistency we need to help shore things up around our box. Another worry is that Saturday's team looked pretty much to be what could be perceived as our current "first eleven," but of course the Zimm situation most certainly didn't help. It's natural to have concerns after the last few games but as the great Ricardo would advise, analyse the table/goals for/goals against situation after 12 games. Hopefully we won't be looking back at the Crawley defeat as the killer of our "positive momentum" vibes and the catalyst for a damaging run of form. As always, time will tell.
  7. If The Goat gets injured, we're rightly fruct
  8. paddycanary


    I suspect the hope is he'll be an upgrade on Trybull as the season develops. We should get a good look at him tomorrow. Let's not forget, we also have Tetts!
  9. I also think we need Klose fit & firing. And I'm a bit concerned about Trybull's ability against the better teams. If Amadou fails to step up, the central/defensive midfield area could cost us as the season develops. Perhaps Tettey needs to see more pitch time? A bit of luck with injuries will be needed. Hopefully the likes of Byram, Klose, Amadou, Vrancic & Roberts can really stake a claim against Crawley tomorrow. And of course the Zimm might get a few minutes too.
  10. paddycanary

    Team for Crawley

    Fahrmann Byram Hanley Klose Heise Vrancic Amadou Roberts Stiepermann McLean Srbeny Hanley & Stiepermann need to find some form. If Idah is available, bring him on for the last 25/30 mins. Tettey & Zimmermann to make an appearance.
  11. paddycanary

    Ever felt so comfortable?

    This is the team that thumped Leeds 4-0 at Elland Road in August 93 Gunn Culverhouse Newman Polston Butterworth Bowen Fox Crook Goss Sutton Robins A tidy side it has to be said!
  12. paddycanary

    Team for Newcastle (h)...

    Agreed, Farke likes a settled team. Unlikely Klose is ready yet, Tommy T hobbled off after a fairly unconvincing performance (against a top team). If there is a change, it'll most likely be Leitner in for one of Trybull or McLean. He won't be dropping Stiepermann and Cantwell has his place for the time being. Hernandez & Vrancic give interesting options off the bench. Personally I'd like to see Roberts given some pitch-time, particularly at home. It's most likely still a bit early for Amadou to start, even if TT is carrying a knock but we might see him at some stage against Newcastle, depending how the game pans out. Still look a bit thin at the back though with two out.
  13. paddycanary

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    An interesting one to ponder & a nice problem! Assuming a favoured 4-2-3-1 formation for the vast majority of games, you'd have to fancy Leitner. But McLean has earned a shot and Vrancic could be ideal alongside him. What about Trybull? Even Tettey might have something to offer over the season. The unfortunate Thompson needs to go out on loan. If this signing comes off, it creates lots of new options, e.g. McLean or Vrancic further up the pitch for the last 20/30 minutes. Trybull will probably hold the position while Amadou 'acclimatises' but for me, this is the most exciting signing of the summer. It will probably signify the end of senior incomings this window, leaving the domestic loan option free for January.
  14. paddycanary

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    If Amadou gels into the squad ethos (and doesn't upset the apple-cart wage-wise) and delivers 30+ league appearances, this could be the key signing that helps to shore up the leaky defence, allowing the front four to do their thing, supported by our two full-backs. Fingers crossed indeed!
  15. paddycanary

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    Agreed, like so many on here, I don't think Tommy T alone is enough in such a fundamentally important area of the pitch. If this signing comes off, I'd be significantly more confident moving into the new season. With a bit of luck injury-wise, I believe survival could become very real come May. Quite a few soft goals were shipped last season through the "soft-middle." This team's attacking prowess is dependent on Aarons & Lewis providing width, without forgetting their primary defensive responsibilities. A player of Amadou's quality would help to greatly enable this philosophy. Hope this has legs.