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  1. I have not got any sound on the canaries TV. Anyone else?
  2. Thank you I was unaware of the previous thread. Having bought them, and with no covid, we should be using them
  3. Why don't we see them any more? It was great before and it's not the same when the team come out
  4. It was simply horrible looking out from the South stand. I hope they can be adjusted as it ruins the enjoyment of the game.
  5. Herculaneum is well worth a visit.
  6. Very few fans wanted Smith? How do you know this? Have you asked all 20000 ticket holders?
  7. Rashica really doesn't do enough and today was easily nudged off the ball. A big lack of cohesion with the players up front and passing pretty awful. Burnley last night passing was just perfect. We are still WIP and need our new signings
  8. Burnley looked really good v Huddersfield. Big pressing, good movement on and without the ball. They look certain to be finishing in the top 6 on that performance
  9. Why do defenders pass the ball short to a player marked tightly? It's a recipe for disaster. It seems this style of play is a left over from DF days. They can't do anything with it but pass it back again, and in most cases lose it on the edge of the area.
  10. I just paid £5 for the match streaming and nothing is happening!!!
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