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  1. Same here. Maybe it's a good thing. After listening to that clown who commentated v Coventry better none
  2. I would try Idah as 9 with Teemu as 10. We need to have more fire power and Teemu playing behind Adam will give him more space
  3. Pepe has done nothing. Love to see him replaced with Idah
  4. I don't think Onel is ready and his ball control often leaves a lot to be desired. Sorensen definitely has to start at LB as we need his strong defensive qualities. I like the idea of Adam at 9 with Teemu at 10. Grant has played really well recently but I wish he would move the ball forward faster. Even a ball over the top but when he dithers eventually goes back it all seems too negative and slow.
  5. I feel we lack dynamic strikers in the squad. For me Hugill doesn't impress and Adam hasn't had continuous games to improve. Wouldn't mind having Adam alongside Teemu but I doubt if that would happen. When I watch teams like Reading with Lucas Joaol and Meetei (probably both spelt wrong!) I admire the pace and strength they have. We really only have Teemu as an effective striker with DF relying on midfielders. If we get promotion we will need a few new players who are stronger and our game needs to be faster, until then let's enjoy what we have.
  6. But the reason we didn't win was not their defence. We had loads of room to get shots away and on target but failed to do so. They were there for the taking but we were simply poor.
  7. How's everyone's ifollow today? So far no commentary or chat sound.
  8. Do peeps think that we could do with another striker (if not one already in our ranks? ). I am really impressed with the strikers at Reading who have great pace and finishing skills. As for Dimitri he looks real class. He will fit in well but I would not want to see Sorensen dropped as he is quality, and the coolest player. As said, Skipp will leave us so opportunities for him to play in his preferred role. Xavi for me isn't a strong defender and won't stay . The squad is shaping up well.
  9. Anyone know how to get radio commentary? Norfolk not able to do it.
  10. I agree. I also think xavi is lightweight and not a good defender. He seems to love bombing down the wing and staying forward, exposing us on counters. Soreness gets forward but is more defensively minded and stronger. What is the point of playing Todd, One or pp on the left as wingers if we also have Xavi competing for the same space? It's Soreness every match for me, Xavi is expendible and not required.
  11. Sadly it seems to be part of the game. Not 100% sure Todd got caught but also Christoff didn't impede their striker. He was just being friendly with a hand on his shoulder. Lol. So of course the striker goes down. It's sometimes a practice of win at all cost. Do whatever you can to win attitude. I am not saying City cheat but they play to the same rules and practices as most clubs.
  12. Zimmerman's nieve hand on shoulder for the penalty was inexcusable for someone of his experience. A punishable offence meaning Gibson must replace him
  13. Just that. Any news why he wasn't in the squad?
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