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  1. They can keep their filthy money. They are all corrupt and we don't need people like them associated with our club
  2. What the f are you on about. Why not go and support another team or stop being so negative?
  3. Adam as well. In principal i still would like to see more threat with natural goal scorers that rely on midfielders to score which we have proved hasn't really worked.
  4. I will Don't understand when we sign young strikers but DF only plays one. What chance will others get if Teemu starts games alone? Surely it's time to play 2 strikers with a winger?
  5. Tbh i find watching football on tv totally boring. It also kills the enjoyment of the live game so i can't wait for the terraces to open up again. The sooner the better.
  6. As a newish City fan i haven't experienced all the failed attempts to stay in the PL due to bad recruitment or a lack of funding. I understand that this has become frustrating but to publicly show hatred against Delia and the board is disrespectful. It seems to me that as a business they have done well to keep NCFC alive over the years, and currently we are enjoying being in a club run by people who care and now with a healthy bank balance. All this gels well for the future as with the likelihood of players sales in the next few weeks, we will have money to strengthen the squad. But you want her out? With no potential buyers on the horizon that's a ridiculous wish. The time is not now but when Smith and Jones are no longer able to be involved. I hope your proposed banner never surfaces as i feel it will seed negativity for the minority.
  7. I would love him to come good. Atm he shows no skills whatsoever but there must be something useful about him surely? If he continues to show poor form next season I wonder would he want to leave and find his level elsewhere? We shall see. I think he needs to be loaned out because if DF continues to give him starts in place of proven talent just so he can get his game back, we won't be winning many games.
  8. Who would want Drmic? I think we could be stuck with him.
  9. Why is this in the football thread? It's got nothing to do with football. Great band though !
  10. Good skills and free scoring A good compilation of his skills on Youtube. click on link
  11. I feel we should play 3 up front. Two strikers and a winger. I still think Teemu might be leaving us and if he does we need to find a new striker to partner Adam.
  12. Great to see both Jacob and Josh scoring and assisting a goal this weekend. I have great admiration for ex Cambridge City and Millwall legend Neil Harris. Hope Cardiff go up.
  13. If i was him i would want to get out of Norwich as fast as i could. He knows he isn't liked or wanted by the fans and that his own performances have been dire. (Paddy actually gave him a 3 player rating!!! Must be a first? ).
  14. I question the coaching staffs ability to improve defending set pieces, scoring from set pieces, and correctly managing zonal marking. Maybe they are just not good enough?
  15. Neil Harris did at Millwall when he realised he couldn't take them any further. I think DF would do the same if things deteriorated further
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