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  1. https://youtu.be/8KPbJ0-DxTc One of the best yet
  2. Harry53

    Its East Anglian Derby Day - 3pm

    Yet again Mario for me was brilliant. Is he really not better than other midfielders? I still think he has a lot to offer in this league.
  3. Harry53

    Thursday night entertainment

    I thought it was great fun and it really cheered me up.
  4. Harry53

    Tonight's entertainment

    Love to watch this season's win over man city again
  5. Harry53

    Leeds away - 7pm - Youtube

    I couldn't agree more. He has always been a favourite of mine and this season i really cannot understand why he has not featured more. He is effective in winning the ball probably more than any other player, his skill to distribute calmly and of course his set pieces are better than Emi. Shame he is down on the pecking order behind Duda. Hope he stays next season
  6. Harry53

    Corona Virus main thread

    A vaccine is unlikely to be ready until next year and by that time the flu virus will possibly mutate into something new!!
  7. Harry53

    Are people expected to quit

    Seems like construction companies feel they should not conform. They all need to down tools. We need 100% commitment to get this done.
  8. Great to watch the match via ncfc YouTube. Thanks to the club for posting this. I finally got my football fix. Btw thought Maurice played well, interesting how things have changed
  9. Harry53

    Lets discuss Duda

    And bringing these players in has kept out quality players like Mario. I can't believe he doesn't start more games.
  10. Harry53

    Is it really possible

    Not a big number when you consider the population of the the UK is about 55m !!
  11. Harry53

    Anyone else hugely excited?

    We have been saying we just need to win this game and that but let's be honest we just have not managed to kick start our season so far so i honestly can't see it happening. We thought we could have beaten Wolves but we didn't. DF seems to be leaving the creative players out (Mario and Emi) so I don't see us getting anywhere near escaping relegation. It's been a very frustrating season.
  12. Harry53

    Team for Bournemouth

    Hernandez really hasn't stepped up this season to deserve a start. Todd is more effective
  13. Harry53

    Season ticket Prices frozen

    Are you saying if we go back to the championship and play brilliant football like last season that the season ticket cost should be less? My only gripe would be paying the same money for un-entertaining rubbish football.
  14. Harry53

    The Great Escape mini-league

    Obviously we all want to stay up but if we go down i won't be so sad as long as we continue to play good football and compete. The Championship is a good league and all i want is to watch my team and enjoy a Saturday afternoon out. We could sneak it and stay up but as mentioned we need something to spark a run, but if we go down we will be in a better financial position and in a league with weekly regular 3pm kick offs and no VAR. it's not all doom and gloom is it?
  15. Harry53

    Match thread v Man Utd.

    Do u have a link?