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  1. Time for Adam Idah to play? He is strong, scores goals and could be the bite we need up front with Pukki ? Certainly would start with Mario once fit.
  2. Onel to start ahead of Todd next match. We really could have won that but the positives are a clean sheet and a point
  3. BBC do not allow match commentary on internet. That's all i have, so without having to buy a tranny (radio that is !!!), any suggestions how to catch the game on radio?
  4. Harry53

    Must go

    Excellent reply. We won the Championship but no one was calling for new ownership then. Who bought in SW who we all thank for our recent fortunes? Yes, it is a business and we almost lost the club due to huge debts, but the owners have been shewd and we are still here. Do moaning fans want us to spend millions and become financially unstable again? Get real. All our problems are on the pitch or should i say off the pitch in a recovery room!!! For gods sake give the team time to get back to full strength before attacking DF and the Board. I am sure we will spend money if, after we are at full strength, and find we are not good enough to survive. I am only in my 3rd season as a ncfc fan and i am shocked by established fans attitude
  5. Harry53


    We seem to overlooking young Adam Idah who could well do well if he is given the chance? He is a powerful striker and who is to say he might be another Tammy Abraham in the making? He sits on the bench so i for one, would like to see him given 20 minutes
  6. Harry53


    I still feel that Mario could replace him as he has good tackling skills and his distribution is probably the best in the team
  7. Harry53

    Next Event - Meet our NCFC Staff - Oct 3rd

    I will be there. My 1st evening at this venue was when we met the players. Thanks for putting these events on, this should be an interesting evening.
  8. Harry53

    Looking after the ball

    I really feel we need Mario back in asap. As yesterday stats show we are not winning the ball and we need a more creative midfield. Steipermann isn't having much effect atm so, for me, i hope Mario returns soon.
  9. Harry53

    It’s not just injuries

    And atm we are above Villa so that says something good about us
  10. You have a good point. I do appreciate that by watching just one game and making comments from that experience is somewhat unfair. The main point of my post was that it made our flag waving support at the Barclay End, and overall ground atmosphere is very impressive. I am sure when Barca play a European match everything will be very different
  11. Just back from watching my first live match at Barcelona's stadium against Villarreal. Not quite what i had expected as the quality of the game was very average and at times we play much better . What really amazed me were the home fans celebrations when the teams came out. The number of flags was pathetic in comparison to our Barclay End, and as for the atmosphere...... well it hardly excited me. About 70000 there scattered around the enormous stadium but it seemed to me the crowd didn't really connect to the game at ground level. I know thay have big named players, but to be honest, many of ours were equally as good (except Messy obviously!!) On the night. The Barca fans said after the game that it was a poor performance. I have to agree, and nothing compares to the skill, excitement and atmosphere we all love at Carrow road. You can keep your Messi's. Carrow road and Farkeball is where my heart is.
  12. Harry53

    Todd Cantwell

    I also do not understand the necessity to compare current players with previous ones. Todd is an exceptional young player who is exciting to watch, i always believed he would make the grade as i did with Max when i first saw them both on my arrival to Norwich, when they were in the u-21 side. Todd is Todd, and Wes is a legend. No need to compare, lets just appreciate and be thankful we are able to have such talented players at City
  13. Harry53

    Another Daniel admirer

    Can't imagine who!!
  14. Harry53

    An "I was there moment"

    Being in my 3rd season with city, this was definitely the best most OMG feelings. Simply amazing display from every player wearing the yellow and green. One i shall never forget..... and no one left at the end. I love this club
  15. Harry53

    Team for Man City (h)

    Now that is the most sensible line up so far.