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  1. Because if he was grieving it's not the type of thing you would do. If he is having fun then surely he would be training? If he wants to leave he needs to play, and that means training hard to impress. This is his profession. If he doesn't play he won't have a good shot at signing for a bigger club. He obviously loves playing football and I can't imagine why he would jeopardise the chance.
  2. I think these days it's no big deal to come out as not straight. He wants to play football so all I can think is his attitude is not to DF liking
  3. He also featured on the promo video on BT during the Liverpool v Madrid game. All media suggests everything is fine but when it comes to club level it's smoke and mirrors. I know illness of loved ones affects people differently but when my mum was dieing I didn't stay off work for a month. Todd seems to be enjoying his life and surely wouldn't have taken part in the BT video for the Chelsea game if he had a close relative near death? It doesn't add up and I am not buying the story of personal reasons right now. His posts on instagram are upbeat. That's normal if he is depressed.
  4. Exactly. We are not being told the truth. We need his talent and energy. Anyone know the truth?
  5. Has it gone wrong? Are we relegated already? Your post is so long I can't be bothered to read it.
  6. I always thought it was the player who kicks the ball who can be flagged offside, not another player who is nowhere near the play? Hence Todd should not have been penalised as offside, but maybe impeding the keeper?
  7. That is just STUPID !!! Just flag as soon as it is spotted, why wait ? Who makes these stupid rules ???
  8. We lack physical presence up front but thought Josh changed that a but yesterday. Maybe playing Adam and Josh as strikers may work. Love Teemu but in the PL we need more physicality. ......and Sorensen as DM !
  9. Emi stated he wanted to leave so how can you refuse letting someone go when they don't want to stay? I can't see we had a choice
  10. I have only been in Norwich 5 years and have felt proud to support our club, but right now I am really embarrassed. We sell Emi and suddenly there is no fluid interaction between players which was vital last season to our creativity and success. Too many new players with little or preparation is not helping and the football played a shadow of what everyone applauded last season. I am not convinced DF is capable of sustaining PL football and if things aren't good by Xmas big questions have to be asked of his capability. I am ashamed how the football world are laughing at us, and having made the step up and spent £50m, I really think we should make every effort to stay up. It's imperative.
  11. Dimitri has far more about his game and more experience which we need. We should not be playing boys in this league as they are not ready
  12. Gilmour is not as skilful as Tod and needs to be dropped
  13. The club should invite them to the stadium to sing live
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